tagLetters & TranscriptsDear Christina

Dear Christina


Dear Christina,

It's over. I'm sorry, but it has been for some time. I think that deep down inside, we've both known this, but that we've never been able to face it. I suppose I could say that we had a good run, but I think we both know that would be a lie. Do you know what I'm talking about yet? I suspect that you have some inkling by now.

It's your... shall we say, indiscretions. Oh yes, I've known about him for some time now. And perhaps I would have been able to live with it, were it not for the fact that you flaunted it so obviously. Did you really think that I would never find out? And the fact that you had the nerve, the audacity, to do it in my very own home? That was just too much for any man to bear.

The first time I saw the two of you together was a mere three months ago. I had come home early from work. Yes, perhaps I was being a little too naive, but I thought nothing of seeing the pool cleaner's beat-up old pick up in the driveway. After all, perhaps you needed him to come over and clean. It wouldn't have been the first time. But imagine my surprise when I came in and found your clothes - both your lingerie and his clothes - strewn about the hallway floor.

All of my suspicions, my worst fears, my paranoias... all of them were confirmed right then and there. I know that I should have left right then and there, but instead, I chose to follow your moans of pleasure into the bedroom. I don't really know why. In retrospect, it was a stupid move. And yet, I felt drawn to it, almost as if compelled to see with my own eyes.

I wish that I hadn't.

When I opened that door, I saw everything. The pool boy... what was his name? Roberto? Raymondo? I don't really remember. I don't really care, in fact. All I remember is that the pool boy - your pool boy - was laying there naked on the bed. His swarthy, muscular body was stretched out on the bed, and you were naked, and straddled on top of him.

Your long red hair was thrown back, and you were riding him rough. The two of you were so lost in your moans of pleasure that you didn't see me opening the door, staring at you. I was dumbfounded by the sight of you, my wife, cheating on me.

I suppose that I should count myself fortunate. You were so oblivious to everything going on around you that I was able to take out my cellphone and get some really good pictures of what you and the pool boy were doing. That's right, I have photographic evidence. My lawyer assures me that they will go over real well in court...

I watched as you arched you back, trying to take in as much of his big Latino cock as you could. After a while, you changed positions. I watched as you knelt down and let him take you doggy style. He started to thrust into you, taking you roughly from behind. I must confess, it was pretty hot. Too bad that you never let me do that with you.

And then, he pulled out and came all over your back. You were covered in his sticky Latino cum, completely naked. I know that you two took a shower afterwards, because I could hear it running as I snuck out of the house.

Do you know what I did next? Would you care to guess? I cried. Yes, I went back to my car, drove to an abandoned parking lot and cried. I thought of everything we went through, all of those memories... it was all a sham. You fucking, lying, cheating bitch. Any sympathy that I had for you as my so-called "wife" has since been burned away. Expect to be hearing from my lawyer soon.

And speaking of my lawyer, do you remember her? Ms. Sengupta? Yes, she was that absolutely stunning looking young woman from India, with the dark hair and almond shaped eyes, and the cutest little nose.

Yes, she was more than willing to comfort me when I told her about what I saw and how I wanted to file for divorce. Ms. Sengupta and I fucked very vigorously in her office that day. She stripped down and let me fuck her up the ass on her couch. I can assure you that she is very curvy under those sexy little suits she wears... much more attractive than you are. I mean, she could be a model or something.

Ms. Sengupta was a very hot little fuck. You can't believe how tight she was, and she is willing to let me do things that you never would. I hope that your little pool boy can treat you to the lifestyle that you have grown accustomed to. Ms. Sengupta and I will be very happy with all of our money, as well as the luxury apartments, sedan and of course the dog.

We plan on keeping it all in the divorce settlement. I trust you will have no objections, unless you really want us to take those pictures of you two to court.

Sincerely, your EX-husband.

P.S. - Fuck off you cheating, back-stabbing bitch.

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