Dark Angel: Nark Ch. 04


Franklin as well as the other agents in the van kept their mouths shut.

'Our number one priority right now is to avoid an international incident, so I want a clean up crew on the double. Have the downed agents records removed from the C.I.A. database-'
'Sir w-' Franklin started to interrupt weary of the order.
'We either make ourselves look like thieves trying to break into the Biovex building, or we risk open war with South Africa for breaking the agreement we have with them,' White said sternly.
'Y-yes, sir,' Franklin said taking out his cell.


Henry Twala sat rigid in fear as he looked around the room from Max to Alec to Flinch, and then at Joshua!

'Pretty, pretty whack,' Joshua said, not quite sure how to react with Twala staring at him.

'You are one of them. I heard of the base that was attacked, and of monsters-'

Joshua growled making the professor jump as he looked at his snarling face; but Max put her hand on Joshua's shoulder calming him...

'His bark's much worse than his bite...'
'Professor Twala, you're right. We are transgenics, she said, ignoring Twala's flinch, 'all of us; but we don't want to hurt you.'
'I didn't bust into Biovex and get you out just to cap you thirty minutes later,' she reasoned with him.
'You came to get me?' the professor asked.
'Well no, not actually,' Max admitted, 'I was looking for leads on your missing stem cells.'
'Missing!?' Twala asked shocked.
Max frowned in confusion, 'you didn't know about the break in, how-'
'I was held captive. First by the psychotic mutant, then by your government, and now by you! Your C.I.A. released me this morning and I went to my office, then a few minutes later the gunfight started,' Twala snapped.
'We are not-' 'Wait, how long were you held by Sway, the "mutant"?' Max asked.
'Three days,' Twala answered reluctantly.
Max stood up, 'Professor, there's a room over there, you should get some rest. We are not holding you captive, if I didn't come along you'd be dead, so you'll have to take my word that we're the good guys,' Max affirmed.

Once Twala had left the room Max turned to Alec, 'I think I know who Dan Whitaker's middle man was, and whose behind all this,' she said.
'What?' Alec asked, 'who?'
'I need a few more details, but I may have a plan to bring all this down round his ears.'


Max walked into the room Twala was in with medical dressings, 'I noticed your leg is bleeding again; thought maybe if I saw to it you'd take it as a good gesture.'

'I am a peaceful man miss-'
'Max. My names Max,' she said.

Twala looked at her, not really sure what to think, 'you are one of these genetic creations?' he asked.
'Chimera,' Max told him, 'at least that's the philosophical way of saying your basic lab experimental assassin turned bike messenger,' she smirked, disposing of the bloody bandages and cleaning his wound.
'A hybrid creature, spliced to be better than ordinary,' Twala said.
'Don't go getting a woody doc, its not all peaches and cream,' Max quipped, as she began re-bandaging his wounded thigh.
'You look normal. Actually, you look better than normal. You are the most beautiful woman I've ever seen.'

Max swallowed as she tended to his injury seeing that his figurative woody was quickly becoming very literal!

Still plagued by her heat cycle she couldn't control herself, and her hand brushing over the bulge in his pants was no accident. Twala's remaining eye looked up at her to find her gaze lowered. He held his breath as Max now openly rubbed her hand over his crotch then cupped it and fondled it.

She breathed harshly as she felt his erection swell even more, feeling her own body grow warmer and her pussy grow wetter in anticipation. She acted on hormonal instinct; unzipping the professor's pants and releasing his trouser snake. The large, circumcised, ebony cock jumped out at her proudly, and Max wasted no time. She gripped it firmly and caressed it before she pumped it aggressively. Twala gripped the bed sheets not believing this was happening; watching the hot woman stroke his cock, feeling her warm breath spread over it.

Max gathered saliva in her mouth and drooled it erotically over the professor's cock, using her hand to smear it over his length as she stroked it. Finally she opened her mouth and swallowed his penis, running those full lips of hers down then up his length. Bobbing her head slowly, she moved her hair out of her face then looked up at him with her soft bedroom eyes.

Twala grit his teeth, groaning as he looked into her eyes. It wasn't real. He had to be dreaming; how could this gorgeous girl just start sucking his coc-

'Hahh, ah,' he mumbled with Max pushing his cock into her cheek making it bulge, then rubbing his knob against the inside of her cheek. She then relaxed her throat as she took his dick further getting as much of that thick cock as she could, her nose almost touching his pubic hair before she slurped all the way up again. Strings of spit clung from his dick to her mouth as Max licked the underside of his dark member, still stroking him briskly.

Max let go of Twala's throbbing cock and stood up. She slid off her tight leather pants then shrugged off her leather jacket as well, now standing in front of him in just a black sports bra. Next she pulled off her panties before straddling him on the bed, watching him grunt as he laid eyes on her bare sex.

The unyielding need once again consumed Max making her impatient. She gripped his saliva slick cock and pushed it over her vagina settling it against her gleaming hole, then smiled licking her lips.

'Oh, ahh,' she squeaked as she let her waist drop and felt him slip in and stretch her open. Her tight cunt closed round his knob so she pushed her waist down hard making Twala grip it tightly as she forced herself down. His hard cock pushed deeper into her slippery, wet depths causing Max to bite her lip and wiggle her hips.

Slowly she started thrusting, lifting up so that he pulled out of her slightly then pushing down taking him deeper, till he started filling her out. As if sex-starved, Max was soon bucking as she rode his cock, taking him in and out of her pussy, her juices smearing all over his length.

Somewhere in the back of her mind was the fleeting feeling that this was so wrong, that she shouldn't be fucking Twala, but she ignored it as she thrust up and down, every movement driving his big, black, cock deeper inside her sex.

Twala for his part was not about to question the unbridled lust of this girl; she was willingly having sex with him, this absolutely gorgeous genetic creation wanted to fuck him! He ran his hands over her immaculate body as he pushed his waist up, filling out her unbelievably tight pussy completely.

'Ohgod!' Max whined, seeping a breath as her clam gripped his generous cock and she bucked her hips back and forth. She put her hands on his chest and lifted her waist feeling him slide out of her cunt then rolled her hips taking him in again. She did it over and over, building a rhythm, setting a pace, bouncing on his cock and once again, giving herself to the pleasure.

Her hot, tight pussy stretched further, her off-brown lips wrapping around his hard cock as it pushed into her. Taking in one shaky breath after another, Max changed pace, now riding Twala very, very slowly. Allowing his penis to open her pussy a bit further with every thrust of her hips, his cock gliding in and out of her twitching cunt.

She bit her lip as her ass rubbed against his balls when she took him all the way in. she stopped for a moment, allowing herself to get lost in the pleasurable pulses of his dick and the tingles that ran up her spine. Then she slowly started up again, her pussy gripping around his cock as she thrust her sensual body up and down, her lips pursed in soft moans as she fucked him ever so slowly.

Twala groaned as he held her clammy body feeling her ribcage when she took a deep breath; she was incredible! He sat up and hugged her, clutching her plump ass cheek. Max responded by wrapping her arms around him and humping his cock with short thrusts barely letting an inch of it slip in and out of her sopping twat. Twala was now licking and nipping at her neck feeling the heat pour out of her sweaty body, it was pure lust in its most primal form.

Max breathed against his ear, her eyes snapped shut, her body burning up. She felt him lift her sports bra up exposing her left tit then whimpered as he groped it hard and squeezed it while tugging her nipple with his teeth. She pushed him down onto his back again then started fucking him harder, thrusting her sopping cunt to the tip of his cock then slamming down hard. She did it again and again, her ass slapping on his lap in a blur.

The pleasure increased and she fucked faster, running her pussy over his length.

'Oh god, ohh, ohh, ohh,' her moans grew louder forcing the professor to cup her mouth. His cock throbbed slipping in and out of her sex and he felt his balls begin to tighten.

"MMMmmmnnn, mammnttth,' Max mumbled in his hand, her breathing ragged, her huffing increasing as she felt the first quivers of her budding orgasm. She bent over Twala bucking her hips as she thrust her pussy over his cock.

She moaned pressing her groin to his, swallowing his cock as deep inside her cunt as she could, her body shuddering. The warmth of her climax coursed through her in the throes of ecstasy, her muscles tensed then spasmed in heightened pleasure and with it she flooded his balls with her clear oily sap.

The feeling of Max's already tight pussy gripping around his cock and leaking its vaginal excretions over his balls was too much for the good professor, and this time Max had to put her hand over his mouth as he groaned, filling her with wads of warm bursts of semen.

Sweaty and senseless the two lay on the bed in the afterglow of their mind-numbing fuck. Max opened her eyes; she could feel the professor's cock soften inside her sore pussy, and with that her stomach churned with nausea.

Without a word spoken she got off him and gathered her clothes before leaving the room as fast as possible...

Thirty-five minutes later she was in her run-down apartment and under a cold shower, shivering as the water rinsed away the evidence of her sex with Henry Twala. She rested her forehead against the tiles and sighed- Fucking heat!

Still twenty minutes later Max sat on her tattered sofa staring out the window with the phone in one hand, and the tracker she had found on Twala in the other.

Original Cindy looked at her from across the room.

'Caught the news report on the popo trying to clean up dead bodies and getting statements at that Biovex building,' she said, knowing Max had the skinny on what was really happening.
'Yeah,' is all Max said.
Cindy knew Max didn't want to involve her in whatever shit was going down, 'so, whatta you gonna do?'

Max looked up at her, a determined glint in her big brown eyes...

'End it!'


Max (X5-452): Jessica Alba
Logan Cale: Michael Weatherly
Alec (X5-494): Jensen Ackles
Ames White: Martin Cummins
Joshua (no barcode) Kevin Durand
Original Cindy: Valerie Rae Miller
Asha Barlow: Ashley Scott


Flinch: Jay Baruchel
Sway (X7-005): WWE's Randy Ortin
Jondy (X5-210): Yvonne Strahovski
Johan Voster: Arnold Vosloo
Prof. Henry Twala: Djimon Hounsou

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