Door Prizes


Oh, shit! She's going to try and fist me. It's a good thing she's tiny.

Anna grinned slyly at her victim. She saw the realization spread across the redhead's face. "So, figured out what's up, have you? Yes, I am going to stick my whole hand up inside your cute little pussy and it's going to make you feel soooo good."

"But—but . . . ."

"Oh, be quiet, you. I have small hands and you're really relaxed. Just close your eyes and enjoy, sweetie."

Three fingers became four and Lisa could feel herself opening almost imperceptibly. Anna's thumb joined the party and with the passing seconds, the girl felt the fingers going in farther and farther. She was being spread wider and wider and Anna had been right. It did feel so good.

Suddenly she twitched. Anna had pushed her hand inside past the line of knuckles and Lisa was as wide as she needed. She curled her fingers into a fist and pushed the rest of the way in, clear to the wrist.

"I have you now, girl." She stopped thrusting and rotated her wrist rubbing around the inside of the girl's vagina. Lisa moaned. It wasn't an orgasm just a wondrous feeling of being fuller than she'd ever been.

I never thought I'd end up a size queen but I've got to have this more often. Is this what getting shared feels like, at least sort of?

Lisa sank all the way down onto the mattress, mewling in pleasure. After some long minutes, Anna straightened out her hand and pulled out. Lisa raised her head, blinked foggily a couple of times and asked, "Can anyone do that?"

Anna shook her head. "Maybe after a kid or two, they could, but until then don't let any of the men try it. The older ones know better but Monty or the others coming in might think you'll like their bigger fists. You won't. For now think of fisting as another good reason to go bi. And on that subject, it's my turn. Stick that tongue out, girl, and eat me proper."

When Monty led Tammy-Lynn into the bedroom he shared with Lisa, the butterflies in his stomach were doing a war dance. This was his room, the one he shared with his fiancée. It just wasn't right to bring someone else to it for sex, especially someone who seemed to think he was something to entertain herself with and yet—all those 'synthetic foreplay' chemicals had him flushed, horny as a hoptoad and stiff as a ramrod. Tammy-Lynn's deep bosom, plunging neckline and magnolia perfume got his undivided attention and when she closed the door behind them and started running her thumb up and down the underside of his rampant cock all his hesitations retreated to the farthest dark corners of his brain.

She smiled at him like a well-canaried cat. "My, just look at this. Seems like someone wants to sample some dark meat tonight. Tell you what, honey-man, just lay down on that comfy-lookin' bed of yours and I'll give you a taste."

She's straddled his face and ground her waxed smooth pussy against his mouth. Monty responded with the licking and sucking that Lisa told him felt wonderful and Tammy-Lynn seemed to agree. Soon he had her humping his face and moaning softly until she jerked and squirted into his mouth. That was a surprise and he'd coughed and swallowed. Tammy-Lynn scrabbled off and moving down his body, sucked him back into readiness. Then she'd climbed on top and rode him into several more orgasms before she was satisfied.

"You're good, honey-man, real good. Lisa better keep your battery run down every night or some one of us is likely to steal you away. 'Course, I'm sure we can work something out with her to borrow you occasionally. Now go wash up, 'cause the next lady will be here in a few minutes."

Molly's lessons on multiple orgasms stood Monty in good stead for his next two 'guests'. Both of them had been quite happy with his oral technique and coital stamina and had gone back to the main party with big smiles. Monty was beginning to feel that a little objectification might not be such a bad thing, at least once in a while, but when he came out of the bathroom after his third wash-up he looked at the bed and froze in his tracks.

Elsa Mestesmed was reclined on her side with the sheet halfway up just like Molly had the night of the Solstice orgy. Monty couldn't see for sure but he felt in his bones that she was wearing a harness and probably had King Dong already in place. He'd been told not to whine or snivel but there was another option. Straightening his back and setting his jaw, Monty folded his arms across his chest. "No!" he said.

Elsa's jaw dropped. "No?"

"Ms. Mes—, uh, Elsa, I don't know what this obsession you ladies have with my butt is but I'm not interested. I'll eat you or fuck you or both—whatever you want—but you're dealing with a vanilla straight guy. Kinky isn't my thing."

Elsa leaned back and relaxed with a smile. She pushed the covers down. No harness. "Come here, you."

Hesitantly, the youth complied, sitting on the edge of the bed and then slipping under the sheets with the woman who so intimidated him. She reached for him and he rolled into her arms, nose to nose with the statuesque blonde.

"Monty, you have a very sexy ass. We like your ass just like you like Lisa's." Her hand ran down his back and began to softly stroke his buttocks. "We like to rub it, squeeze it, and ride it. When you're just out of the shower we like to lick it, just the way you like doing to Lisa, don't you?"

"Well, yeah, but . . . ."

"And once you've got her all hot and moaning, you like to lube it up and stick your stiffy inside, don't you?"

"Well, yeah, but—but I can feel when I'm inside. You can't feel through silicone."

"Monty, darling, there are feelings and there are feelings. When I ride a man's ass I feel his warm back on my boobs and belly, I feel his butt bounce when I drive home and I feel powerful, really powerful. I feel powerful because I know he's going to cum and there's no way he can resist because I'm nailing his prostate."

Her fingers were between his buttcheeks, rimming his anus. It felt awfully good, so good that he arched his back to push her fingers inside. She giggled and reached behind her to the tube of lubricant on the nightstand. Like a rabbit helplessly watching a weasel, Monty watched her squeeze a dollop onto her finger tips, knowing where they were going next.

"And you not only like Lisa's ass, you like mine, too, don't you darling?"

First one finger and then a second slithered up his pucker. He quivered and then answered, "Uh, yeah?"

"And you'd like to stick that big cock of yours in it, wouldn't you?'

"Uh, yeah?"

"And you will, Monty darling, you will—right after school on Monday. But you know the rules, Monty, ladies first. Right?"

By now she had three fingers well inside him, sliding in and out, spreading his muscles, rotating around and around. The sensations went directly from his butt to his cock stiffening him up and making the helmet hard and purple. Helpless to resist, he arched his back more pushing down on the impertinent, violating fingers.

"Uh-huh," he whimpered. It felt so good. If she kept this up much longer he'd be begging her to peg him. He didn't want to do that but he might not be able to resist.

"Good, then. Roll over onto the pillow, darling, with that wonderful, sexy ass up. I'm going to get King Dong now and put him where he belongs, where you'll like him the most."

His eyes wide as headlights, Monty watched Elsa open the top drawer of the nightstand and take out the largest Feeldo dildo he had ever seen. She started rubbing the shorter, thicker end against her pussy. "See, honey, you aren't even getting the big end, I am. Mmm!" she pushed inside her. Now the longer end stuck up in front of her just as his hard-on was. He could feel himself stiff and solid, poking him between the pillow and his belly. "Spread your legs. Wider. Lift up. Gooooood Monty."

Just as when Molly pegged him before, a big, blunt mass pressed on his anus. He pushed out, like he'd been taught, but the thing was so big he couldn't open himself up enough. He felt his muscles being stretched wider than they'd ever gone.


Elsa stopped. "Take deep breaths, honey, long and slow. I'll just wait until the burn goes away. Better now?"


She pushed in farther. Monty desperate concentrated on relaxation, willing himself to let the monster in and in it went. Suddenly the giant silicone glans passed his sphincters and he gasped in response.

Elsa's voice was halfway between a purr and a growl. "I've got you now, my lad." With slow, short strokes she pushed King Dong deeper and deeper into Monty's ass, making him moan with each thrust. Soon he felt the warmth of her pelvis on his butt. "I'm all the way in, Monty. Now up on your knees.

Not withdrawing at all, Elsa pulled the youth up until he straddled her thighs and sat back on her lap. She reached around and ran clever fingers up and down the length of his shaft. "Up and down, Monty. My good little toy is going to impale himself on my cock. Come on, move."

Amazed at his own obedience, Monty started lifting and lowering himself, sliding up and down the length of the super dildo. As he did, Elsa stroked his cock. She sped up, encouraging him to do the same. Sweat trickled down his face and dripped off the end of his nose as he whimpered and moaned in delight. At last he threw his head back, arched his back and came, hard, into Elsa's palm. The orgasm seemed to last a long time until he fell forward onto the bed with a groan.

Elsa pulled out and, King Dong still waving proud in front of her went to clean up. She came back and did the same for Monty, then crawled into bed behind him, spooning against his back and wrapping an arm around his chest.

"My dear little apprentice. Welcome to the family, sweetheart. Monday you're going to sodomize me righteously and then we'll start. I'm going to introduce you to orgasms the like of which you can't imagine. I'm going to teach you to reduce Lisa to a happy puddle, and when I'm done, you're going to bring her over and together we'll so the same for her. We're going to have a wonderful, time, Monty. Now go to sleep."

During the night Monty felt an elbow in his ribs. "Roll over," Lisa commanded, "you're snoring."

"Yeah," Darla's voice came from the other side, "roll over."

Foggily he rolled up on his side and felt both girls snuggle against him, front and back. Was this the way Frank slept all the time?

In the morning the three teenagers woke each other up, stretching and squirming. Light flooded the room so it seemed someone had opened the curtains. They took in each other tousled appearance and grinned blushingly. There were three piles of pajamas at the foot of the bed with slippers on the floor and robes hanging on the back of the door. Putting the garments, the three opened the door and followed the smell of coffee down the stairs and into the living room where their parents sat, snuggling on the sofas.

Molly slid off Mike Bakewell's lap and motioned her daughter to take her place. Myra did the same from Frank's and, after waving Darla over, took Monty's hand, led him to an easy chair, pushed him into it and nestled down onto his lap. "Welcome to the family," she whispered.

Warmly wrapped in Mike's arms and tucked down under his chin, Lisa looked at her mother, now sharing her father with Darla and Gwen. "Mom, how long has this been going on? I've sort of been aware that you guys had 'naughty' parties since I was, oh, I don't know. But have you always been—uh, polyamorous?"

Molly winked in response. "How long? Well, that depends on who you're talking about. Your father and I joined the group when you were quite small but the Mestersmed's and the Felder's met at Reed. They couldn't decide who should marry whom so they just paired up, mostly by size, for the official look of things but stayed together as a foursome for years. Eventually the others were either invited or seduced in until we are now nine couples and a triad—plus you three, of course."

"Do—do we have to stay in the group?" Darla asked timidly.

"Oh, no" her father replied. "We fully expect that as all you kiddos leave for college, etc. will set up omnogamies of your own. Elsa will make sure you have the skills, her being a registered sex surrogate, and all. Once you're out on your own, you can team up with however many or few others you want. But until you leave the area, you're part of ours."

Monty lifted his head from Myra's ample chest. "Registered surrogate?"

"Mm-hmm," his mother answered, "and that's why you're going to stop off at their place for an hour after school for the next couple of weeks. Once she thinks you're ready, start taking Lisa in for women's lessons. By fall you two will be dynamite."

"Hey, what about me?" Darla tried to sit up indignantly but Frank held her fast.

"You, my happy little slut," he whispered in her ear "will start your lessons Monday right here, just as soon as I get home from work."

"I'm not a slut," she answered, "I'm easy."

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