Don't Avoid Daddy


This is my first story. I've never written about any of my encounters before, until recently when I've been wanting to re-live them in my head. I thought it would be an interesting story. Any feedback would be appreciated. Enjoy :]


It feels like I haven't been used in ages. I'm too much of a scared sissy. I find guys from all over, talk, email, text sometimes. But when it really comes down to it I get too scared. I've been with this guy before, his cock is soda can thick and he's really rough. The day after my first encounter with him, I literally couldn't walk properly or sit down comfortably. It's exactly what I look for in a guy. Tall, muscular, dominant, big cock. Lately though, I've been dodging him. We agreed to meet this one time two weeks ago, I was really horny and constantly emailed him throughout the week. But when the night to meet him came, I chickened out. Scared he would fuck me too hard the next time we'd meet, I kept dodging him, giving him excuse after excuse... until tonight. I just can't take it. I need him, someone, anyone to put me in my place and make me feel like the little girl I am. And he's always available. Especially for his little Filipina hoe.

So here I am, waiting in my car for his call. I'm sitting in the back seat wearing a yellow polka-dot thong, frilly black fishnets, clear platform high heels, and a little black dress. I start to rub my little clit thinking about what is going to happen to me tonight. In my head I keep replaying a scene of me getting pummeled from behind by his big black cock, loving every second of it, telling him to rape me harder as I take it deep in my ass like a good girl. I start stroking, edging myself and then stopping. I do this a couple of times as doubt starts to fill my head. Is he going to come? I think to myself.

I get really sad in my head and begin to ask myself questions like, "Why am I such a stupid bitch, no one wants to use my worthless asshole."

I start thinking crazy thoughts, like just walking on the streets in my skimpy outfit until someone picks me up and really rapes me. Until finally, I receive a text from him.

"Come to front of door now and wait there."

My face lightens up as I hop out of my car and run in my heels towards the door waiting for him, fixing myself up and hiding my little clit, tucking it under my sexy thong. I feel a cool breeze brush between my tall slender smooth legs and realize how exposed I am standing out here in the open, looking like a call girl at this man's doorstep. I hear footsteps on the other side of the door as he opens it. I try not to make eye contact with him as not to be disrespectful. Maybe it's the Asian influence I grew up with, never looking directly at your elders or maybe I'm just a submissive slut. He opens the door slightly stepping one foot outside as his hand starts to reach behind me. I feel his big rough hand grab my fat bubble butt. He smacks it as I stumble on my heels but grabs me by the neck to help me balance myself.

Wringing my neck he pulls me towards him, "You actually decided to show, you're a naughty little chink."

I nod, my little clit already hardening. "Yes sir, I'm sorry, I'm here now to service you." I whisper.

He tells me to go upstairs. I walk as he follows, I can tell he's looking up my dress, staring at my little bubble butt and the thong that's wedged between my Filipina ass cheeks. When I get to the room I see a bunch of toys on the bed, belts, a blindfold, and cameras set up.... My heart sinks into my stomach as I take off my coat. Standing there in just my skimpy outfit legs crossed, I await his instruction.

He closes the door behind him and locks it, turns around and sees his little chink whore standing at attention. I keep my eyes glued to the floor, but I can feel his searching me, hearing him lick his lips as my legs begin to shake nervously. I can picture what he sees. Just a worthless, weak, little sissy Asian boy in a tight dress that likes being bossed around and treated like a whore. But it's turning him on more than any other girl he's been with. Sure he loves making bitches submit, but when that bitch has something between his legs, when that someone he's dominating should have been a man but is rather an effeminate little boy, it makes his blood boil and makes him uncontrollable.

He circles around me then grabs me by the neck, his huge hand enveloping my neck as I feel his other hand grab my tiny crotch. He pulls my thong to the side and he starts playing with my little clit between his thumb and index finger. I moan as he manhandles me, it turns me on so much my little clit begins to swell. His grip on my neck tightens; he then throws me on the bed my ass popping out of my tight dress.

"Head off the bed" he says to me, as I crawl to the edge, lying on my back.

I see him fixing something on his camera and then he comes back towards me blindfold in hand. He stands towering in front of me as he drops his pants and his fat 10 inch cock slaps against my face.

"Suck it you little faggot" he says as I grab his thick cock and place it at the opening of my mouth.

Barely able to fit the head of his cock in my mouth I try to please this meaty rod with my tiny mouth.

"Good slut, suck that cock your stupid whore"

I feel him reaching and pulling my dress up as he sees my fully erect tiny clit pulsating as his hips grind his huge cock into my mouth. Each time he tries to thrust his dick into my mouth, face fucking me, my little clit twitches. He puts the blindfold around my head and begins to tie it. I start to breathe heavier, my clit getting harder as he places his cock back into my mouth. I feel him grabbing my little clit as he chuckles.

"What a tiny little cock you have. I shouldn't even call it a cock it's so fucking small." he smacks it lightly, as I twitch. "You shouldn't be considered a man, you disgrace men. All you're good for is this dirty fucking hole."

He says to me spanking the side of my ass cheeks. His words get me turned on even more and all of a sudden I hear a buzzing. I feel him attach something vibrating to my little clit. It surrounds my clit and vibrates right on the head of my cock, as I'm filled with ecstasy. I start moaning, sucking his cock harder and longer. He retaliates at my willingness to serve, as he starts to fuck my mouth harder. I feel him grab my neck and starts pumping in and out of my throat. He slides his cock halfway in and holds it there as I start to choke. He pulls back out and slaps me across the face.

"Take my cock you brown bitch" he says putting his cock back into my mouth and pushing it 3/4s its way in.

I gag several times and every time I gag he smacks my face. He clenches my nose shut and starts getting a faster rhythm going in his thrusts. I feel like my mouth has become a pussy from him as he grabs both sides of my face and begins fucking my mouth. The vibrator on my clit starts to push me to the edge, I feel myself letting go, this feeling that I was holding in from the beginning.

"I can't be cumming yet!" I thought to myself.

I try to tell him to take it off but everything he hears is muffled.

"Shut the fuck up and take this cock, stupid chink bitch!"

I try to push him away as he sees my body squirming, but it's too late. Streams of cum shoot across the bed, on my dress, my legs, and my face. I had been edging myself for so long, I had such a huge load built up, almost a weeks worth of cum exploding from my little clit. I must of shot 10 streams of cum all over myself as my masters voice becomes excited.

"Holy shit bitch! You're one dirty fucking whore. Can't hold it back, huh?"

He belittles me. I lay there blindfolded, with cum all over myself.

"Hold still."

I hear a snap and flash.

"He's taking pictures of me.", I say in my head.

Reality hits me hard. I'm not a very experienced CD, so when I cum once, I get snapped out of my slutty alter ego.

He leans close to me, I can feel his breath against my shoulder as he whispers, "I'm going to fuck your little ass so hard now."

I can tell he has a smirk on his face when he said that.

"Turn around ass in the air, now."

"Mast-" I try to say.

"Shut the fuck up bitch, did I ask you to talk?"

I slowly and reluctantly get on my hands and knees.

I hear him take a belt, "Face on the mattress, put your hands behind your back."

I comply, as he can clearly see my erection is no longer there, just my limp little clit. He takes my forearms and ties them together. I hear him pop a cap open as he pours lube all over my little asshole.

He leans over me and whispers, "I'm gonna stretch your little Chinese asshole, you're my bitch, and I'm gonna fuck you till you beg me to stop."

Fear comes over me as I scream, "Please daddy! I don't think I want to do this anymore! Please can I go home?!"

I just hear silence, then out of nowhere I feel a burning smack against my ass as I feel him bury his cock in my raw tight asshole. I feel all 10 inches slide through my clenched butt cheeks. I feel a tear as I shriek in pain. My back and ass buckle as I go from my knees onto my belly, he comes down with me pinning me down with all his weight. 250lbs of black muscle pinning down my pathetic 130 lbs tiny brown body. I almost pass out from the pain as tears stream down my eyes.


I hear him chuckle as he pulls out of my ass. I feel some liquid running down my thigh, as he turns me around and shoves his cock in my mouth. A combination of shit and blood fills my mouth while he cleans his dirty cock with the inside of my mouth. He smacks me hard in the face as tears seep through my blindfold. I feel him take my cum covered panties from my leg and hear him rip some masking tape.

"I'll show you to talk back to me."

"No ple-" he shoves my panties in my mouth and tapes it over my mouth.

He smacks me again "Scream through that bitch."

He keeps me on my back, the pressure against my forearms. I feel him spread my legs kneeling between them. He grabs me by my ankles and bends them behind my head. I feel so exposed in this position. My bleeding asshole exposed for him to use as he pleases. I hear another snap, as he takes a picture of my ripped ass-pussy. He drops the camera on the bed and places his cock between my filipina ass cheeks. I try to scream for him to stop but to no avail. With one of my legs against his shoulder and the other one in his hand he starts to pry my asshole open once again with his fat black cock. I moan as it slides through my already broken asshole. I clench against my invader but it just hurts even more arousing him. He starts to rub my limp little cock in his hand as he begins pumping in and out of me.

"That's right bitch, this asshole belongs to me, this little body is my property and you're my fucking slave."

I shake my head, not wanting anymore. As he smacks me across the face.

"Nod your head bitch, you belong to black cock, right?!"

He smacks me again but I don't respond. He then places both my legs on his shoulders and raises his hips. He wraps both hands around my neck as he starts fucking me harder without mercy. Choking the life out of me like a doll as he thrusts his hips in and out of my gaping rectum. The sound of his balls slapping against my ass cheeks fills the room.

"You better fucking agree with me you stupid chink dog."

He starts gripping harder around my neck as I start to get light headed. It seems as if my dismay arouses him, as what feels like his now 11 inch cock starts raping my little Filipina asshole. The whole length of it slides out and slams back it. He smacks me again with his other hand while he chokes me. The blood excreting from my asshole acts as lube to fuel his assault. He pulls all the way out and makes me feel how wide my ass is gaping. It gapes so long and wide that it fills with air as his cock rams over and over into it. Each long stroke causes my asshole to queef loud while he buries his meat in me. I'm embarrassed at the sound but all my mind is focused on right now is trying to cope with the pain. I can hear his breathing start to pick up as his thrusts get faster. It sounds like an untamed wild animal is having his way with me. He loosens a bit on my neck by removing one of his hands but begins smacking my face constantly as he doubles his efforts on my torn asshole.

"You filthy fucking pig, you belong to me, don't fucking forget it!"

I nod my head fast wanting it to be over.

I moan through my gag, "yes! OK!"

I stop fighting back and stop clenching as he continues his attack on my ass. I lay there limp, submitting, just taking his cock into my hole. My heels flail in the air above his head while he viciously rapes me.

I try to withhold all the pain I'm feeling and keep telling myself, "it's almost over, it's almost over."

Little do I know his onslaught is just beginning. I feel him hock and spit on my face as he slaps my cheek hard. His warm, thick spit slide down my neck. I begin to tear, feeling so disgusted with myself.

"You know what." he says as he rips off my gag and rubs my used panties in my face.

I gasp for air smelling the soiled thong rubbing against my face.

"I want to hear you scream and beg for me to stop."

His long thick cock slides out of my aching rectum as I feel him kneel, straddling my chest. He grabs me by the hair and rams his bloody, shit covered cock into my mouth. The taste is almost unbearable as he starts raping my unwilling throat. I gag hard on it, unable to push his heavy body away from me. He starts fucking my face harder while sitting on my chest, my hands and arms cramping behind my back. I feel them losing circulation as they're pinned behind me. He begins hitting my gag reflex consistently as his thick cock forces its way down my throat. I take his onslaught of throat fucks but gag too hard and begin to throw up while his cock is deep in my throat. He feels warm vomit surround his cock in my throat as he pulls out quickly. The act of him pulling out causes me to throw up even more on the bed I'm laying on I feel it sliding down the side of my neck, coughing hard, tears running down my cheek as I do.

"You fucking dirty pig!"

I feel a hard smack against the side of my head, hitting my ear as I hear a sharp ringing noise.

I feel it again, this time even harder, almost like a punch, as I plead.

"Please master! I'm sorry! Don't hurt me please!" I say coughing and crying, vomit running down the side of my mouth.

He grabs me by the throat, picks me up on my knees, and turns me around. He removes the belt from my forearms as my bruised limbs fall to my sides. I think to myself, is it over? He's finally done! Thank god!

He then pushes my head down, "Grab your ankles."

"Please, I beg you daddy..." A hiccup in my voice from me crying. "No more, please! You're really hurting me."

"If you fucking move, I'm going to keep you here all night bitch."

He yells at me. As I freeze motionless, with my head to the bed and my poor abused ass in the air. I feel it gaping wide, as I hear him searching through bags. He finds it, something metal, clinging, as he walks with it. He grabs my wrist and wraps it around. "It's a handcuff" I say to myself, realizing my plea was unheard. He cuffs my right wrist to my right ankle and my left wrist to my left ankle, my chest pushing on top of my knees.

"You're fucking filthy, look what you did to my bed." He rips my blindfold off as I clench my eyes shut. Slowly opening them and observing my surroundings. Everything around me disheveled and turned upside down, me in the middle of it all. And right next to my head, the puddle of puke. The sight of it makes the stench all the more putrid as I turn my head the other way, not wanting to see or smell it. I feel a hard lash on my ass, as I look behind me seeing my master with a belt in his hand.

"You're going to clean that up, dog." He whips my ass hard again; I immediately feel the welt starting to form where his leather strap met my ass. I cringe in pain. He places his cock at the entrance of my beaten and bruised asshole.

"Yes daddy, I promise I'll clean it up right away! Please don-"

He grabs me by my hair and before I could finish my sentence, shoves my face into my puke, as I feel him lean forward and ram his cock deep into my blood crusted asshole. I shriek in disbelief and agony as he rubs my face in the regurgitated mess I made.


My screams muffled from the vomit covered bed sheets entering my mouth. I close my mouth shut when he directs my head facing straight down into the mattress but scream when he pushes the side of my head into it.

"Mmmmm beg me to stop you dirty chink faggot, I know you love it, you love being degraded like a little bitch!" he screams at me. "You're a dumb little brown dog, you deserve this! You belong to me and only me! Don't you? Whose dog are you?"

All that he hears in return are the dampened cries and moans coming from under him. He takes his belt and whips me three times extremely hard. One on each cheek and one against the back of my dress.

"You better fucking respond to me dog, otherwise this is going to go on all night!" He flogs me again five times hard and fast against my back.


He grinds his hips harder and harder against my ass, smacking his hips against my welt covered fat ass cheeks. The sound of his balls smacking against my tiny sack are mixed with his screams. It's as if my clit is getting smaller and smaller from all the abuse I'm going through. My tiny little cock retreats into my body just as any bit of masculinity left in me is being pounded by my big black master. I feel it pathetically dangling between my legs as he fucks me like a dog. He wraps his belt around my neck holding it like a leash, picking my violated face up from the vomit.

"That's a good dog, if only you could see how filthy you look right now." he says, tightening the belt around my neck. "Bark for me you little bitch." I feel him reach under me grabbing my balls and cock in his huge paws, suffocating them to the point where it feels like I don't even have any male genitalia at all. "BARK!"

"Please don't make me do that!" I feignedly whisper like a little girl. His grip on my little cock and balls is so emasculating. He squeezes harder.

"BARK like the worthless fucking animal you are whore!" He says punching the back of my head.

"MASTER! YOU'RE HURTING ME!!" His pace starts picking up as he starts smacking my body all over. My thighs, my back, my ass, my head. "BARK! BARK YOU FUCKING DOG!"

I embarrassingly muster up my voice. "woof!" I let out.


"WOOF WOOF!" I shout at him! Disgusted and humiliated.

"Who do you belong to you stupid dog?" he starts cradling my balls again stroking my cock.

"You..I belong to you master.."

I wince as he chuckles, grabbing the belt around my neck and jerking it back so my face is up. I scan the room with my blurry vision and notice I'm staring straight into a rolling camera lens. Immediately a tear runs down from my eye, realizing the humiliation that was just captured. Here I am, a delicate, effeminate little Filipina boy dressed in 4 inch heels a skin tight and torn black dress that's hugging my bruised and welted body, looking straight into the camera with my vomit smearing my make up, bent over wrists cuffed to my ankles, barking like a stupid dog while this monstrous, muscular, dominantly superior black sadist shoves his thick raw cock deep into my bowels while he uses the belt around my neck like a rein pulling me onto his dick, spearing me against him, over and over... and over.

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