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Dark Desire For The Dark Angel


Max rode through the crisp night wind. The motorcycle hummed powerfully between her young legs. Dark tresses of raven black hair flew wildly behind the vixen. On either side of her, a forest of dark shadows flew passed in a blur. Max cranked the throttle back fully. The bike shimmed and whined louder. The ride was necessary. She needed to get way from everyone and everything. The girl rode; chasing her sanity, which threatened to abandon her. Whenever Max leaned sharply; her leather-clad knee was barely inches from the asphalt highway, until she righted the motorcycle, and attacked the next curve. She had been driving for hours, looking for a place, free of distractions, free from visual stimulus and most of all, people. She needed to be alone. Eventually, she noticed a flashing indicator light on the dash of the bike; it declared she was running low on gas. She cursed between clenched teeth and resigned to pull off at the next exit.

Earlier that night Max flew out of the apartment she shared with her best friend, Original Cindy. A warm tingling sensation had begun to torment her. She knew immediately what was happening. Without warning she was in heat. Unexpectedly she had falling victim again to an alien lust that plague her mind and body. Max was a survivor of a top-secret military project, which had genetically altered her body. They intended to created the perfect solider by splicing her genes with God knows "who" or "what". The experimentation had worked wonderfully with only a few side effects. One particular annoying side effect was the "Cat in Heat Factor"

The engine of the bike rumbled to a silent stop as Max dismounted in one quick motion. With a feline grace she moved directly towards the burnt out husk of the station. Through yellow colored glasses Max surveyed the scene. She walked towards the station smiling at the young man she saw inside. As she walked closer she felt her temperature rise and an overwhelming sense of lust consume her. She fought the feelings and at the last minute she sidestepped into the shadows. From her hiding place she could still see the handsome young teller. She sighed heavily and banged her pretty head gently against the wall in an attempt to drive out the perverted thoughts that plagued her. Sexual feelings coursed through her body, yet she wanted to maintain her control and dignity. Perhaps if she just took care of herself first she could calm down enough to go inside and pay for gas without raping the young attendant. As soon as she had decided upon the thought of pleasing herself her hands became like things possessed. She unzipped her leather coat and reached inside with one hand to cup a warm firm tit. Max's other hand slide down the outside of her tight leather pants. She squeezed her thighs together and moaned feeling a soaring heat of her wetness.


"What the hell are you doing Jess?" screamed James Cameron. " I need you to look sexually charged. You just look bored and disinterested"

"For Christ's sake James I'm doing my best," said sexy young actress.

She looked out into the bright lights of the cameras and tried to see the director of Dark Angel. She could hear the crew muttering to themselves but saw no faces behind the super bright lights.

"I'm freezing and it's starting to rain," said Jessica through chattering teeth.

"It fucking hard to feel sexy when you're freezing your ass off"

Jessica bit her lower lip and shivered, wrapping her arms around herself to fight off the chill.

"Can someone please get our little princess something to warm her up?" shouted Cameron. Jessica heard the commotion as people scrambled to find her some warm liquid. After a few minutes a young blonde girl wearing a FOX baseball hat and carrying a clipboard rushed over to her.

"Here Miss Alba, I'm Mr. Cameron's intern, he says to drink this, it's something really special. Apparently it will warm you up and also help to give you the proper motivation for your character. Oh by the way my name's Kelly. I'm a wicked big fan"

"What is it?" asked the dark hair actress

"I' don't know he just took the hot chocolate and added something to it"

"Probably alcohol" said the suspicious actress rolling her pretty dark eyes.

"Maybe, I'm not sure," said the assistant " He just said he uses it all the time to get frigid actresses to loosen up"

The wind blew sending an involuntary chill to claim Jessica. Without another thought she took the paper cup and swallowed the warm fluid in two great gulps. At first she just felt warmer. Then her head began to swim. She reached out to steady herself as she tumbled back into the brick wall. Stars danced before her eyes, she blinked to clear them away. She trembled as her stomach did little flips. It started as a small tickle in her clitoris and then grew to engulf her whole body. Her heart raced as she felt a flood of passions claims her. After a minute her head cleared but she was not herself. She was enraptured and under the chemical spell of a powerful aphrodisiac. She felt alive and alert as well as incredibly sexually charged. She was half aware that she was not in her right mind but did not care. All she cared about was finding away of satisfying the longing between her shapely legs.

The blonde attendant stared in shock as she watched the effect the drug had on Alba. Jessica smiled wickedly to herself as she crumbled up the cup. Kelly took a step back as she noticed Jessica sultry eyes traveling lustfully over her young body. Kelly could only imagine what dirty thoughts the 20-year-old actress was having.

"Okay everybody lets get back to work. It's getting late. " Shouted Cameron.

"Alright Jess in this scene we need you to go into the station and pay for the gas. Remember you need to appear tormented by the unwanted sexual thoughts in your head"

"Yeah, okay!" said Jessica in a husky new tone.


Jessica began were she had ended the last scene. She unzipped her leather coat now oblivious to the cold night air. She peeled off the jacket so she was wearing only a thin black tank top. The mist of the night quickly enveloped her and the shirt clung to her perfect chest. Her nipples pointed out through the wafer thin top. She tossed the jacket over her shoulder and sauntered brazenly into the shop. On cue the cute boy behind the counter looked up. She smiled at him and walked immediately around the counter. As previously directed the clerk stared at her with interest. Jessica leaned back with her elbows on the counter. Her dark wet shirt rode high up her perfect flat belly. Her eyebrows raised as she bit her bottom bee-sung lip.

"What can I do for you miss" said the clerk shyly

"I need service. I need you to fill my tank"

"Oh really" said the clerk following his script

"Yes". Said Alba moving forward to spring her trap

Jessica could not resist herself as she grabbed the young stud by the shirt and pulled him violently into her. She kissed him forcefully working her silky tongue into his surprised mouth. She pulled back and panted, "Fuck me" before she even knew what she was saying

"Fuck me " she repeated "

She felt flushed as she added without thinking "I need to feel your cock in my sweet pussy" Alba's head swam but she could not control her mounting passion.

She acted on animal instinct.

This was not in the script thought the actor portraying the gas station attendant. He waited half a minute expecting someone to yelled cut. When this did not happen he tried to disengage from the horny actress.

"Hey chill out, I'm Gay remember" said Brandon

"I don't care! You have a cock right and I need it now" said Jessica

Again she pulled the boy to her and smothered him with urgent kisses. With one hand she reached down to grip and squeeze the actors cock through this jeans. It was starting to lengthen. Jessica moaned and increased her sex-starved assault.

"Excuse me" a voice behind Jessica. It was Kelly the shows intern. "Mr. Cameron sent me in to see if I could be of any help. It seems you two are not following the script. Kelly held a soggy copy of the script out before her in a shaking hand. Outside huge area lights illuminated the rain-splattered windows.

"Oh you sure can help" said Alba taking the script and dropping it to the floor.

With one fluid motion she jerked the girl behind the counter. Kelly stumbled and fell into Brandon. They both stood opened mouth and shocked as Jessica began to unlace her leather pants. In an instant Alba was naked from the waist down. She forced Kelly to her knees knocking off the intern's baseball cap. Instantly Kelly was face to face with Alba's dark trimmed bush and proud pink pussy. She could not deny the aroma of excitement that floated up to her.

"Lick it girl," said Alba grabbing a handful of blonde hair.

"Lick it good" She said grinding her cunt into the interns face.

Kelly resisted at first but could not resist the urge to taste her favorite actresses moist pussy. She had never tasted pussy before but was willing to if it pleased Jessica. Tentatively she poked her tongue out and began to lick between the folds of Jessica's warm cunt.. Alba moaned and wiggled. Her head shot back in ecstasy. She grinned and spread her legs for balance and gripped the edge of the counter.

Brandon stared and shuffled from foot to foot until he was ordered by Alba to move. She leaned forward exposing her high tight ass. She reached back and with one hand spread an ass cheek. Brandon saw her puckered dime sized anus. It called to his dick like a tiny brown siren.

"You know what to do with this don't you boy? " asked the actress between groans

"Just pretend I'm one of your boy toys and fuck me real hard" Alba slapped her own ass to punctuate her point.

Beneath her Kelly licked and lapped at Alba's dripping cunt. A flood of juices ran down her face and the length of Jessica's inner thighs. Brandon unzipped his pants releasing his cock. It angled upward firm and swollen. Jessica lean more forward in anticipation of claiming her prize. Kelly wanted to please her idol so she did what she knew she herself would enjoy. She nibbled and teased Jessica clit and circled it with the pointed tip of her tongue. Alba rocked with the motion of the hungry interns tongue.

"Ohhh Yeah fuck me with your tongue you little slut yesssss, more, more " grunted Alba

Jessica surrendered to the passions that held her. She pinched and played with her bronze nipples as Brandon positioned himself behind her. Using spit from his own hand Brandon began to force his cock into Alba's ass. It was extremely tight and she was obviously still an anal virgin. Brandon forgot about his sexual orientation and smiled wickedly. Nothing felt better than a virgin's tight ass hole. He inched the swollen head inside the actress and gasped as she constricted. He reached around and grabbed her hips as he charted new territory. He pulled Alba to him while he thrust forward. Alba let out a deep passionate scream as she felt her tight ass violated. Brandon withdrew and again drove deeper unconcerned for her comfort. Alba knew what she was doing was wrong yet she could not resist. She was vaguely aware of people outside the windows watching. She hated herself for acting so sluttish. She let Brandon savagely fuck her ass as Kelly brought her to orgasm with her tongue. Alba felt she was being torn in half as Brandon pumped her ass. The pain mixed with a carnal pleasure she could not deny.

"You like that baby?" said the actor "You like being fucked in the ass?"

"Yesssssssssssss" hissed Alba her dark hair hung wetly in her face

"Don't stop! Please don't stop "

Kelly quickened her torment of Jessica clit and reached up and behind the actress to spread the girl's ass cheeks wider. Brandon felt ready to explode as he slammed into the tight velvet of her hole. He had never felt so fucking good. This girl was awesome and he could not hold himself back. She took all he had and still wanted more.

"More, more, more fuck me like a whore, harder, harder, harder!" commanded the vixen

Brandon was more than willing to please. He held nothing back as he pumped in quick, long strokes. Kelly felt Jessica begin to shutter and she knew instinctively the actress was cumming. She quit using her tongue and quickly thrust four fingers into Alba's hot wet cunt. Deep inside the actress Kelly thought she felt Brandon's cock as he pounded the girl with little mercy. Suddenly Alba shook and tensed as a long orgasm broke over her. She uncontrollably clenched her ass tightly, forcing Brandon to shoot a torrent of hot cum deep inside the panting actress.

Outside Cameron smiled and chuckled to himself having caught everything on camera.

To Be Continued...

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