tagLoving WivesDiscovering Kelly in Bed Ch. 03

Discovering Kelly in Bed Ch. 03


After we got home from the club, I was feeling very nervous. Kelly had admitted to cheating on me in the cab on the way home, and had stated bluntly that it would happen again in the future. I didn't know what to say or think. Part of me recognized that it was my interest in having a threesome with another guy that had led to this change in her personality, but at the same time I had never wanted to give up my wife freely for other men's usage.

Kelly came into the bedroom after removing the makeup she had put on for the dance club. She was wearing a sexy nylon and lace nightie that hid less than it revealed, and the sight of her made my cock stir. She lay down in the bed next to me and lit a cigarette, cuddling into the crook of my arm and smoking seductively.

"You're upset that I fucked him again aren't you?" she asked.

"Yeah. I don't want to lose you, and I don't want to just share you like that with anyone," I responded.

She blew out a stream of smoke and grinned at me. "Silly! You're not going to lose me! I'm just having a little fun, and I thought you liked it." She set her hand lightly on my stiff cock. "You did like coming home and finding me in bed, smoking a cigarette and ready to seduce you - and then discovering the come leaking out of me from another man. Didn't you?" The last was more of a statement than a question, as my dick was twitching softly under her touch at the reminder.

"Sure... I liked that and it was really sexy. And the thought of it still turns me on," I admitted.

"And when have we had more, or better sex, than this last week," she continued. "Haven't I had you on fire all week long by the time you got home?"

I had to be honest, what she said was quite true. Kelly had been extremely sexual since her "affair" and we had fucked at least daily, which was a big change for us. She had also made a point of keeping me constantly aroused in other ways as well, smoking more often, kissing me constantly, and making sure her clothes and makeup were sexy at all times. In fact, I was having a great time with it all.

She took a drag from her cigarette and exhaled slowly. "You know that part of what had you going last week was wondering when I would do it again. When would be the next time you came home to find me in bed with a messy pussy for you to lick and fuck? It drove you wild."

She had begun gently stroking my cock through the sheet in rhythm to her words. I had a raging hard on now, listening to her. She pulled the sheet off of my body and swung a leg over my hip, swiftly inserting my cock into her damp cunt. She continued to smoke while she rode me, running her hands across my chest and arms. I felt the heat from her pussy warming my dick inside of her and her juices were leaking freely down my balls. She leaned forward and began kissing me hungrily, moaning into my mouth.

"You have nothing to be afraid of," she whispered in my ear as she rode my shaft. "If you ever didn't like what I was doing, I'd stop immediately. But you do like it. You want to come home and find me used and wet. Just like you enjoy finding me using my dildos. Or smoking." Her thrusts downward were becoming harder. "You want to hear about me being fucked. Taking a huge cock up myself. Letting him come inside me. Or like we're doing tomorrow, sucking him while you fuck me. Watching him stretch my pussy with his big dick. Double fucking me..."

Her words were like electric shocks running through me. She spoke in those tight, intense sentences, punctuating each with tongue-heavy kissing and thrusts of her hips. Every new phrase pushed us higher towards an orgasmic cliff that we would soon crash over. Not only was she searing my loins with her fantasizing, she was also building her own passion as evidenced by the trembling that was building in her vaginal muscles. Finally, as she brought the image of double penetrating her to mind, I was unable to hold back my orgasm and found myself filling her with my hot come. I pumped spurt after spurt deep into her body while she milked me with her tight cunt. Gradually my orgasm subsided and I took a deep breath.

Kelly stayed on top of me for a minute until my dick began to soften inside of her. She looked down at me. "I didn't come yet," she whispered. Of course, I knew she had intentionally held back because she wanted to be eaten; else her climax would have been long passed. She carefully lifted her hips from my wilting cock and crawled up my body to place her dripping cunt in front of my face. I pressed my tongue into her sticky wetness, licking firmly at her clit and enjoying the flavor of our mixed juices.

"Oh God, yes, that's it. Oh...I'm thinking of the come leaking out of me while you lick me. Pretending it's his, and you found me after. Like before, and you're doing me again the same way." With her eyes closed, Kelly was murmuring to herself as much as to me, quietly urging me on as she rocked her hips on my face, her cunt spasming in pleasure as she clenched and released it in an attempt to intensify her pleasure. My tongue was everywhere in and on her, driving her wild with excitement and building her to a crescendo of release. Finally I began simply sucking and licking solely on her clit while her pussy leaked down my chin and neck, and Kelly's climax erupted within her. She gasped and bucked as she came, trying to press her pubic mound against my mouth as firmly as possible. Eventually she relaxed and slid off of me, coming to rest with her head on my chest and her arms around me, and we slept.


Saturday morning found us in bed late, relaxing and letting the sunlight flow over us through the cracks in the blinds. I ran my hands gently through Kelly's hair and she sighed contentedly with her head on my chest. Finally I got up and made us a late breakfast and brought it in to serve her in bed. We had a nice casual meal and chatted for a while afterward. Finally Kelly looked at the clock and announced that it was noon. She needed to start getting ready because she had told Brad to come over by 2:00. I was a little shocked that she had already set it up with a time and everything, but she smiled and told me she had planned it on Wednesday when he had been over last.

Heading for the shower, she asked me to change the sheets and get cleaned up myself. Then she disappeared into the bathroom and I heard the water turn on. I mentally shrugged. The whole idea in the first place had been to have a threesome, and it looked like that was coming up shortly, so I decided to go along with it and have a good time. I jumped in the shower as Kelly emerged and quickly soaped and shampooed away the scent of last night's hot sex. Once finished, I dressed comfortably and got out of the way so that Kelly could have her space.

I flipped on the television set and tried to relax while Kelly bustled back and forth between the bathroom and the bedroom. She put on a very sexy red bra and panties set that I like on her, along with a tight black blouse that she left partially unbuttoned and a short jean skirt. She finished it off with some playful, funky high heels. She made sure I noticed that she smoked the entire time she was getting ready, thus ensuring that I would be well aroused by the time things got underway. At one point, just before doing her makeup, she came out to the living room and sat on my lap. Kissing me passionately with her smoky hot mouth, she said, "I'm so excited for this, I can't wait. And next weekend I told Anna to be here at 2:00 so we can try a threesome with a woman. Just think about that too!" She kissed me again and went off to finish her makeup.

A few minutes before 2:00, Kelly came out of the bathroom to show me the final results. She had spent a lot of time working her hair until it was very sexily teased out in loose ripples and curls. She had just had it cut and colored last week, so the style was extremely current and very sexy already, and her efforts had definitely maximized the look. She was wearing a nice blend of makeup that was heavy enough to make her look very hot, but light enough not to look slutty during the daylight hours. Her lips were colored in a glossy mocha brown lipstick and had a very wet look, and her beautiful eyes were enhanced by a light brown eye shadow. She looked fantastic and I told her so.

"I knew you'd like it," she smiled. Lighting a cigarette, she continued, "I hope Brad likes it too. When he gets here I want you to watch unless I call you, and follow my lead." I nodded my agreement, since I was keyed up enough that I didn't feel up to speaking.

Brad was right on time at 2:00 sharp; it was clear that he didn't want to be late for an appointment to fuck my wife! Kelly buzzed him in and went to open the door. Since our condo is not very large, the front door is in the living room, so I could watch her greet him from the couch a few feet away. Just before opening the door, Kelly made a point of taking a long drag from her cigarette and slowly exhaling while looking at me. Then, she opened the door and pulled him directly into a hot, open-mouthed kiss in our doorway. They embraced for a full couple of minutes, running their hands over each other's bodies and asses. Finally, Kelly pulled away and brought him the rest of the way inside to introduce me. Surprisingly, her lipstick had survived the wet onslaught of lips and tongues - I had the funny thought that it must have been a great brand! Then I took a look at my wife's lover.

Brad was a couple inches shorter than me, at maybe 6'1", and fairly well built. He was well dressed in casual attire and had a good tan. His hair was short and dark, like mine, but he had more of a Southern European set of features and coloration. Italian maybe? The name didn't match, but his looks did... It was a bit strange, but we shook hands and tried to make small talk.

"Your wife is amazing!" he told me. "It's pretty cool of you to let her set this up and everything." Later Kelly explained to me that one of the first "rules" she had laid down with Brad, before they ever fooled around, was that she was my wife alone, and that he would only be welcome so long as he treated me respectfully and didn't try to interfere with our marriage.

Of course I agreed with him about Kelly. She is amazing, and I try to tell her that often. Meanwhile, she was in the kitchen grabbing a couple of cold beers for us. We tried to sit and chat for a few minutes while drinking our beers, but it rapidly became obvious that Kelly was trying to distract us. Or rather, distract Brad and tease me at the same time. I had sat down on the loveseat, and Brad and Kelly had sat on the sofa next to it. Almost immediately she began running her hands across his chest and legs, gradually moving closer to his bulging crotch. In short time, she took his chin in her hands and turned his face towards hers. They kissed, and I could see his tongue probing inside my wife's mouth, tasting her sweet saliva and touching her lips and teeth. She was rubbing her crotch with one hand as they necked, and sliding her other up and down his zippered pants.

Kelly had said that Brad had a huge dick, and by the size of the tent he was creating in his jeans, she hadn't been lying. I love pushing a big dildo in and out of her twat during oral sex, and I love seeing her spread her legs to accommodate it. From the looks and sound of it, Brad had the equipment to do the same thing. Not that I'm small, mind you, since at nearly 8" and almost 1.75" in diameter, Kelly has told me I'm the second biggest lover she's ever had. But her description of Brad put him at over 10" long, with well over 2" of thickness at the widest point. That's a whole lot of cock to be carrying.

I saw her hand reach for his zipper and knew that shortly I was going to see my wife touching that big tool. As she continued to kiss him and started unzipping, I heard him ask, "What about Biff?"

Kelly whispered loudly enough for me to hear, "I told him he was to wait until I'm ready for him to join us." She reached inside his pants and fished out his dick.

She hadn't been lying about his size. The descriptions didn't quite do it justice. Although rationally I could see that he was about the same size as our largest dildo, there was a huge difference seeing something so big in real life. Especially since my wife was slowly stroking the shaft at its base yet more than half was above her hand still. Kelly slid down on the floor next to him in a position that allowed her to make direct eye contact with me. Keeping our gaze locked, she slowly placed his dick to her wet brown lips and started sucking on the head. I was transfixed by the sight of her mouth straining to accommodate just the head of his thick dick. When she tried to really go down on him, it was obvious that she could only handle the first few inches and that both his length and thickness prevented her from taking him deeply.

Kelly sucked on him for a few minutes while making it obvious that she was fingering herself with the unoccupied hand. Finally she looked up at me and spoke, a strand of saliva still connecting her lips to his prick. "Well, how do you like watching your wife sucking on another man's cock?"

I was nearly speechless, but managed to tell her how sexy she looked and how turned on I was. She looked at my raging erection and smiled wickedly. Standing up, she lit another cigarette and came to stand in front of me. She reached out a hand to pull me up to her. "I think it's time we head for the bedroom, don't you?" Without giving me a chance to respond, she began kissing me hungrily. Then she pulled away and walked into our bedroom, expecting us to follow her lead.

"Strip, both of you," she commanded as we entered the room. She had already peeled off her skirt and shirt and now lay in the center of the bed, lazily fingering herself and smoking. We rapidly complied and soon were standing naked in front of the bed.

"Biff, come to this side," she said motioning to her right. "Brad, over here," she motioned left. We each moved to the side we had been told to go to and knelt on the edge of the bed. Then my wife turned towards me and grasped my cock. Pressing her lips tightly over the head, she pulled me into her until she had taking my entire cock into her throat. She sucked and bobbed on me for about thirty seconds before withdrawing with an "mmmm" sound. She then turned towards Brad and gave him the same treatment. Or, I should say, as much as possible since even warmed up she could only get about half of his dick into her mouth no matter how hard she tried. Still, he was obviously enjoying it and touched her tits and nipples while she sucked.

Kelly switched back to me again, and started a swapping pattern of about 30 second each that kept us extremely hard in between turns, but never let us get too close to coming. All the while, she was fingering her hot snatch until we could smell her feminine arousal clearly. Eventually she took her mouth from my dick and pulled off her panties. Turning so she was in a doggy style position, she offered her cunt to me. "I want you to fuck me first, since Brad is going to stretch me out after." It was a little tough hearing that, but I'm not insecure about my size and reality was reality. Plus, this gave me the opportunity to watch my wife sucking another man while I fucked her, something I had fantasized about countless times.

I pressed my dick into her wetness. Kelly was so turned on that her pussy literally opened before me and I easily slid all the way in. At the same time, she resumed her oral attentions on Brad and I could see her enjoying the sensation of having two dicks to play with at the same time. I started fucking her with long smooth strokes, enjoying the feeling of her satiny slick vaginal walls squeezing me. With each forward thrust, I pushed her farther onto his cock until she had managed to take almost 8" of it into her mouth each time. It was incredibly erotic to watch and I found myself approaching an orgasm much too fast, so I reluctantly slid out of her cunt and backed off.

Immediately, Kelly lay back on the bed and spread her legs wide. "Fuck me now, Brad. I want to feel your big cock inside me again." Even now, Kelly was continuing to tease and torment me by reminding me that this was the third time he had fucked her. Still, as he pressed the head of his dick to her sopping wet slit, I could have sworn it was the first. Kelly has a reasonably tight pussy, and his dick was right at the upper limit of what she could comfortably handle. He had to slowly and gently insert himself, using short strokes to get her used to the head before giving her more of his length. Gradually over the course of several minutes, he was able to build up the depth of his strokes until most of his dick was buried deep inside my wife. Eventually I saw her hand touch his chest to let him know he couldn't go any deeper and he began fucking her in earnest. It was amazing to see her cunt lips stretched around his thick, veiny shaft and to see her sticky juices coating him. I was absently stroking myself at the sight, and Kelly noticed. She called me to her and kissed me deeply, probing my mouth with her tongue, and then pulled my cock to her lips as she turned her head sideways. We continued thus for several minutes, with my wife sucking me while her lover pounded her in missionary position.

Then Brad withdrew, leaving Kelly's cunt gaping slightly. She got on top of him and reinserted him in her cunt. This time it was much easier to slide him in since she was now well stretched out. She told me to get the lubricant because she wanted to finally be sandwiched for real, instead of the double penetration games we have done with dildos.

I liberally coated both my cock and her asshole with KY and climbed on the bed behind her. Resting my cock against her asshole, I slowly began pressing. However, I had used so much lubricant that her entire ass crack was slippery and I kept sliding up and out, or down along the base of her vagina. That seemed to drive her wild, so I kept doing it for a few strokes, rubbing my head against the skin between her asshole and the bottom of her twat. She pushed back at me with more force, moaning in pleasure, and I could feel my dick sliding closer to her pussy as her hips tilted forward. Soon I was pressed firmly at the tip of the "V" of her cunt. I could feel Brad thrusting within her just an inch below me, and my cock was dipping ever so slightly into the crevice of her lips. Lubricant was dripping down her ass crack into that area and wetting down her entire cunt, and I could hear the squishing sounds as Brad's thrusts pushed some up inside of her to add to her juices. By this point I was hardly moving at all, just keeping myself tightly wedged against the bottom of her cunt while her lover stroked inside of her, and Kelly was loving it. She continued to push back more and more aggressively, and without fully intending to, I began slipping inside of her cunt when Brad was on an outward stroke.

I don't think he realized it at first, because he rammed right back home again. But this time the tip of my dick was a quarter of an inch inside Kelly at the same time, and she screamed in pleasure. He was thrusting rapidly and pulled most of the way out again, but this time Kelly pushed hard backwards at the same time. My cock ran almost completely up her cunt in proper doggy style fashion then, and as Brad pushed back in again, we filled her vagina more completely than imaginable with our two cocks at the same time.

This time Brad noticed - there was no way either of us could have missed it. It felt pretty strange to be touching in that way, but the unbelievable tightness of Kelly's hot pussy surrounding us along with her room shaking moans quickly overcame the weirdness and we began fucking her simultaneously. Kelly was getting the screwing of a lifetime. However, the feeling was so intense and the stimulation so fierce that I knew I would come in seconds if I continued, so I slipped my dick back out and immediately began feeding it into her ass.

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