tagLoving WivesDaughter Meets Mom's Black Lover Ch. 06

Daughter Meets Mom's Black Lover Ch. 06


When Jerome and Louise opened the front door they heard voices in the bedroom. Jerome said, "It's OK baby! Rufus is in there with your mother showing her how good a new black cock can feel. Come on let's go watch them."

Louise didn't know if she wanted to watch her mother being fucked by another black man or not but she held Jerome's hand and walked with him to the big bedroom.

There in her father's bed, Ida was crying out as Rufus was pumping his cum into her pussy for the second time tonight! She had her legs over her head just like Louise had an hour ago when Jerome was fucking her and filling her pink cunt with his black baby making cum. She stood there and watched as her mother was lifting them both up off the bed fucking away on Rufus's thick black snake in her pussy.

"Oh yes! Fuck me baby", Ida' moaned out as Rufus pumped into her. Louise could see the cum squeezing out around Rufus's black cock as he pumped in and out of her. It looked like white marshmallow was on it!

The couple on the bed were just finishing cumming now as Jerome walked into the room. Ida had her legs wrapped around Rufus now and was riding under him hard as he continued to fuck her after they both had climaxed. Their bodies made sucking sounds as they moved together his cock still deep inside her pussy.

Ida was moaning with pleasure as she looked at the two people who came into the room. She smiled at her daughter and them lifted up again to meet Rufus's cock driving down into her pussy again! Rufus saw Jerome and smiled telling him this was some fine white pussy he had given him. The two men laughed as Jerome walked over to the bed and knelt in front of Ida. She knew what was coming and opened her mouth! As Rufus grabbed her buttock and pulled her into him tight as Jerome unzipped his slacks and offered Ida his semi-hard black cock,. She took it into her mouth greedily and started sucking it.

Louise felt a spinning in her brain. As she watched her mother being fucked on one end and sucking another man's cock with her mouth, Louise had to sit down. She had seen a lot of things in the weeks and months she had been with Jerome, but seeing her mother doing this was a little overwhelming for her. Jerome smiled at her and said, "Wouldn't you like to try this Louise? I mean it's so much fun!"

Jerome pulled his almost completely hard cock out of her mother's moth and Louise sat down as Jerome knelt in front of her. She bent her head down and started sucking his cock. She used her hands and played with his balls as she sucked him. Jerome began to alternate between her and her mother's mouth. The two women sucked him and sucked him as Rufus fucked Ida' hard now.

Each deep throated him and used their throats and tongue just like they had been taught to do. Each woman wanted to suck hi, They tried to milk his cock for all they were worth as he offered each one his cock. Back and forth between the two white whores Jerome slapped his cock on their faces and rubbed it all over them. Rufus was moaning as he fucked Ida..

Then Ida started to moan as she licked the fat head of Jerome's cock and made small circles around the head. Louise watched her mother and then tried to copy your style. Jerome smiled and told her how good she could suck a black cock now. Her mother moaned as she felt Rufus's cock begin to pump his cum into again for the third time tonight! He was going to have to rest now. As he pulled out they al watched as Ida moved around and began to clean the cum off of his cock. Jerome whispered, "That's what a real woman does for her lover Louise. She cleaned his cock with her mouth."

Louise watched her mother clean the black man's cock as she sucked Jerome's cock for him. She knew he was super hard now and Rufus said, "Try her again Jerome. She's a great piece of white pussy!"

Jerome smiled and as Rufus moved away, Jerome moved between Ida's open legs. He smiled at her and she opened her arms to him. As Louise and Rufus watched Jerome inserted his longer but not as tick cock into her mother's pussy. They all watched it move into her cunt.

Ida smiled and said, "Just like old times baby! Oh yes! It feels so deep just like I remember. Give me it all baby! All of it fuck me with all of your cock!"

Jerome smiled at her and then looked at Louise and said, "Your mother's pussy is so nice baby! I know where you get yours now."

Louise just sat on the bed and held her mother's hand as Jerome fucked her long and hard. Rufus sat on the bed and reached for Louise. She pushed his hand away. It was then that Jerome said, "Well?"

Louise looked at him funny. He said, "let him touch you baby! After all I'm fucking his woman. So, it's OK if he touches my woman! God Louise! I mean fair is fair. right?"

She didn't know what to say so when Rufus moved closer to her and started to feel her breasts she didn't say nor do anything to stop him. Ida smiled at her daughter as she watched the black man's hands all over her daughter's body. Then she felt Jerome shove is cock into her pussy all the way and she arched her back and lifted her ass up to meet his dick. She held on to her former lover and let him drill away into her. "Mmmm it feels sooo good! Oh yea baby."

Rufus had moved closer to Louise now and was pushing her head down towards hi cock. Jerome said, "Go on baby! Suck him. It's OK! Suck his cock back hard again!"

As Louise placed her mouth on Rufus's soft black cock. When she did he moaned as he felt her take almost all of it into her mouth! She knew this was going to be a night of fucking and sucking. She also realized now that she would most likely have to fuck both men before the night was over. But she loved Jerome so much that she would do whatever it took to please him even if it meant having another man fuck her and make her suck his cock. she went at it now eagerly.

"Oh Yeah Baby Suck My Meat! Mmmm Fuck Yeah", Rufus told her. She was laying down now between his open legs and her mouth bobbed up and own on his dick. He was still soft but not as soft as he was. He sated to face fuck her easy now as she played with his balls and sucked the fat cock head.

Ida was now moaning and grunting as Jerome drove his cock deep into her body. She was good and he was long and together they were going to cum together just like old times. Rufus was fucking Louise's face a little harder now. "You are so good at this Louise. Jerome has taught you well baby! Umm yes suck it just like that", Rufus moaned out at the young white woman sucking his big black cock.

Yea baby! Oh fuck yes! Suck my black meat! Get me hard for your white cunt. I'm gonna explode soon baby! You want it in your mouth or pussy?"

Louise looked over at Jerome and he said, "You pick baby! It's OK. Let him fuck you! As thick as he is I know you'll love it!"

She popped her mouth off of Rufus's cock and said one word, "Pussy!"

Rufus moved and took his swollen cock and moved to her ass. Jerome told him, "Fuck her good now. Put that thick black monster of yours into her young white pussy and give it to her."

As Rufus positioned his cock head at the door of Louise's young pussy, she heard her mother moan as Jerome's cock filled her and began to get thicker and harder. He was going to cum and Ida was waiting to feel it coat her insides. It always made her cum when he filled her pussy with his seed. She wondered if he would ever knock hr up one day even if she was on birth control pills?

Rufus was ready now. His black cock positioned behind Louise's very nice round white ass. He bent over her running the head up and down her already wet slit. She was down on all fours facing away from him. She was looking at her man Jerome filing her mother with his cum. Jerome looked at Louise and said, "Let him! Let Rufus feel how tight your nice little white pussy fells. Let him fuck you good Louise."

She didn't fight it! She knew it was coming and she pushed her ass back towards Rufus. As she did she looked back to see his pink tongue lick his black lips and he smiled down at her. He said, "Damn woman your body is fine! I'm gonna love fucking your young white pussy for you!"

As Ida finished cumming and her orgasm was subsiding, Jerome pulled out of her pussy and moved in front of Louise. She looked up at him as his hard black cock coated with her mother's cum was right in front of her face. She could smell the sex on it! He lifted her face up and looked her in the eyes and told her, "Clean me."

She didn't moved as Rufus held her hips and moved his big fat black cock head against her pussy more lips. Louise felt them stretch open to accommodate the thickness of his cock head. He was thicker than Jerome. She felt the walls of her cunt stretching as he moved into her. Jerome said, "Clean my cock like I told you baby!"

She opened her young mouth and accepted his wet cum covered cock into her mouth. She took a deep breath knowing she was going to be throat fucked too! Just then Rufus pushed into her as deep as he could go. The force drover her head forward taking almost all of Jerome's 8 inches down her throat. She gagged but didn't fight it! She started to suck and let her lover mouth fuck her mouth as his friend fucked her from behind. She had seen her mother do it and it was filling her pussy and brain with a great deal of excitement. Her mother rolled to her side and watched her daughter take on the two black cocks, one in her mouth and one in her pussy from behind. They both started to fuck her front and back. Louise looked over at her mom who patted her hand and stroked the shaft of Jerome's long cock. .

Jerome's cock was now full erect now and stood at about 8" long he was slowly pushing it in and out of Louise's mouth She was taking almost all of it down her throat. Rufus's cock wasn't quiet as long but he was thicker and he was enjoying pumping her pink little cunt with all of it. Rufus's fingers were also rubbing Louise as they stroked her clit. Jerome held both of her breasts and pulled on her nipples. Louise moaned and began to orgasm.

Rufus pushed his cock into the young girl's wet pussy all the way and let her fuck herself on it! She gradually was able to take the entire thick dick into her pussy hole. She was moaning loudly with each stroke now. As she fucked both men now with her mouth and pussy, she felt Jerome's cock thicken and get hotter in her mouth. He lifted her head up so he could look into her eyes. He said, "Look at me when I cum. I want to see your face and your eyes baby!"

She moaned from the fucking of her cunt as Rufus worked on her from behind. Then everyone ion the room heard Rufus moan like some wounded animal. Then Louise felt the splash of cum as Rufus began to shoot it into her pussy. The feeling was wonderful. Louise knew now what her mother use to tell her about feeling the cock cum. It felt like it exploded as shot after warm wonderful shot of cum pumped into her pussy hole. Louise shuttered as she climaxed along with Rufus. Still holding her head up Jerome saw the lust and passion in Louise's young face and eyes and he knew she was climaxing. He looked at Rufus and he knew he was too. Jerome smiled at her pretty face as she sucked his big dick deep into her throat! He held her head and told her he loved her for the first time since they had been together.

He didn't love her! But, he knew how much white girls loved to hear those two words. He knew telling he that would mean she would fuck him and do whatever he wanted. She would fuck him even better after hearing those words that he loved her. Dumb ass white women, he used those words a hundred times to get them to do whatever he wanted.

It was special for Louise, but Ida had heard it all before. She watched and began to wonder how she had got involved so deeply with these black men? She wondered how she had become such a slut, a white whore for black men to fuck and have their way with her? She wondered how she would ever get away from them now? She wondered if her life would ever go back to normal.

And what of her daughter she had handed her daughter to Jerome on a sliver tray! He was fucking her now, and she was his new whore. She was so young and now like her mother, she was caught up in the black cock trap Jerome sprung on them both. He had turned her and her daughter into white whores. A young beautiful woman who would fuck many black cocks before she was used up. Ida was sure of it since Jerome had let his friend have her tonight in her bed in front of her. She started to cry thinking of what she had done to her daughter. She had lost her daughter and wondered if she would loose her husband too before this nightmare was all over? Would she and her daughter both die from AIDs? Would her husband kill her. Would Louise become a street whore?

All of these things were flowing in and out of her brain as she sat in her bed waiting for her brand new black lover to come to her again to have his cock cleaned of her daughter's cum. Yes, he had taken her last night fucking his new woman in her bed where she had only shared it and fucked on it with her husband. Rufus wanted her to be with him and let him fuck her in that bed to prove she was his slut! She knew Jerome or Rufus could destroy her whenever they wanted too. They had films of her doing everything you could think in the area o sex with Jerome .

She knew that soon, maybe before her husband came home in two days that Rufus would film her fucking and sucking him too. She was lost! She only hoped her daughter had not been filmed last night when she spent the night with Jerome, but she feared she had been. There may still be a chance for Louise. All he had to do was wait for her loving husband to be home from wherever the fuck he was one week out of the monthly. They would make Louise stop this insanity with a black man. She would tell her husband everything even if it meant the end of her life. She would save her daughter from being a white whore for these blacks! Yes, she knew it. All she had to do was wait and tell her husband what a slut his white wife was and had become. Then she would beg him to save the daughter.

She hoped that Rufus would be gone. But she had a bad feeling that he was staying and that he would smile knowing that most white man would usually leave their cheating wives and their whoring ways. She realized that Rufus would then move in, and not only own her body but her home and ½ of her husband's assets too.

Well that was what happened to most white men when they found out that their sweet innocent white wives were fucking other men and especially black men. And, in her case, it wasn't just one but at least two black men who she was fucking. God knew how many more before it would be over.

She wondered if her daughter had experienced two black cocks at the same time yet? If not, she knew Louise soon would be as well as doing many other nasty smutty things. She knew Louise would do what Jerome wanted her to do to try. And Ida knew like most women of any color they would cum and cum and cum and enjoyed the sex with these very experienced black men. They knew how to make a woman climax many times by manipulating their bodies after filling them with booze or drugs or both. "Oh my God! I hope Louise isn't taking drugs with these black," she said to herself. She had to talk with her baby girl the first chance she got!

She had to admit the sex was very good and there was lots of it. Hell they would form a line to fuck a white woman, especially a white wife or a young white woman, like Louise! "MEN! Animals all of them", she said to herself. The sex was good but at what cost? She knew at what cost! It was total submission. It consumed the woman's mind, bodies and sole!

She had had heard that some white men wouldn't leave the wife but come to accept the black man as their wife's lover. Their lives would all go one with the black man fucking the wife and the husband agreeing to it and in fact there had been sometimes when he would actually watching him doing her.

Rufus was thinking, "Man! These whites were fucked up in the head. No black man I knew would ever accept a white man, or any man for that matter, fucking his woman in front of him. They would kill the white motherfucker first!"

But somehow or way a few white guys didn't seem to care if their white wife, the mother of their children, was fucking a black cock."

As Rufus drove into Ida's daughter's pussy one last time he smiled knowing he was going to fuck both of them along with Jerome all fucking night in her bed, in her house, while her husband was out earning a living! Maybe soon, maybe before the week was over and the old man came home, he would tell her he wanted her to fuck him when the husband was home. Make her husband watch! Yea that was a great turn on for the black man. Making the husband watch a black man fuck the wife while the poor humbled white would sit in the corner and jerked off. Rufus laughed at that Idea. Let the black man fill her tight white cunt with his black seed while the white man wasted his cum in his hand.

The night passed away and all four had fucked themselves out. As they slept it was late in the morning when Ida woke first. She went down and made coffee. When noon came Rufus was up and sitting with Ida drinking the coffee as Jerome and Louise showered. Both cars were in the garage. Ida didn't want any neighbors to see black men coming into her house. She saw Jerome coming into the kitchen completely nude and she had breakfast ready for him too. Rufus had just finished eating. As Jerome ate he asked her to suck his cock and get it ready.

Ida knelt and took off Jerome and began to suck it hard for him. Then Jerome grabbed her by the hair and bent her over the bar. She braced herself for the fucking she was about to get. He took aim with his hard cock and rammed it in her in one stroke. He rammed all he could get inside her Ida cried out, in pleasure and in pain. She turned her head so that she could see the men watching her. She made sure that they could read her lips as she said, "Fuck me" over and over again. Jerome grabbed her hips and rammed his cock in her wet cunt over and over again. He pulled her tits and slapped her ass. Neither cared any longer if her husband came home and saw evidence of the nasty fuck Jerome was giving his wife.

Ida began to feel really good. The phone rang and it was her husband. As Jerome pumped his hard black dick into her she made efforts to keep her husband from knowing what she was doing! Ida reached for the phone. "Yes, I know what time it is. When is your flight? OK I'll be there to pick you up! Yes! Me too baby! I….I love you…..too!"

He said, "Ida when I get home, we have to talk. I have to tell you about my job. I have decided that you should know what I do for a living. So be ready for me on Friday."

Louise stood in the doorway of the kitchen listening to her mother tell hr husband she loved him as Jerome was fucking her from behind. She wondered how her mother had ever got involved with him. Sure he had a nice big cock but he was black and she knew her dad would kill her if he ever found out about it. And how brave or dumb was her mother? She was letting them fuck her in her own house in the bed her mother shared with her father."

As she watched Jerome fuck Ida, she was beginning to feel a sexual wave flowing over her whole body. Her sexual frustration was building and she knew she would soon have to have his black cock in her pussy too. She was much more confident now. She had fucked both men last night and drained them both! She knew she had something that attracted men, black men to her like moths to a flame. Sure she was young and white. But it was more than that! She was hot and ready! She smiled as she came up to Jerome and placed her hand around his slippery wet shaft as he plunged it into her mother's pussy. She said, "You better save some of this for me. I want you to fuck me to baby!"

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