tagGroup SexDiphallus Ch. 03

Diphallus Ch. 03


The following day, the women spent most of their time in the GLBT club's kitchen, as the Palestinian cooks loved getting a suck of Noga's abundant and Dvora's still scanty milk. Their milk was very arousing, so the cooks made love with each other after sucking it, and while Dvora and Noga cooked in their lieu.

When they ended their erotic session and resumed cooking, it was Dvora's and Noga's turn to make love -- and it went on until the evening came, and Dvora and Noga sat at their table waiting for Gad.

When he came, Yussuf whispered to them, "He's the lad with a sailing ship printed on his T-shirt".

They looked at the T-shirt, and at his pants -- the bulge in front of them was undoubtedly bigger than usual, but it didn't prove that its owner actually had two penises.

But Dvora and Noga thought it was worth trying, so they used the simplest bait to attract him -- unbuttoned their shirts somewhat, thus exposing more of their breasts' skin, and looked at him smiling.

Gad went to their table and told them, "You've better mirrors than a telescope. I'd spend the night looking at the moon and at the stars reflected into them."

Dvora and Noga smiled and replied, "Just looking?"

"I'd also polish the mirrors, and keep them in good shape."

"A wonderful program," Noga said, and Dvora added, "Do you remember this young lady, Gad?"

"Oh, I've already seen her, haven't I? That's why I've always felt nostalgia for a happy moment in the past, I was afraid it wouldn't return."

"As a newborn child, you peed on my bosom," Noga said, and Gad replied, "I wish I had done that more often!"

"Eat with us, and you'll have another occasion!" Dvora said, and Noga added, "Not just with me."

Gad was so excited that his two penises could be perceived through his pants, and both Noga and Dvora unbuttoned their shirts completely, letting him see most of their breasts and part of their areolae.

As they were all Israeli Jews, spoke Hebrew most of the time, and Yussuf whispered into his hears, "Al tishkach lishtot et chalavan -- Don't forget to drink their milk!"

Noga heard him, and looked at Dvora, who said, "My friend Noga makes a lot of milk, and I've begun producing it, although in smaller quantities. Doctors say that if both breasts are sucked together, more prolactine is produced, and more milk will be produced next time.

We really need a man who keeps Noga's milk flowing, and my milk production increasing."

Gad listened and said, "Noga knows my peculiarity, and perhaps misses it. I always seek pairs of women to love together, or women who love being penetrated twice at the same time."

"We can be both!" Noga said, and Gad rejoined, "Ok, I won't ask for the cheesecake, but I advise you to taste it."

They did, and found it so delicious that Noga and Dvora ate it with a hand and clasping Gad's arms between their other arm and one of their breasts; Dvora let her left breast slip over Gad's right leg and graze his right penis; Noga couldn't boast so big breasts, so she contented with letting her nipples wet her white skirt, and, pretending she was going to touch Dvora's nipple near Gad's crotch, lightly touched his left penis.

Gad then kissed both women -- Noga first, and Dvora later; he rubbed their backs and told them, "Perhaps we'd go to my bedroom. Customs here are somewhat relaxed, but doing that there would be against decency."

The women agreed, buttoned their shirts up, and went out each hugging one of Gad's arms.

Gad's flat was quite far from there, but the women had rented a car. Dvora volunteered to drive, but Gad suggested her and Noga to titillate each other in the backseat while he was driving home, so they would be ready for the lovemaking at home.

"We won't just titillate," Noga said, "We would go through orgasm -- but, luckily, we don't have a refractory period."

"And milk is produced as it is being sucked," Dvora noticed, "The breasts aren't like bladders, but like sweat glands."

Gad was extremely excited, and as soon as he sat at the steering wheel, he felt forced to open his fly, so there would be less pressure on his genitalia. Dvora saw him and whispered, "Please, come to the backseat with us. The night is long and the street is deserted."

Gad told her, "The backseat isn't big enough for all of us. I'll drive home very fast -- but nail you very slow," turned the engine on, and as promised drove home lightning fast.

But not so fast as not to allow Noga to completely uncover her breasts, and offer the left one to Dvora. Dvora kneeled on Noga and licked her areolae; took a hand breastpump from her handbag, and applied it to Noga's right breast, so Gad could see, looking in the rear-view mirror, that Dvora was wildly emptying Noga's breasts, with both her mouth and the pump, whose tank was rapidly filling.

When the tank was full, Dvora removed it from the pump and gave it to Gad -- who drove past a red light (with no consequences) to taste and drink it. While Gad was drinking, Dvora swiftly led Noga to orgasm by eating her pussy.

Gad returned the milk tank empty, smiling, "If I weren't driving, the tank wouldn't be empty now."

"No, dear, we won't just drink it!" Dvora said while Noga was removing her shirt and sucking her right breast, while applying the pump to the left nipple. Although Dvora produced less milk than Noga, the pump expressed some milk, and Gad found it tasty.

Once at Gad's home, the girls completely undressed him, and saw that not only had he two penises, but they also were healthy and sturdy, and already erected.

Dvora and Noga kneeled down, put his glandes into their mouths, licked them while massaging his penile shafts; Gad too kneeled somewhat, and the women realized that he was just trying to rub his thighs against their breasts and nipples.

So they stood up, undressed completely, hugged him, pressed their breasts against his trunk, and their vulvae against his thighs; Gad said, "Your breasts are wonderful, but I'd have sex with you before sucking them.

Don't worry, I know how to please both of you at the same time."

He led them to his king-size bed; told them to hug and lay hugged on the bed; so Dvora hugged Noga, and Noga kissed her while in her harms, and Gad shoved them on to the bed.

Gad put a long rectangular padded stool in front of the bed, and dragged their legs until they were over it; as Dvora was lying on her right side, and Noga on the left, Gad raised Noga's right leg up to his left shoulder, and Dvora's left leg up to his right shoulder.

So Gad paved the way for teasing both clitorides first and penetrating their vulvae then. He couldn't hug them while making love, but he could stroke all their bodies and squeeze their breasts.

Dvora and Noga felt multiply stimulated -- by Gad penises and each other's breasts -- and easily enjoyed orgasm, especially as it took Gad half an hour to ejaculate.

After orgasm, Noga offered her tits to Gad and Dvora, who enjoyed her milk; then it was now Dvora's turn to nurse her lovers. The women wanted to eat Gad's cum, but Gad proposed to make love with each of them separately now, and asked them who wanted to have sex first.

Dvora said, "The choice is up to you; the other will please herself by looking at the other." Noga replied, "Your favorite sexual fantasy is to have a couple of lovers suckling your breasts while making love, isn't it? We could fulfill it."

Dvora agreed, and Gad penetrated Noga. He inserted his penises both into her vulva and into her anus; then Dvora put her extremely big breasts into their mouths, so she could feel nurse them while they were making love.

When it was Dvora's turn to be doubly penetrated, Noga couldn't offer her breasts to her and Gad, so they arranged a different threesome: Dvora ate Noga's pussy, while she was kissing and hugging Gad (and Dvora's leg between their breasts).

At last, Dvora and Noga could drink Gad's cum, and then Dvora told him that she was acting as Noga's matchmaker, and, although she loved Gad's body, she felt that her duty was now to let him start a normal sex life with Noga, if he wanted to.

"I love threesomes," he replied, "Will Noga allow me to have one from time to time?"

"With Dvora? That's OK. With other women? We should talk about them."

Gad took that for a "Yes", and after a few weeks he would marry Noga.

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