tagGroup SexDentist Gets A Filling Ch. 01

Dentist Gets A Filling Ch. 01


The voice on the aeroplane PA announces ten minutes to landing and Marsha watches the cabin staff set about their routine of ensuring all passengers and hand baggage are secured for landing. She can see the bright sunshine streaming in through the windows to her right and she knows that the week ahead will be full of blue skies and hot sun. Although the time to enjoy the sunshine may be limited Marsha resolves to make the best of any opportunity to steal away and take some time to herself.

Although this is strictly a business trip Marsha relishes the time away from her normal routine and her normal responsibilities. Marsha is a dentist in a busy practice and her days are jam-packed with appointments, and many of her evenings are taken-up with paperwork. The trip to the annual congress offers an escape from all of that and Marsha relishes the thought that she can play truant and sneak away to the beach to tan her lovely body.

The thought of being naughty also causes her to recall the other naughtiness that she reserves for her trip to congress. Marsha loves to flirt with the guys at the conference. There are always many handsome men and Marsha loves to get their attention. She loves to watch their eyes explore her sexy body and this makes her tease them a little more, showing a little more leg, allowing the dark band of her stockings to peep into view for just a few seconds or leaning in to present a better view of her cleavage, or even closer so that her scent tantalises them further. It's all perfectly innocent fun, she tells herself. There is no way she would betray her husband with any of these men. Although, she admits to herself that the fantasy is very appealing.

Marsha is still smiling from this thought when the plane bumps onto the runway and starts to slow. The announcer welcomes everyone to the resort and continues to explain the services available through the airport ground staff. Half an hour later Marsha is in a taxi on the way to the hotel. The sun is hot and she opens the window to feel the breeze.

'This is going to be a nice week,' she thinks to herself.

At the hotel she soon checks-in and the porter helps her take her bags to her room. After briefly freshening-up, Marsha makes her way down to the conference suite to register for the meeting. At the desk she sees a number of familiar faces and one or two friends. They arrange to meet later for a drink and to have dinner together. With these formalities completed, Marsha decides to take a short walk towards the beach. It's wonderfully hot and the late afternoon sun is shining on the Black Sea and creating sparkling silver flecks of light. The air is clean and fresh and the sea breeze makes her skin tingle. She feels so alive after the long trip in the stuffy aeroplane, and so excited about the fun she will have this week.

Back in her room, Marsha realises that she still has just over two and a half hours before the time to meet her friends. She decides to have a nap and so strips off her jeans and top and unsnaps her bra. The release of her boobs from the constraints of the garment is a pleasure and Marsha smoothes her hands across the firm flesh of her pert breasts. Looking at herself in the large mirror Marsha thinks,

'I actually do have lovely boobs,' she traces her finger nails around the undersides of each perfect globe and then up to her thick, fleshy nipples. Her nipples are sensitive and she loves having them sucked, and now as she pinches each one with her fingers it responds and hardens. She is surprised by how good this feels and is suddenly aware of the fact that she is actually feeling quite aroused.

Her thumbs hook the sides of her panties and she pushes them down. The gusset catches slightly as it pulls away from her pussy lips and Marsha realises that she must be a little moist. Investigating with her fingertips she discovers that her lips are hot and slippery, and with barely any pressure her middle finger slides into her pussy, causing her to gasp and her knees to tremble and weaken.

Stumbling to the bed, Marsha falls onto the cool white linen sheets and rolls onto her back. The urge to play with herself now drives any thought of sleep from her mind. Her legs are raised and bent at the knees, and they fall open to expose her hot, slick pussy to the air. Immediately she sets up a rhythm of stimulation, the middle finger of her left hand sliding in and out of her pussy, while the fingers of her right hand stimulate her clit with a circular motion.

Marsha enjoys masturbation and indulges regularly. Normally, however, her sessions of self-love are planned and include a slow build-up and a long period of playing before allowing herself to explode into a climax. But this time she feels an urgent need to climax arising out of sheer animal lust. She hadn't even realised how aroused she had been. Her mind floods with images of sexual desire. Hard bodied men with long straight cocks. Soon the images are dominated by Marsha's favourite fantasy, to be gang banged by several men. Almost without warning her body convulses with the first crashing wave of climax and Marsha groans aloud as her body trembles and shakes through each subsequent crescendo of pleasure. As the climax subsides Marsha closes her eyes and gives-in to a warm and satisfied sleep.

A little while later...

Marsha opens her eyes but the room is dark. For a few seconds she is confused but gradually recalls that she is in the hotel room for congress. Then she remembers her dinner arrangements and becomes concerned that she may be late. Fumbling for the light, she finds her watch and discovers that she still has an hour to get ready. Rising slowly now she feels a little giddy and thinks to herself,

'Is this what my patients feel like leaving my dentist chair after treatment,' but she smiles and thinks, probably not, unless they have an orgasm too, which seems unlikely, her smile becomes a small giggle.

In the shower Marsha notices that her pussy is still sensitive, 'Gawd, why am I so horny,' she thinks to herself. Her fingers delve between her legs and this causes her to tremble again. 'I should have brought a dildo with me,' she thinks.

Somehow Marsha manages to finish her shower and prepares for her evening of socialising. She dresses in her sexy black, lacy lingerie, with the strapless bra, as she plans to wear a dress with a plunging neckline. The dentist fraternity is nothing if not stylish and there is always a little bit of competition to see who can look the best, especially amongst the women.

Marsha finishes off her outfit with a pair of fishnet stockings and black heels. When she is finally ready she takes stock of herself in the mirror. Her hair is drawn back and up and shows-off her elegant neck. The neckline of the dress is just off her shoulders and reveals her décolletage and her upper back, and just hints at the top of her cleavage. The dress is quite fitting, which suits Marsha perfectly as her body is toned and firm and just as good now as it was when she was 18. The hem is just level with her knees and is exactly the right balance of sexiness and demure elegance. Marsha is pleased with the effect and can't help but hope that there will be a chance to show off and flirt a little with some handsome man.

Smiling she sweeps out of her room and heads down to the hotel bar. On entering she is greeted warmly by her friends and they immediately start chatting excitedly about the week ahead and about the news and gossip since they last met. Almost instinctively Marsha notices a new guy on the edge of the group. He is tall and muscular looking, with dark short hair. He has an expensive and well-groomed look about him and his suit is modern, stylish and obviously bespoke tailoring.

Marsha catches his eye and when he smiles at her she smiles back and looks coyly away. When she looks back he is moving towards her.

'Hi, my name is Carl.'

'Hello, Carl. I'm Marsha.'

'It's nice to meet you, Marsha. How do you know these folks?'

Marsha explains her acquaintance with the group and chats easily with Carl. He tells her that he is with one of the big pharmaceutical companies and that they are sponsoring tonight's reception. He invites her to follow him towards the other side of the room where there is a table set out with champagne glasses. Carl offers her a glass, which she gratefully receives and they share a drink together and continue to talk. Marsha is enjoying his attention. He is charming and amusing, and he holds her eyes with his as they talk. She feels herself drawn into his eyes and before long she is flirting with him subtly, and returning his lingering looks.

'Would you like another glass of champagne, Marsha?'

'I really shouldn't. I'll be giddy, and we haven't even eaten yet.'

'But you should enjoy yourself and I will take your arm into dinner and ensure you do not stumble.'

Marsha laughs softly at his cheesy chivalry, but finds it hard not to take him as sincere. She thanks him and takes the second glass. True to his word, Carl escorts her to dinner and sits opposite her at the table. Throughout the meal, and as Marsha talks with her friends, she can sense Carl's attention and frequently returns his understated glances.

After dinner they all retire to the bar and Marsha finds herself sitting next to Carl. A little later he suggests that they go and explore the hotel's nightclub.

'I bet you are a great dancer,' Carl suggests to Marsha.

'I enjoy dancing, yes.'

'Then we must dance,' he returns smiling.

They soon find the club bar and Marsha feels Carl take her hand and lead her onto the dance floor. They dance a couple of numbers and then the tempo slows and Marsha hesitates a moment, not sure if they should leave the dance floor. But Carl moves to her and takes her in his arms and they start to sway together in time to the music.

'You know, Marsha, I think you are very beautiful,' Carl whispers. His hot breath so close to her ear sends shivers through her body, causing her to tremble and experience a little twinge in her pussy.

Marsha looks up into Carl's face to reply but she can't think of anything to say. Instead she just smiles gently. Carl's lips meet hers and he kisses her so softly that she feels herself melt into his arms. The kiss continues and his tongue traces across the edge of her lips, barely making contact. Marsha can't resist the urge to kiss back and so presses her mouth to his. After a few moments they break apart and without a word being said, Carl leads Marsha off the dance floor and out of the club bar. In moments they are alone in the lift rising in response to Carl's press of a button, once more he has her in his arms and is kissing her.

Marsha's head is swimming with champagne, wine, dancing, and lust for this sexy man. She can feel his body against hers, and she is certain she can feel the hard ridge of his erect penis pressing into her stomach. The lift stops and they lurch out into the corridor. Seconds later they are in his room and Marsha has her back against the closed door and Carl is again kissing her. Her mind is reeling,

'What am I doing?' she thinks, 'I can't be planning to have sex here, now with this man.'

Marsha thinks about her husband. At home, alone, trusting her to be true.

Carl is now kissing her neck and shoulders.

Her husband who is good and dependable.

Carl's lips are kissing the tops of her breasts.

Her husband who is so sweet and kind.

Carl's hand moves up between her thighs and presses into her pussy.

Suddenly Marsha thinks, 'I've got to escape!'

Pushing Carl away she says, 'Wait!' He steps back and Marsha turns quickly and opens the door and runs out and back to the lifts. Just as she arrives the doors open and an elderly couple step out. Marsha dashes past them into the empty car and jabs the button for her floor. As the doors close she looks up to see Carl standing, watching her depart. The look on his face is a mixture of shock and disappointment. The doors close and he is gone.

Back in her room Marsha falls onto the bed. She is breathing hard, partly from the exertion of running and partly from the heightened state of arousal she is experiencing. She kicks off her shoes and rolls over onto her front. Her hand delves between her legs and clasps her crotch. Burying her face in the pillow, Marsha starts to hump her hand, frantically seeking satisfaction. Her mind is swimming with images of Carl, his hard muscular body, his long, hard cock (as she imagines it to be). In her mind, he is behind her prone body. His strong hands tear her panties off and prise her legs apart. She imagines the weight of his body pressing down on hers and then the sense of penetration as his thick manhood violates her from behind.

As Marsha madly humps her hand she imagines Carl fucking her hard and energetically from behind. His body slamming into hers, driving her towards her orgasm. Harder and harder she rides her fist, three fingers now curling back and into her sopping and fiery cunt. Marsha relishes the invasion and wishes it was Carl's monster cock. She wants to be fucked. She wants to be used and filled with spunk and then passed to another man to do the same.

With her free hand she pulls her own hair, mussing and raking it from the prim arrangement she took such care to create earlier. The pain of this mistreatment justifies the debauched desires welling up inside her. In her mind's eye Carl and his cruel cohorts are fucking and abusing her helpless body. The pleasure she is experiencing is the result of force, against her will. She's a good wife, she wouldn't willingly submit to such wicked gratification. The sooner she can climax the sooner they will stop. Ending this desecration of her body is all that matters and her climax is the key to achieving that. Not for her, but to convince her attackers to stop.

Marsha feels it coming and she draws in her breath in readiness. The climax envelops her and sends electricity through every fibre of her body. Her insides churn and quake and explode with forbidden joy. Marsha groans and cries-out in ecstasy as the orgasm pounds her womb and illuminates her body. She flushes hot and perspires at every pore as the sensual explosion reaches its pinnacle.

Eventually it subsides and her head clears sufficiently to feel her heart thumping in her chest and her clothes sticking to her sweat-soaked body. A little clumsily Marsha rises and strips off her dress and underwear. She staggers into the bathroom to wash her teeth, once a dentist, always a dentist, she can't help thinking. Her makeup and hair are a mess and she splashes water on her face. As she stares at herself in the mirror she thinks, 'God, girl. That was close tonight. You almost went through with it.'

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