tagErotic HorrorDarkness Fallen Ch. 02

Darkness Fallen Ch. 02


Not all evil hides in the deep dark corners of the Earth. At least not for long. Asmodeus, King of the second level of Hell returned from millennia of tormenting the adulterous to fly openly in the skies above the world of Men.

Fresh from his second conquest, he pulled his spent cock from the Asian cheerleader's mouth and flew into the air. He knew the others had plenty of time to run and hide while he defiled the ass of the redhead and the face of the Asian.

Soaring above the trees, Asmodeus could smell them. He could smell their purity, the scent of young pussy, like a shark smells blood. They could run for miles and it would make no difference.

One was close. The intoxicating scent became so strong it made his horse cock swell, and the last traces of the load he shot into the Asian's mouth still dripped from the tip as he began his descent.

Suzie, the Hispanic cheerleader, had been running for what felt like hours. Exhausted and completely lost, she had stopped only for a moment when she heard those giant wings flapping above her. Terrified, she froze in place, trying not to make a sound. The trees should cover her, she thought. It couldn't find her here.

Suddenly Suzie felt drops splashing into her silky black hair, and wondered if it was raining. Silently reaching up, it felt thick and warm. Pulling her hand back and examining it, the goo was yellow and sticky between her fingers. She went to smell it, and the heavy musky odor gave her the odd urge to stick her small tongue out to taste it when suddenly an enormous impact behind her shook the ground.

Suzie spun around just in time to see that huge black horse cock they had all seen hanging above them in the bus, now staring her in the face, a giant dark fist wrapped around the base. She gasped just as an enormous load of thick yellow sperm shot from the head.

It felt like a garden hose blasting her with hot vanilla pudding, and it just kept coming in spurt after spurt. The first shot landed right on her cute round nose, splashing across her cheeks, and the tail of it fell right into her open mouth and coated her tongue. She no longer needed to wonder what the drops in her hair tasted like.

Gagging and choking, she closed her mouth and swallowed the hot mess down, instantly regretting it. A second shot splattered her forehead just after she closed her eyes, stumbling back and falling on her tight young ass. She landed with her arms behind her and her legs spread awkwardly, turning her face as more and more thick hot sperm poured down on her.

The rest of the giant load mostly landed in her cleavage, on her midriff where it collected in her belly button and finally poured across her inner thighs, skirt and a few lucky drops stained her panties. Where the cum had soaked her cheerleading uniform, she felt the material become thin and weak, as if quietly dissolving. She was too afraid to open her eyes and hoped the monster would just go away now that it had blown its load all over her.

That was not to be the case. Asmodeus had been so excited by the hunt for her that catching his prey alone was enough to release his load. Yet his huge black balls already worked hard on another that was meant to be shot inside her.

Suzie let out a weak whimper when she felt huge hairy claws closing around her smooth young caramel colored thighs. The massive hands pulled her hips forward and slowly spread her legs apart. Her breath came in small quick huffs through her nose, filling her mind with the strong smell of all the thick warm cum that still covered her face, and reminded her of the traces that still rested on her tongue inside her mouth.

Once she had been pulled forward until she was propped up only on her elbows and her legs were spread wide, something huge, fat and slimy pushed against her panties, soaking the thin material and making her crotch feel wet and slick. Her face curled up and her tight young pussy tried to resist, but the massive invader was persistent. Fortunately her frilly white panties still held it back.

Slowly, the beast slid the giant knob of its fat black cock up and down over Suzie's little Hispanic pussy, smearing her panties with yellow cum and clear ooze. It humped her small body roughly, grunting and rubbing itself against her, getting itself more excited while also melting and tearing away the pathetic fabric covering her untouched slit.

While the terrified young girl quivered and whimpered, the beast humped her into submission until her tiny body slid back and forth over the cold, dry grass. She had to finally peek through the mask of cum on her face, peering down at the massive horse cock sliding between her spread thighs. Asmodeus was grinding the shaft against her panties now, the head of it sliding across the puddle of cum on her flat tummy and almost reaching her cleavage.

She sat in awe of the thing and couldn't seem to pull her eyes away from it. The way the slimy head thrust upwards along her body made the head appear to surge up towards her face on every push, getting closer and closer as if it would grow and push all the way to her mouth. She felt her lips part in anticipation of the fat dark head finally reaching her face and spreading her mouth around it.

Instead, her panties finally snapped under all the grinding, pushing and melting, and the huge horse cock pulled back away from her face. Suzie was shocked to feel slightly disappointed, but then it took aim at her small tight pussy.

A low groan came from her throat as Suzie froze with fear. Her mouth tried to form words, but all she could think of was the cum on her tongue and the fat black head of the horse cock pushing against her crotch like some giant worm trying to burrow into the ground through sheer force of will.

Her mouth opened wider and her groan grew louder as that giant worm found success. Watching with disbelief, Suzie saw the massive head push and push and finally spread her pussy lips wide and sink inside. It looked like her body just gave in and bulged out around the first inch of this enormous black horse cock.

The shock finally helped Suzie find words, but only one came to mind. "Fuck... fuck... fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck..." she groaned as another inch pushed inside.

His hands still holding her tan thighs wide, Asmodeus loved every moment of the initial penetration. He could see the look of awe on her face as she watched his enormous cock slowly sink inside her, ruining her, and she secretly loved it. Her eyes were glazed over already, but sharply focused on her lips spreading open for him. Her pussy could not resist him, and soon she wouldn't either.

Suzie had reverted to a low groan from deep in her throat as inch after inch pushed inside her and all she could do was watch. She couldn't understand how it was possible for so much cock to disappear inside her tight young body, but it just kept going. She could feel her perfect athletic body stretching and spreading out around him.

Finally the demon slowed down and came to a stop with half his bulging black length inside her body. Suzie took a shallow breath just before he pulled back a couple inches, the shaft shining with her fluids, then pushed back inside, beginning to fuck her.

Suzie could no longer handle the situation now that she was really getting fucked. Her head tilted back, her eyes rolled up in her head and she groaned like a wounded animal. The beast pumped his hips slowly, but with great power and determination. He was going to fuck this bitch stupid.

The big bulging balls began to swing slowly between his hairy thighs on each thrust, and little by little, her small body rocked back and forth across the grass. Asmodeus was sinking a little more inside her, stretching her young body out a little deeper on every thrust.

Suzie's shallow panting breaths became gasps, and her gasps became moans. Asmodeus was hunched over her, his giant body thrusting and pushing harder and faster, sending most of his massive shaft up inside her. Wet slurping sounds grew louder between their bodies, joining her moans and groans.

Now the demon was grunting and growling, savagely fucking her at nearly full speed. His hands squeezed her smooth thighs tight and he rammed into her again and again, rocking her small young body so hard that her dissolved top spread open, revealing her jiggling tan breasts right beneath him.

Asmodeus gave a low deep roar at the sight of her fresh young tits, covered in traces of his seed. Growling viciously, he began to drool heavily down onto her chest, making an even nastier mess of her. He released one of her thighs to reach down and squeeze her tits in his giant hand, smearing the fluids into her smooth skin.

Now that he saw all of her, he was eager to fill her with the massive load swelling his balls. He gripped her thigh and tit hard and fucked her with all his strength, finally making her scream. Her young body twisted and bucked beneath him, humping her hips until his swollen balls finally slapped against her uplifted ass cheeks, sinking nearly his entire length inside her.

They were just two animals now, grunting and groaning and pushing their bodies as hard as they could to get as much fat cock inside her as possible. Looking down in a daze of constant orgasm, Suzie could see her once flat tummy bulging in and out on every thrust, the horse cock pushing her belly out around it. She groaned weakly and her head fell back again.

Suzie gave up and went limp, surrendering her entire body to the beast that fucked her into submission. She was overwhelmed by orgasms and just let the thing fuck her to its heart's content. Her head tilted back, her eyes rolled up and drool poured from her mouth. There was nothing left of the sweet young cheerleader she was just minutes ago.

Asmodeus squeezed and fucked her hot limp body like a machine, using every inch of her and stretching her out with his cock until she was ruined. Just a sloppy mess wrapped around his cock, clinging weakly and waiting for his load.

Her total submission to him was euphoric. Squeezing her so hard she felt the pain even above the pleasure, Asmodeus threw his own head back and roared so loud the leaves came off the trees, slamming his entire length inside her, finally bottoming out as he came.

The giant load burst inside her, hot and thick, filling her the slightest bit more. Suzie gargled as if his cock had pushed all the way up into her throat, as it felt like he had. Her small young body convulsed and twitched with each giant spurt filling her up inside. The tight pressure within her forced the sperm out between them in spurts, soaking the ground.

Asmodeus looked down at the catatonic girl and growled. Pulse after pulse from his balls sent more sperm up inside her, quickly pouring out. She was completely used and it was time to move on. He pulled out, shooting his last few ropes across her limp body, and turned away.

Taking to the skies once more, the demon was nearly overwhelmed by an unusually strong scent of pussy close by. He sensed it was two girls, but even for two, they must be wet already.

Katie and Kristy had run as far as they could, holding hands the whole time to make sure they weren't separated. Eventually they had found some bushes to hide behind, and they held each other for comfort, each feeling the other's hot breath on her face until their fear turned to arousal and the began to kiss just to get their minds off the situation.

Asmodeus spotted the two brunettes in lesbian embrace and knew why they gave off such a strong scent. They had already gotten themselves prepared for him.

He swooped down hard, landing so close that he pushed them over with his arrival. Kristy landed on her ass, propped up on her hands while poor little Katie was on her hands and knees between Kristy's legs. The smaller brunette looked up at her friend with a pitiful expression on her face, knowing the beast was standing right behind her.

Asmodeus looked down and saw Katie's cute little ass on display for him. Kneeling behind her, he wrapped one hand around her waist and flipped the back of her skirt up with the other, then gave his massive black horse cock a couple strokes to get it completely hard and pushed forward.

Katie's eyes went wide when she felt the huge fat knob push against her crack. She knew her panties wouldn't stop him for long. "Kristy... please..." she begged, but Kristy just looked down at her helplessly.

The demon had slowly dissolved enough pairs of panties tonight. This time he simply reached down and tore them off her young body, bring a small squeak from Katie and a growl of approval from Asmodeus as he stared down at her thin pale ass.

Katie felt a hot slimy baseball bat slowly rubbing and grinding up and down her tiny ass crack and whimpered. Kristy was frozen with fear, feeling the she would be ripped apart if she ran, and while she could not bring herself to leave her best friend behind, she could think of no way to save her from the penetration that seemed so inevitable.

Two giant hairy hands grabbed Katie's little ass cheeks and spread them wide, and the shaft pulled out of her crack for a moment before the fat wet head pressed against her tiny little asshole.

"No! Not there... please..." Katie whimpered, confusing Kristy.

Suddenly the beast pushed forward, gradually but with persistence, and Kristy saw her small friend's face curl up with strain and she let out a long, pained groan between her clenched teeth.

Asmodeus knew this would not be easy. Her small ass cheeks were barely half a handful for him, wrapping his grip almost clear around her narrow hips. It would be more painful for the female than it had been for the thicker redhead, but that would make it all the more enjoyable for him.

Katie looked like she was giving birth, from Kristy's perspective. Her small friend panted and groaned, whimpering and whining, and still the beast pushed and pushed.

"No... no, no, no... NNNNUHHHH!" Katie's head snapped back, her face went pale and her eyes went wide when her tiny asshole finally spread wide for the horse cock pushing against it.

A low growl of triumph came from Asmodeus when he saw the thick wet head of his cock finally slip inside her thin ass. Now he could get to work. He clenched her ass cheeks tighter and pushed harder than ever, releasing one long grating scream from the girl.

Kristy was more terrified than ever. She felt horrible for her friend, but also feared that she herself might be next for this treatment.

Inch after inch of thick black cock slid inside the small brunette cheerleader's thin pale ass. With two girls to deal with at once, Asmodeus was in a little more of a hurry this time. Also, the look on the taller girl's face as she watched her friend get violated was an extra turn on for the demon.

"Kristy... rrrrgh... this thing... ahhh... it's in... my ass!" Katie whined and screamed. Now it was Kristy's face that went pale with shock. She had seen that cock, and admired her friend's small ass on occasion, and could think of no way that was possible.

"Please... Kristy... HELP!" Katie screeched, beginning to annoy the demon King Asmodeus. He reached down, wrapped one large hand around the back of Katie's head, and pushed her face down into her friend Kristy's crotch.

"Kristy... it hurts... I can't-MMPH!" Katie's whimpers were finally cut short when her mouth was smeared into her best friend's panties. Asmodeus kept one hand on Katie's thin hip while the other remained in her long brown hair, holding her face in the other girl's crotch to keep her silent.

Kristy could not believe what was happening. She and Katie had never gone past innocent kissing and just a little groping once or twice, but now her friend's face was stuffed against the crotch of her panties and she could feel the poor girl trying to breath against her pussy. As much as it tingled, she would have moved if the giant demon was not staring straight at her, freezing her with fear.

Asmodeus was now rocking his hips back in slow, short strokes, pushing half his cock in and out of the small girl's ass while keeping a tight grip on her head. He was not going to let her screeching ruin his pleasure. To his amusement, he could still hear the girl's smothered whines and whimpers coming from the taller girl's groin.

Kristy was too overwhelmed by the situation to notice at first, but she was almost certain she could feel Katie's lips and tongue poking at her panties, just a little, dismissing it as her attempts to breath, but then more and more until she was convinced it was intentional. As terrified and confused as she was, Kristy had to admit it felt good.

Asmodeus abused the small pale ass beneath him vigorously, pushing more than half his length inside her now and building up speed. The harder he fucked her ass, the more it shoved Katie's face into Kristy's pussy, and his hand still held her there.

Gradually, the demon saw Kristy's face twitch just a little, then she took a small sigh, and more and more he became convinced Katie was trying to eat her friend's pussy through her panties. He growled with laughter and released Katie's head just for a moment, reaching past it to grab Kristy's thin panties and tear them off.

Katie looked down at her best friend's naked pussy for just one moment, moaned, and began lowering her face to it voluntarily before Asmodeus returned his grip to the back of her head and shoved her face in deep. Just before her head was pushed down again, Kristy saw Katie lick her lips as she stared down between her legs.

Now Kristy moaned, rolled her eyes and tilted her head back. The beast was pumping its hips hard and fast, fucking her friend's ass harder than ever, and Katie was licking her pussy like she'd been dreaming about it for years. It was all too much for the young cheerleader to take, and she felt an orgasm building.

Asmodeus could not believe the show he was being treated to. Here he just expected to stretch out the ass of this small girl, but now she was burying her tongue inside her friend's pussy, and he grunted and growled in approval. He fucker her ass harder than ever and heard Katie moan into Kristy's pussy.

Katie's moans turned her tongue into a vibrator, and that tongue was shoved inside Kristy as deep as it could go. Kristy lost control, and began humping her hips up into Katie's face. Her hand came up and buried itself in Katie's hair, touching the demon's hand as well. She didn't even notice.

Seeing the tall girl grab the smaller girl's head, Asmodeus released his grip to return both hands to Katie's thin hips. He needed a grip with both hands to finish this, and now her friend would hold her head in place, not that Katie would ever think of removing her face from that pussy.

Kristy fucked her friend's face, grabbing her head tight and humping her ass up off the ground. Her skirt had flipped over and covered Katie's head, and neither one cared. It was hot and sticky under that skirt, and Katie loved it. She licked and sucked and slurped Kristy's sweet pussy, the cute brown bush against her nose, and Kristy moaned and groaned, sliding her pussy all over her face.

Finally Kristy's moans became louder and louder until they joined together as one long scream when she came on her best friend's tongue, ramming her hips up into Katie's face and holding her there, Katie's face buried in her pussy with her tongue fully extended and licking in every direction.

Asmodeus saw this and roared, slamming Katie's ass with three quarters of his cock, feeling her tight little ass squeeze every inch he crammed inside her. Ramming his hips forward, he stared at Kristy's euphoric face and released his own load deep inside Katie's ass. The pressure once again forced the sperm to squirt out around the sides of Katie's widely stretched asshole.

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