tagGroup SexDidi and Ken Throw a Party Ch. 05

Didi and Ken Throw a Party Ch. 05


I'm sorry if this episode was delayed but I've been down south tending to my ailing mother. I'm still down here, but I must continue to write and get this all out of me. Thanks for the wonderful support you have given to me.

Chapter 05: A Day in the Casino

Sheila and were sound asleep, spooning and alone in the bed when Didi noisily entered the cabin.

"Rise and shine, lovebirds! Brunch is being served in the Main Saloon in fifteen minutes! Please shower and dress appropriately to be out in public. Now, get a move on it!"

Sheila rolled over and nestled into me.

"Last one in the shower is..."

She jumped off the bed and ran into the bathroom. I followed behind quickly only to wait while she finished peeing so I could have my turn at the john. She jumped into the shower as I drained the snake. As she left the shower, I jumped in.

We dressed in the clothes we had arrived in (actually, we'd brought no other dressy outfits) and made it to the saloon where our party was dining. Bev seated us and asked if we would like some coffee. Ken cleared his throat.

"Now then, as we are all here, you'll notice that we are docked. We're a bit north of New London on the Thames River. Outside, there is a large limo waiting to take us to Foxwoods for a day of fun. I have a suite waiting there so there will always be a place to chill out. I also have some friends who are meeting us there. Now, I understand that most of you probably didn't bring much money with you or maybe you don't have the cash to throw away in the casino, so Didi and I will stake each of you to $250.00. If you win, give it back and we will donate the winnings to charity, to the Wounded Warrior Project, The Soldier Ride. If you lose, too bad but you need not worry about paying us back. We're glad that we're all together and having fun, we're glad to be with friends. So, please, eat up and let's move this party to the rez!"

The table was stunned and then giggling. Sheil and I just nodded our heads in amazement.

Fortunately, I brought my wallet and credit cards so I was not concerned about Ken's offer. But, to be perfectly honest, I really don't like to gamble that much, it doesn't give me that "pump" that others get. I prefer to wander around the casino and watch the action, especially if my friends are winning.

I wolfed down a croissant and a second cup of coffee before I left the ship. There was a long white stretch Hummer alongside. We piled in and there was room to spare. The bar was full and within a few miles, glasses were clinking.

"Good God, you all look so beautiful...naked or dressed up!" I said.

Sheila said, "Is anyone wearing underwear? I'm not. They're gonna love us at Foxwoods!"

Everyone laughed and sure enough, we counted only a few pieces among all of us, mostly thongs (or as I like to call them, "butt floss") and a couple of pairs of boxers, including my own, and one "banana hammock".

"I can't believe this limo. This is what -- a stretch Hummer?"

"Yes, it is. Didn't you give me one of them last night?"

The ride was fun and filled with warmth and laughter. Ken explained that we would stay at the casino into the evening and perhaps even catch the show (Tony Bennett was appearing that night and although we never did make it to the show, and I love Tony Bennett, but I was not disappointed.) and then head back to the boat. Considering that the sky was dark and filled with rain, it was good that we were on dry land for the day.

As we pulled up to the casino, we were greeted by the manager who gave Ken a warm and familiar greeting.

"Allow me to show you to your room."

We followed him into the elevators and up to the top floor, the incredibly huge penthouse suite. There was a large buffet waiting for us there. I've been in a few suites but this one took the prize. There were four bedrooms, all with super king-sized beds and an outdoor pool and hot tub on the terrace. The view across Connecticut was breathtaking. I stood outside for a while and took in the majesty of it.

Back in the living room, everyone was nibbling on the Asian-Fusion buffet. Sheila had a fried dumpling in her hand and she approached me.

"Omigod, this is fabulous. Taste it."

She placed in my mouth and indeed, it was delicious. As I ate it, she ran her palm along my crotch and tugged at my package.

"Do you know what that was, Lover?"

"No, what?"

"That was won-ton sex!"

"Mmmm. The best kind!"

We walked to the bar where Ken was greeting his friends.

"Meet Tommy and Terry. They are old and dear friends of mine. Besides being great people, I have to tell you that Tommy has the longest dick I've ever seen!"

"Wow. Some introduction!"

Terry, as tall and as lanky as her husband, ran her hand along his pants and damn, if it didn't keep going. Tommy pushed her hand away.

"There's plenty of time for that. I want to hit the tables first. Waddya say?"

Ken said, "Good idea. My palm is itchy."

The party followed down to the casino where everyone seemed to find a game to play. A group followed Ken to the crap table, others starting pulling the slots. Sheila and a few of the women sat down at a blackjack table. Me, I just wandered around and took in all the lights, bells and sirens. You see, I have this theory about gambling. I picture myself as a part of a bell curve and I test it with one coin. If I win, I play with the winnings. If I lose I move along and might not gamble at all. Either I'm at the top of the bell curve or at the bottom. Or maybe, I'm on my way up or on my way down. So I went off to test my theory.

I walked past a slot machine that seemed to call to me so I placed five coins into it and pulled the arm. Four flags and a gold star came up and five hundred coins splashed down into the tray. At least I knew where my luck was running. I scooped them up and walked over to a blackjack table. I laid down fifty dollars and pulled two tens. I doubled down and pulled an ace and a nine. The dealer went bust and I let my winnings ride. I pulled a Queen and a seven. The dealer went bust again. I took my money and moved on.

Ken was rolling dice and laughing, obviously riding a hot roll. Unfortunately, the table was too crowded to get near enough to place a bet so again, I moved on. Sheila and the girls seemed quiet at their blackjack table so I walked over to them and took an open seat.

"How are you guys doing?"

"We're not winning, we're not losing. I'm starting to get a little bored." Said Sheila.

A chorus of "me too" and glassy-eyed looks greeted me.

"Listen, here's some lucky money. Let's see what happens."

I handed one hundred dollars to Sheila, Cheryl and Jill. I placed one hundred down in front of me. Sheila hit blackjack. Cheryl pulled sixteen. Jill pulled twenty and I pulled two tens again. I doubled down and pulled an ace and another ten. The dealer showed twelve and pulled a card. A three -- fifteen. He pulled again -- an ace -- sixteen, the dealer has to pull another card on sixteen. He drew another card -- an eight -- bust! A cheer ran along the table.

"See what I mean?"

I collected my money and moved to the bar. As I sipped my Courvoisier XO, I watched the action in the room. Ken seemed to be on fire at the crap table. Each roll produced shouts and applause. Sheila and the girls seemed to be doing well, all smiles and laughter. Beautiful women always win, don't they? I saw Rita and Sam deeply involved in a couple of slots - and they, too, were laughing, a good sign. The room was packed and the noise level was quite loud. As I finished my drink, I chose to explore the hotel and its environs.

I walked through the shopping arcade and browsed a little. The arcade was huge and I walked through nearly a dozen shops. I must have been there for quite some time when I heard Sheila call me.

"There you are! I've been looking all over for you. What have you been up to?"

"First, tell me how you've done?"

"Well, here's your hundred back and here's three hundred more! After you left, we all did well. Although I heard that Ken crapped out. Still, I think he made a lot of other people winners."

"I think that should be his epitaph! Hey come here with me, I want to show you something."

I led Sheila into Van Cleef and Arpels. A clerk walked over and asked if he could be of help.

"Sure. See these earrings? I'll take them."

I pointed to a pair of gold bangles with small diamond drops.

"These scream Sheila all over them, don't they?" Sheila stood there with a mouth agape. I paid the clerk $1600.00 and handed her the box.

"I don't know what to say. These are soooo beautiful. I love you. I must put them on...right now."

The clerk handed her a mirror and I was correct. They were made for her. She looked beautiful. She glowed. As we walked out of the store, she seemed to bounce and I was very pleased to give her such pleasure.

"I bet you did that just so you could get into my panties, which I'm not even wearing."

"No, not at all. First of all, they wouldn't fit me."

She laughed and hugged me. She squealed as she kissed me.

We headed back toward the casino when we bumped into Cheryl, Rita and Sam. Sheila joyfully showed off her gift to "oohs" and "aahs." She danced around singing "I Feel Pretty."

Cheryl said, "I'm jealous of you guys. I want a guy like you."

I was blushing and said, "To be honest, I feel like I'm a winner just being next to her. It sounds corny but I've never felt so satisfied before. To make her smile is my goal and so if these earrings can make her smile again for me, what's the big deal. I didn't buy them for her. I bought them for me."

We were in the elevator heading up to the suite and Sheila had this dreamy, misty-eyed look on her face. She kissed my lips and whispered something to me.

"I'm sorry, what did you say?"

"It doesn't matter what I said. It's how you make me feel. And I feel very good."

The elevator doors opened and we entered the suite. Sheila pulled me into a bedroom and closed the door.

"I'll be right back. When I return, I want you naked, do you understand?"

"Completely, mistress!" and I swatted her butt.

I quickly stripped down and hopped onto the bed. I surveyed the amazing room and looked outside the sliding glass doors to the pool and the terrace. It was cloudy, humid and warm but it was not raining. I was daydreaming as Sheila entered the room and locked the door. She was pushing a rolling cart laden with a sampling from the buffet and two glasses of red wine. She placed the cart by the bed and laid a tray on the bed. Then she undid her sari and let it drop to the floor. "What a fine looking woman," I thought as I took in her loveliness.

She crawled onto the bed next to me and sat cross-legged as she put some food onto a plate. My eyes focused upon her pink gash vertically smiling at me.

"All this for some earrings?" I said.

"No, silly, although the earrings didn't hurt. Actually, the earrings reminded me just how crazy I am about you."

She took some whipped cream off a pastry and wiped it onto my nipples then she sucked in each nipple one at a time and licked them clean. She took some more whipped cream and placed it in my navel. She licked that clean, too. She lay down next to me and licked my ear.

Whispering, she said, "I've never had a relationship with a man like you. You let me be me. You make no demands on me. Plus, you know how to treat a lady. You make me feel like a million bucks all the time. I'm mad about you. Please don't get angry when I say this but I love you intensely. I never want our relationship to end."

"Sheila, I'm mad about you, too. But, I'm a little wary, you know. Since my divorce, I've been somewhat reluctant to get involved and..."

She cut me off, "Of course, I understand. You were married for thirty years, you raised a family, you worked hard and you were betrayed. Your heart was broken. I understand and I relate to all of it. My divorce hurt, too. But I think we have something different and better because of our experience. I think..."

Now it was my turn, "I think that's true but what happens if things turn south? Do you want to go through the pain again? Wouldn't it be better if we maintained some distance?"

I knew I was lying to myself but I said the words anyway.

"What if we do?" she said, "Why don't we let things grow as organically as they have and see what happens. Consider this: we are great lovers and we are great friends, let's run with that? Still, I want you to know how much I love you and the way you make me feel...Free...Alive...with you."

"I could work with that."

"Good...because now I want to make love to you. I want to kiss you. I want to hold you. I want to feel your love inside me. And...I want to eat!"

She leaned over and licked my cockhead. We sat up and started to pick at the food. I placed one of those delicious dumplings in my mouth and fed her half.

"Won-ton Love," I said.

"The best kind, "she replied.

Soon, we were playing with the food. She placed some fois gras on my stomach. I placed some strawberry preserves on her pussy. She dipped my dick into her wine. I smeared circles of duck sauce on her tits. All of this was accompanied with giggles and laughter.

Soon, things became more serious and I pushed the tray off to the side. We cuddled side to side and began to kiss. Her kisses were urgent and ferocious while mine were tender and soft. She sucked my tongue forcefully while I ran the tip of my tongue around her lips tracing their curves. My dick was hard and pressing into her belly. She adjusted herself and slipped the head into her wet treasure. We held each other close.

"You make me cum better than anyone I've ever known. You allow me to indulge in my fantasies. You are my partner-in-crime, my fellow traveler..."

I inched into her slowly. I licked her cleavage, then up along her neck, then her ear lobes and then back to her mouth. She arched her back and pressed her breasts up into my chest. Her vagina pulled me in as she rolled me onto my back and sat up cowgirl style.

I ran my hands along her belly and her breasts as she began to slide up and down on me in long, slow and deep moves. This seemed to last quite a while until her panting increased and the sliding became more intense and faster. Soon, she was plunging rapidly and bouncing on me. Her hand strummed her clit and she was moaning. Her eyes were focused upon me as she cried out.

"Yes...yes...I'm going to cum all over over...for you... for you...oh, yes...fuck me so good..."

I felt her nectar gush down my cock and along my balls as her orgasm reached its crescendo. I thrust my hips up to her and began to pump hard and fast, I felt her velvet walls squeeze around me as I arched up and began to shoot my cream into her. And all the time, our eyes were locked together in pure ecstasy.

When I had shot my last, she lay down on me and we kissed and stroked each other.

"Do you see what I mean?" she said, "How good was that? I feel so wonderfully right. I really really love you. I love your cock. My pussy loves your cock. We fit, you know? You are my love, my lover, my soul and my friend. And you buy me lovely gifts!"

"Aha! The truth revealed!" and we laughed as I hugged her tight and close.

Suddenly, we heard the sound of muffled applause. We turned and looked at the doors to the terrace where our friends were cheering us.

Sheila triumphantly dismounted and placed her hand into her pussy. She dramatically licked her hand and then offered me a taste. The applause and laughter increased. She took my hand and led me off the bed. As we emerged onto the terrace, the applause increased again.

"That was the best, most passionate sex I've ever seen," said Cheryl, "it was beautiful."

"You know, I'm starting to think that you two are party poopers," said Didi.

As we began to slip into the hot tub, Jill and Rita pulled us back.

"Before you get into the hot tub, you have to be clean. House rules."

Rita began to suck my cock clean as Jill went to her knees and licked Sheila. Cheryl nudged between us and we kissed. We felt like royalty and we all slid into the tub. Sheila gathered us into a group hug and somehow, she got me in the middle. I must admit that having four women tightly squeeze you while in a hot tub -- eight breasts bobbing into and around your face -- is quite a thrill.

"And now for the next act," said Didi.

"Ladies and Gents, today we are going for the gold!" announced Ken as he winked at Sheila.

Tommy and Terry walked out onto the terrace dressed in red robes. Terry stood in front of us and let her robe drop to the ground. Her body was superb without an ounce of fat. Her breasts stood high and firm and her large brown areolas seemed to highlight her long nipples. Her hips curved just wide enough to appear like a natural cock basket. Her pussy was framed by a vertical landing strip that seemed to land at her long gash.

Tommy walked next to her and dropped his robe to the ground. The collective gasps seemed to suck the air out of the sky as we gazed upon his athletic body and his huge, truly pendulous cock. It had to be a good twelve inches long as it hung down to mid-thigh. The large round mushroom head was hidden by a large fleshy foreskin. It was as thick as a salami. It really was some kind of amazing thing considering that it was still soft.

Max, Sue and Didi gathered around him as Terry held his cock out straight. The women all got to their knees and began to lick it slowly and theatrically. His ball sack looked as though it held softballs and it, too, hung to mid-thigh.

Cheryl commented, "There's just no way could I ever get that inside of me...no fucking way."

There was a murmur of agreement.

Slowly, Tommy started to get hard and the head began to pop out from the foreskin. As it emerged, it was deep red and, to my eyes, looked threatening. Four tongues ran along the sides and around the balls. Didi turned to the hot tub assembly and smiled.

"Any volunteers care to help us out? We'd like to set a Guinness World Record."

Mel, Frank and Doreen joined as Ken stood to the side taking pictures. Cheryl, Rita, Jim and Sam clung to Sheila and I in the hot tub and hands wandered around. Tommy groaned as Doreen slipped the head into her mouth. Her cheeks flared as she sucked on the massive thing. Frank licked at the root. Mel positioned himself into Terry's backside.

"We got seven! Can I get eight?" Asked Didi.

Jill rose out of the tub and asked, "Is there any room for me?"

Didi placed several chaise cushions down and repositioned Tommy onto his hands and knees. Now, there was more room for more bodies. Still, his long cock nearly touched the ground. She placed several more cushions under his knees to lift his ass up some more and now his cock was a few inches from the ground...enough for a head, so to speak. Max scooted under him and began to lick his ball sack. Mel slipped his dick into Max and then leaned forward to work on Tommy's ass again. Frank, Doreen, Didi and Sue took up position at his sides and they began to lick his shaft. Terry also found a spot under him so that both she and Max could work on his balls. Jill couldn't find a spot to work on his dick and she made a face. Didi squeezed her into a side position so that she could also share a piece of his shaft. Ken pulled up a chair and placed it by Tommy's head. With his camera in position, he moved forward so Tommy could suck on his warhead.

"Ok, that makes nine...and it looks like I have a good camera angle, too! Hey! I thought we had ten!"

"I'm here," shouted Jack as he ran over and found a spot pulling at Tommy's nipples.

We began to laugh at the sight of this grouping. It reminded me of a bunch of circus clowns piling out of a tiny car. It wasn't all that erotic a sight, it seemed more like a novelty. I began to envision excavated murals from the walls of Pompeian bathhouses, you know, the ones where one person is sexually connected to the next and so on down the wall. Still, it was a truly amazing sight.

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