Dionysus Retreat, Brides Night Out


"Oh you're going to get me Brock," shouted Joan. "Keep going! Don't stop! What about you Brandi?"

"It's feeling really good! I believe I'm going to 'come' as well," replied Brandi.

Both women wanted the reinforcement of their husbands' libidos that each knew would occur if each could get his wife 'off.' Their desire was more based on preservation of their marriage than on a desire to orgasm. Joan and Brandi's orgasms were numbered in the dozens already this night. It was now time to see if sex at home could still be fun.

"I'm coming Stuart! Keep up the pounding!" yelled Brandi over the cries of pleasure Joan had started and Brandi could tell were real,

"You've got me! Over the top! Yes! Fuck yes! Ah Ah Iiiieeeeeeeeeeeee! Iiiieeeeeeeeeee!" cried Joan.

"Me too! Here it comes Stuart! Oh! Fuck me! Fuck me! Yessssssssssss! Iiiieeeeeeee!" Brandi cried out in the midst of a sharp but short release induced she realized by her finger work on her clit. But Stuart didn't need to know that.

Then Joan, ever the sex initiator, jumped off her husband's rod and threw herself down on all fours on the couch, butt high in the air.

"Let's switch partners!" she suggested. "Stuart, take me from behind!"

Looking to Brandi for permission and approval, he was ecstatic to hear her say,

"Go ahead! You know you've always wanted to. Go fuck Joan but good and bring her off! I'm going to ask the same of Brock," said Brandi getting up on all fours and also placing her butt high in the air.

She was facing Joan just inches away from lip to lip. To initiate something on her own, she stuck out her tongue and flicked it across Joan's lips. The women moved closer and again began French kissing. Their distended pussy lips hung invitingly open, and the new retreat initiates began to wave their butts back and forth as if to say 'Hey, over here guys. Stuff us up!'

Both husbands moved like jack rabbits to position themselves behind their wife's best friend and prepared to mount doggy style. They looked at one another, thumbs went up, and cockheads were fitted to still gaping holes now surrounded by distended obviously already well-fucked pussy lips.

"You girls sure this is what you want?" asked Brock one last time.

"Go to it you two! Get those cocks a-moving! We want some hot action!" yelled Joan.

If the neighbors were lying in bed awake, they had to have heard the exchange and now knew that their building was a wife swapping den of iniquity. Nevertheless, the action in Apt. 4B probably turned them on at least a little. How could it not? It was consensual. It was safe. And it was hot!

Each husband buried his cock in a cunt, a new cunt, one Stuart especially had been dreaming about practically every other night for years. The sensation wasn't great given how much restretching had befallen both Brandi and Joan's cunt in the previous few hours, but the image and thought of what was happening took the husbands to nirvana. Sex was, after all, often a mind game. And this was as good as the mental images got!

Once they had recovered from the shock of realizing their wife swapping dreams, both husbands got down to the serious business of fucking their wives who were new initiates of a sex club. Sawing in and out, fast-paced, slow-paced, deep thrusts followed by staccato short strokes, Brock and Stuart did everything they could to secure their wives' orgasms. Five minutes became ten, then twelve. Nothing was happening. The women were merrily exploring one another's mouths with their talented tongues but no evidence of imminent release was uttered. Brock had an idea. He slipped out of Brandi's cunt and fed his dick into her ass. Stuart did the same in Joan's ass.

"Oh, hello there! You boys want a little two-hole fun do you? Well go for it!" said Joan.

Brock slid in and out of Brandi's tight sphincter, and knew he was close to coming. Stuart did the same and was soon running the same risk. The wives had not 'cum,' not even once. Brock had another idea. He stepped across the living room to his gym bag and pulled out the big 3-inch thick black dildo that Sonia had given Joan. Stuart ran down the hall to their bedroom and came back with Brandi's big matching white dildo, also presented to her by Sonia. Switching instruments, each husband fitted the tip of the dildo to the gaping cunt before him and shoved it home. Each then plowed back into his partner's ass.

"Wow! You guys are giving us simultaneous DPs! I like it" yelled Joan.

"Yessssss! That feels wonderful! Your cock in my ass and the big cock dildo up my pussy. Go at us guys!" said Brandi. Peals of squealing and cries of pleasure filled the apartment.

"Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck meeeeeee! Ah Ah Ah iiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" yelled Joan.

"It's so good! Gawd it's good! I'm coming! Ah Ah Iiieeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Ieeeeeeeee!" screamed Brandi.

"Are you guys close? Spew all over us, will you?" suggested Joan thinking of the video of the foursome that Rebel was somewhere behind them recording.

"Here it comes now baby. Ah! Ah! Ahhhhhhh!" shouted Brock pulling out and spaying all over Brandi who had reversed herself to a sitting position leaning back on the couch.

And now it was Stuart's turn. Stuart had been wife-watching all night, and he had built up quite a volume of sperm. Yelling at the top of his lungs,

"Yes! Take that! And that!" he exploded all across Joan's breasts and face and hair.

The two husbands reveled in the moment they'd created, fixed in their memories the mental image of the two cum-splattered Cougars flaked out before them, and then collapsed onto the couch beside their wives. Everyone was late for breakfast and for work. But that was ok! It was Friday. The new Retreat members were all doing just fine.


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