tagGroup SexDinner is Served

Dinner is Served


Please note: The following story contains scenes of wife sharing, swinging, and lesbianism. If these offend you, please do not read on.


I glanced at my watch. 8:20pm. I was sweating. This had to be perfect or my wife Sarah would never agree to anything like this ever again. Our dinner guests would be arriving in 5 minutes so I went to check the large dinner table in our dinning room again.

The main base white silk table cloth was in place and looked splendid as if laid out for the queen herself. No cutlery was visible, or plates. Just wine glasses and place cards. I checked them against our menu list.

Hannah, a 32 year old blond woman, slim, with an athletic figure was to be seated top left of the table. She had ordered breast. Yep that checked out.

Next to her was her husband John, to be seated bottom left, as he had ordered leg. A tall stocky man. Banker by trade.

At the foot of the table was the place card for Mike, who had ordered the fish, and next to him, bottom right, was his wife Marie, having ordered Leg. Mike was the oldest to join us this evening, being 52 and balding slightly and carrying a little extra baggage. His wife Marie on the other hand was clearly after his Ferrari and supporting wage, as she was only 25, and had a body fresh out of uni, but with the breasts of a mother to be. Only she wasn't.

Top right, ready for breast would sit Simon, 35 Gym instructor, and his amazing wife and customer Debbie, 29 and well instructed by Simon it would seem, was to sit at the head of the table, having ordered tongue.

All the places would change of course depending on desert orders, but for now at least, it would seem everything was in order.

Atop the silk table cloth the evenings dinning was already in place, secured to the table, and further covered in a pink silk cloth. Its shape hinting at the delight of each platter beneath. Silently the meal waited.

The door bell rang, and I, dressed in my best tux and ready to serve as butler for the evening, walked professionally, calmly to greet the guest.

"Good evening sir, madam." I said as I opened the front door to see Simon and Debbie standing on the front porch. Simon was smartly dressed in suit pants and dinner jacket, with a casual but smart black polo neck sweater beneath. Debbie looked stunning in her dinner dress, the cut reaching down to her waist both front and back, and again up to her waist up either leg. Its near black dark red colour looked almost gothic in a teasingly lustful display of her body.

"Follow me please." I said non excitedly after taking their coats from their arms. I led the couple through the hall to the lounge where I invited them to relax as we awaited the other guests. After fixing them both a drink, the door bell rang again.

"Good evening Sir, Madam." I again greeted as I opened the door to the remaining guests, who arrived together in a stretched limo.

Walking in, almost ignoring me and dismissing me as the hired help, even though they knew I wasn't, the group had clearly already enjoyed a drink or 3 in the limo on the way to the meal. However they gladly excepted some more liquid inspiration as I went about serving the various cocktails they ordered.

Hannah seemed a little shy. Her full length white, almost ghost like dress clearly revealing black panties beneath suggested otherwise, as did her lack of bra, leaving her heaving bosom clearly visible beneath the thin fabric. John, was dressed in neat jeans and a trendy grey cashmere jumper. His small goatee making him look like a graphic designer more than a banker.

Mike appeared to be every bit the rich extravagant I'd imagined him to be, sporting a full white suit that was tailor fitted to hide his growing belly as best it could. Balder and older looking than I'd expected I began to suspect he'd lied about his age. His wife however was more than I could have hopped for. Marie looked like a goddess fallen from grace. Her figure and her face were divine. Blue eyes shining from a mane of perfect, long, wavy blond hair. Her fall from grace hinted by her black attire. Knee high black leather boots, leading up perfect legs to a short black skirt that looked more like a belt, and her top, proud as can be as I'd seen her walk from the limo, the driver staring as he helped her from the car, was naked. From leaving the car in the drive to the 15 step walk to the door, to her now standing, cooly chatting with the others, standing topless in my lounge. She was clearly wicked. That said, I guess so was everyone else here. Sure they'd each given her breasts a longing stare, but then each had then just broken their gaze and continued with small talk as if nothing was amiss. This was welcome conformation that I'd chosen our dinner guests well.

After 30 minutes of drink and talk had past and our guests had had fair chance to unwind, I thought I best not keep them and the meal waiting much longer lest the meal go cold.

"Dinner is served." I said from the entrance to the lounge before ushering the guests through to the dinning room and to their seats at the table.

After fixing them all a wine to accompany their meal I began to serve dinner in a fashion none of us had experienced before.

"For you Hannah" I began "Breast of Woman." With that I moved a portion of the top silk aside, revealing my wife's naked right breast, nipple erect with anticipation, and chest heaving up and down in deep breaths of fear and excitement.

"And for you John" I continued "Leg of a Lady." I announced as I folded over more of the cloth, so as to expose my wife's entire right hand side torso and leg. A leg smooth as the rest of her 35 year old body. Slim and sexy in its prime of sexual awareness and leading to a foot securely restrained to the corner of the table with soft rope.

I Walked past Mike to his dismay, and moved instead to his wife Maria. Staring hard at her naked top and then up to her blue eyes I took her hands and placed them on the cloth and without a word, I assisted her, neither of us breaking the gaze, as we revealed my wife's other leg also secured with rope. "Enjoy your Leg Of a Wife." I whispered to Maria as we folded the cloth without revealing too much else.

On then to Simon I moved "And for you Sir, the Finest 'Married Bosom'." I said as I moved the cloth aside to reveal my wife's left side breast.

The cloth now covered my wife's head fully, formed a neat rope down her wonderful cleavage, down her middle, and fanned out again between her legs.

Moving to the head of the table now, nervous as hell but doing my best to hide it, I gave Debbie a loud, long kiss on the lips to which she reciprocated. Our lips slapping and sucking each others tongues as if an un-official appetizer for the meal to hear. "For you Debbie" I broke "Tongue of Slave." and folded down the top part of the cloth, revealing my wife's blind folded face, mouth pursed and dry. Eyes searching behind the blind fold. Mind reeling. Breath quickening. Her mouth free to object but her arms now visible and also tied to the top corners of the dinner table.

Moving to the base of the table with all eyes on me, I went directly to Mike.

"And for you good sir, it is my honour to present" I grabbed the silk cloth for the last time and whipped it away to fully expose my wife. "Pussy of my Wife, for your enjoyment."

As if I had disappeared all eyes left me and each stared at its own portion of the meal. Mike grinned as he spied the silk below my wife's crouch. It was damp. Very damp.

"This will be a fine meal indeed." he said in a dirty perverted tone only the rich could get away with.

There was no warning. This was a meal after all. Everyone had their plate in front of them and so everyone tucked in all at once. Hannah and Simon eyeing each other across the table as each sucked hard on each of my wife's breasts. At the same time John and Maria began licking, kissing, stroking, biting at her legs and thighs. Mike was instantly feasting in earnest at her waiting and spread pussy. Burying his tongue deep inside and all I heard was the beginnings of the gasp "oh my god." from my wife when her mouth was sealed with Debbie's, who soon sucked my Sarah's tongue into the open and began caressing it with her mouth in an open display of tongue sucking. A site which almost sent me over the edge right away. That happening before desert would never do.

I steadied my breathing and just stepped back, watching my wife loose control of her own. Her chest was heaving. Her whole body writhed in waves.

It was kind of slow at first. Polite dining you might say. After the initial mouth full, each would break. Take a sip of wine. Survey their meal, perhaps deciding on how best to proceed as much as one would ponder "more meat, or perhaps some vegetables?" before taking the next mouthful.

I looked up as I heard Sarah gasp in earnest as Debbie broke the kissing to have a drink and a bit of table chat with Mike opposite her.

I noted that without saying a word, Sarah, my wife was gasping, still blind folded, craning her neck as her lips searched for Debbie's.

Debbie spotted this and took some more wine and then, leaning over my wife's trusting mouth, she dribbled her used beverage into the waiting vessel. Before my wife could gag or choke or swallow the kiss was once again sealed and once again, was clearly mutual, my wife swallowing the 2nd hand drink gratefully.

We'd discussed this evening at length before hand. Me being very keen to my wifes surprise, but her being the cautious one. Our rules were simple. She could protest at any time and I would stop everything. Everyone had agreed as everyone involved knew this was our first time. Everyone had also agreed at the originality of the idea and couldn't wait.

The other rule was a little harder to pass for seasoned swingers but once I'd got to know them, again, they agreed. This evening was to be a "meal" and my wife was to be the main course. However, she was to be consumed with hands and mouths ONLY as far as her body was concerned. In short, kissing and touching ONLY, besides myself.

I looked Sarah over, gauging for any signs of body language that said she was in danger or wanted to stop, or was in regret. There were none.

More slow banter across the table between Hannah and Simon as they discussed today's weather. Blatantly teasing my wife's nipples as her back arched for attention each time they stopped.

Mike stopped his meal between her legs. Dabbed his mouth politely with his napkin, and called me over.

"Old boy, how much wine do we have here?"

"Plenty Sir." I answered, confused, eyeing up his untouched glass.

"Say, enough for some marinade?" he quizzed in his gentlemanly tone.

"But of course sir." I said, bowing before retreating to the kitchen to fetch our finest red.

Everyone stopped and sat up when I returned. Watching me and waiting for the new flavour. But all was not still. Sarah was writhing as if invisible lips continued their assault. As if tortured by the break.

But it wasn't just her. Legs were writhing under the table as hands had crossed legs, not necessarily to the marital lap, and secret favours were being performed on all.

I popped the cork on the wine and poured its perfectly room temperature liquid over my beautiful wife's body and even over her face.

Then I stepped back and the pace picked up. Conversations over, everyone's attention was 100% on their own portion of the meal.

Sarah's legs were pushing and pulling with what little movement the ropes allowed as her skin was assaulted with male and female mouths on her legs. Biting, sucking her skin between their teeth. Eating her like animals. Like vampires. Like lovers. Their moans into her thighs gave away their own state of arousal.

Mike was leading the pack. Licking and lapping at her pussy. Then pausing and licking slowly, skilfully across her clit. Teasing, tasting, and then diving in for more drink of her heavenly juices.

Her breasts were red from the kisses, sucks, licks, bites and caresses from both Hannah and Simon. I'd known seeing another woman sucking on Sarah's breast would drive me wild and it did, especially as Hannah repeatedly caught my eye and winked and mouthed "She's delicious." before going back for more. But it was seeing a man. Seeing Simon devour my wife's other breast and bringing her such pleasure that was actually sending me into a trance.

Likewise the relentless kissing of Sarah and Debbie was sending me a little uneasy on my feet. Not so much Debbie's enjoyment of her portion of the meal but of Sarah's. Of the eager reciprocation of what she clearly knew to be a woman's kiss. She hadn't known who would be sitting where until this night. Having said to me time and time again "But 2 women together is wrong!" she clearly now threw away those ideals so long as I was in consent. And clearly, she was enjoying it.

Suddenly the table shook. Sarah convulsed. Her legs spasmed and everyone slowed. Everyone accept Mike who could be heard sucking and swallowing her cum. They'd brought her to Orgasm.

She gasped and moaned with prolonged ecstasy into Debbie's Kiss as she rode the wave of pleasure.

Everyone sighed with their own satisfaction onto her various body parts. And then one by one, pulled away and dabbed themselves with their napkins.

I looked at Sarah laying there. Vulnerable yet safe. Used and yet served. On one hand she was their play thing. On the other, they were hers, and she loved it.

Each guest now stood up ready to be shown to their new position. For now it was time for desert.

"Could the woman please now move through to the lounge room while the gentlemen prepare desert."

As with any ordinary meal, Hannah quipped about it being nice for the men to do something for a change, where as Marie sauntered up to me and whispered "I can't wait for my cream pie." and with a wink, was gone into the other room.

I grabbed a cloth and did my best to mop any remaining wine from Sarah's skin as if she were nothing more than a kitchen surface. A piece of furniture.

When ready I ushered the gentlemen into their positions.

Mike stood at her head. John and Simon each stood at either side of her, near her breasts.

"Gentlemen, you know what to do." I said as I stood between my wife's legs.

They all dropped their pants revealing ready and eager erections. John and Simon began masturbating straight away while tugging and squeezing my wife's tits for inspiration.

Sarah began to moan again, but this was stifled to her surprise by Mikes cock at her lips. I wasn't sure how that would go down. If she'd take that as a step too far. To make it clear it wasn't mine, I took my place and pushed my cock into her wet and open pussy.

She gasped with shock and Mike took that moment to thrust into her open mouth.

She winced, but as I rocked in and out, she gave in and began sucking on Mikes cock and moving her head up and down as much as possible. It popped out and she licked and circled its large bulb head with her tongue before sucking it deep inside once again.

The men at her breasts, watching our double show wanked hard and fast and Sarah, my wife, rode with my thrusts while sucking hard on a strange mans penis.

John was the first to go shooting his load all over my wifes perfect right breast and down her belly. Simon followed soon after shooting onto her left tit, deep cleavage, and onto her neck and chin.

Then I saw mike tense up and jolt and jerk as his load went into Sarah's mouth and then withdrew as it spilled over onto her lips and over her face.

This final site sent me over the edge and I came deep in her pussy and continued to pump my sperm as I withdrew, dripping it over her pussy lips and clit and trailing it down her thigh.

I moved back and was about to call the Women in, but they had come through un-invited to watch the show.

They too knew what to do.

"Enjoy your desert ladies." I said.

Marie jumped right in, bent over, lifting her dress to bare her ass as she buried her face deep in Sarah's pussy and began to eat her desert. The "cream pie" she'd wanted. She'd ASKED for in her emails. A cream pie, in my wifes pussy, with my cum dripping out.

Hannah moved up to my wife's mouth. She began by softly licking the cum from Sarah's face and swallowing, while too hitching up her dress to make herself accessible.

Debbie took her new place at Sarah's side, licking as if she'd never eaten, at the cum on my wifes torso and breasts. Sucking hard on the nipples. She too made herself accessible.

As each wife did this, each husband moved to someone else's wife and entered them.

Hannah groaned into the kiss with my wife as Mike began to pound into her pussy from behind. Debbie nearly bit off Sarah's nipple as John took her by surprise, clasped her breasts tight, and trust into her like a tribesman.

Wicked fallen angle Marie stared at her husband Mike across the table as she drank my cum from my wifes pussy, and groaned with wanton lust without breaking her gaze when Simon pushed his gym instructors body against her and began mating with her like an animal.

Again my wifes body swam in the river of emotion and senses assaulting her mind and body. The sound of sex filled the room. Men and woman groaning as this bazaar meal neared conclusion. Each woman moaned into her body as they climaxed. And then again as each swapped husband pulsed inside them and came deep within them.

The meal was over.

Everyone was exhausted.

I was thanked by all for an excellent and original evening as each member left. Each member kissed my wife full on the lips, swapping tongues, before leaving. Still giving no verbal communication at all. As if taking an after dinner mint and nothing more personal than that.

Marie still topless and shameless with it walked tall and proud up the drive to the limo.

I closed the door behind the last of them and returned to clean up. Untying my wife, I left her lying on the table as if she were a plate waiting to be cleared up.

As I took the glasses and cloths away she slowly sat up and removed her blind fold.

"Thank you." she said at last. "You were right. I did enjoy it. I enjoyed it very much."

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