tagNonHumanDay 30 of the Purple Ass Rash

Day 30 of the Purple Ass Rash

byBlack Tulip©

Clqclq wrapped his appendages around his qoxj. The gesture betrayed how angry he was. Nobody, absolutely nobody, had the right to tell him to quit his endeavor. Hell, he was the Upper Slrf, wasn't he? The Upper Slrf was absolute ruler, ABSOLUTE. Meaning nobody had the right, absolutely nobody... Yes, well, he had been down that path already. Still angry Clqclq shuffled to his private rooms, leaving the council to watch his purple ass.

That was what this was all about, his purple ass. He knew it was supposed to happen, but he did not have to like it, now did he? Ever since his father, Crqcrq, had died he knew that once he was ready to mate, he would have to endure the purple ass rash. Nobody knew why only the royal family suffered this visible sign of hormonal ripeness, but the fact remained.

The big folds of skin around his neck were still up as he entered his bedroom. He was sick to death of this royal pain in the butt. Groaning, he looked at himself in the full-length mirror in his hall of bathing. From the front, there was nothing wrong with him. In fact, he was rather pleased with the well-built Slrf that faced him. The appendages were muscled and full of blood, shining a healthy light green. His qoxj was big and looked almost ready to burst. The skin was already stretched taut and darkening.

When he turned to look at his backside, however, the anger was back in full. It was now day 30 and he could see that his whole ass would be covered in a purple rash by evening. That meant he had only hours before his qoxj would have to be emptied. He knew the first time was also the most important.

Custom dictated he used the 30-day period of rash to find a suitable mate to receive his offspring, since it would take at least another 10 circulations before he would suffer the rash again, but he didn't need to look for a suitable mate. His anger threatened to overcome his common sense once more.

Slapping his appendages against one another, he bellowed for his servants. "To hell with the council", he thought. With a few sharp instructions, he set his servants to work. Two of them started making a bath ready, two of them started packing an overnight bag, and three hurried out to the slave quarters.

Clqclq slowly lowered his irritated ass into the pool-sized bath. Sniffing loudly to inhale the scent of perol bushes, he let his appendages float in the warm liquid. Nodding his big round head, he convinced himself he was doing the right thing. He had only hours left, so he had to get started right away.

The dark green ridges above his sea-blue eyes rippled as he tried to think of a sensible approach. The female was of a different species, yea, but that was what attracted him in the first place. It was so simple. He could not understand why the council was so stubborn. The only problem as far as he could see was finding the right hole when the time was right. He grinned suddenly. He was going to do it. He was; he was.

His excitement caused all of his ten appendages to writhe, and they whipped the water in the big tub to a foaming mass of perol scented waves, sloshing over the rim and making a mess of the hall of bathing. With a sigh, he heaved his hairless body out of the cooling water. It was time to dry off and collect his belongings.

The thought of belongings stirred his qoxj as well as the two appendages connected with it. He hoped the servants had done their job at the slave quarters. The forked tongue licked his lips in anticipation. No longer angry, he used all four lower appendages to move, making his gait more gliding than shuffling.

Once in his bedroom, his toothless grin widened at the sight awaiting him. The slave was there, tied loosely to his resting-place, and his big eyes took her in with greed. She was exquisite. The pale pink skin with the hairy patches and the small number of appendages were all equally arousing to him. She was so ... different. He sighed again.

Clqclq was determined to have his way. Since he was indeed the Upper Slrf, in theory, nobody could stop him, but that did not mean the council was accepting his crazy schemes. The idiot meant to mate with a slave from an alien species. How stupid can you get? They had absolutely no intention of letting him spill his precious seed into something with only four appendages!

Unaware of the machinations going on around him, Clqclq gestured to his servants and left his palace. A small party of servants followed him with the pathetic slave in their midst. Totally oblivious to the stares and whispers of lesser Slrfs, Clqclq glided to the beach just outside his palace. Being the Upper Slrf had a lot of advantages, such as living close to the sea. Once on the beach, the ordinary Slrfs could no longer follow him. This section of the beach was for royalty only, meaning Clqclq. Sltslt, his mother, had died shortly after his father, and since he was their first child, there were no brothers or sisters.

The private stretch of beach was in fact quite extensive, running almost 5 miles to left and right, only ending on the left hand at the wall erected to keep the common Slrfs out. On the right hand, the barrier was formed by the rock formations coming all the way down to the water. With determination, Clqclq headed to the rocks. He knew the perfect cave, positively perfect.

Gnrl had watched the purpled ass disappear down the hallways. Like all Slrfs he had a big, round and hairless head, a green skin and ten appendages, but unlike most of his species, he also had a sharp intellect. Right now, he intended to make use of that to the fullest ...the bloody, oozing idiot, mating with a ... a ... a human. The thought alone was almost enough to make him squirt ink all over the place.

As soon as Clqclq was out of sight, Gnrl hurried in the opposite direction. It was a matter of minutes before he reached the barracks, but he skirted them and glided on towards a less conspicuous building at the far corner of the palace compound. With quick look around he made sure no one was watching him as he ducked inside.

"Fetch Cnt, it's time." At the sound of his hissing, the six Slrfs jumped to attention, their appendages ramrod straight and perfectly still. Pointing with one of his uppers he singled out one of them. "You, stay here. The others may leave." Without further instructions necessary, his elite team melted away, leaving their most devious member behind.

"Ever been to the other side?" Gnrl studied the other Slrf with an intense light in his dark green eyes. To his satisfaction, the other not even twitched or paled at his question.

"Yes, once, but they don't know that." Slk grinned with his toothless maw nearly splitting his ugly head in two.

Gnrl mirrored the grin, and soon both Slrfs were deep in conversation, softly hissing to each other. They were plotting and planning to make sure their sovereign would not spill his precious seed without ensuring his people would have an heir to the throne.

In the meantime, that selfsame sovereign was relaxing his purple ass in his private piece of ocean, gently moving back and forth with the waves. His servants were busy furnishing one of the bigger caves with big pots of brown, red and golden algae. Days ago, the floor had already been lined with mats of seaweed, and against the back wall they had set up the masterpiece, the top half of a giant oyster, filled with more seaweed. Best of all, they had just finished putting the slave next to it.

After the servants finished their decorating, he sent them back to the palace to fetch food and drinks. Wrapping a few of his uppers around a rocky outcrop, he hauled himself into the cave, his mass of appendages dripping seawater that slid off his body and his huge head. Impatiently, Clqclq shook the remaining drops from him and slithered towards his new pet. His toothless mouth snapped open and shut in anticipation as he neared the shivering pink flesh.

With interest he watched the slave move her body. Although her upper appendages were tied above her small head, she tried to use them. Fascinating ... was that their way of inviting the male? He certainly found it arousing. The smooth pink flesh, twisting this way and that, made the soft globes on the upper body swing along with the black hair on her head.

Clqclq felt his qoxj growing even tauter, and the two breeding appendages seemed to get a will of their own. Stretching out, they wrapped themselves around the slave and started sliding over the odd alien skin. Ahhh, that felt every bit as good as he had expected. The pet even started mewling, so she must like it too. A pity he could not understand the gibberish this off-worlder used for a language, but he could tell enough from her face.

The slave had brown eyes, but they bulged just as good as those of a female of his own species. And she opened her mouth just as wide.

"Man, that was quick. Wait, what was that?" Clqclq was taken aback by the site of strange white things in her mouth. "Had they bricked up her mouth? What insanity was that? Were her males afraid they would choose the wrong hole or something?"

Coming closer, he brought his big head right in front of hers to have a good look. Then he slapped his forehead with one of his uppers. "Of course, those must be their 'teeth'." He had no idea what they were, or what they were used for, but he had heard stories of them.

With the breeding appendages still sliding up and down, the pet was slowly getting coated with a turquoise gel that smelled a bit like the ocean. Clqclq eyed the teeth a bit warily, but he could not resist the lure of that wide-open cavity, calling to be filled no doubt. He embraced the pet tenderly, using two of his uppers to help her keep her mouth open, and inserted his forked tongue very slowly. He understood the need for restraint.

The feeling of complacency filled him with warmth. He truly was a great lover, a tender and caring male who looked further than his own need to fill holes. The writhing of the little pink pet just confirmed that. She was obviously urging him on, and he knew exactly what she wanted.

His forked tongue started darting in and out of the teeth filled cavity while his two remaining uppers started exploring her body to find more cavities. To his surprise, the writhing stopped when he touched the soft globes at the front of the body, and further exploration caused the globes to grow points that grew into hard peaks. That, in turn, started another sound that was not so much mewling but more a song like "nononono". He found it very exciting, and he had to remind himself to go careful.

No more than one suction cup per appendage, that was all he activated, but the effect was amazing. The small head was starting to whip from side to side and the eyes had closed. "Weird, that. Who had ever heard of closing your eyes at a time like this?" He used the breeding appendages to explore the lowers of the pet. There were only two of them, but they were very well muscled. The strength in them surprised him, and he had to exert some force to separate them.

He reeled his tongue in so he could let go of the pet's mouth. He really needed his other two uppers to keep the lower appendages of the pet separated. That way his breeders were able to coat the rest of the pet with the turquoise gel as well. Slowly but thoroughly massaging the whole pet, they had an astonishing effect. As he watched, the pink flesh turned a brighter color and the "nononono" changed into something that sounded like "plsplspls".

His breeders started searching for holes, and to his delight he found two. One was already slick with gel of the pet herself. Obviously, that would be the right one to empty his qoxj once it was time, but right now, the touch of his breeding appendage sent the pet into a frenzy. He smiled indulgently as he granted her an extra filling before the real thing. The breeding appendage inserted itself in the wet hole, and the pet started moving on her own, changing her singsong again. It sounded like "ngngngng" now, and then he added the touch of his double tongue. The pet tasted a bit sour, just what he liked, and he started flicking the twin peaks on top of the odd globes. To his surprise the pet rewarded him with a magnificent screech.

Clqclq was positively glowing with pride. He had just proven to be more than a first class lover. He had been able to satisfy a female from another species. "Ha, who could do that except an Upper Slrf?" He was a bit concerned though about his own satisfaction. The pet was slumped on the floor next to his big oyster-shell bed, and she didn't look as if she could receive his qoxj very soon. Besides, he realized the holes he had found were far too small.

Without making a sound, Gnrl glided through the waves, heading to the cave that big idiot had chosen for his misguided mating. His faithful team followed him over land with the loyal Cnt between them. Gnrl was glad the water was cooling him down. The preparing of Cnt had been necessary, but it had taken all of his control to not fill her holes himself. The sight of his agents sliding their breeders up and down the luscious Slrf had been nearly too much. He sighed. The things he did for the good of the country.

At first Cnt had been very indignant, but feeling the breeders of no less than four Slrfs coating her body with gel caused her to spread all appendages. They had prepared her very well. Right now she was on the verge of opening all of her holes to the first Slrf that came along. If that happened to be the Upper Slrf she would be positively swooning. After all, the whole country knew she had been trying to catch him for ages.

Gnrl waited patiently near the rock formation Clqclq had used earlier to drag himself into the cave. He had hoisted himself up without making a sound and had watched as the Slrfs entered the cave with the aroused Cnt in their midst. He could smell her even from where he was hiding, and it pleased him to no end when he saw Clqclq's breeder appendages stiffen in immediate response. Within minutes he was so excited, he only had eyes for the beautiful blue-green Slrf who was offering all of her holes for his qoxj.

Gnrl slipped further into the cave when Clqclq inserted his by now dark purple qoxj in Cnt, and they started rocking together. Her breeders were stroking his back and his purple ass. His breeders were busy coating her whole body with his arousing gel. They never saw him untie the pink pet and carry her to the ocean. Gnrl swam swiftly to the other side of the royal beach and placed the slave in the sand. In doing so, one of his breeders touched her by accident, and his already excited body twitched from the alien sensation.

He quickly looked around, and seeing no one, he took the opportunity to sample the pet for himself. Her own sort would come to pick her up soon since Slk had left them a message telling them where to find her. However, right now she was still here, and as soon as she felt his suction cups on her body, she started moaning and writhing, separating her lower appendages to offer him a hole that was slick with alien gel. With a contented sigh, he inserted one of his breeders and enjoyed her singsong. Out of curiosity he clamped his toothless maw around one of those funny globes and used his second breeder to explore the other hole. He licked, and munched, and probed until she screeched for him.

Gnrl would never, ever say this to anybody, but holy Slrf, did he enjoy that human female. He was almost sorry she had to go back to her own.

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