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Dirty Girl Sneaking In


My first go at erotic writing. I'd appreciate feedback as this hasn't been reviewed by an editor... or well anyone for that matter. This was a response to a very sexy story that someone sent me on reddit. Forgive the point of view, I'm not a fan of first person, I was just keeping it the same as the story sent to me. All rights reserved, please don't redistribute. Everyone in this story is 18+.


As I came home from work and parked my car in front and walked to my door I was thinking *wow, she's so amazing, too bad it has to stay in my fantasies*. So I smiled and walked into my place. You weren't wearing anything too revealing, but damn that body looks good in anything you put on it.

I put the thought away to unwind for the day, and opened a couple of windows since the weather was so nice outside. Later as I was falling asleep, a thought about your popped into my head and I couldn't help but think about how sexy you looked next door when you were outside watering your flower garden. I fell asleep with a smile in my mind, hoping for good dreams starring you.

I wasn't disappointed. It wasn't long until I was happily dreaming of your smooth skin and sweet smell. I imagined that you were with me, caressing my face. In my dream you were telling me to hold still or you would have to go get some rope and make me. I thought about disobeying but then you'd leave and wasn't sure you'd come back. So I complied with a wicked smile. You got on top of me and kissed my face then whispered into my ear. I couldn't understand what you were saying and the dream started to unravel.

I tried to stay in the dream but it was useless, I awoke with a shock to see you actually on top of me... wait was I still dreaming? I blinked a couple of times as you kissed all over my face, and let out a small groan as you sucked on my earlobe. *God* that felt great. I looked down at you as your tongue left a sweet trail down my chest. I felt your bare legs on mine and turned just enough to see that you were wearing only a top and panties. I thought *it's a good thing she's not wearing those pants from earlier... they'd end up shredded as I tore them off of her*. Then I see you look up at me with a cocked smile as you begin to feel around my hardening member through my boxers. I'm starting to realize that I'm not still dreaming and just then a wave of pleasure clears my brain of all thought as I feel the tip of your tongue graze the tip of my cock. Oh my god I'm getting worked up so fast...

For a spit second, while you are pulling down my boxers, I think about how you must've come in through the window and how horny you must be and want your older neighbor so bad. What do I do with this bad girl who snuck in to force me into having sex with her... I'm at a loss. As you put your mouth over my cock and start a slow sensual sucking, my mouth opens involuntarily and I hear myself start to moan as your mouth takes my cock and slides over it. I feel it going deep into your mouth and reach down and put my hand on the side of your face watching you suck me in. That didn't last long and I'm now eager to please your obviously hungry pussy. Remembering your instructions in my dream and stay still so that you don't need to tie me up. And I watch you strip off your top and panties then pull my boxers the rest of the way off me.

You drive me wild as you gyrate your hips and your dripping pussy starts pressing down on my rock hard erection. I've never been this hard... it feels like your muscles after a good workout the way they swell up and get hard. I feel your pussy so tight for the first time and I'm thinking your pussy must hurt, but your body language gives off no clue of pain. You start to ride me faster as you rub your clit and pull on your nipple. As you ride hard and fast I start to feel like I'm getting close to cumming and all of a sudden I feel your orgasm hit as waves pulse through your body and pussy and squeeze my cock. Oh god it's so hard to keep from cumming right then. I let the first waves pass and then flip you around so that I can pound into you hard. I'm pumping my hard cock into you and I feel your orgasm start to pick up momentum again, so I pick up the pace and fuck your pussy faster than you've ever experienced it.

Finally I can't hold it in anymore and I start to cum, blowing a massive load of cum into you as you start gushing around my cock and writhing uncontrollably, letting the orgasm take over completely. Oh my *god* that felt good.

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