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Daisy Chain


When I was at school I got into a group of girls that enjoyed each other's pleasures; with the guidance of our tutor, Miss Glen, we all found that our bodies could be used to excite ourselves as well as the pubescent boys in our year.

When not under the instruction of Miss Glen we often would laze around, playing with each other, sometimes in couples and sometimes in groups. As time goes by you forget how much fun you had when you were young; after meeting some of my old class mates recently at a wedding, I started to remember how we as girls would abandon our undergarments and tease each other across classes without the knowledge of other students that were sat around.

We all had a bit to drink sat around our table and it was then that I felt someone's foot working its way up my thigh. I tried not to show any of the others that there was anything happening, but when the foot found its goal I did gasp slightly; that, I thought, had given the game away.

No one seemed to pay any attention to my gasp but as the mischievous foot worked its way into my sexual crevice, I felt an air of tension wash over me and I gripped the edge of the table, bracing my self against the onslaught of its attention. I tried to see if I could tell who of the five other women that were sat around the table was teasing me in this way, but none of them showed any sign that it was them, so I parted my legs to allow whoever it was full access to my sexual folds.

The wedding party left for their hotel at about 10:30 pm, and soon after the six of us girls decided to go to a nightclub that Lucy knew, assuring us all that it was a ladies night and the only men in the club would be there for our entertainment.

Most of you have heard about "ladies' night out" parties, usually with some guys with good bodies who shake it up and don't have a lot in the way of inhibitions. Well, I had the feeling that this night was going to end up as just one of those nights. I know we were at an old friend's wedding but most of the men were married, or were so pissed by 10 o'clock they would not have been able to get it up even with a pair of crutches. As usual I got my share of come-ons from the men that were able to stand up straight, but while I was trying to be discreet the memory of the foot under the table had me thinking of the feminine sex, so telling each man that it was my time of the month soon sent them running.

After a short walk we were at the club door; at first the bouncers were not going to let us in as it was supposed to be a ticket only night, but after a bit of coaxing the head bouncer told us that as it was quieter than normal he would let us in, as long as we paid the ticket cover charge. We joked around telling him that if he let us in one of us would give him a blow job and he could choose who, but he declined saying that he couldn't do that but if the offer was still good he wouldn't say no after work. He was joking I think, but I know he went off with another girl towards 1 am and did not return for a good half hour, so he might have got his cock sucked after all.

A string of men took to the stage strutting their stuff. I guess the job suits the exhibitionists among us and it would surely stroke many men's egos to have women throwing money at them, as well as their knickers and phone numbers.

The night was degrading into the normal brand of depraved entertainment that women's nights usually do so I sat towards the back of the room as the others in our group started to dare each other into more depraved acts with the men. As they paraded their manhood's on the stage it was getting to be a little on the wild side and from my back row seat I was sure that one of the girls was going to be fucked on stage before too long. It was not long before I was joined by Kelly one of the girls in our group.

"Hi Linnet, did you enjoy the foot job then?" I was shocked; out of all the girls that were around the table, I thought she was the last one that would have done such a thing. "It was you; well I had you for the prude of the bunch." "What me? Whatever gave you that idea? Don't you remember that it was me that always was the first to get my knickers off when we were alone at school." "How could I forget you? You had the sweetest cum that I have ever tasted, and I bet you still have." "Well you will have to wait and see," Kelly said lifting her skirt up just enough to tease me further.

We chatted for a while until the other girls found their way back to our table. It was not that long after that Kelly said that she had a room at the hotel if we all wanted to invite a few of the dancers back for a private party. By the time we got out of the club we had three of the dancers in tow.

The girls were out for a wild night, I knew it. When we got to Kelly's room the men were dragged in and pushed to the centre of the room; they didn't put up much of a fight I might add.

Ok we all took it in turn to be the middle of attention and have the men play with each of us, all helped by large helpings of alcohol from the mini bar that had been stocked with more than the normal miniatures. It was my turn on the floor; the girls were having a good time, laughing, shouting, and urging me on. I danced in the centre of the three men as their hands moved all over my body, removing my clothes as they did. Soon I was just in my bra and knickers as were most of the girls.

Kelly watched as gradually she was the only one that had not been to the middle of the room. With a bit of a push and urging on by the other girls, she made her way to where the men were waiting for her. From my seat I could see she was nervous but was making the most of it. I could see the men's cocks swollen inside their thongs, but none of the girls had gone so far as to get one of them out. Kelly was soon out of her dress and had one of the guys practically tit fucked her. She had great breasts and it was not long before all the others where shouting for her to take her bra off. She did, then squeezed her breasts together around the man's cock. His thong was made of just enough material to contain his prick even when erect. I guess there is some sort of law about that sort of thing when dancing in public. The dancer continued to grind on her breasts as the other girls egged her on. One of the other girls came over to sit next to me, spilling her vodka and coke all over me and then started to lick it off.

I was far to busy watching Kelly and the dancer to care, and it wasn't until her tongue found its way to my knickers did I realize exactly where this was heading. I parted my legs so she could wet my lips with her saliva and soon my knickers became transparent, showing off my sex to all who where looking, but at that point I didn't care.

Kelly slid down the dancer's legs and started to lick around his cloth covered prick; she fondled his balls with one hand, grabbed his arse with her other, then looked over to me and winked right before she pulled his thong off, then opened her mouth and took as much of his shaft down her throat as she could. With her hair pulled up by the dancer, he started to give her a throat­fucking to the beat of the music, and she was taking it all.

This open display of sex raised the hormone and heat level in the room. Not to be outdone, one of the other dancers joined in by raising her arse to reveal a skimpy pink thong.

The rest of them, except my pussy licking friend, moved in closer as the dancer pulled away the flimsy material and we all got a great view of her tight arse and neatly trimmed pussy. Kelly arched her back and spread her legs wide as she started to finger her pink slit. Things don't usually get this wild but I was guessing that Kelly was going to prove to me that she was no prude.

The other girls started to chant, "Fuck her arse, fuck her arse."

I realized they were urging the second dancer's prick toward Kelly's tight pink arse hole. Out of nowhere I heard a champagne cork pop, and then I felt Bubbly soaking my breasts and dripped down over my stomach. It was the third of the dancers; his thong-covered prick was only inches from my mouth. I watched as the girls started to push the second dancer towards Kelly, forcing him to the backdoor entry they all wanted to see. I didn't need any more encouragement and grabbed the third dancer's cock and pulled him towards me, taking his prick into my mouth just as Kelly allowed the man to take her arse, making her squeal. Her squeals turned to shrieks and moans as she came over and over again, helped by a plethora of girls getting between her legs and sucking at her vacant pussy.

I was having a party of my own and some how the three of us got down on the floor and formed a triangle so my pussy was being eaten as I was eating the man's cock and he was eating my pleasure's pussy. As I orgasmed for the third time, I reminisced of the nights that we girls would form a daisy chains and pleasure ourselves until exhausted.

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