tagSci-Fi & FantasyDark Acolyte Ch. 03

Dark Acolyte Ch. 03


Zerafina woke up slightly sore and sticky on the bed. She looked up to see her impish familiar Tidget leering at her, his tiny cock still rock hard. She groaned and sat up, peeling herself off of the sheets. On the small table in room was the book she had used to summon the demon lord Nyyphas, and upon seeing it she groaned again. It hadn't been her intention to summon the demon lord of lust, and it was absolutely not her intention to give herself over to him, but that didn't change the fact that she had summoned him or that she had submitted her body to him.

She found her satchel bag and pulled out her second-best dress, her other one having been left in tatters throughout the room. She sat down, gingerly, after righting the chair that Nyyphas had knocked over in his haste to ravish her.

She closed the spell book, refusing to even linger over the now crystal clear spells. Yesterday the mystic formula had swam and danced across the page in an incomprehensible mess. She decided that it must be a benefit of having been "blessed" by the Demon Lord of Lust. She poured herself a glass of water from the decanter in the room, the cool liquid easing her parched throat. Her hand lingered by the book and she flipped it back open at random. That particular spell, one dealing with the control and manipulation of emotions, was clear as well, and she realized she had sudden insight into its working. She pulled a strand of her long dark hair back behind her ear as she considered the implications.

Her master, a warlock of no mean power, had spent countless years delving into the arcane. He had wasted his youth and his eyesight in trying to unlock the mysteries of magic. This tome in front of her was his magnum opus, his entire's life work. By rights, she should only be able to grasp the most basic spells and rituals that it contained.

But... her master had probably had the self-control to not call the Demon Lord of Lust accidentally, and Zerafina had a hard time believing that her former master had ever allowed himself to be as completely violated as Zerafina had been last night. She remembered agreeing to serve the demon lord, but it wasn't as if he had left any instructions on how that was to be done, and she hoped that it didn't involve being regularly fucked. Sure, it wasn't all bad, but it hadn't been entirely comfortable either. Still, the young sorceress was going to need some sort of plan. It wasn't like she could stay at the inn the entire time. What little coin she had was not going to last long, and the demon lord would probably resent his chosen one working as a serving wench, even if she did decide to supplement her income. Zerafina thought briefly of striking a special bargain with the innkeeper, but the thought of his balding head and sagging paunch quickly pushed thoughts of lust out her head. She sighed, closed the book again and placed it carefully in the satchel after carefully wrapping it with a few tattered strips from her destroyed dress.

"Come on Tidget," she called, holding the bag open for him. It would do her no good if the locals saw her familiar. Witches and warlocks were not the most popular of people, as her late master would have attested to if he hadn't been run through with an oversized piece of cutlery.

When she opened the door and got to the top of the stairs, it was to see the innkeeper leering up at her. She shuddered slightly and walked down. He didn't move and she was forced to push past him. She felt a slight hard lump below his belt area and quickly pushed it out of her mind.

"You sleep all right last night, little lady?" the innkeeper asked.

Zerafina nodded curtly and wondered just how much of what happened last night the innkeeper had heard. "I slept fine thank you," she replied.

"Is there going to be anything else that you'll be needing then?" the innkeeper continued, moving behind the bar and wiping the filthy bartop with an equally dirty rag.

"No," Zerafina answered, reaching into her coin purse and producing a few of her dwindling coins. She was going to have to find some way to get some more money, and soon, or she would be reduced to drastic measures.

"Not even to break your fast?" the innkeeper asked.

Zerafina thought with some stomach turning revulsion of the meal that had been served to her last night. "I will be quite fine on my own," she said, gathering herself and exiting the tavern. She squinted against the light, her eyes still more accustomed to long days in poorly lit rooms pouring over ciphered text than it was to the great outdoors. She had been sold at a tender age to the warlock, and it was probably because she had been too young to appease the dark lords her former master served that she had been made an apprentice instead of a sacrifice. She reached into her bag as she walked west, away from her former home and away from the baron who had killed her master, and pulled out a hunk of hard cheese and a bit of stale bread. It was still better than what she would be able to get otherwise by foraging in the woods, and she still had some water to wash it all down with.

What she needed was some form of plan. She thought about finding another warlock to apprentice herself to, but shelved that idea. After all, she had become an apprentice to learn magic. That goal had been accomplished: her understanding of her master's book proved that. She could, perhaps, build her own tower and carve a bit of territory out for herself. That would take money, and she didn't have any. All the resources she had were Tidget, and the book.

Zerafina stopped suddenly, a deliciously malevolent smile curving up her full lips. The book! She still did not know all that it contained. She knew it had the ritual for summoning Nyyphas, and as useful as that had proven, being fucked by the demon lord would not likely get her much in the way of power or wealth. There was the spell that she had seen that morning, the spell to control emotions and loyalty, and she licked her lips at the thought of what such a spell could gain for her. She was sure there were other spells as well, ones that would allow her to obtain no small measure of wealth and power. She might even be able to find a way to free herself from her obligations to Nyyphas. The question though, was where to start? She knew that she would eventually want to strike at the Baron of Gorendale if for no other reason than that she was currently homeless thanks to him. She doubted that the would even be able to get close enough to enchant him. Three hours later, Zerafina was again walking along the road, continuing in the same direction that she had started that morning. It had taken her a while to find a spell that suited her needs and that she felt reasonably sure that she could make work. Too many of the spells required strange and rare reagents that she simply did not possess. She was sure that her master had possessed many of them, storing them in his laboratory, but given that his tower was now a burnt out shell that knowledge gave her small comfort. Others required some form of blood sacrifice, and there she had the same problem that she had faced with the ritual to summon Nyyphas- a complete lack of available sacrifices. However, there was one spell that she had discovered that would help her in the short term. It was so simple and direct that she was surprised that her master had even included it in the tome. He must have added it when he was much younger and only starting on his life's work. The fact that it was the same spell that she had glanced at that very morning almost made her wonder if some greater power was subtly at work.

Now all she needed was a subject. She walked swiftly, her new purpose invigorating her stride. She had no idea how far it was to the next spot of civilization, but she hoped it wasn't far. She could smell the wood smoke before she could see the fire. She quickly stepped off of the road and stepped lightly, cautiously toward where she thought the campfire would be. She wondered who would decide to make camp this early in the day, and she wondered just how many people there were. She briefly feared that it might be bandits, but pushed that thought away. Most bandits wouldn't camp right along the side of the road where any patrol could find them or any merchant could avoid them. That didn't mean she should abandon all caution however.

She heard two voices up ahead, but couldn't make out what they were saying. She could tell though that they were deep and sibilant, which could only mean skyyrim. Zerafina shuddered slightly. Skyyrim were large, reptilian and vaguely humanoid. As a race they hired themselves out as mercenaries. They had no kingdom or territory of their own, produced no goods, had no art or culture, and thrived for battle. Zerafina grinned a little grin, but it quickly disappeared again. Would the spell even work on them? She had heard old tales of skyyrim raping human women, but those same tales then had the skyyrim devouring their victims after the ravishment. Some of the truly disturbed tales had the women being devoured during the ravishment. Of course, the other problem was that she wasn't sure whether or not skyyrim possessed the necessary equipment to ravish women with.

Still, she wasn't going to be able to find out by just waiting for them to eventually notice her. So she set her bag on the ground and removed her cloak. She wished she was wearing something a bit more revealing than the simple robes that she had left over from her days as a warlock's apprentice, but she was going to have the magic due most of the heavy lifting. She pulled the tome out of the bag and flipped to the spell that she had previously marked with a bit of fabric she had salvaged from her torn robe. Her tongue twisted around the unfamiliar syllables, wrapped themselves around the words of mystic power. Her fingers twisted and threaded through the air as she traced dark signs of lust and desire. She felt the power gathering, settling over the camp like a fine cobweb. The voices had continued, uninterrupted and Zerafina sighed. She thought there would be at least some indication that it had worked, but there was nothing.

Even if the spell had failed, it might be possible that at least one of the skyyrim understood the human tongue, and she might be able to get a meal, or at least a few minutes by the fire. She placed the book back in the bag, and tucked her cloak into it as well. She slipped the strap on her shoulder and stepped into the clearing.

There were two of them there, hulking, scaled creatures. They were dressed in armor, metal links covering their torsos and dropping to a plated kilt that hung down to their knees. Spears were leaning within easy reach, and one had started to pick one up when he had caught sight of Zerafina. Their cold black eyes regarded her impassively, and she could read no expression on their muzzled faces as their forked tongues flicked in and out of their mouths, tasting the air.

"Can I share your fire?" she asked, with more conviction than she felt. She watched as the one skyyrim took his hand away from the spear as the other one approached her. She felt her breathing grow shallow, could practically hear her heartbeat as the beastman came closer.

The skyyrim passed by her and then was behind her, his taloned hand pulling her bag off of her shoulder. The one still in front of her began pulling off its armor and said something to the other in their rasping tongue. The one behind her made a sound that could have been a laugh, and Zerafina felt its hand come up and roughly squeeze her breast through her robe.

The skyyrim were much bigger than she was, and she could not help but feel some measure of trepidation. Each one she reckoned was at least seven feet in height and weighed at least three hundred pounds. The one behind her must have bent down, because she could feel its tongue flickering against the back of her ear. She could feel the talons of its hand pressing lightly into her flesh, and she could feel herself grow wet from the sheer physical power that the skyyrim possessed. The one in front of her was nearly naked, and any doubts that Zerafina may have had about skyyrim possessing the correct equipment were quickly banished when she saw his cock rising up from between his legs. While not as large as the Avatar of Nyyphas, the skyyrim's cock was still larger than most men's, or at least those few men that Zerafina had known initmately. It was shaped slightly differently, a fleshy barb extending back from the head of the skyyrim's cock.

Worried that the skyyrim would tear this robe, and this was her last one, Zerafina gently pulled away and untied the belt around her waist. She strutted over to the skyyrim in front of her, spreading her cloak down on the ground before kneeling on top of it. She slid her robe off of her shoulders, bearing her full breasts. She circled her thumb and forefinger around the skyyrim's cock, eliciting a hiss of pleasure from the reptilian warrior. Zerafina felt her robe being opened the rest of the way from behind her and she let the other skyyrim finish disrobing her. She felt its taloned hands on her breasts, the claws pinching her nipples, causing her to squirm in a mixture of pain and pleasure. Its other hand it ran between her legs, caressing her pussy lips and parting them slightly. She heard the skyyrim rasp to its compatriot in what was obviously a sound of approval as she moaned and moved against the caressing digit.

As the skyyrim teased her breasts, Zerfaina slipped her tongue out of her mouth and swirled it around the head of the skyyrim's cock, feeling the skyyrim buck its hips involuntarily. She smiled as she felt the warrior behind her grab her hips, lifting them up for a better angle. The other skyyrim sat down on the ground, and the young acolyte wondered just how often the two warriors had shared a woman.

The sorceress dipped her head down, running her tongue along the skyyrim's shaft, felt the other one slide its cock against her pussy lips. She moaned then, capturing the head of the cock before in her mouth. The fleshy barbs made it difficult for her to take much more of the cock into her mouth than she already had, so she relented, pulling back and focusing on using her tongue. She felt the skyyrim behind her push forward, felt its cock penetrating her pussy. She groaned her pleasure, pushing back with her hips, grinding against the skyyrim as its fleshy barbs slipped in, holding her in place on it. She could feel the skyyrim's cock deep in her, pressing hard into her pussy. She clenched her muscles slightly, squeezing the cock in her and bringing a satisfied groan from the skyyrim fucking her.

She could feel the power swirling around and through her, felt the spell she had prepared twisting around the thoughts and emotions of the two warriors. She let her spit drip down on the cock before her, the skyyrim palming her head, pushing it back down. She grinned as the cock pushed past her lips, her hand sliding up and down the spit covered shaft. As she sucked the cock of the skyyrim in front of her, he caressed her heavy breasts, and she looked up to see its eyes glazed over in reptilian lust. She felt her own orgasm building in her from the thick cock buried in her pussy, felt the rising crescendo of the spell coming to a head. She allowed the cock in her mouth to slip free, and ran her nipples against the length of it before slipping it between her breasts. The skyyrim thrust up into her cleavage, squeezing her breasts together with his clawed hands, as her body was forced forward from the steady pounding her pussy was getting. She stuck her tongue out, letting it touch the tip of the skyyrim's cock as she tit fucked him.

The skyyrim that was fucking her pussy shifted his grip to her shoulder, pulling her back harder on to him. The skyyrim on the ground let go of her breasts and forced her mouth back down on to his cock. With little warning, the cock in her mouth erupted, shooting the skyrrim's salty seed deep into her mouth and down her throat. Zerafina nearly gagged, but kept her lips wrapped tight around the cock in her mouth as she pushed back hard and fast against the skyrrim behind her. She felt the skyyrim's taloned hands digging into her ass, the pain mixing with the pleasure. She finally released the cock from her mouth as she cried out wordlessly, her own orgasm reaching its peak and setting off the skyyrim fucking her. As she came, she felt the energy of the spell release, fully captivating the two warriors.

Slowly, she came down from her euphoria, her tongue still lightly flicking against the head of the skyyrim's cock. She felt the cock in her pussy slowly deflate, allowing her to pull away. She saw the scratch marks on her hips where the skyyrim had roughly grabbed her, and she had similar marks on her breasts. She could also feel the tendrils of the spell she had woven extending out from her, twisting around the minds of the skyyrim. She gave a playful mental tug on one of the strings and the skyyrim retrieved their spears and began donning their armor.

Zerafina smiled as she slowly stood up, pulling her robe around her. Two warriors was not much, but it was a start, and it was more than she had when she had woken this morning.

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