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Decorating the Newlywed


~Decorating the Newlywed - aka, 'Do [Her] Yourself'~

The smooth summer's breeze gave the day an almost magical feel as the sun set golden over the ocean horizon of the City of Taboo Dreams. The soft, unwinding of another productive, relaxing, and often illicit day would soon be slowly fading into the glow of the neon lights and street lamps as the night life awoke. As the sun set slowly, however, a large golden-red half-ball on the horizon, the gentle breeze stirred oh so lightly, gently teasing flags and leaves as it played across the vastness of the city of Shorehaven.

Smiling up at the red-orange sky as the bright red Cadillac drove leisurely down the street with the top down, Mrs Shelley Winters couldn't help but feel a tingle of magic run through her luscious 27-year-old newlywed body as she closed her eyes and let the wind stream through her long, wavy, dark brunette hair, relishing in the soft melodies the radio played and the feel of the whole romantic atmosphere of the end of another perfect day.

Opening her large dark-brown eyes, Shelley turned with a loving smile to look at her new husband, the man of her dreams, as he sat driving beside her.

Hayden Winters. He was as stunning as the first moment Shelley had laid eyes on him five years ago. With his ruggedly attractive face, his styled light brown hair, his piercing green eyes, his fit and toned body and that entrancing smile that had won her over from across the room when their eyes had first met, Hayden always made her feel so warm inside. He made her feel safe, and he made her feel loved. Of course, he made her feel a lot of other things too, especially with his long seven and a half inch dick - oh that had made her feel a whole lot over the honeymoon they had just returned from.

That was why they were driving now, Shelley thought as she smiled deeper as Hayden looked over to her warmly, that stunning smile spreading his lips. Not his thrilling cock, of course, but the fact that they had just returned from their honeymoon. They had only been back in Shorehaven a couple of days, but the house they had been considering buying had finally become theirs the day before they were due to return, and so they had spent most of their time back finalising all of the paperwork with the agents, though most of it had already been done prior to, and had just received the key to their dream home that afternoon.

So, after a long day, the two newlyweds were finally on their way to see their new house for the first time, the home they had planned to start their family in, which they had already begun trying for on the honeymoon. Shelley couldn't wait, she had seen the house a couple of times before, but this time it was actually theirs. All theirs. Now they could finally walk in and feel that they had a home, instead of having to stay with Hayden's parents.

Leaning over, Shelley kissed her new husband firmly on the cheek, his new-day growth of stubble teasing her soft lips before she rested her head on his shoulder. Hayden responded by placing his arm around her caringly as the pair continued on their way through Gainborough driving ever closer to the beginning of the rest of their lives, and the start of their dream.

"Can you believe the house is all ours?" Shelley asked contentedly, her fingers twirling around his as she watched the houses and cars pass by in the romantic light of the setting sun.

"All ours." Hayden replied warmly, squeezing her softly and bringing a smile to the young wife's pretty face.

"I want to decorate the front room in white." She said, envisaging in her mind how it would look when it was finished. That room had stolen her heart the moment she had first laid eyes on it. "You know the one with the big French doors?"

Hayden smiled and nodded, he had heard her tell him what she wanted in every room of the house ever since the drive back from their first viewing, still he listened as if this was all brand new to him.

"Oh, it will look amazing in the summer, especially when the sun sets." She continued, picturing the room in the current light.

"So long as the lounge has the Plasma on the wall and the marble grey below the dado rail, you can do what you want with the rest of the house." He replied, and Shelley smiled deeper to herself.

She would let Hayden think it was his idea to have the lounge decorated that way, it kept him happy, though she knew it was as much her idea as his, and it kept him out of her hair when it came to deciding on how the rest of the house would look. She loved him with every bit of her heart, but bless him, he had no artistic talent for matching colours or setting things out to look attractive.

"So you won't mind my idea for the bedroom then?" She teased and grinned as her husband took the bait.

"Well..." He began defensively, though with a large grin...he knew he had already lost that battle a long time ago.

And so the newlywed couple continued their discussion, with no new developments on what Shelley had already decided, though Hayden was getting slightly better with his suggestions, as they drove on, turning to ascend the hill that led to where their new house awaited them.

As the car turned and pulled onto the driveway, Shelley felt a flutter of excitement and pride flood through her as her large dark brown eyes fell once more on the house of her dreams.

It was a large bungalow, situated on the top of a large hill in Gainborough, in one of the most beautiful neighbourhoods this side of Shorevale Heights, and within the magical glow of the setting sun, the place really seemed like a picturesque fantasy come true.

The moment the car stopped, with a wide, bright smile, Shelley excitedly jumped out and half-ran to the front door leaving Hayden to try to catch up to her with an amused chuckle, though she did wait for him to reach her before she actually turned the key and pushed the door open with a childish grin.

The house's front door let in to the bungalow's long main hallway directly in front and two smaller passageways leading both left and right of the front door. Those two were almost entirely the windows of the front of the house, allowing a flood of the deepening red light to bathe the undecorated corridors in a lush, warm glow, painting the walls of the first rooms either side of the hallway in a glorious light. When the estate agent had first told them that the two front rooms weren't actually connected to the front wall of the house, but instead stood a few feet back, both Shelley and Hayden had been dubious about the design, not to mention how it would look. However, after first seeing the place, and how the windows gave the space an almost 'gallery' feel to it that welcomed those who entered to journey deeper into the ever-more amazing layout, the two of them had known they had found their perfect home.

And now, as she stood there in the soft glow of the setting sun, letting her eyes take in that gallery area and the first hall that led into their new house, Shelley knew they had made the right decision.

Closing the door behind them, Shelley could feel Hayden's smile, as deep as hers, as he wrapped his arms around her waist and she leaned back against him, her eyes glowing with pure excitement and happiness. This place was it. It was going to be their home; their own home for them and their children, which they planned on having as soon as possible now...well, as soon as they had decorated the place anyway.

Those thoughts brought both of the subjects to Mrs Shelley Winters' newly-married mind.

"This place is going to look so gorgeous when it's finished." She said warmly, resting back against her new husband's chest.

"You always make the right choices." Hayden replied, gently kissing her hair.

Shelley drew in a deep, satisfied breath which caused her full, heavy 32E breasts to heave gently.

"I almost want to start decorating it now." She teased, knowing full well that wasn't an option right then. But still, she did feel like it.

As predicted, and with a small self-amused smile on her face, Shelley listened as Hayden replied.

"I'll have time off next week, Shell, and then we can really get stuck in." Her sweet husband said lovingly, and Shelley turned with that amused smile still sparkling on her beautiful lips and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"But that doesn't mean we can't get a few little bits done before then." She commented and pursed her soft lips as Hayden grinned down at her.

"When have I ever been able to talk you out of anything once you've set your heart on it." He teased, knowing full well that he was as excited to get the place done and moved in to as she was.

Shelley's slight smile turned into a deep grin at that as she bounced up and down on her toes.

"Though we'll have to get help in to finish this place as quickly as you want it done." He added teasingly and Shelley laughed, a soft musical sound.

"Well your dad and your brother said they'd help." She replied as she gently stroked his cheek.

"A good job too, Miss Demanding." He joked and Shelley felt her stomach flutter slightly and her eyes suddenly sparkled with a different light.

"You know it, bad boy." She teased and Hayden smiled at her deeply. "Actually..." She began a little coyly, "...now you mention it, this is going to be the home for our kids..."

Hayden nodded, apparently not having cottoned-on to what she was implying. Shelley just found that amusing and cute.

"...and, well, we 'have' been trying..." She continued, looking up at him through her eyelashes, the meaning in her eyes now oh so clear.

Hayden didn't miss this one, his face suddenly took on the dawning of understanding and appeal. That only made the newlywed wife's eyes sparkle more as her heart began to pound.

"...so what do you say we christen the new house Mr Winters." She said in a deeper voice, her eyes now predatory as she ran her hands down to his chest, gripping a fistful of his shirt.

"Oh, now I think that sounds like a splendid idea Mrs Winters." He replied just as huskily as his hands rested on her slim waist and he backed her a little way down the hall.

Biting her lip as she backed away from the door, passed the first rooms, and down to where the hall turned left away from what would be the lounge, passed the kitchen and around into the rest of the house...Shelley stopped Hayden by the corner and looked deep into his eyes with a gaze of lust-filled love.

"Here?" Her husband of a couple of weeks asked restrainedly and as Shelley nodded his mouth met hers urgently...and the newly-married Mrs Shelley Winters moaned softly into his mouth as the two newlywed's began to swiftly pull at each other's clothes right there in the hallway...

A week later, Mrs Shelley Winters sat down on the edge of her and Hayden's bed that they shared at his parent's house, pulling her white-heeled shoes onto her feet. She had just gotten dressed after having a quick shower, which Hayden was now in, pulling on her white gypsy top, which strained ever-so-slightly over her large 32E breasts and more often than not slipped slightly from one or both of her slender shoulders and hung just over the top of her fitting blue jeans that moulded beautifully around her tight ass and slender legs, over the top of Hayden's favourite black lace underwear, the matching pair that he had so closely came to pulling apart the week before in the hallway.

The pleasant memory made the gorgeous brunette wife smile deeply...he was always passionate, just the way she liked him. She never knew when or where Hayden would just grab or push her and begin tearing her clothes from her sexy body, but then neither did he, and oh it was Hayden's impulsiveness that turned her on so much.

Taking a deep breath, Shelley stood and tried to calm her now racing heart and reddening cheeks, pushing the thought to jump in the shower with her husband of a few weeks out of her mind...they had decorating to do if they were ever going to move into this gorgeous new house of theirs.

Letting her breath out, Shelley brushed her long wavy-dark brown hair over her shoulders and tried her best to focus on other things. She was going to have to pull her hair up into a ponytail before she started painting, she didn't want it to get covered...that line of reasoning went out of the window however the moment Hayden walked through from the bathroom wearing only his towel around his waist, dripping wet and...

...Shelley once more felt that heat flooding through her body.

"Come on," She said as her sweet husband closed the door behind him, sounding more than a little flustered, though trying hard to keep her mind on the job at hand... "or do you plan on letting me do all the decorating today?"

Hayden's amused smile didn't help matters as it sent a bolt of pure electricity running through every nerve in her body.

"I'll just get dressed." He replied, and with that allowed the towel to simply drop to the floor.

Shelley's already sparkling eyes gleamed instantly and her breathing suddenly grew very rapid and very heavy. Oh how she just wanted to throw him on the bed right then...that was when a knock came on the bedroom door.

"Hayden...?" Came the querying voice of her husband's father through the wood, and Shelley felt a mix of relief, after all they really had to get this house done, and irritation, oh she couldn't wait to have their own place, no more interruptions at such...'special'...moments.

"Yeah, Dad?" Her husband called in response, still standing completely naked in front of her with that entrancing smile of his. Oh he knew she wanted him, damn him!

"Need to have a word, Son." Hayden's father replied from outside the room, oblivious to the sheer amount of electricity being generated behind the door.

"I'll be down in a sec." Her husband replied and Shelley felt a twinge of disappointment. It looked like they'd have to wait to release that tension now.

And so, a few minutes later, though to the horny wife it felt so agonisingly slow, both of the newlyweds made their way downstairs, ready to head out with Hayden's father and brother to try and get as much of the house finished as possible.

Well, that was until Hayden's father let them know that neither of them would be able to make it that day, something to do with the downstairs bathroom flooding due to some shoddy plumbing work that had been done a couple of weeks ago by one of Hayden's brother's workmate's cousin's friends. That seemed to temper down the electrical charge Shelley felt somewhat...with only the two of them they wouldn't be able to get half as much finished as they had planned.

Twenty minutes later, the newlywed couple were once more heading along the broad streets and often tree-lined lanes of Gainborough debating how they were going to get the house finished by the end of the week, which seemed increasingly more unlikely, when Hayden's mobile rang, blasting the cheesiest ringtone ever from the convertible car as they turned onto another road a couple of blocks from the new house.

Hayden of course picked up the phone, his mirrored-sunglasses glinting in the summer brightness as he leaned his elbow on the door, holding the wheel in one hand as he answered.

"Yeah hello." Her sweet husband answered as brightly as ever and Shelley smiled amusedly to herself as she brushed a strand of windswept hair away from her mouth.

After listening a couple of minutes, Hayden laughed suddenly, a broad smile on his face as he listened.

"Kayaking? Are you kidding me Connor, I'm a married man now." He replied amusedly and Shelley's smile deepened.

Connor McAlister was Hayden's long, long-time friend, so long in fact that the two of them had known each other in high school back when they used to speed around in Connor's Charger, even before either of them had their license.

Connor was a great guy though, incredible fun and the life and soul of any get-together, despite the fact he always skirted the edges of trouble, though he was one of those guys that never seemed to get caught. Shelley remembered one specific story Hayden had told her on their wedding day, Connor had been one of the guests that day, along with several other of Hayden's boyhood friends, one of which had been his best man. The story had gone something like, at school Connor had managed to somehow, how was lost on all of them involved, get a crate of beer which they had all sat and drunk behind the stadium stands before heading into a history class, totally out of their heads, and being the only one to not get detention, despite having slapped the teacher's ass on the way in. All of the others had sooner or later been found out, but Connor had somehow managed to escape unnoticed.

Still, the half-Scottish Connor was always planning some kind of adventure. The last time he had called, just before the wedding Shelley thought, he had planned a sky dive for the group of friends that still hung out a lot. Now that had been an experience and a half, especially as no one had been exactly sure where Connor had gotten the plane from. That was why Shelley Winters sat smiling as she watched her husband of three weeks laughing while he drove and talked about Kayaking...she wondered what kind of craziness Hayden's friend was planning for them this time.

"How about in a couple of weeks?" Her new husband replied to his friend, turning the car around another corner. "I can't Con, me and Shelley got that house...yeah, you know the one on the hill?.....Mhm, yep, that's the one, been trying to get it decorated so we can move in...yeah, we're on our way over now, got a few bits done but still a lot to go before we can move in properly..."

Hayden looked over to her, and even with his shades on Shelley could make out the amused expression on his face at his friend...and then as Hayden finished his words, his expression suddenly changed to one of self-satisfaction as he grinned at her. He was up to something.

"Say, Connor, whereabouts are you anyway?" Her loving husband asked his friend, the movement of his face telling Shelley he had just winked at her. Oh yes, he was definitely up to something.

Shelley watched him with amused-consideration, trying to work out what her sweet husband was up to.

"At home huh? And what are you up to?" He asked, a scheming grin on his face as he nodded to whatever his friend answered. "Well, what do you say I swing by and pick you up, we could use an extra hand on the house as dad had to pull out?"

Shelley grinned at that and tutted, shaking her head in mock disapproval of putting his friend on the spot as Hayden looked to her triumphantly. Her husband simply grinned deeper at her playful approval, another set of hands would prove most useful that day after all, Shelley thought, maybe they could get the place decorated by the end of the week now, Connor was always full of energy after all, today should go by very productively indeed, not to mention fun if Hayden's friend had anything to do with it. Little did she know just how correct her thoughts would be...

"Alright then..." Hayden said energetically, he always sounded vigorous when Connor was around, the man just had that effect on people. Connor had obviously agreed, no doubt enthusiastically as always. "...We're nearly at the house now so I'll drop Shelley off and I'll swing by and pick you up in a bit then.....yeah...oh, and don't forget to wear something old, paint and all that....alright man, I'll see you soon."

With that the phone beeped off and Hayden chuckled to himself as he turned the car into the road the house was on.

"Looks like we'll get it done as planned after all." Her husband said proudly as he switched hands on the wheel, resting his free arm behind her. "Connor will make up for two men knowing him."

Shelley laughed lightly, that soft and musical sound, as she nodded, both of them unaware of the trueness those words would hold later.

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