tagIncest/TabooDad's Loving Step Daughter

Dad's Loving Step Daughter


A little about me first. I am Doug and this is about the first time with my step daughter Deanna and how she seduced me. My daughter is a beautiful 22 year old woman, 5'0" tall, dark black hair, brown eyes, a very pleasing 32-24-36 and weights a whole 119 lbs. She keeps her jet black hair trimmed short and loves to work out. And, looking back I did always wonder how hard her body really was. No idea I would soon find out.

I am 41 years old and love my wife very much. We have been married for 15 years and I have never cheated on her, except with her daughter. I keep myself in very good shape and I have a trim waist and a barely visible 4 pack. And my daughter has been taken for my wife/girlfriend before she moved to California for school. This is what happened when my step daughter invited me to Las Vegas for a long three day weekend and my wife made me go, I did not want to spend the money for the trip. Wow, I am so glad my wife talked me into going; she has no idea what this weekend was going to start.

I arrived late in the day, Deanna, had driven in with some friends that morning and had already checked into our hotel room at the Luxor. When I arrived she was running around in a towel getting ready to hit the town later that evening. I was not thrilled. However, I did find myself checking her out when she had her back turned. This is a normal thing, Deanna loves to dress very slutty, short, tight, low cut dresses.

"Hi, daddio, I am so glad you could make it." she says as she hugs me.

"I am so glad you invited me, " I lie, "we are going to have a blast!"

"Yes, we are, I am going to go jump in the shower, I will just be a few minutes." She says as she walks towards the bathroom. "Ok, I am going to unpack, Love you kiddo."

She was not in the shower long when I hear, "Dad, come here!"

So I crack the door just a little"yes?"

"I left my shampoo in my bag could you get it and bring it to me, Please?"

So I go and get her shampoo. Side note, the show in this hotel room was large with a completely clear door. I knock and the door, "Come on in dad, bring to the shower please?"

"Ok, coming in." I tried to avert my eyes but the man in me was very curious. So, I made sure I could see, a little.

"Just leave it on the counter." Deanna yells over the shower.

"Will do." The steam had not covered the mirror at all, and I got a beautiful shot of my naked daughter in the shower. I felt very guilty as my cock began to grow. But, I could not stop looking. I don't think she had any idea I was watching her "Anything else you need?" I asked.

"No, that should do it, thanks, dad."

I backed out of the shower and as I was shutting the door and realized I could still watch her lathering up in the shower with the help of the mirror from the door. I could not help myself; I held the door up a crack and stared. Her body was glorious. By this point my cock was throbbing and I realized I was rubbing it through my shorts. Next thing I knew I had my shorts around my ankles and I was stroking my cock while I watched my step daughter lather her body and rinse. I was just about to blow my load when the shower door opened. I had forgotten about the shampoo, she was stepping out to get it. I quickly shut the door, as quiet as I could. I did think she saw me, I would find out later that, I was wrong.

8:00 PM came and it was time to hit the town. Deanna was wearing a very revealing dress that barely covered her ass and showed plenty of cleavage. We hit the clubs in Vegas with several of her friends; I danced some, but just watched mostly. I could not believe what a flirt my daughter was; she was teasing every guy in the club, including me. I was just getting ready to call it a night when Deanna grabbed my arm "One dance daddy, PLEASE?" I cannot dance, but I gave in one last time for the night.

As we walked to the floor a slow song begin to play. "Sorry, kiddio," I said "guess we will have to catch the next one."

"Why," she smiled slyly at me "afraid to slow dance with me?"

As she put her arms around my neck, I stated "yes, yes, I am."

She looked up at me very seductively "Afraid you will get turned like you did watching me in the shower earlier?"

I did not know what to say, I just stared in disbelief. My God she saw me watching her, which means, she saw what I was doing. Just as this realization was hitting me she started to grid her body up against me in very slow seductive ways. Grinning from ear to ear, she slowly turned around so her ass was right up against my cock; she pulled my arms around her waist and started grinding her ass against my cock, cause it to swell. My head is still spinning; I am not even sure what is going on at this point. She tilts her head back until her lips brush my ear and whispers "It's ok dad, I love you, and I want you too. Let's get out of here."

"Ok." Is all I manage to mumble. As she takes my hand and info's her friends that "Daddy's tired, I am going to take him back to the hotel. Give me a call in the morning."

On the walk back to the hotel, I finally realize what she had said to me "Deanna, we can't do anything, your, my daughter."

"Daddy, I am your step daughter, and I am 22 years old, there is no reason we can't do anything we want. And I have wanted this for a very long time." She whispers to me as we walk, her arms wrapped around mine.

"But, what about you mother. I mean?"

"Mother, will never know, besides, we are family. Right?" she giggles "And, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas." I am staring, dumb founded. Thinking I really have to turn her down, but damn she is so fucking hot, and I am so fucking horny.

Ok, I decide I am going to see just how far this is going. "Ok, your mom always said I needed to show my love for you more," I grin and wink "this should do it. Our secret. Ok?"

By this time we had arrived back at our hotel room door. I open the door and let us in. Deanna wraps her arms around my neck kissing me; our tongues explore each other's mouths. Our kiss breaks as she slides to her knees "Promise, Daddy, our secret." She says as she begins to unzip my pants.

My cock is not overly long, about 7 inches, however it is very thick. Her breathing changes as my pants hit the floor and she pulls my cock out. The tip is wet with pre cum and she wastes no time swallowing my cock. Her head bouncing up and down on my cock, her tongue exploring every inch of it, I know if I don't stop her I am going to cum. I grab her hair and pull her off of my cock, "my turn!"

Helping her to the bed, I pull her dress off in one quick move, her bra I rip off, I am like an animal, and I had not felt like this in 20 years. Pushing her back I move down her body exploring everything, stripping her thong off, I dive into her beautiful, 22 year old pussy, which is completely shaved bald and I swear smelled like strawberries.

"Yes, oh, god, yes, daddy, I have, oh my god, yes, oh, daddy! Fuck my pussy with your tongue, YESSSSSS!" She moans as she cums all over my face. I continue to lick up every drop of her juices. "Daddy, fuck me know, pleaseeeeeeeee!"

With out saying a word I slip up her body and kiss her gently sharing her juices with her. As my tongue enters her mouth, I allow the tip of my cock to push into pussy. Her body pushes against me, "give it to me, now, please!" she begs. I moan as I get about half my cock into her pussy, amazed at how tight it is. Pulling almost all the way out, I work my entire length back into her, her back arching to met my thrush, us both moaning in concert.

I control my rhythm, not wanting to cum yet, taking long slow strokes. "Oh, my god, daddy, oh, oh, yes daddy, oh, my god, I am cuming again, oh, yes!" This continued as her pussy grip my cock so tight I thought it was going to squeeze me out of her. Just as she let loose with the biggest orgasm, I pulled out of her and spread her legs wide as I finished her off with my tongue. She cam so hard I almost choked on it.

"Come here Daddy, let me taste my cum on you." She panted, out of breath. We kissed deeply, then I slide on up and allowed her to clean my cock.

I then slide off of her and help her on top. "My god daddy, you're not done yet?"

"Not yet, but close."

As she straddles my throbbing cock, just as she starts to take my length into her wet pussy, she whispers "I want to taste you when you cum."

"You really do want to be daddy's slut. Don't you?"

"I already am your slut. I will do anything for you."

My cock slips into her very hot pussy. The sweet is glistening on her breast as she bounces herself to another orgasm. I can feel her juices running down my balls as she cums, and it is all I can do not to shoot my load into her right then. She finishes and I pull out forcing her to her knees and feeding her my cock. "Cum daddy, cum all in my throat and on my face!" As I fuck her face, I feel her hand start to squeeze and massage my balls. "Oh, daddy, you are so close..." She chokes off as the largest orgasm I have ever experienced lets loose into her mouth. The first couple of shots she manages to swallow, the rest covers her face in my cum as she strokes every last drop out of me. And then sucks the last little bit out of my cock.

I drop to my knees and kiss her cum covered face, licking up every last drop of my cum and allowing her to suck it out of my mouth and swallow it down.

We collapse together into bed.

"Nobody has every fucked me like that, I mean, I thought I have had orgasms before, but I was wrong, that was amazing! Thank you daddy."

"Thank you, my darling daughter, that was the most exciting, forbidding thing I have ever done."

"Daddy," she breaths in my ear, "I don't want this to be the last time, I want to experience everything with, I want to taste other forbidden fruits with you. Daddy, I am your slut, and I want you to teach me to be the best."

"Deanna," I pause, "So long as this stays our secret, I will do anything you want."

Be sure to watch out for part 2 of Daddy's Loving Step Daughter. Watch what happens when daddy takes daughter to a strip club. Can Deanna, handle 2 cocks. Stay tune to find out.

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