Do My Husband


Donny looked over his shoulder as he heard us come in.

"What's happening, dude?" Mike said in his deep, masculine voice.

"Uh-- hi--," Donny said, his eyes wide as he took in the handsome stranger.

I could only imagine how excited and apprehensive my husband felt. And I liked that, liked it a lot!

"There he is, all of him," I said, waving a hand Donny's way.

"Yeah, here we all are," Mike growled.

I unbuckled my belt and started to pull down my jeans.

"Get comfortable," I said to Mike who now took off his own clothes. By the time he got his briefs off that cock of his was standing up stiff and hard. I couldn't help smiling to myself as I saw my husband staring right at that shaft like it was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen.

"Wife tells me you used to like to check out a nice, stiff cock now and then, hope you still do," Mike said showing it off, fisting it. For someone who hadn't even been sure whether he wanted to get into a scene like this, Mike sure was starting off pretty brazen!

"Uh huh," Donny whispered breathlessly.

I wasn't about to waste any time as I got down on the bed behind my husband and spread open his cheeks. Then I lowered my face between those smooth, boyish buns of his and began to lick his ass.

"Come closer," I said to Mike who was still standing a few feet away. So now Mike came down and sat on the edge of the bed, watching me give my husband's asshole a thorough tongue bath.

"Why don't you hold his cheeks open for me," I said to Mike, who hesitated a moment. So far it had all been talking and watching, now I was actually asking this straight stud to lay his hands on another man, my husband. But with a sexy grin Mike took hold of Donny's buttocks and spread them wide open so I could resume rimming his hole, looking straight into Mike's sexy eyes as I lapped away.

"Look at it," I said, directing Mike's gaze to Donny's sphincter, now slick with my saliva. "You and me, we're gonna bust this tight hole wide open!"

After I warmed him up with my wet tongue I usually brought out the lube. But now, first, I wanted to try something, to test the waters.

"Honey?" I said to my husband. "Is it okay if Mike just puts the tip of his dick against your asshole? Just presses it in there a little, just to touch it with his cock?"

I looked up at Mike.

"You wouldn't mind doing that, would you?" I cooed.

Mike looked like he'd be happy to put that big cock of his anywhere I wanted him to put it.

"Anything you say, Peggy," Mike said, smiling at me, his face alive with a sexy, horny grin.

"Uh-- I guess-- I guess that's okay," Donny stammered. And so I took hold of Mike's cock and wrapped my lips around it, looking up at him as I gave him some wet, sloppy head. I'd fisted his cock last time, but now I was actually going down on him. Donny, I knew, wouldn't mind that. I had asked him earlier whether it was cool if I got down with Mike and his cock even if he didn't, and my husband gave me the go-ahead. After all, he liked being my sex slave and having me call the shots.

Now I pulled my mouth away and grabbing hold of the shaft brought it between Donny's cheeks, pressing the big, smooth cockhead against Donny's asshole. I almost fainted at the sight, now thinking for the first time that I might succeed later on in actually in getting my husband to take it all the way inside.

"Oh wow, that is so fuckin' beautiful!" I panted as I rubbed the knob up and down Donny's saliva-slickened crack. This is what I'd been yearning for so much, to see another man's stiff cock saying a hot hello to my husband's asshole. I only hoped that later this hello would go much further and I'd get to see that cock of Mike's disppearing as it worked its way all the way up my husband's slut bottom! Finally I pulled it away as Mike, groaning with pure, raw heat now, started fisting himself furiously. He really was ass-crazy, as Carol had claimed. Female, male -- suddenly it didn't seem to matter to him. As he fisted away I squeezed a big dab of lubricating jelly into my husband's crack, Mike watching every move closely as he kept whacking away at his dick.

I slid a finger up Donny's lubed asshole as I took hold of Mike's cock with my free hand, fisting the hot, rigid shaft as I fingered the tight, familiar hole.

"Feel like poking around in there a little?" I asked Mike, pulling out my finger, licking my lips lewdly.

Again, he hesitated. This was a lot to ask, I knew. Holding Donny wide open for me was one thing, asking this straight dude to ream out another man's asshole with his finger was a big next step.

"Sure, I'll check it out," he said, bringing his hand between Donny's cheeks as now I held him open. And then I watched in absolute amazement as Mike slowly slid a big finger up my husband's ass. Donny groaned when he felt it. After two years of being with me, finally another man was fondling his hot bottom.

"Oh yeah, dig it in there!" I hissed excitedly. "Stick in two."

So Mike added a second finger to the one already in there.

Donny groaned as he felt Mike ream him out, slowly pushing his bottom back against Mike's probing fingers.

Normally I have this little routine with my husband. First my tongue, then some grease followed by a finger or two. After that, a vibrator and then a dildo I work in with my hand. And finally I jam the big strap-on up there and fuck the shit out his hot, young ass in earnest. But now I thought I'd skip the vibrator, Mike's two big fingers, twisting around in his anal passage, digging into Donny's rectum were enough.

"How about this now?" I said, lubing up the dildo as Mike pulled out his fingers. Then, as Mike watched keenly, I slowly slid the dildo up my husband's ass, twisting and rotating it inside his rectum just the way he liked, the way he said made him feel really good.

"Look at him take it," I said to Mike. "He loves it up the ass."

"He sure as shit looks like he does," Mike said, listening to Donny groan as he pushed back against the dildo I kept stuffing inside him.

"How about you take over?" I suggested, leaving the dildo in place but pulling away my hand.

"Sure," Mike said, taking hold of the dildo. I watched with spellbound eyes, fisting my rubber cock just the way Mike had been fisting his while he had watched me. With my other hand I took hold of Mike's tool again while he enthusiastically skewered Donny's eager ass.

"Uh huh! Ream him out! Work it in there!" I hissed excitedly.

Mike seemed to enjoy what he was doing. A lot. Straight though he may have been, he was proving what a freak he was for ass!

"Okay, I'm ready to fuck the slut," I said, now kneeling behind my husband as Mike pulled the rubber shaft out and I replaced it with the bigger one strapped to myself, 'my' very own cock!

"Here goes, baby, take it!" I hollered, holding onto my husband's hips as I pumped it up his bottom. I looked over at Mike. I loved having him watch me, another 'stud' fucking the shit out of Donny. I fucked my husband extra hard, wanting to impress Mike with my rugged, virile moves. Donny was groaning and moaning, pushing back hard on it like the slut in heat he always became whenever I screwed his bottom. Except this time there was an audience, a guy, and that only seemed to arouse Donny even more.

Mike was standing next to me, taking everything in with unblinking eyes, fisting that big shaft of his. Now I wanted Donny to have a good look at that shaft.

"Mike seems to like watching me fuck your slut ass, Donny, his dick is so fuckin' big and hard it looks like it's going to burst," I said, then turned to Mike. "Go up and let Donny see it nice and close."

Mike moved up on the bed and knelt in front of Donny, waving the shaft in front of my husband's face, the proud stud showing off his big dick to a guy who he knew would appreciate it.

And at that moment I just knew what would happen next. "Want him to suck it, Mike? Want him to suck your big cock?"

"Sure," Mike smirked. "I'll let your husband suck my dick; I'll feed it to him while you keep fucking his tight ass."

As much as anything, it turned me on that Mike was so verbal. A lot of guys aren't, even when they're aroused as hell, especially when they're aroused. But Mike liked to speak his horny mind and put his nasty thoughts into words.

"Suck it, Donny!" I hissed, pushing down on my husband's neck as he took Mike's cock between his lips. I could imagine how he felt, swearing off cock for the past two years even though I knew that, deep down, he hungered for it. Now, after a long drought, he was again tasting the kind of meat he once loved so much to savor. Luckily there was a mirror positioned on the wall and that let me watch my husband go down on Mike's dick as I kept screwing him. My rubber cock up his ass, Mike's real one stuffing his mouth, I knew Donny was having the time of his life.

"He suck it good?" I asked Mike as we looked each other straight in the eye, offering my husband plenty of stiff cock, front and rear.

"Oh, he sucks it real good," Mike said, hands on his hips, looking down at Donny wolfing him down. "But from what you told me, Peggy, sucking dick is something that your husband knows a hell of a lot about."

I loved it! I loved having Mike remind Donny that he was once a horny queer with an insatiable hunger for cock.

"How about we turn him over now?" I suggested, pulling out of Donny as Mike tore his cock away. Then I turned Donny around on his back, wedging a couple of pillows under his butt, and jackknifing his legs so that his asshole was in position and ready for me to come back inside, on top this time.

"Oooh whee!" I squealed as I slid it inside him, Mike watching and fisting himself again as I resumed sodomizing my husband.

"Say Mike? Now why don't you sit on his face and feed him some of your hot, male ass?" I suggested. "I happen to know that Donny loves chewing on a man's butthole almost as much as he enjoys swallowing a cock."

"Oh yeah, sure," Mike said eagerly, planting his bottom over my husband's face. Two seconds later the sound of slurping told me right away that Donny was lapping away at Mike's asshole with his eager tongue.

"That's it, Donny, lick that ass! Lick that ass, you fuckin' slut!" I shrieked at him as I pumped it in hard and deep. Meanwhile I was looking straight at Mike, my eyes drifting down from his handsome face to his chest and stomach and then to his big cock which I grabbed again. It was a little slick from just having been gobbled up by Donny.

Now there was only one thing on my mind, to see the cock I was holding in my hand buried all the way up my husband's ass, to finally fulfill that ultimate fantasy of mine and see Donny take it the way he used to once.

"What would you think of shoving this up my husband's ass now?" I asked in a whisper, low enough so my husband couldn't hear, his face buried under Mike's butt as it was.

"I think I could get into that," Mike said with a lewd leer.

"Hear that, Donny?" I said, raising my voice. "Mike wants to fuck you now. How about it? You finally ready to take a real one back there again, to take it up your hot little ass?"

Mike smartly lifted his butt off Donny's face so he could answer. "Uh yeah-- he--he-- can fuck me--" Donny mumbled, and under the shy mumble I could detect the ardor in his voice, a long suppressed desire about to be fulfilled again.

Those words were pure music to my ears. It was really going to happen! I was going to get to watch this horny, straight stud, with his beautiful rigid cock, actually fuck my husband!

So I pulled out and told Donny to turn over again, on elbows and knees and to stick it out for Mike.

"I think he's ready for you," I said spreading open Donny's buttocks, Mike and me both peering into the crack, at the slick, reamed hole. Then I looked right at Mike. "Just let me grease it up a tad more, after all you're bigger and thicker than I am, stud."

Mike watched closely as I slapped some more lube between Donny's buns, spreading it around and working it in with a couple of fingers. I was so excited I could hear my heart thumping away in my chest. It was about to happen; my husband was about to take a real one up his ass!

Now I pulled my fingers away as Mike knelt behind Donny, cock in hand, poised and ready as I held Donny wide open down for him. Then Mike worked his cockhead between Donny's cheeks, rubbing it against his lubed hole, teasing me and Donny both.

"Want to see me do it?" Mike growled softly.

"Oh shit yeah, do I ever!" I panted, letting all my excitement show.

"What? What do you want to see me do? Tell me," Mike urged mischievously, a sexy, teasing grin lighting up his handsome, horny face.

"I want to see you fuck him! I want to see you fuck his ass! I want to see you bury it inside him!" I howled, holding nothing back.

"Like this?" Mike said, pushing forward, working the tip of his cock inside Donny's asshole. I almost fainted at the sight now as I watched Mike slowly slide his dick into Donny's bottom, me still holding Donny wide open. He did it real slow, teasing us both, knowing how unquenchable our excitement was. My eyes were glued to the sight as I watched the big, smooth knob pop in, followed by inch after inch of the shaft, Donny's dilated sphincter tightly gripping Mike's penis, surrendering to his relentless rectal assault.

"Ohhhhhhhhh!" Donny sighed as he felt more and more of Mike's big, rigid cock enter and fill his bottom.

"Damn, that tight ass feels good," Mike growled, working it in and out now, with each thrust jamming it in just a little deeper.

"I bet it does," I said, mesmerized as I watched Mike happily sodomize my husband, feeling a little envious of guys and their dicks. Sure I had a rubber one strapped to myself and sure I knew what it felt like to take it up the ass myself, but I could only imagine what an amazing sensation it must be for someone like Mike to feel a hot asshole grip his aching cock. Carol had told me what a freak Mike was for the rectal route. And he sure was proving it now as he kept hammering it up my husband's horny young bottom.

Mike knew he was getting off on some tight male butt, but he also was well aware he was putting on a show for me, one I had desperately been wanting to see. And Mike did not disappoint as he made sure to make it a as vivid and nasty as possible, slowly working the full length of his cock inside, then pulling it out just as slowly, letting me see the open, exposed hole before he slid it back inside again.

I reached under to take hold of my husband's cock which -- no surprise -- was big and stiff.

"He's lovin' it, Donny is. He's got himself one almost as big as yours, Mike." Now there was something else I wished to see, though I couldn't be sure Mike would oblige. So I thought I'd ask.

"Wanna have a feel, Mike? Have a feel and see just how much Donny loves having you slam it up his ass."

"Yeah, let me check it out," Mike said with a sexy grin, reaching around and grabbing hold of my husband's swollen penis. I twisted around on the bed so I could lean over and have a good look at Mike fondling and fisting my husband's cock now as he fucked him. Up to now it had just been a rugged Mike making use of Donny's mouth and asshole for his pleasure. So it was nice to see that he was willing to handle a cock too and give Donny a little hand job. From his groaning I knew Donny was appreciating it.

"Oh man! Oh shit!" I gasped, fisting my rubber one as I watched the scorchingly obscene show Mike was putting on. "That is the hottest fucking thing I've ever seen, you screwing Donny's ass like that, fisting his dick."

"Glad you like the show," Mike said, winking at me.

"Like it? It's driving me crazy seeing you fuck him!" I said, now unable to resist working my hand under the dildo harness and digging it into my pussy. The leather patch of the harness pressing against my pussy was soaked. And my pussy itself was drenched. I was so wet it was dripping down my legs, making my thighs all sticky. Sure, I was pretending to be a guy, with my strap-on and everything. And, sure, I'd been doing some solid fucking here. But though 'having' a cock and using it really turned me on, that arousal was felt, I could not deny, in my clit. And it was that swollen stiff little nub I was fingering like mad now.

"How do you like it Donny?" I sneered at my husband. "How do you like having a horny stud pumping his meat up your tight little queer ass?"

Donny knew how much I sometimes liked thinking of him as a 'queer.'

"I-- I-- I-- like it!" he gasped, pushing back against Mike's vicious thrusts.

For more than a year I'd been trying to talk Donny into taking it up the ass from a guy, something he once used to love to do. For a year he had rebuffed my pleading but here he was finally relenting, taking it and loving it!

"How about you take over for a while?" Mike said, pulling out. I hadn't expected this, but suddenly it seemed just right. Mike was suggesting that we trade off and take turns fucking Donny's butt. So now I knelt behind Donny and slammed it up his ass again as Mike moved aside. It turned me on more than ever now, fucking my husband, knowing that ass of his had just been fucked by a guy.

"Yeah, do it stud, fuck that ass!" Mike hissed in my ear, urging me on.

That only pumped me up as I fucked the shit out of Donny.

"Uh huh, get your stud cock in there!" he urged, pushing on my butt.

"Oh God! It drives me nuts to hear you talk to me like that to me!" I gasped, slamming it in there a few more times before I let Mike take over again.

Now I pulled back behind Mike to have myself an overview, watching his buttocks pump forward as he kept driving it up my husband's bottom.

Suddenly I wanted to get between those buttocks of Mike's, with my tongue!

"Let me have some of this," I said, kneeling behind him, spreading his buns open. Then I drove my tongue into his hot, humid crack and found his hole. Donny had already licked it, now I licked it. Husband and wife had both gone down on Mike's rugged stud ass! Pressing my face between his cheeks, I ate out that hot ass of Mike's like the slut maniac I had become, lapping away at the rubbery sphincter like a starved slut who had struck gourmet gold.

"Hey Donny?" Mike sneered. "Your bitch is down on her knees behind me eating out my asshole while I'm filling up yours, dude. Ain't that a trip!"

Damn, this Mike was nasty! Even nastier than I had hoped for. Most men, they call me a bitch, I smack them for sure. But now, under these particular circumstances, I absolutely loved having Mike call me a bitch! That's what I was, a bitch in heat pretending to be a stud.

Now it was my turn again as Mike pulled out and let me take over once more. This time Mike got behind me and I felt him reaching between my legs from behind, working his fingers under the harness, into my pussy.

"Damn, you are seriously wet," he hissed in my ear.

"I'm wet because this here scene is making me so damned hot!" I hissed back at him, turning my neck to look into his smoldering eyes. His fingers felt so good in my pussy. Sure I had been imagining me and Mike as two studs ganging up on a third. But I was a hot, horny woman with a dripping cunt and Mike couldn't ignore that. He worked a wet finger up from my pussy into my crack, finding my asshole this time. A shiver shot up my spine as I felt Mike's finger pressing against my sphincter.

"Oh yeah, stick it in!" I couldn't help crying out as I now felt Mike slide a finger inside my bottom. Denise had done this to me, fingered my asshole while I fucked my husband's. But it wasn't the same. There was just something about getting your ass reamed by the guy who had just fucked your husband that really hit the spot. He worked that finger in all the way, digging in nice and hard.

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