tagErotic CouplingsDinner and Then Some Ch. 03

Dinner and Then Some Ch. 03

byParis Waterman©

Michael had already paid the check and stood as Leigh approached their table. She risked looking at the "mystery man" out of the corner of her eye. He was holding the woman's hand and talking quietly to her. 'What a strange, exciting couple,' Leigh thought as they made their exit to the street and their awaiting limo.

The driver held the door for her then skipped around to the other side and did the same for Michael. In seconds the long limo was smoothly moving along in the late night traffic. In the same period of time Leigh leaned her chest against Michael as her hand unzipped his fly and reached inside to grasp him.

"Um, honey . . .?" Michael said.

"Yes sweetheart?"

"The way you're touching and holding me there . . . and the way your breasts are brushing against me, is getting me aroused."

Leigh's face took on a delighted look and she started rubbing her breasts against him while softly squeezing his stiffening penis.

"That's the idea, loverman mine."

Naturally enough, it continued to grow. But Michael kept her at bay, confiding with a barely perceptible whisper that he feared being observed by the driver. She knew the driver couldn't see anything going on behind him because of the darkly tinted glass of the partition and smirked in the darkness. In this she would be proved wrong, but it is of no consequence to those of us following the story.

Leigh knew how to handle his reluctance --- she'd transform herself from demur housewife to foul-mouthed slut. She recalled how he loved it when she talked dirty to him.

"Come on, ride me, you horny fucker," she whispered obscenely in his ear as her hot tongue descended upon his ear lobe. "I want your cock inside me. Come on you BIG FUCK . . . give it to me."

"Leigh, what are you . . . ."

She was having none of his excuses this time. Highly excited from her voyeuristic experiences at the restaurant, her inflamed imagination, and topped off by the "Mystery Man's" handing her the card, combined to arouse her as never before.

Despite Michael's attempts to fend her off without drawing the driver's attention to them he was losing the struggle. She had a firm grip on his emerging erection.

"For God's sake, Leigh!"

"Come on you bastard!" She cried out, although her voice was muffled since her face was wedged into his crotch. "Can't keep your dick hard for me?" She actually snarled as her fingers nimbly squeezed and yanked on his now fully exposed cock.


She ignored his reluctance, and turning slightly, slid down the smooth leather seat, hiking her dress up to her garter belt. The very tips of her fingers barely touched Michael's shaft and the tingle of her nails kissed at his skin.

"Ohhh, fuck! Leigh!" He moaned while she licked his shaft with a passion that gave Michael concern. He'd never encountered such uninhibited enthusiasm before. He was totally confused. 'What was going on?' he wondered, as his hands reached for her breasts.

"Ohhhhh Michael." She cooed as his fingers manipulated her breasts. The words blew her desire and want across the top of his velvet covered glans. He felt the heat of her breath greet his stiffening cock, and as his purple crown made its appearance, he arched forward, the muscles in the cheeks of his ass tightened.

As the limo tore across the city line, Michael moaned, "Oh, yes! Do me baby! Suck that dick!"

Leigh's fingers deftly pulled his foreskin back to allow the flat of her tongue to press then lick slowly across his slit, forcing it to wink as she passed from one side of his glans to the other. Michael's head lolled back and his eyes rolled in his head, as the electric charge from her oral massage bolted through him. His hands went to her hair and he had to restrain himself from pushing her head hard down upon his pulsing cock.

'Sweet Jesus!' a silent voice echoed in his head. 'I don't know what's come over her, but I love it!'

Reveling in the total control that she now possessed, Leigh made her dreamy almond eyes smile as she looked up at him. She knew he liked what he felt for his cock continued to twitch beneath the feather soft touch of her fingers. She closed her eyes as her lips returned to his glans, sliding down to the soft bunching skin at his ridge. Michael's slit oozed with precum. Leigh's taste buds were reawakened and dancing with delight.

Michael's hand caressed her face as Leigh tightened her lips forming hollows in her cheeks. Her head began to bob up and down. The saliva in her mouth along with Michael's salty, sweet nectar made his cock a slick tool, easy enough to devour, and although she'd just eaten, she was starving for him.

Michael's breathing became loud and labored with intermittent moans of obvious pleasure. Slurping wet sounds emerged as Leigh's mouth slithered up and down the slippery velvet of his pulsating root.

The tension in the drivers shoulders increased and he forced himself to concentrate on the road before him. 'These rich bastards,' he thought, 'fucking like rabbits. Don't give a shit where they do it! My luck I'll be cleaning his cum off the leather and smelling her cunt until all hours. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!' Then he smiled. 'Course I'd do her in a minute if I had the chance.' This last possibility helped release his sexual tension, and he adjusted the rear-view mirror for the second time.

As she continued blowing Michael, Leigh's nose brushed the nest of his pubic hair with each downward slide. Her palm and fingers worked in perfect unison with her lips. Up and down, the flutist played, inspiring the sweetest music. The tempo increased as Leigh's head bobbed up then down on his musk-ridden cock. Her spittle ran down and along his balls and into his anal crevice.

Michael had his face tucked into his shoulder to muffle his voice as he crowed, "Suck it baby, suck it!"

"Oh yeah, that's it baby!" He crooned, and his fingers tugged at her hair even as her lips slid slowly upwards on his ever so rigid shaft.

Pausing for a moment, Leigh admired how his foreskin puckered at the ridge. 'Oh, I'm giving him the best blowjob ever,' she thought happily. 'And I'm gonna get laid a hundred times tonight,' she happily turned her head from side to side, permitting her lips to bathe in the silky, softness of his velvet prick.

"I don't believe this, Leigh. What's come . . . Ohhhh, yeah, suck it! Suck that cock! Oh, Christ Almighty!"

Her tongue flicked out to swirl over, around and under his glans. His pelvis lurched upward. Her palm slid down his thumping dick, pulling the foreskin taut to his base. Heat and friction rode the entire length of his cock and then fire ignited as her tongue flicked across the underside where his sensitive "T" stood out like embossed lettering.

"Oh my God! Oh, my God!" Michael shouted, and for the first time caught the driver watching them.

'Go girl,' the driver said to himself, focusing on the rear-view mirror. At the same time cutting the wheel to avoid a tow truck coming in the opposite direction. 'Can't lose my fucking job over a blowjob,' he groused, then grinned. 'Still and all . . . maybe they'll be fucking back there shortly. I can only hope.'

Leigh rubbed at the small of Michael's back and gently squeezed his aching balls before taking him deep. She'd realized she'd never done this before and began to fear the consequences as the tip of his glans rubbed against the soft palate of her throat. She managed to overcome the fear and ventured on.

Each was lost in their own reality of pleasure as Michael drew closer, he violently thrust his hips upward and his legs began to stiffen. Leigh was air humping, squeezing and releasing her thighs as she plied his skin flute. She knew her panties were soaked with her fluids and actually felt her juices seeping into the crease of one thigh. 'Had she peed herself? No way, she'd squirted! Damn, she hadn't done that in a while!'

Michael gasped then bellowed as he released the first spew of his load. Leigh gagged and pulled her head back in alarm. She felt a warm tingling in her clit as she swallowed his hot seed down her throat.

She took a deep breath and swallowed. Satisfied she was not going to choke, she continued to milk his wildly throbbing, still spurting cock. Her lips popped over his slick glans with each swallow. Both Michael's hands were in her hair as she pushed his foreskin back and allowed her tongue to swirl around as she sucked the head of his cock clean

"I never knew you could do it that well. All these years and now?"

"Well," Leigh said, "I thought we should try something different."

"That was different," he said, caressing her face with his fingertips. "Very different and a lot of fun. We'll have to try this more often."

"Tomorrow at seven," she grinned at him then kissed him tenderly. "Of course we're not finished with tonight yet."

"For sure," he replied with a big grin. "I owe you a good head job."

"Only one? On our anniversary?"

He laughed. "We'll see," he said and glancing out the window and was startled to see they were only five or six miles from home. "Better compose yourself dear," he said, "we're almost home."

Leigh sat up, slipping her arm out from behind him and using the mirror in her compact, wiped the last of his come from her lips with her little finger. Michael hastily pushed his spent cock back into his slacks and zipped up, looking like the perfect gentleman again. The driver silently cursed them for finishing so soon.

They pulled into their driveway and the driver, still silently cursing them and with a conspicuous bulge in his trousers, opened the limo door for Leigh. She provided him with a view from her ankle to crotch, partly because she was intensely aroused, partly because she suspected he knew what had transpired and she felt sorry for him. She hurried inside while Michael paid the driver.

Moments later she heard Michael enter through the front door. She was ready and waiting, presenting her body to him by posing bent over a chair in the foyer with her hands gripping the arms and her ankles wrapped around the legs wearing nothing but white stockings and a garter belt. Her closely trimmed pubic hair caused her mound to stand out clearly even in the dim lighting. But all Michael saw was her magnificent ass framed by the garter belt.

"Oh, my God!" He exclaimed, and moved toward her, hungry for what was evident between her legs. Michael dropped to his knees behind her and ran his hands over her buttocks, teasing her rectum then using his fingers to open the ready lips of her labia.

"Lick me, I'm so goddamned wet already," she pleaded.

In answer to her plea, his mouth closed down on her and sucked and licked for several very enjoyable minutes, leaving a trail of saliva over her entire mons. He used his long tongue to play with her folds, lifting and dropping them, rubbing gently along their length, all this to coax her clitoris from its hiding place. When it emerged, he teased it until she screamed for mercy, then thrust his serpentine tongue halfway into her. Leigh's wanton scent drove Michael wild as his tongue began collecting the juices from Leigh's now squirting cunt.

Leigh groaned loudly and pushed her buttocks toward his face. His hand busily fingering the lacy texture of the garter belt; and the taut skin along her ass as he slowly licked his way to her hole. She screamed and came hard the moment his tongue flickered at the entrance of her anus. And moments later she came again as Michael tore the garter belt violently from her body. In the process she lost her hold on the chair and slipped to the carpeted floor.

"Get up you hot bitch! Get up!"

As she struggled to her knees he placed himself under her. "Squat over my face," he commanded. Leigh quickly found herself hovering above his hungry mouth as his tongue delved between her labia once again, Leigh reached behind her and felt his rigid cock and gave it a squeeze. He moved to her clit immediately signaling his approval, then he settled into a rhythm that satisfied them both. Having already come twice, Leigh was content with the slow, languid build up of his tongue's lapping and soft sucking of her genitals by his mouth. Gradually he pulled her down to him so that she lay alongside him.

She opened her mouth, felt his tongue push into her and tasted herself. Not for the first time, mind you, but this time the taste provided a pleasure that seemed to remain for the longest time. Finally, she clasped his head between her hands and tried to match the intensity of his tongue with her own. Minutes later, Leigh was pushing her hips against Michael trying to bring his attention to her pouting pussy and it's desperate need.

But Michael knew her and would not allow her to interrupt him, continuing to lick and kiss her head, giving her earlobes the same attention that her mouth had received.

Leigh was reveling in the variety of sensations careening through her body when she caught herself thinking about the "mystery man."

Even as she was enraptured by Michael's attention, she began to imagine his mouth as that of the "mystery man."

Michael pinned her legs against her chest and began licking firmly between her legs and Leigh closed her eyes and began to shudder. Michael introduced a finger into her anus that didn't stop until the palm of his hand rested against her cheek. His tongue circled around the fleshy hood of her clit, teasing and pushing as imagined herself bound and gagged, completely under "his" control.

Michael felt her anal muscles contract around his finger and slowly withdrew his finger part way only to push back in again as his tongue continued its frenzied movement within her cunt.

Leigh savored the finger inside her anus trying to imagine it a dildo Banning had decided to introduce to her. She squirmed round and round permitting the finger deeper entry and then overcome by the sudden surge of yet another orgasm, she screamed in delight, pushing her hips hard against Michael's face and pulling him even closer with her leg as a long, convulsive shiver ran through her body. Michael continued eating her beyond the end of her convulsions and she didn't stop him. Leigh's body remained rigid throughout this period and she was soon squealing again, jerking with each outcry. She pushed Michael off after it peaked, and holding his head tightly between her hands, she lay there quivering for about ten seconds. Then she let go of go and melted back into the floor. He followed and she curled into his arms and they began to kiss and hug each other, savoring the aftermath of their unquestionable love for one another.

Leigh was undeniably back with Michael now, the "mystery man" having disappeared into the remote recesses of her mind.

"That was . . . wonderful Michael. Wonderful."

"Umm. I had quite an appetite for you didn't I?"

"I should serve that desert more often, you think?"

"At least once a week," he said and they both laughed.

Perhaps five minutes passed before Leigh clamped her legs around Michael's waist and her groin stirred again. "Michael?" she cooed softly. "Ummm?"

"Wasn't that fun?"

" 'course it was, why?"

"Want to move into the bedroom for your turn?"

"Sure," he said, helping pull Leigh to her feet. Moments later they lay comfortably on their king-size bed.

"Mmmm, sweetie," she purred, "why don't I get on top and slip you in and lets just wiggle a little."

"Sound like a good idea. And let me say . . . you're filled with good ideas tonight."

She laughed gaily and leaned down to suck on his nipple. "Ohhh, yeah, that feels good," Michael hissed, then drew in his breath as she inserted his erection inside her and began to roll her hips.

"Can you feel that?"

"Oh yeah, oh yeah." He laughed as Leigh's movement picked up a notch. "Your juicer is working pretty good."


"Yeah. Squeezing the hell out of me. I like this . . . not having to work hard at all."

"Are you gonna come?"

"Not just yet angel. Ohhhh that feels nice!"

"Your cock is nice and big and feels so good. Did you know it just fills me up?"

"So bigger is better?"

No necessarily, but it helps a girl to get where she wants to go."

Michael chuckled.

"I'll tell you something else."


"I'm loving the way we fit together, you know? Like I think you have this ridge at the base of your knob . . ."

"My knob?"

"You know . . . the head thingy . . ."


"Well, it . . . that part . . . has a habit of catching hold of my clitty . . .ummm, if I tilt a certain way and then rubs it this way and that . . . until I just can't stand it and before I know it I'm going over the edge again."

"I love it when you talk dirty like this."

"But I'm not talking dirty sweetie, I'm just . . ." She cut herself off abruptly and began riding him furiously.

"That's it baby. Do it! Ride me!"

Leigh was beyond responding. She wasn't out to bring him pleasure at this point, she sensed she was going to come -- a mighty orgasm was emerging and she was pummeling him to make it happen.

"Fuck me!" Michael growled.

Leigh recovered her voice in time to beg him, " Ohhh, pinch my nips you fucker!"

He obliged as his loins erupted, exploding into her.

"I'm almost there!"

"God, I'm coming!" Michael screamed.

"Aaaaaaaggghhhhh!" Leigh screamed as they came together.

They lay quietly for a while then Leigh rolled off the side of the bed and went in to take a shower. When she returned Michael was dozing and she snuggled up against him and took his earlobe between her teeth and woke him.

"Sweetie, that last one was exceptional. Want to try to come again?"

"No lover, I've had it for tonight."

"Okay, let's get some sleep. I love you, Michael."

"I love you too, Leigh. It was a great evening. Thanks for dragging me out. I promise we'll do this more often."

"You mean fucking?'

"No . . . well, yes, but going out on the town and fucking is more in line with what I meant."

"I knew that, sweetie," and she kissed his face, rolled over to allow him to fit against her butt spoon fashion and they drifted off to sleep.


Leigh lay in her bath, indulging in a slow masturbation and tried to recall the places and ways they'd done it. Over the last two weeks they'd been like rabbits on a honeymoon. She'd even gone out and on a whim had her nipples pierced. Michael had been enthralled with them, and after they had had a chance to heal, played with them constantly.

They made love everywhere. The dining room table; Leigh had marred it with her bracelet while gripping its sides as Michael had hammered her with his tool. She smiled at the memory. He'd gotten soooo deep that time, it was a wonder they hadn't fallen off and gotten hurt. A wry smile formed on her lips as his nickname for his cock came to mind. 'Horace. Why in the world did men name their penises? And Horace of all things?'

Then there was that time in the kitchen; she'd been fixing a salad for lunch and he'd hiked her skirt up and entered her . . . she'd mixed some of his sperm into the salad dressing later just for added spice. He never knew, but she told her friend Gabby that night when talking with her on the phone.

Leigh giggled like a little girl recalling the time in the car . . . not that unusual except that she'd been on her cell phone talking to Gabby and his fingers had . . . well Gabby detected a change in her voice that required some nimble thinking to explain.

And the night they went to the X-rated movie and she went down on him after noticing the other man in their row jerking off. Michael had nearly gone crazy trying to stop her and then came so hard she'd choked on his release. And later that same evening on leaving TGIF's she'd made him pull the car off to an old side road and he'd fucked her up the ass as she leaned against the hood and howled like a banshee.

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