Dolly Read


Dolly Read held her breath as the matron zipped up the black velvet bunny costume. This was a special outfit worn only by girls who were selected to work the VIPs at the Playboy Club. It was an honor, but an uncomfortable one. Bunny costumes were extremely tight fitting and the VIP version was cut even tighter. Maybe it was worth it; looking at herself in the mirror Dolly saw that the radiant sheen of the dark velvet accentuated the lush curves of her hour glass figure.

Her large fleshy rear was revealed in soft round arcs and her creamy white breasts were pushed up, a marvel of delights against the deep black of the uniform. She turned in the mirror for a final inspection and jiggled the little cotton tail into the glass. Giving the matron a hug, she scurried out of the dressing room. Like the fabled white rabbit she was late for a very important date.

Dolly was scheduled to appear as Miss May 1966 but she got to Chicago in October and had spent endless weeks in training in preparation for the opening of a Club in London. She also had been kept busy with photo shoots.

The publisher would sit in on the sessions and watch Dolly pose. She could gauge the level of his excitement by the glow of his pipe. They had even snuggled a bit during a couple of movie nights in the living room, but she had not made it to his bed....yet.

Not that she was resistant. She had heard about him from the other girls and was really quite curious. In fact, she was more curious the longer he waited. She also was a bit anxious for some action since she'd had none since getting to the States.

Dolly opened the door of the room she'd be called to. She furrowed her brow for a moment and looked so cute as she seemed to puzzle out where she was. This wasn't the famous master bedroom. It was actually a rather small room with a very small bed. Off to one side was a large, a very large leather sofa with a coffee table in front of it. Strewn all over the table were what she recognized as various photographs of her, many quite revealing.

Sitting on one end of the couch, puffing on his ubiquitous pipe was the publisher. At the other end was an extremely tall man holding a shot of the completely nude Dolly, a shot that would never be published because it showed everything.

Dolly stood by the door and chewed on her thumb shyly; she was oddly embarrassed to have walked in on men studying her revealing photos. These men seemed struck by the situation too but hardly embarrassed; they seemed quite pleased to have the real thing in front of them as they immediately rose to greet her. Blimey, the tall man was as big as a tree. He had to be over 7 feet!

"Welcome Dolly; we were just talking about you," said the publisher. He introduced the tall man and chuckled at Dolly's blank stare. "Of course, Dolly doesn't follow American sports; I don't think she's even heard of basket ball." The tall man nodded at the explanation; he was used to women recognizing him straight away. It was something he counted on in his forays for sex.

The publisher walked over and led Dolly back to the couch. She sat in the center and even though there was plenty of room on the large couch the tall man sat with his thigh pressed against her. The leather seat felt cool on her plump fanny but she could feel the heat of his skin through the nylon of her stockings.

The man towered almost two feet above her and Dolly shivered a little bit, sensing menace in his close proximity. She looked back at the table and blushed at the photos. "Can we put these away?" she asked quietly.

The tall man gathered them up into a pile with the full-frontal nude right on top. He gave that photo another look and a smirk appeared on his face as he put the collection on his other side. He clearly was taking possession of them.

"How has your bunny training been going? I see you've earned your VIP togs already." The publisher turned to the tall man. "This lovely little lady has a lot of responsibility. She's going to help open the London Playboy Club."

Dolly had more confidence now. "Oh, it's all been great fun. The girls have been so kind and the training has been very hard. But it's really fabulous to meet with the club members, just smashing!" Her British accent was almost singing as she gushed on about all her activities. She looked even more fetching as she rapidly chattered on about her adventures, her eyes getting brighter and her short rapid breaths lifting those creamy mounds up and down in the tight costume..

"Well," the publisher interrupted with a gentle smile, "I've been telling our friend here all about you. Your gatefold is going to be spectacular. One of the best ever. We expect a big response."

"I'm very excited about it. Though it is a bit of a bother to be posing all the time. You need a proper holiday after Mr. Posar finishes with his cameras and flashbulbs. But he is a dear man."

She was about to chatter along again but the publisher held up his hand. "Yes, my dear, you are doing excellent work for the Playboy family. Now, I have a special favor to ask you." Dolly felt the tall man snuggle in closer and rest his large hand lightly on her leg.

"Our friend here is planning to spend a good bit of time here at the mansion, both whenever his team is in town, and when he has breaks in the season. We're even preparing a special room for him. Isn't that right?" The tall man nodded seriously.

"And what he's asked for," the publisher went on, "what he's requested quite specifically, for is for you, as a special favor to our family to take him under your wing."

"Sir?" Dolly's eyebrows were arched in a doubtful expression.

"You know, help him get adjusted to things here. Make him comfortable and welcome." Dolly didn't have time to respond before the publisher abruptly slapped his hands onto his knees and stood up. "Well, that's settled then. Thank you so much."

Suddenly Dolly and the huge man were alone in the room.

Both were silent and Dolly nudged her sweet round bottom away from him, sliding along on the smooth leather. It was almost comical to watch the little girl glide sideways only to be followed the enormous man until she was pinned between the arm rest of the couch and his massive, muscular leg. All along she had kept her large soft eyes demurely focused on the table in in front of her, while his eyes flashed with lecherous greed as he looked at her tender body futilely trying to escape.

His hand was back on her leg now and squeezing quite possessively. Her arms crossed her chest and her ankles crossed too as if she were protecting herself. Now he just sat there looming almost two feet above her. His face became blank, almost serene; he seemed to be waiting for her.

All sorts of emotions were colliding in Dolly's brain. On the one hand she was nervous, even afraid. His hands were huge; he was huge. His body seemed to be nothing but tightly packed muscle and his attitude made his intentions quite clear. On the other hand she felt confident that she could handle the situation and she felt protected here in the mansion; everything was under her control. And it was intriguing that his hands were so enormous, that he was so gigantic. His muscular build was quite attractive really; he was strange and exotic to her. And she hadn't had a proper shagging for quite awhile.

Without looking at him, she spoke up, "Would you like the grand tour?"

"What do you think?" he responded with a dismissive snort.

"Well I thought I was supposed to give you a tour; Mr. Hefner's house is quite interesting. A proper palace really."

"How 'bout a tour of what's in that funny costume?"

Really, how crude and indelicate! She looked at him crossly and spoke primly, "Haven't seen many girls have we?"

"Doll, you have no idea," he chuckled.

"My name is Dolly, please. Like your Dolly Madison." Truly he was a most infuriating man. "I call a sweet little thing like you doll. You're a cute little doll, ready to play."

He squeezed her leg harder and put his other hand under her chin as he spoke. He lifted her face and bent down and kissed her. She kept her lips locked against his probing tongue but at the last moment, before using all her strength to pull her head away, she darted her little pink tongue out and drew it over his. She liked his taste.

She leapt off the couch and stood a few feet away from him with her hands on her hips. She prattled on like a strict but frenzied tour guide. "Would you like to know how many rooms there are here in the mansion, or the size of the kitchen? Did you know that there is a Latin inscription on the door? It says..."

Without realizing how fast he had moved she found herself pulled back, almost flying in the air, and landing in his lap. He had one hand on her back and the other across her thighs pressing her round plump ass into his crotch. She wiggled and snuggled into the warmth of his solid muscles. This was a bit of all right wasn't it?

But she wasn't about to admit defeat. "You are quite the naughty boy aren't you?" She tapped his lips with her finger punctuating each of her clipped British syllables.

He chuckled, confident that the battle was won. "Come on baby. You know I got what you want."

"Oh really? I believe it is I who has what you want." She wagged her finger in admonishment.

"I don't know baby. Where you got it?"

She giggled. "Right here in this velvet outfit."

He quite brazenly slit a hand into her breathtaking cleavage and she felt a thrilling spark from his touch even as she prudishly snatched his hand away. "Now really, that's for gentlemen who behave like proper gentlemen with proper manners."

They sat looking at each other for a second. She spoke again. "Well, it's clear that I have something you desire, but I'm doubtful if you can return in kind."

"Oh, I got something right here for you doll. Right here in my pocket." He tapped his slacks.

It was the oldest, cheesiest trick in the book, but in his quest for women he had no shame. She knew exactly what to expect. It was the sort of trick school boys played back at school. She squirmed enough to reach down and slide her slender hand, her tender fingers, into his pocket. Even has she dug in she looked straight into his eyes with a look of confident defiance. Sure enough her finger tips made direct contact with the skin of his thigh. Sparks shot under her hand and sparks flashed in her lovely eyes ; she couldn't hide her delight and excitement. His eyes blazed too, telling her that the hunt was over; in a few moments he's be stripping her bare and taking her sweet flesh.

Her fingers scratched the tight muscles then withdrew quickly.

The beautiful girl paused for a moment. "Hmm," she spoke delicately, "Perhaps you could manage to hold my attention with that for a few moments."

He smirked with satisfaction. Now it was show time, for sure. His cock was hardening against her delightfully round bottom and she squirmed sexily, tickling it. She stretched out her shapely legs and kicked off her shoes. She pulled her knees up to her chin and curled up like a kitten in his lap. Her arms reached down and pulled his head toward her round soft face and her lips parted for a deep and passionate kiss.

She was yielding completely; all that was left was for him to uncover her treasures. He sank back into the plush leather couch, sighing contentedly and setting himself to his happy task.

He picked up one of her dainty wrists and she lightly brushed her fingers across his face, slipping each finger into his mouth for a moment. His fingers undid the cufflinks and tossed the stiff, starched wrist bands away.

"Careful," she moaned, "I have to pay for any damages." He smiled and took up the other hand and stripped it too. He could feel the anxious beat of her pulse in those slender wrists. While his fingers worked she took her tiny hand off his face and licked the taste of him with her soft pink tongue. She used that same hand to slide her moist fingers into his shirt. He moaned at her warm touch. With expert agility she used her thumb and forefinger to flick open each button.

Dolly's nails scratched down his chest causing him to writhe and press his growing cock up against her rear. He twisted her around and lifted her soft, dark hair and undid the collar and tie. He kissed the spot where the collar had covered her neck and she leaned back into him, reaching back to hold his head with her hands.

He pushed her forward slightly and caressed the expanse of white flesh across her shoulders and back. Dolly's smooth, milky pale skin was literally pouring out of the uniform because it was so tight. Even more her chest was expanding as she heaved with deep and lustful breaths.

The skin right at the edge of the garment, the flesh pinched by the tight cinching of the cloth, was the most sensitive. She let out a sharp peep as he dug his fingers along that line. Her hands were still on his head and her fingers writhing all over his face and ears and neck. His hands came around and pushed up those spectacular breasts and Dolly let out a contented whimper. She twisted her head and they kissed again.

Down his hands pressed along her flat belly and against the swell of her crotch. They rested on her fleshy and curvy hips and with one smooth motion he stood, lifting her in the air.

Dolly gasped with delight at the flying sensation and being trained as a dancer, she dropped her legs and pointed her toes straight down. Her arms fell to her sides. He strode across the room with his prize and stopped in the center. Dolly squealed when he suddenly spun her in the air. When he caught her hips she was facing him now.

He moved forward again and Dolly looked at him with soulful eyes, knowing where they were headed. She sighed as she enjoyed the feel of his strength squeezing her hips and lifting her up.

She felt her tiny feet touching the soft surface of the satin sheets. He stood her up and took a step back to drink her in. Standing straight up on the edge of the bed she finally was eye to eye with the enormous man. She rested her hands on his shoulders and they kissed again. Their tongues darted and danced and suddenly his plunged in deeply tickling the back of her throat.

He lifted her bunny ears off as if they were a crown and then his hungry hands began to pat and squeeze up and down her body. He jerked open the laces cinching closed the bottom of the outfit and Dolly swooned as the uniform's tight grip on her torso was released. His hands were frantic and eager now and they ran up her back and the zipper was jammed down in one sharp pull. Without any ceremony at all he grabbed the front of the costume and pulled it down. The velvet fell away, gliding down her legs and landing at her feet with a soft rustling sound. With her hands still resting on her shoulders she delicately stepped out of the costume and dropped it to the floor with a flick of her tiny foot.

She lifted her hands off his shoulders and rested them behind her head. Her magnificent breasts jutted forward. Her skin was pale but the moist warm flesh of her heaving mounds was even more pale, highlighting the flaming red of her aroused nipples. Her soft wide shoulder and chest tapered down to her narrow waist; the luscious curves then spread out in the shape of her plump and juicy thighs, still covered by the black tights. Her cute little bellybutton, peeking out over the edge of the tights, fluttered with her rapid breathing. Her eyes flickered with anticipation and pride and her lips were parted. letting out her shallow breaths. Her dark hair shimmered in the light as her whole body trembled slightly.

His jaw dropped. This was what he had been waiting for. He had had plenty of women in his life but Dolly was certainly among those at the top of the list. He thanked himself for coming up with the idea of settling at the mansion. He already was planning to collect Lisa Baker and Sue Bernard next, after that there were some cute little blondes to pursue, but ever since the publisher had shown him Dolly's pictures he knew that she would be one of the best.

He embraced her again, crushing those delectable pillows against his chest. Her mouth responded eagerly and her hands pushed his open shirt off his back.

His massive hands dug into the flesh of her spine and ran down her back. His fingers gripped the elastic of the tights and in a savage jerk wrenched them down over her ass and kept pulling, flipping her backwards on the bed. His arm flew up in an arch as his body followed hers down and he yanked the nylon off her legs.

He landed next to her and he was a different man now. His mouth pounced on those delicious nipples and he sucked and gorged like a kid with an ice cream cone. Her flesh melted into his mouth and she sobbed as the heat of his lips and tongue seared through her surrendering body.

With one hand he held her hair brutally, forcing her to arch her back and press her wondrous bosom into his face. His other hand pressed on her belly and then slid down. With no warning, first one finger, then another pierced her sex, causing her back to arch even more.

Her hands scratched and grazed along his chest and belly straining to reach what was still in his pants.

He probed inside her as her body thrashed and bucked, then abruptly he pushed her towards the head of the bed and flipped his head between her legs. His mouth covered her entire pussy and his tongue dug in, licking and slurping and finally beating and teasing against her clit.

Dolly was stunned by the rapid actions, the way she was so completely stripped and possessed. The pleasure in her sex rolled up her body paralyzing her with bliss. Bolts of ecstasy fired into her, pinning her to the bed. She had never felt an orgasm grip her so quickly and she struggled to breath; she had no energy to move or make a sound as she absorbed the pleasure engulfing her.

As the heavenly tingles ebbed slowly Dolly felt herself being pulled up into a sitting position. At the same time he was stretching his giant body down on the bed. "OK little dolly, let's see what you can do."

Dolly fingers gingerly reached out to the zipper of his slacks. She was already mesmerized by the outline of the long, thick shape bulging in the fabric. She opened the pants and slid her hand in. Her hands were warm and moist but they felt cool against the heat of his throbbing shaft.

Her nails ran over it and the rock hard pole twitched violently. She pulled out her hand in fear and tugged his pants down and off.

She looked with saucer eyes at the shaft standing straight up like a flag pole. Shifting herself next to his hips she wrapped her two hands around it and with a gentle squeezing pressure glided up and down its length.

"Come on girl. You know what to do."

Dolly shook her head involuntarily. There was no way she could get even the head of that thing in her mouth, but she leaned down and used her tongue to tickle the base and the balls and then run up and down the shaft eagerly. She sat straight up and pressed the beast between her two creamy breasts and began to twirl her tongue around the head, finishing up by digging into the slit at the very tip.

She used her mouth for a long time, savoring every inch of him, enjoying his salty taste. Her body still vibrated from the tongue lashing he'd given her and she felt him trembling and saw his eyes roll back in his head.

As her tongue worked the tip again her eyes gazed into his face. She watched as an almost carnivorous gleam came to his eyes. His white teeth looked like fangs. She knew he was going to explode.

And explode he did, but not in the way the poor girl expected. He sprang up and grabbed her hair and threw her onto the bed. He leapt upon her and gripped her shoulders. With one solid thrust he rammed all of himself into her. He was in a blind frenzy, desperate to ravage the delicious milky flesh of her sweet body.

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