tagAnalDirty Laundry

Dirty Laundry


Getting home from work I was completely stressed out. It seemed like every one was there to just annoy me. There was no way I could do anything but chill out for the rest of the night. I walked through my apartment ready to grab a drink when I noticed the heap of laundry in the corner. My day could of not have gotten any worse. All I wanted to do was have a drink and not deal with any one. But the idea of not having any clothes for the week did not appeal either. So, I grabbed my dirty clothes and headed to the closet laundry mat.

The rumble of the driers greeted me as I entered the laundry mat. I tiredly loaded my clothes into the washer, inserted my quarters and poured in my detergent. As I stood back to watch my clothes spin through the different cycles I took in the rest of the occupancies. Two older ladies stood chatting by the benches. A middle age women who looked as if life had not been fair stared blankly at a rotating drier. I turned to focus on my sloshing clothes when I noticed a light haired man in the corner.

As I glanced over to get a better look I was startled when he turned my direction. Quickly I turned back to my washer not wanted to give myself away. I felt shy, which was not normal for me. But, I liked the anxious feeling I got when I looked at him. As if I was in high school thinking of doing something bad.

It wasn't long before the other three other women in the place left. That left only me and my mysterious man. As I bent over to load my clothes into the drier I felt someone approach me from behind. I let out a yelp surprised by the pressure from behind. I turned my head and saw the sexy light haired man give me a seductive smile. For a moment I thought of pulling away, but something deep inside kept me right where I was. In fact, I couldn't believe myself when I pushed myself against his hard body.

He gently bent me over so that I was leaning on my wet clothes inside the drier. As he slipped off my panties I could feel me pussy getting wet. I reached back to undo his zipper and pull out his cock. It was so long and hard I could barley keep from dripping on the floor.

Not being able to contain myself I turned and got on my knees. Taking his cock into my mouth I could taste his delicious flavor. My tongue vigorously licked his longed shaft and sucked the juice from the tip. As much as I wanted to have him in my mouth my pussy was crying out for the cock. I flipped back around so that he could take in my luscious ass as he fucked me. He primed his cock with his hand as he finger fucked me with the other. My pussy swelled with anticipation.

As he slowly slipped his cock into my slot I screamed out. I wasn't used to taking in his size but I wanted more. He pumped it in and out as my juices flowed onto his thighs. I reached back to cup his balls, all the while loving how he thrusted into me. My entire body was on fire. I started rubbing my clit making myself shiver all over. The feeling was too much and I screamed out as my body exploded. My pussy throbbed and vibrated with an uncontrollable sensation.

I felt limp from the overwhelming experience but my mysterious man was not done. He startled me by removing his cock from my pussy and inserting it into my starfish. I cried out, I had never had that space invaded by a large cock. At first it hurt and I wanted to ask him to be stop. But the longer I waited the more it started to feel good. My body throbbed with delight as he slammed in and out of my secret hole. I couldn't get enough, dirty thoughts filled my mind. I imagined taking cocks left and right. I wanted everyone to invade my body.

My attention was snapped back into focus when his thrusts became more vigorous. He was pounding into me as I screamed with delight. Just when I thought it couldn't feel any better my body was lit on fire. As his love poured into me it felt as though lava was filling my love cave. He finished with a final burst, and let his cock linger for a moment. As he slipped out of me I could feel his cum leaking out of me.

I slowly rose from my bent over position, trying to catch my breath from the moment. I was trying to think of what I should say to the guy who just fucked me. But, it turned out words were not necessary. He gave me a quick smile, zipped up his fly , grabbed his laundry and was gone. While I might have previously thought that was rude, now I couldn't help but smile. I will never again not look forward to cleaning my dirty laundry.

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