tagGroup SexDoing it for Art

Doing it for Art


Bev and William had met Rosa and Tom on a web site for swingers. Both couples were swinger wannabes, having imagined far more than they had experienced. They wanted something exciting, but not sure how much excitement they really wanted. They had met for coffee once and had sent emails back and forth, some with photos. The photos of Rosa were particularly nice. At first glance, she was warm and attractive. William saw a sensuality that wanted to be expressed. He wanted so much to be the one to capture it. He also wanted to push things along. He had and idea, and called Rosa on her cell...

"Hey Rosa, How are you doing?" William asked.

"Doing well, thank you. How are things with you?" Rosa replied.

"Also doing well... Say, are you two busy this afternoon? I have an idea for a photo project."

"Well..., that might depend. What sort of photos? We don't do THOSE types of photos. It's not THOSE types of photos is it?"

"This is more an art project. You know I like to manipulate photos using Photoshop. I take pictures of flowers, cars, insects, tableware, you know common stuff, and then I meld them together, shade them, and blur them. I do all kinds of things to them to make a work of art. Well maybe not something you would find in an art gallery, but I enjoy doing it, and some people enjoy looking at the finished work. I have a new idea of taking my pictures from Yosemite and adding pictures of the human form. I would take pictures of bodies, texture-ize them to look like stone, then blend that into the pictures of large rocks, cliffs, waterfalls, ... basically what you see at Yosemite. The human forms would still be discernable, but blended into the rock. I would only want backs, legs, arms ... no faces."

"Sounds like we would have to get naked ... I don't know."

"Well, yes... I want pictures of the human form. It comes through a lot better without clothes on. But this is art. This is beauty. It would be like modeling for art class. Nothing improper. You know the difference between a 'nude woman' and a 'naked lady'. No faces. Mainly backs, legs, arms. Stuff like that. It is for art. You can do it for art can't you? You have very nice photogenic body. Nice form."

"I still don't know. I will have to talk this over with Tom and get back with you. I will let you know."

Rosa should have known, or maybe she did know, that Tom would agree with both heads. He wants to see Rosa getting fucked by another man. And he wants to see Bev naked, to feel her all over. He wants to fuck her. But Tom was smart and knew he had to convince Rosa with arguments appealing to Rosa's artistic and intelligent nature. A few minutes later he won her over. A few minutes after that Rosa called William and the afternoon was cast.

After lunch, showering, and getting dressed, Rosa and Tom were anxiously on their way. On arriving, there were welcomed in by William. They settled in the front room and Bev brought out lemonade. After setting down the drinks, she sat next to Tom on the sofa. Her hand rested on Tom's thigh. Rosa and William were in chairs across from them. There was an unspoken tension in the room beneath the pleasantries exchanged between them. They all knew that in a few minutes they would all be naked. The stated objective of the afternoon was art, there was no mention of other possibilities. But other possibilities were certainly on everyone's minds. William got up and cleared some furniture in front the wall. He asked Rosa to help him stretch a blue sheet along the floor and up the wall. They were careful to have nice curve in the sheet instead of following the edge between floor and wall. With this background it would be easier to merge the pictures of bodies with pictures of rock faces and such. He explained his ideas and suggested poses to the others. The first poses were to be just one person at a time, mainly backsides and legs.

"Well, the time has come!" said William after everyone had finished their drinks. He noticed that Bev and Tom had moved closer to each other. Bev's arm now occasionally squeezing Tom's inner thigh and his arm around her, pulling her closer to him. "Rosa, can we start with you? Bev and Tom look too comfortable to get up right now. If you want, you can undress in the hall bathroom. There is a robe for you in there."

"I'll do that. Don't go away!" said Rosa as she nervously left to go into the bathroom. When she was gone, Bev and Tom watched William quickly undress himself. As they watched, their hands roamed a bit more freely and wantonly. After undressing, William got his camera and went to the blue sheet on the wall. He started staring at it as though he could see the various poses and effects he was after. He imagined the finished work and smiled.

Rosa came out of the bathroom with robe covering her naked body. She saw William in his quiet contemplation. "You got undressed too!" she exclaimed while staring at his now more or less limp cock.

"Yea, did not want you to feel picked on. Besides, not only will I be photographer, will also be model. Everybody will have their chance to do both." William explained. "Let's get started. You can come over here and stand with your back towards me. When you are ready you can take off the robe. We can do pictures with you standing up first, and then we may move to the floor."

Rosa did as she was asked. She heard the camera click as she moved from one pose to another. As he was shooting, William would direct her, at first just verbally, but more and more with his hands touching her, feeling her, stroking her. After the standing poses, he placed her on the floor in a sitting pose with soft but firm hands guiding her shoulders and legs. He took a few more pictures from various angles. He got behind her and lifted her to a kneeling position. His hands moved down to her ass cheeks, and he played with them for a few seconds. Then a few more clicks of the camera followed by more touching. Rosa was loosing her concentration. She liked the soft touches. She wanted more touches in more pleasurable areas. She could feel William's cock occasionally brush against her. It wasn't limp anymore. She was in a kneeling position as William put his hands on her inner thighs, and coaxed her legs a little further apart. They brushed against her excited pussy lips. A few more clicks. It was getting harder and harder to continue shooting. But the excitement he felt inspired him further.

Bev and Tom stared at the other couple got more and more excited. They stroked each other more passionately. Tom's hands pressed against Bev's breasts, searching for her engorged nipples. When they were found, they were teased, and stroked, and gently pinched. Bev reached for the bulge Tom's pants and started stroking. Tom whispered in her ear to take his cock out. Bev smiled, and quickly unzipped his fly, and reached in. When free, his cock sprung out. It wanted the touch of Bev's hands. She softly stroked for a few minutes, then had Tom get up so she could take his pants off completely. Tom sat back down and slowly unbuttoned Bev's shirt. Between each button, they would kiss, long hard kisses with tongues playing. When Bev's shirt was undone, Tom pushed it off her shoulders and let it fall onto the sofa. He reached around and undid her bra. If also fell off Bev's body revealing breasts with nipples wanting attention. Tom sucked each one making them stand proud and tall. Tom had her stand up so he could remove her pants and panties. Then he took his shirt off. Both naked, they embraced each other tightly and kissed again.

William yelled out "Hey you two, save some of that for the camera."

Tom snapped out of his moment of bliss. At first he was a little annoyed at the interruption. But he looked around and noticed William's cock sticking straight out in anticipation. He noticed Rosa staring at that cock with a glazed wanton look of abandoning all rational thought. He knew that if he went along with William's request, they would soon all be fucking in a glorious exciting frenzy. He and Bev moved to the blue screen as Rosa moved a little away.

William looked at Rosa and said "Imagine a sculpture of lovers holding each other. Make a work of art like that. These two are your clay... mold them with your hands." Rosa smiled and laid Bev down on her side. She put Tom behind Rosa with his arms around her. She put his head askew kissing her neck. She moved his hands around her so each one was cupping Bev's breasts. Tom felt Bev's nipples pressing into the palms of his hands. Rosa placed Bev's hands over Tom's hands, pressing them into her harder. Rosa had Bev's legs trace Tom's legs so that their two bodies were merged into one solid form and backed off so William could move in with the camera eye. Through the camera, William was sharing the excitement building between Bev and Tom. He clicked of several shots from several angles as Tom and Bev squirmed involuntarily, rubbing each other to new levels of bliss. Bev felt Toms cock slightly stroking her ass cheeks.

Rosa opened Bev's legs with slight touches along her inner thigh. The touch was electric, exciting for both of them. Tom's cock emerged through the open legs very close to Bev's excited pussy. Rosa pressed the underside of Tom's cock against Bev's slick cunt. She felt the heat and the slippery wetness as Tom's cock was moving up and down like a piston, between Bev's pussy and Rosa's hand. The shaft was along the open lips, the head rubbing along the clit. William had moved the voyeuristic camera in to capture it all. His cock was hard and excited as his concentration went through the camera lens engulfing the wonderful sight. For an infinite moment, the four of them resonated with a common erotic vibration. The fragrance of two wanting pussies and two cocks oozing pre-cum permeated the room.

After a few moments, Rosa had Tom lie on his back. She had Bev lie face down on top of him with her pussy about at his chest and her thighs slightly open around his head. Rosa put Tom's arms around Bev's lower back. Bev's face went between Tom's thighs with her arms resting on his legs. William took several pictures from several angles. Tom could smell Bev's arousal emanating from her open legs. Bev felt Tom's cock in that spot between her breasts. They could not stay still. Like gravity, Bev's pussy was being pulled down to Tom's face, her head to his cock. Like a slow kiss, Bev's open, engorged, wet pussy lips approached Tom's wanting lips. The lips touched, and his tongue explored her pussy cave searching for and finding and stroking clit treasure. Mesmerized, Rosa reached out and grabbed William's dick and started stroking. Rosa saw Tom's dick being pulled into Bev's open mouth. She followed suit pulling William's cock into her mouth. William closed his eyes as he felt his cock enter her mouth. He put down his camera knowing there would be no more pictures. As Rosa was sucking William's cock, her hands were stroking the base and tickling his balls.

Rosa was getting more and more excited as her tongue felt William's dick and her fingers tickled the now tight balls. She wanted more. Looking up at William, she said "I am ready for this cock to be in me. Fuck me, fuck me now, fuck me slow or hard or fast, but FUCK ME. FUCK MY PUSSY!" Tom watched as William put Rosa on her knees and got behind her. He lined his cock up with her wanting wet pussy and slowly pushed it in. In a long slow stroke, it hit bottom. He slowly withdrew until the head of his cock was just inside her pussy lips then slowly pushed in again. On each stroke in, Rosa pushed her hips back against him, trying to force him in further and further. The excitement was building more and more. The pace got faster and faster until William was slamming into Rosa with all the force he could find and his hands pulling Rosa into him as he slammed into her. There was that slapping sound filling the room.

Tom got off his back and put Bev on her back. He moved around until he was between her legs. He put her legs over his shoulder. Bev felt very good as his cock slid into her wanting her pussy. His cock head was stroking against the spot. She moaned with pleasure. She moaned with each stroke, feeling the climax build. They were both so charged, it would not take very much. His stokes went deeper and faster. Bev's moans turned into screams. Her excitement was building and building and building. She felt Tom tighten up his tension also reaching crescendo. Her hips in counter sync to his the friction feeling so wonderful. "I'm cumming, don't stop, don't stop, DON'T STOP, I'M CUMMING, I'M CUUUUUUMMING" she screamed as the orgasm washed over her releasing a torrent of feeling. Feeling her pussy tighten Tom could not hold back as his slow explosion moved from his balls though his cock and into the pussy. He felt each contraction forcing more and more cum into Bev. They both collapsed into a limp pile feeling the warm relaxed after glow.

The orgasms were contagious. On hearing Bev's screams of pleasure, Rosa and William were pushed to their edge. Rosas moans got louder and sharper as she felt her orgasm start in her feminine center and build in strength. Her muscles in full tension froze as the explosion erupted throughout her body. She let out one last scream. William was also on the edge, in one last push in as deep as he could go as he felt his cum shooting into her. Over the top the release was complete. William slumped over her unable to move. The room was silent for a few moments.

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