Dirty Rotten Schoolgirls


The two girls fellating me pulled back in amazement.

"Fuck me!" Brigitte exclaimed in amazement at Chloe's sudden transformation.

Christine jumped up and clapped her hands together girlishly. "Oh, this so great, Chloe," she said happily as she helped undo her blouse. "Finally you're going to fuck!"

I grabbed Brigitte by her hair and pushed myself back into her mouth. She moaned but began to suck hard on me again as Christine pulled off Chloe's underwear and tights.

Chloe's body was a stunning as I could ever have imagined. She was lithe and slender, her skin pale and freckled. Her bottom was tight and pert and her red-tipped breasts surprisingly large against her slim frame. She lay back on the desk spreading her legs to expose a small bright red thatch of hair above her pretty pink pussy.

She looked up at and begged me, "Please, Sir! I need you."

I pulled my cock from Brigitte's mouth with a pop and stepped forward to stand between Chloe's open legs.

Christine took hold of my erection and lodged me at Chloe's opening.

Brigitte sat down next to her to cradle her head. "Oh this is so romantic," she sighed. She looked up at me. "You do know Chloe's got a real crush on you, Sir? She often murmurs your name when she's playing with herself!"

"Brigitte!" Chloe protested although without any real heat,

I lent down and kissed Chloe deeply before slowly pushing myself into her, until, after a momentary resistance I was all the way in.

Chloe held me tightly as I began to rock in and out of her gently. "Oh, yes, Ronald," she whispered in my ear.

As we gently made love I felt a wet tongue on my dangling testicles, I looked down behind me to see Brigitte contributing to the situation with her mouth. Daringly she began to lick my anus, a pleasure I hadn't even known existed.

Having just copulated with both Brigitte and Christine it wasn't surprising that I was rather excited. "Oh, Chloe," I moaned within a few minutes. "I'm getting close."

"Oh, just a bit more," she groaned under me, raising her hips to meet my downward thrusts.

"Let me help," Christine offered. She lent over Chloe, kissing her mouth, before moving down to her breasts. I watched in delight as she began flicking her long clever tongue over Chloe's right nipple. "Brigitte, help me out here," she added between licks.

Brigitte stood up and began to suck Chloe's other nipple, immediately causing her to squeal in bliss.

My strokes got harder and faster as I approached climax. Christine suddenly looked up. "Oh, Sir! Don't come inside her. She's not on the pill!"

I nodded but didn't slow down. I wanted to give Chloe as much pleasure as she was giving me. I wanted to make her come.

As if reading my mind she looked into my eyes and smiled. I smiled back and felt her convulse around my erection as she suddenly found her release, noisily screaming out as she orgasmed. "Oh, Sir! I love you!"

As soon as she'd finished shuddering I pulled out of her and began spurting copiously onto her belly and breasts, Brigitte and Christine immediately helping me by squeezing my testicles and rubbing my shaft respectively, ensuring I virtually covered Chloe's torso with my ejaculate.

"Oh, fuck," I swore.

"Sir!" Christine laughingly chastised me for my language before bending to lick the last drop of sperm hanging on the tip of my deflating penis.

"No, wait, I want to!" Chloe stopped her. She sat up and carefully bent forward to lick me clean, all the while keeping her eyes on mine.

"Oh, Chloe. I love you too," I said to her, moved by the loving touch of her caring tongue.

"Awww!" Brigitte said, "You two are so sweet." At first I thought she was being sarcastic but then I realised her smile was warm and genuine. I smiled back at her.

"Chloe, lie back and we'll lick you clean," Christine offered. Despite my coming twice so quickly, I still felt myself feeling slightly aroused as I watched them lick all the semen from Chloe's body, paying particular attention to her large red nipples.

Eventually, with much giggling, they had lapped up every drop. I looked at my watch. "Come on, it's ten minutes to break."

I zipped myself up as the girls got dressed.

As I watched them cover up their stupendous bodies, the enormity of what I had just done hit me. I sat back onto my chair and groaned.

A now-fully-dressed Chloe came and put her arms around me. "Are you OK, Sir?"

I looked up into her green eyes and pretty face. "I'm sorry, Chloe. Despite the fact that that was the best thing that has ever happened in my life, I just feel so guilty. I always thought that my first time would be with Bethany, I mean, Miss Stricker. And I've not only had sex with three of my pupils, I've taken your virginity. It's all so wrong."

The other two girls came to stand by me.

"Oh, come on, Sir. How can anything so fun be wrong?" Christine said.

"Yeah, Sir. We loved it. There was no harm done. And nobody need find out. It will just be our little secret," Brigitte added.

"And I really wanted to, Mr. Bletchflap," Chloe added softly before kissing me again.

I kissed her back lovingly. Things felt a lot better all of a sudden.

"Wow, you two really like each other, don't you?" Christine laughed. "Chloe, were you OK with us having a go with him?"

Chloe giggled. "Yes, although if you want to do it again you have to ask first!" she said possessively.

I cleared my throat. "Um, girls. Don't forget who's in charge here," I said causing them all to laugh again.

Before I could say anything the bell went, signalling the end of the lesson.

The girls packed up their books before kissing me goodbye.

I watched them leave, trying not to let my gaze linger on their fine tight bottoms.

I sat back on my chair and pondered. I wouldn't see the girls again until after Christmas. I would miss them.

As I have already said, my life changed completely after that lesson. My relationship with my fiancée, my stolen time with the girls in their dormitory and my room, my bond with Chloe: nothing was ever the same again.

But I'll tell you about what happened next another time...

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by michapfan12/15/17

Excellent story

Great story. I love that there was a variety of girls.

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