tagExhibitionist & VoyeurDare by Moonlight Ch. 01

Dare by Moonlight Ch. 01


"You wouldn't dare."

"I would, you know."

"Right then - two o'clock by the lake at the beach."

It was not easy for Greg to wake but he had promised -- no - accepted the dare that very afternoon, and he crept out of his sleeping bag and laced up his walking boots. It had perhaps been the result of too much beer at lunch time. He glanced at Mikey but he could hardly make him out in the dark and his snoring told Greg he was fast asleep. It was not cold outside the tent, it being high summer, and he set off without a shiver across the dark and silent campsite. Nobody stirred; all was still; which was just as well. After all how was Greg going to explain to anyone why he was up and doing at that hour of the morning dressed ready for a hike in stout walking boots and socks. Safely beyond the camp and well onto the track down to the lake, he paused and relieved himself, the pent up water splashing rather noisily in the silence of the night.

By the lake, perhaps even silhouetted against the phosphorescence of the lake, would Tansia really be waiting? Would she actually be there; would she really be naked just like him? It was difficult to believe that Jim's girl could be doing this. More likely it was just a joke, she would laugh at him safe from within her clothes and the others would appear out of the bushes fully dressed to mock him as he stood in nothing but a pair of boots with his tackle drooping and caught in the torchlight.

She was there all the same and alone. Greg's hand touched her hip just to make sure. Not her pubis, not her bottom but the side of her hip. It was unclothed.

"Satisfied?" She asked. He was. She had done what she had said.

"Drink this."

Greg drank. "What is it?"

"An aphrodisiac."

"What!" Greg wondered if he had struck lucky. Instead of a moonlit walk was he about to fuck Jim's girl for the next few hours?

"It'll make you hard in about fifteen minutes. Rock hard as they say. Hard as you've never been before I suspect."

"What! Why?"

"It'll make the walk, erm, more interesting for you. You'll not want to be seen like that! A really naked walk. Oh, and don't think of having a sly little wank. That'll do you no good at all. You'll stay hard for hours either way and there's nothing you can do about that. Wanking will just make your balls ache. Especially as you'll probably not be able to stop. Best, I think, to keep it in."

She giggled. It was the giggle Greg loved.

"What about you?"

The girl drank.

"But it won't be the same. Nobody could tell. Not like a man."

"It won't feel like that, I can assure you, it'll feel as if my clit is sticking two or three inches out from my body and gently dripping. No, I shan't want to be caught like that or with the other thing."

"What other thing?"

"You'll see. Off you go." Her hand reached out and patted his backside. His naked backside. It sent a shiver up his spine. Jim's girl patting his naked bottom. It added to the thrill of being naked with her.

He walked to the left, Tansia to the right - the sinister and dexter - the wrong way around. Were they really going to do this? Walk naked around the lake before the others were up? It had been the dare.

Of course he had walked it before but not like this. Not dressed in just a pair of hiking boots. There was silence but for the lapping waves. It was too early for birdsong. Too early for any sound but the scrunch of his boots on the shoreline gravel. He turned but already Tansia's vague form was hidden by the darkness.

There was a sense of freedom in being unclothed - textile free as the nudists would say - and an added spice of danger. Not that there would be anyone around at that hour of the morning and even if there was he or she would not be able to see him; not see his cock and balls swinging as he walked or his bare buttocks. He could walk past someone with impunity - for a little while anyway.

The path climbed, a little up from the lake but it was a clear path without obstacles and Greg was sure of his way. Shortly the moon would rise sending some light across the lake; he would need that as the path got trickier. He thought of Tansia making her naked way around the other side of the lake. The image of her naked was interesting - it was not something he had seen. She was Jim's girl after all: but that did not mean he was not interested. Who wouldn't be? He wondered about her breasts unrestrained. It was not perhaps a good thing to be thinking about.

He had heard them 'at it' in their tent and been suitably jealous and had let his imagination run. Greg had, sort of, thought Jim should really have shared her around. An amusing notion, a fantasy and not one Tansia would have liked. She did not see herself as Jim's property or anyone else's for that matter. Very much her own girl.

He felt the first stirrings of an erection. Not here surely, not out in the open? Greg should not have thought of sex. But once started he could not seem to stop. Despite the exertion of walking, despite the care he was taking in the darkness, despite his worry over being stark naked, his cock was growing; rising up in front of him, pointing first ahead and then up at the stars and it felt so big as if it was growing longer and larger than ever before - a strong powerful erection. He could feel the foreskin rolling back revealing the whole head to the dark of the night. Surely Tansia's drink could not have had such an effect - and what was it doing to her?

Greg felt strong, masculine and perhaps faintly ridiculous. He was walking out in the open, strutting around a lake with an erection, a hard on, a tumescent penis. He had never done anything like this before and, despite trying not to think of naked Tansia, it would not go down.

Tansia's drink was indeed having its effect. Between his legs he could feel the hard ridge of the penile support stretching back between his legs and as for the shaft it felt as if two rigid steel rods were pushing up either side of it holding the head massively erect on the end of its stalk. The head itself felt so full, so achingly full of blood; the skin stretched taut perhaps causing the little slitted opening to gape. He could not see it for the moon was not yet up, but it felt so big, so enormous so in need of penetrating a woman. Greg had a tremendous desire to take it in hand and wank, really work it until the release of semen - it would fly for yards he was sure. But Tansia had said not to, had said he must ignore it and keep walking; that wanking would do no good. He knew if he so much as touched he would not be able to stop.

Greg kept walking but there was no subsiding of his erection. And he could not stop himself thinking back to Tansia actually having referred to his cock - actually mentioned his erection and the wanking thing - let alone also referring to her own sexual parts. The thoughts pleasant, indeed erotic, but doing nothing to help him with his 'problem.'

As he reached the top of a rise the moon crept over the horizon and Greg could see its reflection coming across the lake to him. He paused for a moment. Across the water where the lake finished must be Tansia making the other path. Could she perhaps see him standing there, a tiny figure so far away? He did not think she had binoculars so she would not be able to see him looking out over the lake with his penis all hard. He glanced down. It certainly looked big. Greg was not un-endowed but it did actually look bigger than usual though, of course, without colour in the moonlight. Was the head more of a dull purple that night because of the pressure within: not its usual light pink? Why had Tansia given the drink? This made the walk so much harder - in more ways than one - more of a challenge. Where had she got the aphrodisiac from? Why had she had it with her? What was it?

He must have been walking almost an hour already and still his erection stood to the front of him. Only when wanking to porn had it been so hard for so long. Greg could see easier, now that the moon was higher, could see down the path ahead of him; and he kept a sharp lookout; he did not expect someone on the trail at that hour, at three in the morning, but he could not be sure. Perhaps a hunter might go that way or simply someone out for a stroll and, in the moonlight, that person would not miss the fact he was naked, not miss his evident sexual excitement. And what would the person's reaction be? A stunned silence, a pretence it was not there or, worse, referring to it with or without interest. And what if it was a woman? Would she expect the worse and run away screaming thinking him a particularly mad rapist on the prowl. No, Greg had to be ready, ready to hide. He had to see before being seen.

Greg's boots thumped on the ground as he marched along. It was not cold but perfectly pleasant. Good to be out for a stroll and good not to be weighed down by a pack or encumbered by clothes. He felt rather manly striding along naked, a bull on the move - a bull with one hell of a horn! He could imagine himself doing this again but not in the middle of the night and not for so long. Perhaps just a short naked walk in the deepest forest, a private walk where he could fantasise in his head and perhaps do that masturbation thing Tansia had warned him against. What did he look like? Not a bad figure of a man and with such an upstanding erection; not pointing the way straight ahead but standing almost vertically. Greg could not help thinking he presented a rather impressive picture.

The sudden sight of a figure ahead knocked all thoughts of manliness out of his mind and he slunk straight off the track into the trees and stood almost holding his breath as the figure came nearer and went past. The figure was a man, a clothed man with a pack evidently camping but having got going really early. Perhaps he had a long way to hike.

Greg had not been seen, there was no cheery 'good morning' as the hiker peered into the gloom of the wood trying to discern Greg and wondering why he was hiding. He was relieved that he had been on his toes; had been able to hide; he would need to keep a sharp look out. He could not be seen like he was. He did not feel quite so impressive, quite such a fine figure as he resumed his walk: instead he felt he was skulking along like a miscreant up to no good.

What would it have been like if the dare had extended to Jim and Alan as well, and if Tansia had given all of them the drink? No way of hiding from each other. One by one their cocks would have risen in the dark and stayed like that. The gradual discernment as the moonlight came up of each other's erections standing proud probably at different angles but iron hard nonetheless; they would not have felt different from how he was feeling; an embarrassment for all as their manliness was revealed in the growing light. Greg shivered and looked down at his cock bouncing from side to side. They would all be like that.

He could feel his desire to touch it, to stroke it, to make the cum fly. He could imagine doing it as he walked - the cum spurting as he took first one step then another. He was sure that if he could not stop thinking about sex, it would be just as difficult for the other men if they were with him. Their talk would keep turning back to sex, turning to the thought of Tansia coming around the lake towards them. Fuck; Greg could not stop thinking about what he would like to do to her when they met (would she be thinking the same?) and he could not imagine it would not be like that for the three of them - their talk getting increasingly personal and sexual, perhaps Jim telling them what intercourse with Tansia was really like, what she did and liked - whether she swallowed?

Worse though, than talking of fucking Jim's girl, would be their pure lust. It would be so easy to 'accidently' bump their cocks together; pause for a discussion and find their cockheads just happening to touch; just a slight knocking together or glancing blow; an intake of breath at the stimulation and then one and then another doing it again until all were just rubbing their shiny, sensitive heads together; sort of pretending it was not happening as they talked in a circle but all the time rubbing and rubbing together enjoying the stimulation of smooth flesh on flesh until it happened - the awful thing. A groan from Jim or Alan or maybe himself and from one of the cockheads would shoot or flow the white warm semen up into the air and onto the other two penises. A laval flowing not simply down the ejaculating penis but down its fellows as well. A terrible image.

Would the warmth and wetness set the other off? A strange mixing of their semen; three cocks flowing at once, a strange bonding of friends into a brotherhood by moonlight; the embarrassment and then the awful ache that Tansia had warned about - an ache because their cocks would not subside. A guilty, embarrassed moving apart but with the white semen still joining the three cocks in long sticky stands as they pulled away from each other - not looking their fellow in the eye. Would they keep walking like that with their cocks all wet and a bit cold from their own and friends' cum - but still rock hard? An even worse sight to be seen by strangers: not just three naked men, not just three naked men with erections but three naked men with obviously recently discharged cocks still standing.

They did not have tissues or handkerchiefs or clothes to wipe the semen onto. Would they perhaps surreptitiously try to wipe it off with their hands and consume it - but it would not just be their own! Or worse, agree mutually to clean their fellows by getting down on their knees and sucking the others cock to remove all trace of the ejaculations - even sucking any remaining dribble from their friend's urethra. Dreadful thought! Surely, more likely, they would stop and bathe in the cool water of the lake and wash the spendings of their fellows from their cocks and chests. Muttered apologies as they engaged in their ablutions, an agreement 'not to do that again' and definitely not tell Tansia: but secretly knowing it was a risk further on - it could so easily happen again. A realisation that their ejaculations had not killed their desire as they climbed from the lake revealing to each other in stark monochrome moonlight their erections just as full and potent as before.

How awful to contemplate this homosexuality but in the state Greg was in even this gay activity seemed strangely attractive. He hurriedly turned his mind back to Tansia and girls. Immensely preferable. What if he had been walking with Tansia or with the other girls? A rotten trick to play on him with the drink but how much more interesting once he got over his shyness of walking naked and erect with girls. A real erotic daydream for any man. And had Tansia not said the drink would have its effect on her and therefore the other girls? The idea of walking with girls (plural) in heat; their breasts bouncing but their nipples as hard as peas or beans; perhaps their arousal making them swing their hips in that very feminine way Greg so liked. Would he scent their arousal on the still air - the perfume rising from the hot little wet places between their legs? Would he catch a sight of wetness in the moonlight, a glistening or perhaps even drops of moisture running down between their thighs? How would they behave? What would it be like hiking with naked girls in heat? How pleasing to have his erection constantly admired.

If one stopped might he not just bump into one 'by mistake'; his standing cock pushing into the girl's arse crack, fitting perfectly up the divide; the softness of her buttocks against his thighs. Would that be enough to send his hyper excited cock into spasm, a sudden spurting warm and sticky up the girl's back?

"Greg! Really!" And all the girls suddenly looking at his spurting cock and the semen with looks of desire on their faces. Would it be too much for them and one would fall to her knees and just grab his cock between her lips as the others fell upon the girl he had bumped into; their tongues slurping the sticky white semen from the bumps of her backbone right where it had spurted. Perhaps even tongues slipping down into the divide between the buttocks where it had dripped and run. Would it descend into a lesbian orgy - one he could join in with his still erect prick, stuffing it into first one vagina and then another - the whole party rolling in the dirt of the track?

Or would Greg instead bump into tall Cynthia - she of the long, long, brown legs and instead of his cock simply pushing its length against the crack of her arse, a pleasant enough idea in itself, but because of her height the whole thing slipping up into her vagina in one smooth slippery accidental movement; embedding him with his glans on her cervix, his urethral eye pressed against the smoothness - an accidental rape! The erotic thought -- tall Cynthia, her soft bottom and an accidental rape - nearly sent Greg over the edge; his cock almost spewing in the moonlight just as he imagined it would do was he to have slipped into Cynthia by mistake; the sudden warm wetness and the sensation setting it off. Would she actually mind, or would he instead have found her pushing hard back against him and crying for him to "fuck her?"

A sound in the bushes startled Greg from his reverie. His body whipped towards it so fast that his penis slapped against his thigh. To his relief it was not a fellow walker perhaps turned from the path for a pee or coming in from a side path after a night asleep in the woods, but a rabbit looking at him with startled eyes before running for its burrow. The world was starting to wake up and Greg was not yet even half way around the lake on his hike. Half way when he would meet naked Tansia.

For the next half hour Greg tried to keep sex from his mind, tried to think of anything else but that thing. How pleasant the lake looked with not a breath of wind and just the moonlight on the water; so peaceful; so picturesque; such a serene place to be on a night hike. He tried to concentrate on the pleasure of walking, on the exercise; of being just him and nature alone together; keeping up a fast and furious pace. He tried running through what were his plans for later in the day; how were his finances; when did his car need servicing; what tasks he had when he returned from holiday; had Tansia slipped and got her naked bottom all muddy and had she had to slip into the moonlit water to rub the sticky, brown mud from her body?

Greg imagined them both slipping and sliding through mud and rain to reach a chalet with a hot, steamy bath, helping each other off with their cold, muddy damp clothes and then bathing and washing each other before rolling together on the towel strewn floor with their genitalia as one. It was no good - his mind kept returning to sex.

What was it like for Tansia? She had said it would be like walking with her clit sticking out two or three inches from her body - and dripping - the words had stuck in his mind! The phrases would have stuck of course: it was such an erotic image and for Jim's girlfriend to have said such words! The idea of her little pink clit poking out from her crack, poking out from the springy curls - if she didn't shave, he had not seen in the dark - just like a little miniature penis. He would not mind sucking that - nothing gay about sucking a girl's little cock/clitoris and making her come again and again before she returned the favour and he fed her with the gallons of cum it felt like he was carrying in his balls.

Greg shook his head. These thoughts would not do.

The sound of running water came to him and there, a little off the track, was a bubbling, splashing stream coming cold and fresh from the mountains. He knew the streams were safe to drink and he buried his face in a small waterfall and drank thirstily before splashing himself with the cold water trying to simulate the anti-erotic effect of a cold shower. He even sat in the stream trying to freeze his cock into submission. The stream was very cold and he had not liked sitting there but he felt better for it as he headed back on up the track, the moonlight shining on his wet skin and the evaporation cooling him further. It had, though, absolutely no effect on his cock though his balls drew up close to his body; it stood as proud as before and not even the foreskin had crept a millimetre up his shiny glans to give him warmth and a hint of modesty. The rim of the glans penis shone hard at the edge of the helmet. It looked a cock ready to do business - workmanlike and able.

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