James, at 55, worked in Marketing for a major southern corporation for over twenty years. He found out early in his career that if he expected to keep up with the demands of his profession it was a must to adopt an exercise schedule and some sensible eating habits. Currently, he was in the tenth year of his second marriage to an attractive businesswoman who had a 25-year-old daughter, Cynthia. Cynthia had lived with them until she graduated from the State University about 6 months earlier. He had watched his stepdaughter grow up. Like her mother, the daughter was a free spirit thinking nothing of walking slowly from the bathroom to her bedroom in bra and panties very much aware of James’ eyes taking in every inch of her young firm shape. He had enjoyed seeing the changes in her body as the years passed and when, at the age of 18 she left for college he missed the day-to-day contact not to mention the pleasant bra & panty show and found himself anticipating the holidays and college breaks when Cynthia would move back in for a short period.

James knew Cynthia loved to tease him by the way she strutted her stuff around the house, especially when her mother wasn’t home, but was expected at any minute. Cynthia had this incredible sense of timing and no fear, no fear of anyone or anything. It was a characteristic her mother possessed and one of the things about the mother that had attracted James the most. Well, almost the most, he loved her tall slender body with legs and ass that drove him insane. The daughter had the same physical characteristics and wasn’t naive about how to use them.

All in all there was never any physical contact between James and Cynthia during the time she lived with them. Well, almost never, there was one time.... Following graduation from college Cynthia had moved home for the summer while she went through the difficult choir of interviewing for a job.

James had been on a business trip and came home a day early. The account he was to spend the day with had a plant fire and all meetings were cancelled so James caught an early flight home. It was a stormy day, rain flooded the street so he got more than a little wet waiting for a cab and then running into the house with his bags. Once inside he could hear the blare of the radio set to one of the rock stations. James removed his wet shoes and taking his bag proceeded to his bedroom to unpack and change out of the wet clothes. Just as he entered the bedroom the door to the master bath opened and out stepped Cynthia, stark naked! Cynthia let out a shrill scream not expecting anyone to be in the room. They stood and stared at each other for what seemed like minutes but was mere seconds but during that time James took in ALL of Cynthia’s body. Her small perky breasts, which he immediately noted didn’t sag; slender waist, flat stomach and bald, yes bald pussy which gave way to those beautiful long legs. It may have been his daughter-in-law but James was visibly excited, the bulge in his wet pants gave him away. An indicator that didn’t go unnoticed by Cynthia.

Cynthia was first to speak. “What the hell are you doing home? You’re not supposed to be here!” She said as she covered her breasts with one hand and her pubic area with the other, then turned and walked, yes walked back into the bathroom closing the door behind her.

James was somewhat relieved she had left the room; he was truly uncomfortable in the room with his naked daughter-in-law and the rise in his trousers growing uncontrollably. “What are you doing in my bathroom?” he yelled through the closed door.

“Taking a shower, the other shower isn’t working!”

“Look, Cynthia, I’m sorry to have stumbled in like this, but if the radio hadn’t been so loud you more than likely would have heard me.”

The bathroom door opened and Cynthia stepped out wrapped in a towel. A towel, which barely covered the cheeks of her ass and slowly walked, passed James saying, “No big deal. Why are you home early?”

James explained the situation as she stopped in the doorway, leading to the hall, turned and with a coy smile asked, “Did you enjoy the view Daddy?” Then she was gone

“Cute!” he yelled rather sarcastically after her as she walked down the hall.

“Thank you Daddy!” came her teasing response.

James stripped off his wet suit and maneuvered his under-wear over his erection. After putting the suit on a hanger he headed for his bathroom. From behind him came a wolf whistle. Alarmed, he spun around to find Cynthia standing in the doorway, in what he thought was the skimpiest bra and panties he’d ever seen. She was a joy to behold.

“Thought since you saw all of me, it was only fair for me to see all of you.” She said with a broad smile, once again taking on her teasing tone. “Mmmmm!” she continued as her eyes fell to his swollen member.

James’ mind had been on the missed sales call, his wet suit, seeing his daughter-in-law naked and he completely forgot he himself was now standing in from of Cynthia stark naked. Forgot that is until he followed her smiling eyes, which were staring at his fully erect member.

“Not bad Daddy, did I do that to you?” she cooed.

“For Christ’s sake Cyn, get out of here!” He pleaded as he tried desperately to cover himself, but she wasn’t moving. Cynthia was enjoying her Stepfather’s discomfort and found herself curious about just how far she could take this. With only three steps she was directly in front of him and with hands more learned than her years grabbed his cock.

“Maybe I can help you with this.” She said as she gripped him tight and fell to her knees before him.

James had that “Deer in the headlights” look on his face, frozen in place. Before he could think to object he felt her soft lips encircle the head of his cock followed by the wet warmth of her tongue. Any resistance he should or wanted to have evaporated as she began to work her mouth back and forth taking in the entire length of his manhood. Looking down he followed the shape of her mouth as it changed, elongating out as she sucked. Lower he could see her breasts rise and fall, with her increased rate of breathing, struggling to be contained by the flimsy bra. She was beautiful and when her hand slid up between his legs and massaged his balls, his eyes closed and the reality set it. You see, this taboo act was turning him on more than any sex he’d had in his life and as much as he wanted it to continue indefinitely he lost all control and was about to cum. He could feel his member swell, his balls moving up. The first shot surprised Cynthia, who struggled unsuccessfully to swallow it. Cum oozed out of her mouth and slipped down her chin landing on her folded leg. The subsequent spurts weren’t as violent and she was able to swallow it all relatively easily. She continued licking and sucking as his cock shrunk, satisfied with the relief it had been given.

With her head looking up, soft cock in her mouth she made direct eye contact with James as she sucked and stretched his cock out until it snapped from her mouth.

She smiled and said, “Mmmm, you taste good, too bad Mom will be home soon or we could continue this.”

It was then the full impact of what he, no they had done, hit James and it literally set his head to spinning. He staggered as a slap on his hip from Cynthia brought him back.

“Don’t worry Daddy, this will be our little secret. Mommy will never know!”

With that, Cynthia left the room and after a moment of just standing there allowing his actions to sink in, James turned and headed for the shower.

Cynthia and his wife were in the kitchen when he emerged from the bedroom. His wife jumped up, mumbled a greeting and gave him a hug. He could see Cynthia and with her mother’s back to her.

She smiled a knowing smile and traced the shape of her mouth with her tongue then declared, “Have fun you guys, I’ve got to run!” and left the house.

The next morning life was once again hectic, with James and his wife rushing to leave for work. Cynthia was sleeping when they left the house. In the car, his wife asked if Cynthia had told him the news? “What news?”

“Cynthia is moving out today, she’s taken a job in Chicago with a large Marketing Firm.”

“You mean she’s moving, today?”

“Yep, her flight leaves in 11:00 AM.”

It wouldn’t be until 6 months later that once again James would see Cynthia. He flew into Chicago on business and to avoid renting a car stayed at the Airport Hilton. The Hotel was so convenient to the airport, get your bags on the lower level; walk through the underground tunnel and you’re there.

Once the bellman left James picked up the phone and dialed Cynthia’s work number. It was 2:00 PM when She picked up the phone. “Hello?”

“Hey Cyn, it’s your father!”

“Daddy? Is something wrong?”

“No Princess, I’m in town on business and was wondering if you’d like to have dinner tonight?” “What are you and Mom doing in Chicago?”

“No sweetie, I said I’m in town, you’re mother didn’t make the trip.”

A long silence ended when Cynthia said in a very low sexual tone, “You mean just you and I Daddy, together again?” followed by a giggle.

“Yep! Just the two of us.” The restaurant here at the hotel is great, why don’t you meet me here at say, 7:30 tonight?”

“Okay Daddy, I’ll be there, see you later!”

It was 3:00AM as James opened the door to his hotel room. He had difficulty with the key and propping up his little Princess at the same time. It had been a long evening of dinner and cab rides from one club to another. The music had been loud, the dancing hot and drinks flowed. All in all it had been an enjoyable time. He recalled that the dancing, late in the evening, no matter the pace of the music, had turned to, hip grinding, ass holding, slow passionate movement. Cynthia, ever the tease had dropped a hand, several times during the night and massaged his semi-hard member. She knew it drove him crazy, this public voyeuristic display and that was precisely why she did it, to drive him crazy. She had a mischievous streak and loved showing it, especially after a few drinks. This evening a few drinks had turned into several drinks and she was beyond “Tipsy.”

Shutting the door behind him, James maneuvered his little Princess through the living room and into the bedroom. There, on the large king sized bed he gently laid her down. Her short leather skirt was nestled around her waist and her blouse had worked its way out of the waistband, unbuttoning itself so that part of her bra was exposed. Stepping back, he eyed her, noting the long tanned muscular legs. She rarely wore nylons, there was no need, and she felt freer with less clothes. His eyes followed the contours of her thighs to her panty-covered mound. “Christ,” he thought, “She had an incredibly sexy body.” The thought stimulated a growing need in his trousers, a need that would be satisfied before the night was through.

Cynthia smiled, making approving noises as Daddy slowly undressed her. The shoes came off easy. The gray leather skirt required him to move her to her side so he could reach the zipper in the back, but with that complete He pulled the skirt down her ling strong legs and tossed it on the floor. This was not a time for neatness. Next, the blouse, only two buttons remained which easily came undone. Removing the blouse made it necessary to sit her up on the bed. When he sat her up, she placed her hand on his now nearly fully erect member and squeezed as he removed the blouse. Taking advantage of her sitting position, he unsnapped the closure of her bra located between the cups. It slides silently off and followed the skirt and blouse to the floor. Cynthia tired of the cloth covering found his zipper and pulled out her Daddy’s cock. Having been teased all evening together with undressing her, his member jerked when she first touched it then swelled to full girth. Cynthia loved sucking cock. It had always puzzled her, the word, cocksucker. It always seemed to have a negative connotation, yet how could something she loved doing be negative? Placing the head against her lips, she could smell his pre-cum, smell his manliness as her tongue came out and tasted it. Her tongue swirled around the head and stopped on the sensitive under side where she began a torturously slow circular motion. James loved having her suck his cock, she had, to his surprise developed a flair for it. He thought, “Its funny how when someone really enjoys something how proficient they become.” But! This was not the type of satisfaction he had in mind for this evening. His little princess slut had been teasing him all evening; it was time to pay the piper. Tonight, a simple blowjob would not suffice; he needed more, much more.

James placed his hands on his little Princess’ head and started moving his hips back and forth fucking her mouth. The moistness combined with her soft tongue and cheeks provided a welcome feeling. His hands lowered to her breasts, twisting the nipples and massaging her tits. Moans of approval vibrated over his member signaling approval. “Whoa! Hold on there Princess, I don’t want to cum yet” James exclaimed, as he pulled away. A very sexy pout formed on Cynthia’s face, which turned to a smile as she fell back on the bed saying, “Take me Daddy, I’m yours!”

James stepped up to the bed, reaching down he grabbed her panties, which, like the rest of her clothes, found there way to the floor. Quickly he removed his clothes and joined his Little Princess on the bed. Lying behind her, he began kissing her shoulder and neck while roughly massaging her breasts. This delighted Cynthia who quietly cried out her approval. Rolling her more onto her stomach one hand found its way down her back, between her legs, to her wet love canal, parted the lips and two fingers entered. James was pleased, yet mystified by the tightness of her pussy. Her vaginal muscles clamped around the intruding fingers flooding them with juice. As he was finger fucking her, his thumb brushed against her tightly puckered anal opening. At that moment he realized that only one thing would satisfy him tonight, an ass fuck.

The magic of James’ fingers had brought Cynthia to one orgasm already. It was mild, but enjoyable as she could feel another beginning to build. Then she felt it, her Daddy had been making long strokes smearing the juice from her pussy on her brown hole and without warning, inserted his thumb shocking her sphincter muscle. Her orgasm hit as she felt a little like a bowling ball about to be thrown down the lane. She could feel his fingers touching within the confines of her ass and pussy. She began a low scream of pleasure burying her head in the covers to muffle the sound.

When James was sure he had worked her ass well enough, loosening the muscle he removed his hand. Taking the tube of KY jelly, he had brought with, from the nightstand drawer, he placed a generous amount on his cock and on her anal opening. With Cynthia on her stomach, he pushed her knees under her as he pulled her to the edge of the bed. This made her ass stick up and out, a perfect position for the main event. Placing a hand on her shoulder he placed the head of his member at the small opening. With the combination of booze for relaxation and KY for lubricant the head slide in. Cynthia was determined to please her Daddy as she again buried her head in the covers to muffle her moans. James stopped his forward motion, allowing his little Princess to relax and get used to the foreign object invading her behind. When he felt she was not struggling he moved deeper slowly until he was completely engulfed by the firm anal muscle. Now the fucking starts as James works his member within the tight confines. Cynthia, no longer in pain, moves a hand to her clit and rubs. Pain leaves way to pleasure, the two are nearly indistinguishable, as she has her third orgasm of the evening. Feeling her spasm beneath him James is overwhelmed with the tightness, the eroticism, the evening of teasing, Cynthia’s orgasm and can no longer hold out so driving in as deep as he possibly can shoots spurt after spurt of jism deep into his little Princess’ colon. Exhausted and sweating James places his full weight onto his little Princess slut. His member begins to soften, Cynthia’s colon muscles do what they are meant to do and James’ cock is shot out with an odd “plop” sound. Daddy’s cum follows, which slithers down the cheeks of her ass to the bed.

There, spooning, they fall asleep, both satisfied with the evening

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