tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDiary of a Thai Girl Ch. 1

Diary of a Thai Girl Ch. 1


Dear Journal:

I am Lamai. My name means gentle although I am not gentle anymore. I live in Chiang Mai, Thailand close to the border of Myanmar that you may know as Burma. Living on the border of Thailand is very dangerous. There are many rebels, bandits and smugglers.

Until recently, I worked in a sweatshop sewing blue jeans from sunup to sundown. I worked with 40 other girls and women. I worked for a white man from America who visited our sweatshop often so he could have his pick of Thai girls. I called him Mr. American to his face. This made him smile real big. Sometimes he would give me chocolate candy. I always ate it but it made me very sick. It tastes very good though.

I write this now because a friend of Mr. American’s fancied me. He liked me so much that he wanted me for himself. I call him Mr. Hero. He likes this. I am happy to be out of the sweatshop. I am sorry for my sisters I left behind but sometimes I get to see them. Mr. Hero will bring one of them from the sweatshop to join in our sex. Afterwards, he will let us catch up on gossip and give each other hugs and kisses.

Sometimes he likes to watch us do sex together. We do it because we must keep him happy. We say things to each other in Thai like Mr. Hero; his wank is ugly and shriveled. We say it like we are talking sexy. He does not know and thinks we are very sexy as we lick and suck each other. We moan so loud and thrash about on the bed like we are coming with fireworks. He pants and groans and jerks his wank watching us. It is very funny.

Mr. Hero, he teaches me reading and writing for fun. He wants me to record my life for him. He likes to hear how I grew up and what happened to me. He tells me not to leave anything out. He said he would pay me for my stories and help me get out of here for good. I do not believe him but just in case, I will tell him everything. I think he just likes to hear about how I have been used for sex. This excites him and makes him stand up at attention like a toy soldier.

Now I lay around and pamper myself and wait for Mr. Hero. I have my own small room that Mr. Hero rents for me. He let me decorate it with many nice things. The bed is the biggest thing in the room. I spend a lot of time there with Mr. Hero. I don’t mind it is better than the sweatshop.

I am very beautiful for Thai girl. I have very long dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. I am 5’ 2” with small breasts and no hair on my body other than my head. My nipples are very big which Mr. American and Mr. Hero seems to enjoy. I am 21 now but Mr. Hero says I don’t look older than 12. I think that is why he likes me. I worked in the sweatshop since I was nine. Maybe you wear my blue jeans? I know that Mr. Hero will get tired of me and I will go back to the sweatshop. But for now, he fancies his little Thai girl Lamai.

Mr. Hero, he is interested in my childhood. What is there to tell? I had a very happy home. My parents had a small grocery store in the Chiang Mai. Until I was nine, I would play and laugh and sing outside the store. Many people commented on how bright and happy I was all the time.

When I turned nine, my mom took me to Mr. American and said that I was very smart. I could work very hard and earn money to help the family. She left me with Mr. American and I never saw her again. This hurt me very bad.

I knew that this happened. I had friends that would leave and not come back. It is the way it is in Thailand. It is very hard to make a living. I had 6 brothers and 3 sisters. I was number 10 child. I know that the money I earned helped my family. So I worked hard and learned. I soon became one of the number one girls. This caused problems though. The other, older girls hated me because I was so fast and good.

All the girls slept in a room off of the sweatshop. There were double bunk beds, 10 to each side of the room. We each had a basket for our things. I did not have a lot of things. None of us did. This is what I had: a comb, a bar of soup, a toothbrush, 2 skirts, 2 shirts, 1 shawl, 4 pair of panties, and my treasured doll from my momma. On my bed, which was on the top because I was young, I had 1 blanket. This is what most of the girls had also.

It was hard to get clothes and soaps because I had to ask the supervisor to get it for me. I would have to pay him the money from my earnings, which were in a logbook I never saw, and also pay him for getting them. If I was in the mood, I would smile and flirt with him and sometimes he would be nice to me. Other times he would not. I never knew how he would be with me. I knew, and the other girls knew, that the supervisor was not allowed to have sex with us. He could touch us and diddle with us, but not have sex. That was only for Mr. American and his friends. But that came later.

With my sewing, I soon learned to be fast but not too fast, good but not too good. The other girls then saw that I was not trying to be better than they were and take their place, so they were happy with me. I was able to show how good I was eventually because as the older girls left, I could move up in the room.

Still I learned not to be in the top space. Staying the number six girl seemed safest. The top girls were always being in trouble with the other girls. But number six girl did not seem so bad. It kept the supervisor happy and my sisters happy. I was smart even when I was young. I learned to keep everyone happy.

When I turned 13, I had the monthly bleed for the first time. This caused a big occasion for all of us. I was now a woman and could have babies. The older girls took me away from the younger ones and told me all about how to fold fabric into a pad. They said I had my bleeding and now I could make babies. They teased me a lot and we all giggled. Sex was very open and talked about in the big room. Now I felt like one of the older girls. The older girls teased me and said that my chest was still like a little girl. They pinched at my nipples. It was a very big day for me.

At night, the supervisor would come into the big room and inspect all the girls. We would all have to stand naked at our beds and let him put his hands all over us. This was to check for lice and bugs, but I think he just wanted to paw us. Almost every night, he would take one of the older girls with him to his bed. This is when I learned all about sex and what men do. The supervisor, he could not have sex with the girls, but he could do almost anything else.

Mr. American, he also came at night and would pick out some of the girls. Sometimes they would not come back for days, sometimes not at all. I listened and learned from them. I knew that my day would come to go with the men. I thought it was very silly, all this fuss over grunting and groaning like you had a toothache. Of course, later I learned even more.

When I got my bleeding, I became fair game for the Supervisor and Mr. American. Because I was pretty and smart, the Supervisor picked me a lot to go sleep with him. He made me do all kinds of things for him and to him.

At first he taught me how to lick and suck his dick. I didn’t think about it because I knew from my sisters that this is what happened. I didn’t like doing it very much because he tasted bad. He didn’t wash very often and I had to lick him all over and suck him. I am a smart girl though and I got him to let me wash him with warm soap water before we started. He liked the feel of the warm slippery soap on his prick and my hands cleaning him. After that, it was not so bad.

The Supervisor liked to touch me. He would lick and bite me all over. He loved my nipples. He would suck and chew on them for hours at night like a baby sucking his thumb. He would also play with my pussy while sucking my nipples. He could not put his fingers inside me but he could put his fingers in my butt. He loved doing this. The Supervisor also liked me to sit on his face. He would hold my pussy on his face and lick and suck on me. I wished sometimes that he would smother but it would have caused too much trouble. I didn’t get a lot of sleep when the Supervisor picked me. It was hard the next day to work.

I was older when Mr. American noticed me. I was sewing at my machine very fast in rhythm. Mr. American walked up beside me and tapped my shoulder. I stopped working and went with him. Just like that. The other girls didn’t even look up. It happens to all of us sooner or later, even the ugly girls.

Mr. American took me to his big house. I had a room all my own. He asked me questions about myself, my work and about the Supervisor. Then he put on some music and asked me to get naked for him. I did a strip tease for him. I knew that if he were happy with me I would get an easier time. The way he smiled, I could tell he liked my teasing him. It didn’t take long to slip out of my shirt and skirt and panties. I stood in front of him naked. My little tits were barely mounds on my chest but my nipples were long and thick, probably from all the sucking from the Supervisor.

Mr. American, he was very pleased with my nipples. I went to him and he spent a long time fingering them, sucking them and biting them. He chewed them real good until they were sore. After that, I got on the bed and spread my legs real wide open. He put his chair between my legs and played with my pussy. He used his fingers inside me though and told me how tight I was inside. He said he couldn’t wait to shove his prick up my tight Thai cunt.

Mr. American, he liked to spank me. He spanked my bottom until it was bright red and I was crying hard. He spanked my pussy too making me scream. The night he fucked me for real, he was very happy. He had made a deal with a new businessman. He came home singing. He came into my room and told me all that had happened. He was very happy with this new man. He said that they made a sweet deal and now he needed to have a sweet pussy.

I got naked for him right away. He took off all his clothes, which was different. Usually he would just take off his shoes and pants. He came over and licked my cunt a few times. I licked his dick until he was all wet and then he put it down there and just rammed it in. It hurt awful and I cried. He just laughed and fucked me real good. I was all blood and cum when it was over. I hated him then but what can I do? He is the big boss and I have to do what he wants or be sent away.

After that, Mr. American, he fuck me all the time. Then he let other businessmen he know fuck me. He liked to let his friends fuck his girls. I think it gave him power over them somehow. Since I was smart and pretty Mr. American kept me around for a long time. All it meant to me was that I sometimes got to have nice food at his table with him and his friends. Eventually he got tired of me. Sometimes he come get me and keep me for a night or two. Mostly though, it was his friends that would pick me from the girls in the room. They really liked me for my flat chest.

This went on until I was given to Mr. Hero. Mr. Hero was different than Mr. American’s other friends. For one thing, I never saw Mr. American seem to care that much about anyone. But Mr. Hero was very important somehow. Mr. American seemed eager to please Mr. Hero.

One night, the Supervisor came in the room for our inspections and told us to be good or else. Then Mr. American came in with Mr. Hero and they looked at all us naked girls and women. We giggled and looked at the floor. This was different and we were all nervous.

Mr. American went around the room, even the little girls, and touched them and showed them to Mr. Hero. When he came to me, he pulled my long nipples and said I was very good. He made me turn around and bend over so Mr. Hero could see my cunt. Right in front of the man, Mr. American stuck his finger up me and pulled it out. He showed Mr. Hero how wet I was and I was very embarrassed. They went on and looked at all the girls.

Mr. Hero came back to me and picked me. That is when I got all my things and went with him. I have never been back to the sweatshop again, yet anyway. I sat on his lap in the car over to his house. He played with my nipples and finger fucked me in the car. He told me that from now on I could just be his fuck girl and keep him happy. He said as long as he was happy, the Mr. American would be happy. That was fine with me, I didn’t have to sit hunched over a sewing machine for 14 hours a day.

I have been with Mr. Hero for two years. He has taught me English and writing. I can cook his favorite things. And I can fuck like no other girl. I try to stay fun and interesting so Mr. Hero not get bored with me. I have stayed very tiny like a little girl and this helps I think. I know someday, I will go back to the sweatshop, and then I will get sent somewhere else who knows. But for now, I will enjoy myself in my own room with my own things and fuck Mr. Hero to keep him happy.

I will write more later. I get ready now for Mr. Hero. He bring friend home tonight to enjoy me.

* * * * *

Thanks for reading my story, please send me feedback and don't forget to vote! Check out Diary of a Thai Girl Ch 2. It's got a lot more nasty sex in it.

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