tagLoving WivesDelightful Outcome From Holiday

Delightful Outcome From Holiday


The best way to describe my lovely wife, Lydia, would be to say she was very quiet and timid. She is a lovely woman, 28, whom I love passionately and this story is about an interesting aspect of our travel to another country. For the sake of common sense I will not name the country because we may wish to travel there again some time and the Customs officers seem to keep impeccable records of incidents.

Lydia and I have been married for 4 years now and in the near future we are looking forward to having a family after lots of trying without success. We both have secure jobs and have spent our lives together so far establishing ourselves very well. Lydia is the sort of person who would always put herself out rather than offend anyone else and she did lots of favors for other people with little or no recognition and that is because that is the sort of person she is, and I love her dearly. She isn't very tall, 5'5" and she has a very good figure with her breasts standing firm and the rest of her body very much in proportion. She is very hairy, a genetic thing, and I love touching her all over particularly playing with her hairy parts. Her mother is quite dark and very hairy but Lydia is much fairer but nearly as hairy.

Her mother is of Spanish descent and that probably accounts for the color of her skin and the hairiness. Her father is of English descent and that accounts for Lydia not being so dark. Fortunately Lydia has blond hair on her head but the hair under her arms and her pubic bush, as well as her treasure trail, are much darker although certainly not anywhere near black. Lydia has fine hairs on her breasts and a few between her breasts as well as her stomach above her belly button but below that the treasure trail is quite heavy leading down to her pubic bush which is quite thick and dark. She has trailings of hair between her legs and down the insides of her thighs almost to her knees but these are very fair and not very noticeable unless up close. She has to shave her legs regularly because they are quite dense with darkish hair.

Lydia has such a pleasant nature that she is wonderful to be with always! We met about 5 years ago and fell in love instantly. She had led a very sheltered life before meeting me at an art gallery where I was passing a little time before I had an appointment with a client. Lydia was mainly reluctant to meet boys and men because of her hairiness and certainly avoided going to the beach where she would be seen as different to other people. She even wore long sleeves on her blouses to cover up her hairy arms which she didn't shave.

Lydia and I courted and it was quite some time before I actually got to see her whole body naked. We had petted quite a lot and I had certainly had my hands all over her body but I didn't know she was as hairy as she was until eventually she gave in to me and we spent a night at a hotel to make love. She had been a virgin up till that night. I can tell you if you have your hands in a girls panties and are playing with her cunt, it is rather hard to tell just how hairy she is - you certainly know there is hair there but not how much. Anyway I was surprised when I eventually got her out of her clothes and she was very embarrassed at me seeing her naked. I really loved her and told her so and thus we ruined her virginity and became lovers.

We had settled down to establishing ourselves and when we reckoned we were right - about 3 years after we married - we started thinking about a family. Lydia had been on birth control pills since we had spent out night in the hotel so she had been protected up until a year or so ago. We had made a decision to take her off the birth control and let nature take its course. We made love very regularly but she just didn't get pregnant no matter how often we made love or how we did it! We read books and watched films which told us how everyone else got pregnant but it didn't work for us. She spent countless hours on her back on our bed with her legs up against the wall and pillows under her bottom after we had fucked hoping to retain the semen inside at the right place and for her to get pregnant but to no avail.

One doctor we had been consulting suggested a boat cruise to help us relax and then she would fall pregnant but we settled on a Continental holiday. We made the necessary bookings well ahead so we would be totally relaxed with nothing to worry about and then we could make love as often as we could and she would get pregnant.

The day arrived for our departure and we had no trouble with Customs when we departed but when we arrived in this country for our holiday we found a little difficulty with the Customs Department. It appears there had been some tip off that drugs were being brought into the country and it was necessary for everyone's luggage to be searched thoroughly. We weren't worried because we knew we didn't have any drugs or anything else which would be a problem. We were herded into two different areas adjacent to each other - men in one group and women in the other. There were many more men in the line than women in their line and we were passing through fairly quickly but I could see Lydia had been in the same spot for some time. I was quite near the entrance to the Customs area when an Officer walked along the line of women and selected six of the women to accompany him. Included in this group was Lydia so I knew she wouldn't be long coming out of the area. I was just about to pass through the gates myself when the Officer stepped back from the gates he was entering and signaled to me and said something which I couldn't understand. I didn't know what to do when the man standing behind me whispered "He wants permission to hurry your wife's inspection - just smile at him and wave that it is alright - that will save lots of time!" I did as suggested and waved to the Officer and he took Lydia in through the gates of the women's section.

I passed through without any difficulty and waited outside the women's area for Lydia but half an hour passed and she still hadn't come out. I was seated on a bench watching the door when at last she came through with her case. I asked her if they had searched her and she said, "Yes, very thoroughly indeed!" She looked a bit stressed and flushed and I took her in my arms and held her tight until she settled down and then we walked together to find a taxi to take us to our hotel. Lydia was rather quiet but I thought she was a bit stressed by the delay in Customs and we couldn't talk anyway because the taxi driver was listening to our every word.

Once we were at the hotel and booked into our room which was very lovely with a view out over the sea, I asked Lydia if she wanted to freshen up before we went out for a walk. She quickly dashed to the shower and was under the warm water in an instant - much quicker that usual - and I took off my clothes and followed her into the shower. We washed and held each other and almost made love but Lydia doesn't like sex in the shower so we dried quickly and hurried back to the bed.

Lydia hugged me and was much more passionate than usual when we made love - she is always a little shy about making love but today she went overboard with her affection. I felt she was a little wetter than usual and put this down to the holiday and our wish to have a child. She left the bed as soon as we had both cum instead of lying with her legs up in the air and then she dressed for our walk.

We walked for some time admiring the scenery and eventually entered a small café for some coffee. Lydia seemed restless and asked if she could use my handkerchief as she was leaking between her legs and was feeling uncomfortable. I was surprised because she is usually very shy about such things and would normally prefer to suffer in silence rather than make any fuss. I handed her my handkerchief and when she thought no one was looking she pulled up her dress under the table and pushed it inside her panties and left it there! I had never seen Lydia do anything like that before but I guessed I must have shot a very large load up into her to make her leak like that.

Once we reached our room again, she had another shower before we dressed and went out for a meal. In bed that night we made love again and this time she did lie with her legs up in the air for a while. I loved her for the sacrifices she was making to get pregnant. Next morning we made love again and she repeated the legs up position. She was determined to get pregnant. We loved the resort and didn't have much difficulty with the language and were always able to make someone understand.

We made love at every - I mean every - opportunity! I was feeling rather worn out by the 10th day having fucked my lovely wife at least 4 and sometimes 6 times each day so I thought I had a right to be tired but we both wanted her to get pregnant. On the 11th day - we had 21 days altogether at the resort - I was feeling quite off and asked at the reception counter where I could contact a doctor. I was directed to a nearby clinic where we were seen by a very young doctor who seemed to be very competent and we took an instant liking to him partly because he was able to converse in English. When he asked what was wrong with me I blushed and told him we were trying to get Lydia pregnant and I had worn myself out trying. He laughed and told me that was very common and he would run some tests and see what he could do for us. He sent Lydia away to see another doctor, a woman, and then he took blood from me, checked my vitals and then completely surprised me when he wanted a sperm sample. I told him frankly I didn't know if I could provide one but he assured me he would fix that. He took me into another room - a small room - where he handed me a small container and told me to put my sample inside and fix the lid. Again I told him I didn't think I would be able but he grinned and pressed a buzzer on the wall and in came a very young and pretty nurse wearing her uniform but the top was undone and the skirt was very short. He told me "You will be right now!" and left. The young nurse came over to me and undid my pants. She pulled out my slowly stiffening cock and began to stroke me. She even leaned over and took me into her mouth for about a minute before continuing to stroke me getting faster all the time until I just couldn't help myself and shot my load which she expertly caught in the container and then fixed the lid on tightly. She took some tissues and wiped my cock clean and then gave it a kiss and left the room with my sample! I just couldn't believe what had happened to me!

Lydia and I had to wait in a room for about half and hour before we were summoned back to the doctor's office. He didn't look terribly happy when he greeted us and told us the news wasn't as good as he would like. He told us Lydia had checked out well and everything about her was good but my sperm count was low and was probably too low for Lydia to conceive! He asked me to come back again in 3 days for a further check and for us not to engage in sex during this time as he wanted a good sample to test. We were both devastated and Lydia began to cry as soon as we were out of the clinic. I did my best to comfort her but she was inconsolable.

We spent the next 3 days in a miserable state. She wanted so much to be pregnant and now we weren't even having sex at all. I tried to make it up to her and I sucked her nipples which usually arouses her and I licked her cunt and clit because that always makes her cum but I had a great difficulty getting her off. At last she came with a scream telling me she enjoyed that. She looked so lovely lying there on the bed with her legs apart and all of her hairiness showing and I was getting very aroused but I had to stop thinking of her because I mustn't cum myself. I certainly love my hairy Lydia.

I tried to suck her off as often as we had made love before my imposed abstinence. I am sure she was starting to like all the oral attention she was getting but she just couldn't get out of her mind that I mightn't be able to father our child. I wanted to make it up to her so much so I tried all sorts of oral antics to get her off. I even licked her asshole which, to my surprise, she enjoyed very much and I finger fucked her as often as I could get my finger in her. She was getting all the sexual relief but it still didn't replace the thought of no child!

On the third day we went back to the clinic and we saw the same doctor. He told me I had to give a semen sample and gave me the container and told me to go to the other room while he talked to Lydia. Once in the room I took a chance and pushed the buzzer on the wall. Almost at once the door opened and a different girl came in. She was even prettier than the other girl. She also opened my pants and took out my cock which by now was quite firm. She began stroking it and then took it into her mouth and sucked me but I knew I wouldn't last very long because I hadn't cum for 3 days! I was about to cum in her mouth and knew that wasn't any good for the sample so I pulled my cock out of her mouth and she caught some of the semen in the container before she popped the lid on quickly. She then took my cock back into her mouth and sucked me until the rest of my cum had filled her mouth! She grinned up at me as she swallowed my cum and then licked her lips as if she wanted more!

I was completely surprised by the way she had sucked me and swallowed the rest of my cum that I asked her if she wasn't worried I might have a disease. She grinned at me and said, "The doctor has already told me he as tested you and you are completely clear and so this is my form of payment for services rendered!" She hadn't taken her hand off my cock and I was beginning to respond to her stroking. She smiled at me and said, "How about a double payment for my services?" With that she sucked my cock into her lovely soft mouth and sucked and sucked me while still stroking the little bit of my cock which wasn't in her mouth until I shot my load right into her sucking mouth! She swallowed it again and told me I was very tasty! Then she left the room and I adjusted my clothes and went back to the doctor's office to be with Lydia although I was embarrassed I had cheated on her with the nurse!

Again we had to wait for the results and were devastated to learn there wasn't any difference in the sperm count! I was infertile and that was dreadful news. The doctor was a bit of a character because he told me I had better come back again in 3 more days for another last test! He winked at me when Lydia wasn't looking and I winked back. I guess we men are all the same!

Again I made love to Lydia by sucking her clit, nipples and cunt and gave her so many climaxes she was beginning to tire by the time the 3 days were up. We went back to the clinic and the same procedure took place except that I had another nurse this time who was much more adventurous than the other two. This one came in when I pushed the buzzer and immediately unbuttoned her uniform and slipped it off showing me she was naked underneath! She told me, in broken English, that the doctor had told her there wasn't any need to take this sample but perhaps I would like to fuck her and try to forget my problems! I was infertile and there wasn't any use in further testing. I was so upset at the news but quickly looked closely at her lovely body - she was hairy like Lydia - and she quickly climbed on to an examination table and I climbed on too and fucked her! I took all my frustrations out on her body but she loved it and told me so! I was surprised when she came at the same time as myself - I thought these girls who give pleasure to men didn't cum like that! We sat and chatted for a little while, sitting on the table, and then she reached over and started to play with my cock again! Yes, I was soon hard and we fucked again! She told me she loved her work at the clinic but only worked here one day each week, mainly to help patients to give sperm samples. She hastened to tell me she didn't usually fuck the patients but she liked me and made an exception! I was very pleased indeed! I consulted the doctor again and after the test (fictitious) results were in his hands, he told us both that he was very sorry but I wouldn't be able to make Lydia pregnant! We thanked him for his help and understanding and, as we were leaving the room, he beckoned me over to his desk and showed me the piece of paper which was allegedly the results of my test - it read, "He was wonderful - can I test him again next week?" The doctor grinned at me before he screwed up the paper and then we left.

Once we were back in our hotel room we sat down with a couple of drinks from the bar fridge and had a serious talk. I told Lydia I loved her completely and I was terribly sorry I couldn't father a child but that shouldn't stop us from loving each other and later on there may be other steps we could take to have a child - I was thinking of adoption - but Lydia was heartbroken. I told her we could still make love as often as we could and the fact we weren't going to make a baby shouldn't stop us from having fun. Making love wasn't just for making babies - it was there for complete pleasure for us both. Finally she agreed and we stripped off our clothes and engaged in passionate arousal before I entered her lovely body and we made love. True to our word we made love whenever we could and I can tell you that was plenty of times while we were away.

Finally it was time to go home. We were both sad because we had loved this holiday except for the bad news but we had certainly had a lot of sex in the three weeks. Once we were home it seemed that we were back into our routine very quickly and we both returned to work.

It was just 5 weeks after we returned from our holiday that Lydia sat me down one evening after work and told me she had to talk to me about a very important matter! She sounded very serious and so I paid close attention. She came over to me and kissed me and hugged me very hard and whispered she loved me! Then she dropped her bombshell. She had missed getting her period on the right day and had been to the doctor and he confirmed she was pregnant! I started to jump up and down and hugged her and told her how happy I was and that everything would be right from now on!

She wasn't anywhere near as excited as I was and I just couldn't understand what was wrong. She made me sit down again and hugged me tight and told me she had to tell me something I certainly wouldn't like. I hung onto her tightly and leaned back and said, "Darling, it doesn't matter what you tell me - it will be quite alright with me!"

She looked at me with very sad eyes and said, "Darling, you remember when we went for our holiday how I had to be searched when I went through Customs? Well, the reason the Officer asked your permission wasn't just to hurry me through the search, he was asking your permission to have me searched by a male officer rather than wait for a female officer! Since you gave permission, I was taken into a room where a male officer told me to strip off all of my clothes!

I started to protest but he told me he would get another male officer in to help him strip me if I didn't do it straight away! I had heard about these searches but never expected I would be searched. Anyway, the officer made me take off everything and I was standing there in front of him completely naked! He came over to me and made me open my mouth wide while he looked inside for drugs, and when he was satisfied, he grabbed each breast and lifted them up to see if drugs were taped under my breasts. He hurt me when he grabbed my breasts and I became frightened of him. Next he told me he had to do a cavity search and I became very upset but he just dragged me over to a low bench which was near the wall and bent me over so that he could look into my body cavities. I am terribly sorry darling but he thrust his fingers into my pussy and probed around inside. He wasn't even wearing gloves as he should have been and then he dipped all of his fingers into a cup of lubricant and pushed first one, then two and eventually all of his fingers into my asshole, again searching for drugs! I was terribly embarrassed about this and it was bad enough being naked but much worse that he was fingering me and I was becoming excited! Then he told me he wasn't able to search deeply enough and would have to conduct a deeper search. I was terrified what he might push into my body to search further than his fingers. He was kneeling down behind me peering into my cunt when he said that. Once he stood up, with me still bending over the table I suddenly felt something push into my cunt and it was his cock! He had a huge cock and it certainly went a long way inside me! Darling, this is the really bad part - he fucked me and came inside me and I now know that it is his semen which has made me pregnant! I didn't want to tell you about this Officer because I knew you would be dreadfully mad with me and perhaps even leave me so I decided I wouldn't tell you ever! Now you know my terrible secret and I am truly sorry that I have become pregnant by another man whom we don't even know - I really didn't even get a good look at his face I was so scared."

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