tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDark Angel: The Project Ch. 01

Dark Angel: The Project Ch. 01


Author's Note: This story is based upon the TV series Dark Angel and its main characters, all of which belong to James Cameron and the FOX Network. For the purposes of this story, it has been nine months since Max escaped from Manticore and first infected Logan with the retro-virus that nearly killed him. Manticore was destroyed and Ames White has been sent to wipe out all evidence that the facility ever existed.


Max stared sullenly into her beer as she sat alone at a table in Crash. Original Cindy and Sketchy had left the bar a while ago, but Max was too restless and on edge to go home. Everything in her life sucked. Things between her and Logan were still strained because of the whole retro-virus thing. He was really pissed at her because she refused to see him, but she knew that staying away from him was the only sure way to keep him safe. He'd almost died twice already when they'd accidentally touched, and she wasn't going to let it happen again, even if that meant never seeing him again.

On top of that, Alec had disappeared three months ago without a word, and Normal was making everyone pull extra shifts at Jamponi because he was too cheap to hire a replacement. Alec had probably gotten himself jammed up while pulling one of his scams and skipped town to save his own neck. If she ever laid eyes on him again she was going to kick his pretty-boy ass.

Disgusted with everything, Max grabbed her leather jacket and headed for the door. She needed to go for a long ride. No matter how fucked up things got, feeling her motorcycle vibrate between her legs as she pushed it to its limit always cleared her head.

Sliding on yellow-tinted shades, she sat on her bike and put the key in the ignition. Suddenly she felt a searing jolt go through her; her body convulsed and shuddered before tumbling off the bike onto the cold pavement, unconscious.

His black trench coat swirling around him, White gazed down impassively at Max's supine form before looking at the two large men who'd just shocked her with electric tasers. "Bring her. And the bike."


When Max came to, she didn't know where she was or what had happened except that she ached from head to toe. She tried to sit up but frowned in confusion when she wasn't able to move. Looking down, she was horrified to see that she was completely naked and strapped securely to a steel table. Her hands were bound above her head while her bare feet were tethered into stirrups that splayed her legs wide apart. She immediately started struggling against the bonds but quickly discovered they were solid -- she wasn't going anywhere.

"I'd save my strength if I were you, 4-5-2. You're going to need it." Max whipped her head around to see White standing in the doorway, watching as she fought uselessly against her restraints.

She glared at him. "I should have known it was you. Let me go, you sick fuck."

He walked into the room, his eyes slowly traveling over her naked curves as he came closer. Max became acutely aware of how vulnerable she was as she watched his cool, dispassionate gaze slide over her full tits and flat stomach to the plump pussy lips exposed by her widespread thighs. Being completely helpless terrified her, but she'd die before letting White know that. The fear fueled her rage and she began struggling against her bindings even harder.

When he stopped just a foot away, she spat at him through clenched teeth, "If you lay so much as a finger on me, I will rip you apart."

"Relax, 4-5-2. I have no intention of touching you." He paused. "Not yet, anyway. Do you really think I'd go through all this trouble just to fuck you?" His cold eyes slid over her body again. "Not that you're not a hot little piece of ass, but right now you have a much more important use to me."

Still scared and furious but relieved he wasn't going to rape her, at least for the moment, Max frowned at him. "Use for what? I thought all you wanted to do was wipe all us transgenic freaks out."

White lifted his eyes from her nakedness and looked at her, once again all business. "That was my original objective, and for the most part it still is. But some new information has come to light which leads us to believe that the Manticore operation can not only be salvaged but rebuilt. And you're the key, 4-5-2."

"What the hell are you talking about? And my name is Max."

White continued as if she hadn't spoken. "As you already know, during your last stay at Manticore they discovered that you don't have any junk DNA; every single base pair that you have is coded for some specific genetic purpose. We just didn't know what your genes are coded to do." He smiled slightly. "But now we do. Would you like to know what that is?"

Max sneered, "No, but I can see you're just dying to tell me. And I wish you would - die, that is."

"You have perfect genetic markers, 4-5-2, which means that you carry half of the DNA required to create the perfect soldier. Of course, it doesn't do us much good without also having the matching male DNA. We had to find the carrier of those specific genetic markers before we could proceed, and finally we did." White turned and walked towards the door. "Ironically, he's an X5 like you." Once there, he nodded to someone standing outside then turned back to Max. "But I think you'll find this even more ironic."

Max stared in shocked disbelief at who walked in the room. "Alec?"

Alec was dressed in soldier fatigues of a gray t-shirt, camouflage pants, and black combat boots. He stood at attention without once glancing in Max's direction, despite the fact that she was naked and on display.

Looking at his expressionless face, Max's stomach churned as she realized where he had been for the last three months. "Alec, what have they done to you?"

White walked back towards her, clearly enjoying her distress. "4-9-4 has been successfully re-indoctrinated. We thought it would take much longer to accomplish, but six months on the outside couldn't stand up against a lifetime of training and duty." He glanced at Alec. "Isn't that right, 4-9-4?"

Alec immediately answered, "Yes, Sir."

As Max stared in dismay at Alec's rigid demeanor she remembered what else White had said and looked back at him in confusion. "But how did you find out that his genetic markers match mine? He's been on the outside since Manticore blew up. How'd you test his DNA?"

"It's true that we weren't able to test 4-9-4's DNA directly, but thanks to you, 4-5-2, we had another source."

Max scowled at him. "What the hell are you talking about?"

White smiled at her nastily. "I'm talking about your fellow deserter, 4-9-3. Or maybe I should call him Ben, as you so sentimentally referred to him. You remember him, don't you? The "brother" you loved so much you snapped his neck and left his body in the woods?"

Max instantly flashed back to kneeling on the ground with Ben's head cradled in her lap, her heart breaking as he begged her not to let them take him back to Manticore. She bared her teeth at White and said savagely, "I did that because he asked me to, because he knew he'd rather be dead than taken back there."

White shrugged mildly. "The reason doesn't matter. What does matter is that when Manticore recovered 4-9-3's body, along with harvesting his organs for transplant they did a full genetic workup. They found that he didn't have any junk DNA either. In fact, when we compared his DNA to yours, we discovered that it was a match, the genetic combination that will make the perfect soldier. The fact that he was dead created a momentary setback, until we remembered that he had a clone, an identical twin with the exact same DNA." White turned to look at Alec, who was still standing at attention. "At ease, 4-9-4." Alec immediately relaxed his stance, still staring straight ahead.

Max looked at White with disgust. "So what's the plan now? To scramble our DNA in Petri dishes and make perfect little test tube soldiers?"

He looked back at her. "Our plan is already underway. You've already been pumped full of fertility drugs to increase your egg production, some of which will be fertilized with 4-9-4's semen and placed into surrogates. However, in addition to that," he looked at her malevolently, his icy hot gaze sliding over her body again, "we thought we'd optimize our chances for success with the natural approach."

Max stared at White, appalled as she realized what he meant. "You can't be serious."

"I'm always serious, 4-5-2, you know that." He looked at Alec and ordered, "Take off your clothes and prepare yourself."

Max watched in disbelief as Alec obediently hauled his shirt over his head, dropping it as he reached for his belt buckle. "Alec, what the hell are you doing?" He ignored her and pushed his pants and underwear down his muscled legs. Max's jaw dropped as his semi-rigid dick sprang free; it wasn't even fully erect but it was already huge. The thought of being violated by a cock that big scared her, but under the fear she felt an involuntary thrill, a heat spreading between her legs that she couldn't control, and that frightened her even more. She started twisting against her restraints violently as Alec removed the last of his clothes, wrapped a hand around his swelling erection, and stroked it to its full size. "Alec, stop. It's me, Max. You don't have to do this."

White said, "On the contrary, 4-5-2, this is exactly what he has to do because it's what he's been ordered to do. 4-9-4's mission is to make you pregnant which means that he will fuck you as many times as necessary to accomplish that goal."

Seeing her panicked face as she yanked uselessly on her bonds, he smiled again. "Not that your struggling isn't amusing, but I'm curious as to why you're so resistant to this when he was your breeding partner during your last stay at Manticore."

"Sir?" Both Max and White looked up in surprise when Alec spoke. He waited for White's nod of consent before continuing. "Successful copulation between myself and X5-4-5-2 did not occur as previously reported, due to X5-4-5-2's refusal to obey orders."

Max stared at Alec, appalled. "That's because it was sick. Almost as sick as this is. Alec, you don't have to follow his orders, you can fight this," she pleaded as he walked to the steel table between her outstretched legs. She peered into his eyes, trying desperately to see a glimmer of the cocky, pain-in-the-ass Alec that she knew and -- well -- mostly tolerated. But all she saw in his amazing green eyes was unwavering, single-minded intent.

"Hang on a minute," Max thought suddenly. "Where did that come from? Since when have I thought his eyes are amazing? Sure, he's a pretty boy but amazing? Yeah, right." Even as she scoffed at the idea, she couldn't stop herself from glancing at his impassive face again. Her stomach muscles tightened when she saw that his gaze was now sliding hotly over her luscious curves while he idly jerked his cock to keep it hard.

Unlike White's cold, unemotional perusal a few minutes ago, Alec's eyes blazed with lust as they traveled from her pouting mouth to her firm, full tits, down her flat, toned belly to the bare pussy lips exposed by her spread legs. Her skin burned everywhere his eyes touched. One part of her wanted to kick his ass for looking at her like that, but another part of her was getting completely turned on knowing that he was going to fuck her with that big, hard dick. And that there wasn't a damn thing she could do about it.

White's voice broke in on her shameful thoughts. "By the way, 4-9-4 has been directed to make you come every time he fucks you. Scientists still debate as to whether a woman's orgasm during copulation assists in fertilization, but we're taking every measure to ensure this project's success."

White sat on a chair facing the steel table, making himself comfortable. Max stared at him in revulsion. "You're going to watch? You know, it's really sad if this is the only way you can get off."

Unaffected by her insult, White said, "I'm disappointed in you, 4-5-2. You should remember from your time at Manticore that all experiments are closely monitored, and despite our confidence in this particular project it is still an experiment. I will be observing to ensure its successful completion."

Max sneered, "Sure. Whatever you need to tell yourself."

"Oh, and 4-9-4?" White paused while looking directly into Max's eyes. "You have my permission to enjoy her as much as you want."

"Thank you, Sir." Standing between her legs, Alec leaned over her body, supporting himself on his forearms as he looked down at her with a cocky grin. "I hope you're ready for this."

"No, Alec, don't --." Max's plea was cut off as he covered her mouth with his in a hot, devastating kiss, sliding his tongue against hers sensually. Stunned at being kissed by him like that, she forgot to resist. His full lips parted hers roughly as he fucked her mouth with his tongue. Max had never felt so completely violated by a kiss before, and to her shame she didn't want it to stop. The heat intensified between her legs and she felt her pussy juices running between her ass cheeks onto the steel table. She didn't understand how she could be so turned on by just a kiss; her body started to tingle and ache for the touch of his hands and mouth.

Her muscles relaxed against the restraints as Alec continued his erotic assault on her mouth, seducing her skillfully. But when he cupped one firm breast with his hand and brushed his rough thumb over her nipple, Max was shocked back to reality. She started struggling again and bit down on Alec's full lower lip, tasting blood as he jerked his head away.

He stood up, wiping the blood off his lip with a small smirk. "You really are a little wildcat, aren't you, 4-52? Well, if you won't let me to kiss those lips, I guess I'll have to kiss your other ones." His gaze dropped to her pussy, which was hairless except for a small dark triangle at the top. Max always shaved because she liked the smooth, clean feeling it gave her, not to mention that it greatly increased her sensitivity to the vibrations when she rode her bike. He rose his eyes to hers, smirking even more as he cocked his eyebrow. "I've always wondered about that."

"Alec, don't you fucking dare! I will so kick your ass!" Max yanked frantically on the straps, bucking her hips in an effort to keep his mouth off of her. Alec easily subdued her thrashing by holding her hips down against the steel table. Bending down, he licked her entire slit several times before flicking his tongue over her already-swollen clit. Ignoring her curses and threats, he opened his hot mouth around her and stroked her intimately with his silky wet tongue. Max moaned involuntarily as he lapped at the juices flowing out of her slick hole before teasing her clit again.

Aware she was succumbing to the pleasure he was causing, Max moaned again in half-hearted protest. "Alec, stop ... please ... this is wrong ... oh, shit!" She gasped as he closed his lips tightly around her clit and sucked on it. Keeping her pinned to the table with one hand on her toned stomach, he slid two fingers into her aching pussy, finger-fucking her as he continued to lick and suck her throbbing clit.

"Oh, Jesus ... Alec ... no ...." Max began to pant as the exquisite pressure built inside her, knowing that if he didn't stop she would come but also knowing that she didn't want him to stop.

Sensing her surrender, Alec slid his restraining hand up her trembling body to tease her hard nipples, allowing Max to rock her hips and press her sensitive flesh against his wickedly talented mouth and fingers. The tension continued to coil tighter inside her and she lifted her hips completely off the table, silently urging him to go harder and faster. Her pants became whimpers as she felt her orgasm getting closer, but she gasped in dismay when Alec abruptly stopped.

Max's entire body was screaming for release. She opened her mouth to swear at him but sighed instead when she felt the head of his cock slip between the soft, wet folds of her pussy. Grasping her hips firmly, Alec pushed into her inch by inch, withdrawing to the tip of his swollen dick each time before sliding it in further. Max gasped as his hardness filled her, stretching her until he was balls-deep inside her. Before she had completely adjusted to his size he started fucking her with slow, deep thrusts, making her moan loudly.

Alec leaned over her, again bracing himself on his forearms. He watched her face intently as he thrust in and out of her with smooth strokes. Max's eyes slid closed and her luscious lips parted as she panted and moaned, overwhelmed by the carnal sensations he was forcing on her. He lowered his head to her round tit, sucking hungrily on the erect nipple before flicking it with his tongue. He gave the same attention to the other one, sucking and biting on the dark pink tips as if he couldn't get enough.

When he finally lifted his head, Max's eyelids fluttered open. Her beautiful brown eyes were glazed with lust as she gazed up at him pleadingly. "Alec."

Knowing exactly what she wanted, he stood up again. Filling his large hands with her firm ass cheeks, he lifted her at the same time he drove into her, making her cry out as he impaled her deeply. Alec started fucking her hard, his balls and thighs slapping loudly against her ass as he rammed his swollen cock into her soaking pussy again and again. Max's head thrashed from side to side as her moans and whimpers grew louder, and he knew that she was about to come. Sliding a hand under her to keep her hips lifted, he started rubbing his thumb over her pulsing clit while continuing to pound her roughly.

The additional stimulation to that ultra-sensitive spot was enough to send Max over the edge. Her pussy muscles squeezed his throbbing dick as she started to spasm, her body convulsing as wave after wave of ecstasy crashed over her. Alec stopped rubbing her clit and slowed his movements as she rode out the final tremors of her orgasm, her clenching muscles finally easing around his painfully-swollen cock.

When Max regained her senses, she realized that Alec had not yet come, that he was still hard inside her. Frowning, she looked up at him. "Alec, what --?"

He gave her a sexy smirk. "I'm not done with you yet, 4-52." His tight ass muscles flexed as he resumed his deep thrusts, eliciting another moan from her. His smirk widened. "I guess you're not done with me either. That's good 'cause I can go all day."

Max felt herself respond quickly in spite of the climax she'd just had. Arousal curled deep in her belly again, making her nipples harden and her pussy ache. Her eyes drank in his perfect body, from his broad shoulders and strong biceps to his sculpted pecs and washboard abs. Her gaze dropped a little lower to watch his big cock pump in and out of her silky wet slit. Her hands fisted with the need to caress his smooth, hard muscles, and she yanked on her restraints in frustration.

Alec smiled at the vexation on her face and decided to torment her a bit more. Holding her down again with a hand on her stomach, he slowed his thrusts until he was barely moving inside her. He placed his thumb on top of her pulsing clit and started caressing it, but so gently it just teased her more.

Max's moaning increased as his feather-light caresses became more and more unbearable. Completely restrained by the straps and his hand, she couldn't do anything but accept the sexual torture. She could feel his huge cock throbbing as it slid so very slowly in and out of her juicy pussy and her clit ached for rougher stimulation. Alec stroked her ultra-sensitive flesh just hard enough to bring her to the very edge of orgasm without letting her come.

Finally, Max became so desperate from his teasing that she hissed at him through clenched teeth, "Dammit, Alec, stop it."

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