tagGroup SexDiary of a Rockstar Ch. 03

Diary of a Rockstar Ch. 03


Paige stood under the hot shower, running her hands through her vibrantly dyed red hair, heart racing because she was still not used to the idea of being watched while showering She glanced back over her shoulder and saw Ken standing there, eyes fixated on her large butt. Both Bobby and Ken seemed to always enjoy the sight of. She saw Ken slowly rub the bulge in his jeans while he stared at her bum. She was naked as the day she was born and showing off nothing new to her manager, and yet she was still nervous as the first day she had given herself to him. Her vagina was silky smooth, freshly shaven, and her lips swollen with frustration. When she had first arrived, Ken had asked her to take off her clothes for him, as if she was some common hooker. She had expected as much, but it still made her nervous to have so little control around a man she was supposed to be having a professional relationship with. She wanted him to see only her talent, but what he saw was her body and fresh innocence that he never seemed to tire of exploiting. She had told him that she wanted to sing him a new song that she had written and had even brought one of her travel guitars along with her, but the performance she had been expecting to give was not the performance Ken had asked her to give him.

"I want you to play it for me nude," he had said.

She had made it halfway through the song before he had unzipped himself and started slowly masturbating to the sight of her performance. The sight of Ken's engorged cock, and of him stroking it to her performance made her cheeks flush red and stumble over her own lyrics. She couldn't take her eyes of it, of all those bulging veins running up the shaft, or the dripping head. It caused her mouth to salivate and her pussy to flood with excitement, but that still didn't prepare her for when Ken shoved his cock into her mid-song. When she looked up at him slightly annoyed, he had asked her to continue singing, which slightly bugged her even though the thought of being so humiliated made her pussy surge with electricity. The longer Paige had kept singing, the deeper Ken would push himself into her throat, the more he would move his head around her tongue and swirl it around the inside of her mouth to distort her song even more. She wondered what such a demo might sound like if ever played back for her. The thought actually made her privates tingle a little.

"Wash your breasts," Ken finally said.

After Paige had finished with the song, she looked up at Ken, cock in her mouth, and tried to ask him what he had thought, even though she wasn't able to sing properly.

"What's that?" he had asked, smiling coyly at her, removing his cock from her mouth.

"Maybe it'd be easier for you to understand me if your cock wasn't in my mouth?"

"Why? You sounded absolutely splendid like that. Now... how about a shower?"

"I... I don't even know if I should have taken my clothes off, Ken. I haven't even asked Bobby about that kind of stuff or anything, and I really need to get some rest," Paige had lied, knowing full well she wanted nothing more than to feel her manager inside of her again, to feel his erect manhood penetrating her deeply and pressing against the most sensitive corners hidden inside her pussy. More than that she wanted to suck it. It made her feel like a slut, always fantasizing about giving blow jobs like some horny schoolgirl, but young as she was... Paige was also old enough to know that she loved sucking cock. She knew it made her wet and the act itself made her cum whenever she rubbed herself, and orgasms were never easy for Paige until this whole unlikely three way relationship had developed between her manager and her boyfriend. Finally, Ken had taken out his phone and cradled it to his ear. Paige wondered who he could be calling while trying not to keep her eyes off of his huge erection, throbbing and aching, just needing to be played with, licked, and sucked.

"It's okay, you can at least play with it... I know you want to..."

Paige sighed and gave in. She put her hands around the thick meaty cock and began to stroke it, mold it in her hands like it were clay. She even started to rub it all over her cheeks, reveling in the feeling of pre-cum smearing across her fair complexion and leaving a slimy trail in its path. She shuddered as she took in his musky scent.

"God, Ken... this is amazing," Paige whimpered.


"Yeah, just look at this fucking thing," Paige finally exclaimed. "This is the biggest fucking dick I've ever seen in real life. I can't believe this whole time we've known each other, this thing has been hanging right between your legs. I can't believe this whole thing has been inside me too. I thought it was going to break me the first time it went in. And now? I can't stop thinking about it, I just want to make out with it, kiss it all over, slap it against my face, I don't fucking care I just want it," Paige moaned, taking Ken's cock and sliding his engorged head all over her face, taking it down and rubbing his head all over her sensitive breasts and nipples.

"Did you like getting my cum shot on your face?" Ken asked.

"It... made me feel like a whore, but... I think I kind of am... especially for cock. Kissing another girl down there wasn't nearly as much fun as this..." Paige moaned.

"You know you're not leaving here tonight without my cum on your face, right?"

Paige considered, still trying to get comfortable with the idea of having her favorite part of the male body shoot thick, creamy sperm all over her face. Paige loved cum, and loved making cocks explode. Her first number of hand jobs with Bobby had been particularly exciting for Paige because she loved watching Bobby squirm and thrash about while he actually tried to fight his own orgasm for fear of offending Paige when he did cum, Bobby at the time unsure of how she would react to his voluminous orgasms. On one particular occasion, Bobby actually begged Paige to stop stroking his cock in the car one night, which only fueled the fire in her desire and made her stroke harder and faster until Bobby started shooting thick ropes of thick, white semen all over the dashboard, his own chest, and her own wrists. But now Paige was putting her face right at the forefront of those cum shots. It took some getting used to, especially when the guy shooting his cum at her face was old enough to be her father and someone she had looked up to like a father for most of their relationship. Now he was fucking her whenever she wasn't sucking his cock and letting him blast her face full of cum so thick it felt like tapioca. Still, it was hot to feel all of it get absolutely everywhere, she thought. Plus, she liked knowing that she had relieved someone she cared about in such an intimate way and was able to do so with her own mouth, pussy, or both. If her face was the most alleviating place for Bobby and Ken to spill their seed, then Paige wasn't going to take that opportunity away from them.

"I know. You want to mark me as your territory... " Paige said.

"Does that bother you?"

"You've already done it, so... what's one more time?" Paige said.

"Paige, it's going to be a lot more than one time. Out on the road, your face is going to be my personal target to shoot my semen at. You'll be with Bobby, so I understand if your jaw is going to already be a little too tired, so I won't expect you to suck my dick every time. But if I need to come, I expect you to let me take you into a private corner of the venue or the back of the tour bus and let me paint your face in cum."

"How many girls have you... marked... anyway?" Paige inquired.

"Not many, but you... know Lindsey, our merch girl?"

"Yeah..." Paige said.

Ken pulled out his phone and showed Paige a picture of her topless, sprawled out on a hotel bed, her face plastered in familiar, thick cum. It was all over her forehead and nose, congealed in her lashes, and splattered across her cheeks and chin. She seemed just as taken aback from wearing that much semen on her face, and Paige couldn't believe Lindsey, sweet innocent Lindsey had once worn that much cum on her face. It made her realize how little she knew the people closest to her, but it turned her on a bit that the same cum she had been marked with was Ken's.

"Wow, your cum is really... thick. I can't... believe she let you do that. Did you sleep with her?" Paige asked, unable to take her eyes off of the picture of her merch girl.

"Just a naked blow job. She said she was sexually frustrated and wanted to get herself off but needed a nice big cock to suck. I whipped mine out right then and there and a few minutes later, she was deep-throating me like a pro. Almost as good as you, Paige," Ken said, stroking her hair gently like she was his little sex toy or pet.

Paige just kept rubbing Ken's cock all over her face, taking all of his confession in.

She no longer cared about anything but her face and Ken's manhood.

She started cupping and massaging his balls, reveling in the sounds of his own pleasure. But it was causing Paige just as much pleasure too to be allowed such intimate contact with Ken's cock. It was a thick piece of meat she wanted to worship and kiss all over, possibly suck on too. No, she definitely wanted to suck it. How could she not? But Paige hadn't spoken to Bobby about this yet, which made her nervous and anxious. She didn't want to cheat on him, but something in the back of her mind told Paige that she couldn't, that Bobby would completely approve of this whole messed up situation. Then, the thought of kissing her fan's pussy came creeping back into her mind, and Paige couldn't believe that she had allowed herself to cross such a defining line for Bobby and Ken. But she was so innately curious, especially when the girl had spread her legs for her. She had never seen what a girl's pussy looked like that close in real life and had instantly been captivated by the sight and smell of it. No, she was straight, she kept reminding herself. And this cock she was salivating over right on her face was living proof. She might have enjoyed licking that girl, but nothing would ever take the place of what it felt like to have a thick cock stuffed in your mouth, Paige thought while dragging Ken's head across her forehead.

"Bobby?" Ken said.

Paige looked up, shocked to discover that Bobby was on the other end of the call, Ken taking his large cock into his hands and then slapping his head all over her forehead and cheeks, splattering speckles of pre-cum all over her face and red hair.

"Hey... your girlfriend is naked right now and my... my cock is yeah... okay," and with that Ken hung up.

"He says he'll be right over, but not to wait up on him," Ken said. "I think he wants to walk in something," he added smiling devilishly in such a way that made Paige nervous. "Maybe he'd love to walk in on you with my great big cock stuffed down your throat, hmm?" he then mused, taking his cock in hand and dragging it all over Paige's forehead, smearing his pre-cum in various designs across her milky complexion. Paige felt it, a warm trail of sticky goodness left across her skin wherever the tip of her manager's cock touched. "Do you like that your manager has a bigger cock than your boyfriend's?" Ken than asked, sliding his head down the bridge of her nose, just over the tip, and right on top of pouting, succulent pink lips...

"Is that what you want me to tell you? How much bigger you are than my boyfriend?" Paige asked, somewhat defiantly, though still mesmerized by Ken's size.

Ken grabbed Paige by the back of her head and forced her to her knees, thrusting his large cock so deep into her mouth that his engorged head slammed into the back of her throat and immediately caused her to start gagging. Before Paige could reorient herself, she felt Ken's hands on the back of her head holding her in place. Then, his cock started to piston into her throat, deeply upsetting her gag reflex. Paige felt like she might be sick as Ken started to assault her throat with a new vigor and passion. The awful gagging and gurgling sounds emitting from inside her mouth and from the back of her throat embarrassed her further and made her want to wretch. Finally, Ken pulled out of Paige's mouth and started to slap his cock all over her already pre-cum marked forehead and cheeks again, the forbidden substance glistening off of her skin when it hit the right light. Paige closed her eyes as his head continued to slap against her skin, Paige reveling in the sensation of being slightly abused by Ken's beautiful dick. However he wanted to treat her with it, however it could touch her, Paige was fine with at this point, because the truth was that she loved Ken's dick even more than she loved Ken himself. Ken still hated that she had turned into the type of girl who had to suck dick to get ahead, but when she was on her knees or playing with her manager's cock, she forgot all about those pesky insecurities. She just reveled in the cock slapping over her forehead and cheeks...

Slap, slap, slap, slap, slap...

"You mouth off, you're going to get punished," Ken breathed.

Paige looked up at Ken, attempting to catch her breath, his meat stick still slapping on her face.

"Your dick is bigger than Bobby's. Is that what you want to hear?" she asked innocently.

"That turns you on," Ken added.

"I love big dicks. Bobby might not be as big as you, but... he's uncut. I love that. I love sliding his foreskin up over his head and back down and the feeling of it in my hand when it slides up and down over his aching, dripping head. I love watching that..."

Ken finally stopped slapping Paige in the face with his cock and then propped Paige up onto his desk and spread her legs for her, her pussy on full display for him now.

"So I never got to ask... how was eating your very first pussy?" Ken asked, staring right into her privates that were swollen and obviously glistening for attention.

"It was... different..." Paige admitted.


"She tasted... sweet."

"Is it something you'd like to maybe try again?"

"I... I don't know..."

"Why don't you masturbate for me a little?" Ken asked.


Masturbation made Paige nervous as a virgin schoolgirl again. It was so forbidden and nobody was supposed to watch that kind of thing, but Ken had texted her numerous times asking her if and when she was doing it. Nervously, she let her hand fall to her pussy and was shocked to find how much she needed to touch it, how the simple motion of her hand on her clit electrified her carnal need to just come. She occasionally ran her fingers up and down the length of her glistening slit and even stuck them deep in her hole, imagining desperately that they were Ken's cock, knowing full well the couple of inches she could reach inside of her own body would or could never compare to what it would feel like to actually take Bobby or Ken's cock inside her. She returned to her clit, it now burning for attention, and started to moan and groan as she used her free hand to gently massage her naked breasts. Ken all the while just stared right into Paige's pussy, mesmerized by the forbidden action of her hand rubbing it slowly around and massaging it right on her hot little nub. Ken reached up and started massaging her other breast, kneading it deeply like it were dough and then taking her nipple into his fingers and gently teasing and pinching it, which sent electricity running through her chest. The ecstasy she already felt because of her fingers made her start to buck against her own hand...

"I love the way your little pussy molds to your touch..." Ken breathed.

Ken gently kissed Paige's vagina, which made her head spin.

Paige had never spread her legs for anyone but Bobby and most recently Ken, but even still the act made her incredibly nervous. And yet there she was, legs spread, her pussy freshly shaven so that her forbidden fruit would be all the more pleasant to eat for her manager. Paige withdrew her fingers and finally let Ken take over, using one hand to massage her breasts and the other to guide her manager all over her privates. When Ken ate Paige, he did it with great care, constantly kneading and massaging her swollen lips, rubbing her aching clitoris, and dragging his tongue all over her vulva and slit. Occasionally he penetrated her with his tongue, or his fingers, or both at the same time. Ken seemed to know what he was doing and what he wanted, which made Paige somewhat more comfortable, especially when he asked her to do things like pull her lips a part. As if showing herself to him was never enough, she had to pull her lips a part for him to show her manager what the inside of her pink pussy really looked like. But by the time it got to that point, Paige was already moaning. Ken's saliva and Paige's juices were lathered all over her privates, Paige more than self-conscious about the puddle she was making on Ken's expensive desk. He lapped at her slowly, still, even as she moaned and groaned.

"Paige, you have the sweetest tasting, most beautiful pussy I've ever seen... or eaten," Ken said.

"T-t-thanks..." was all she could hope to say.

Ken stuck his fingers deep inside of Paige's hole causing Paige's head to spin. When he pulled out of her, his fingers were covered in her sticky wetness, which he raised up to her face and smeared all over her cheeks. It was warm at first, just like cum, but cooled very quickly, which made Paige shudder. It was then that Paige heard the door open and she nearly jumped out of her skin at the sight of her boyfriend, a huge bulge in his jeans. There she was, legs spread and pussy being eaten by her manager.

"Bobby..." was all she could moan while panting like a dog.

"Looks like I'm just in time..." he said.

"Ugh... yeah, Ken is going to make me cum..." Paige said, running her hands through his hair and pulling him deeper into her wet cunt. Ken's nose and mouth were buried inside his nubile client's wet pussy now, soaked and dripping in her pre-cum.

"Does that feel good?" he asked.

Paige had never had felt anything like it.

"I'd rather watch him fuck you to orgasm," Bobby said.

"Wait!" Paige exclaimed. "If you're going to fuck me again, I want that song produced," she added firmly.

"Fine. But I don't want to fuck your cunt," Ken stated, Paige, a little uncomfortable and yet slightly turned on by her privates being referred to as a 'cunt'. Pussy had been a tough enough word to get used to when she started talking dirty with Bobby.

"What then?" she asked.

"Your throat," he said sternly.

"My throat?" Paige repeated, sincerely confused.

"I want to fuck it like it was your tight little pussy, just as hard and just as rough."

"I..." Paige began, looking to her boyfriend for some semblance of guidance, wondering what he would think of the act, wondering if he had thought of doing this to her as well and wondering if it was going to be just as unpleasant as it sounded. Still, she wanted the single produced, and if she was going to have to do anything or anyone, she wanted it to be Ken even though he was like a second father to her. Still, his cock was

"Your throat. Lie on your back on my desk here and hang your head off the side upside down. That should give me perfect access," Ken began as Paige nervously moved to the table and crawled on top of it, obeying her orders like a proper whore. Reluctantly, she lied on her back and let her head hang off the edge as Ken got into position. Then, she felt his meat-stick rocket into her throat, as she was powerless to fight back. He leaned over her and grabbed both of her naked breasts for support. Then, without warning, Ken started to piston in and out of her throat, viciously fucking her throat and instantly making Paige regret she had not tried to convince him that her 'cunt' could take a beating that her throat was not trained for. He didn't let up or work into it at all, but instead brutally fucked her head and neck. Paige had to keep her eyes closed, but still felt the tears coming, still felt the pre-cum and nasty saliva spilling back up the length of her face. She felt her neck swell and wondered how awful it must look, but then she kept thinking about her song being produced. Paige kept thinking she was going to be sick, and started coughing and gagging wretchedly around Ken, though he never let up. She felt their mess spilling now up the length of her nose and congealing into her lashes, forcing Paige to close her eyes.

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