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Double Date


Dottie just got off the phone with Shane. She couldn't believe he was coming over in a few minutes. They talked about doing this before but their schedules never worked out where they could both be in the same place at the same time.

Without any time to properly prepare for this encounter, Dottie just quickly brushed her shoulder length wavy brown hair and made sure her tight-fitting blue shirt and jeans weren't dirty before sitting at the kitchen table trying not to fidget. A slight knock on the back door sent her heart racing.

"Who is it?" Dottie said, waiting for him to reply.

"The boogey man. Now let me in," said Shane.

Dottie quickly unlocked the door and Shane opened it. He wrapped his arms around her and gave her a big hug, planting a kiss on her lips and forgetting to shut the door. He planned for it to be just a quick hello kiss and didn't know just how much he desired Dottie.

His dick quickly hardened through his jeans and he deepened the kiss. He ran his tongue over her slightly parted lips and entered her mouth. She took his tongue in deeply, sucking on it slightly. He moaned and leaned into her.

She began walking backward into the kitchen, unbuttoning his shirt as they went. When she had it off she let it fall to the floor. She grabbed his button-fly jeans and make quick work of them. He yanked on the bottom of her shirt and took it over her head, breaking their kiss only long enough to throw the shirt.

He reached down and unzipped and unbuttoned her jeans. He felt of her silky red panties and stopped kissing her and looked down to see she wore a matching silky red bra.

"MMMM. Nice." Shane murmured as he lowered his lips to her neck. Dottie moaned and grabbed his hips for support. She leaned into his nibbling and grabbed his boxer-covered ass and yanked them off him. He kissed lower and bit her nipple through her red bra. Dottie surprised him by ducking down and putting her lips on his hardened dick and sucking hard and fast.

Shane knees almost buckled underneath him and he grabbed onto her shoulders for support. "Damn you suck good cock," he said as Dottie moved her lips up and down him. She took him all the way in her mouth almost gagging as she got him all the way in. When she started taking him back out, she took her sweet time sliding her lips off him.

Dottie bobbed her head back and forth on him. She reached with one hand and rubbed his balls. With her other she fingered her clit through her now wet silky red panties. She moaned and rocked her hands against her finger as her mouth went up and down Shane's rod he got even harder.

He held on tighter to her shoulders and whispered "not yet."

She took her mouth off him and stood up. He unclasped her bra and slid her panties off her. He motioned for her to hop up onto the table. Dottie slid her oversized ass onto it, hoping it wouldn't collapse. He grabbed one of her large white breasts in his hands and brought it to his mouth. He had to lean down just a bit since the table still didn't quite bring her up to his height.

Shane took her nipple into his mouth and she leaned into him not realizing she parted her thighs as she did it. Dottie also forgot about her date with Dominic for that night. In her excitement over getting to spend time with Shane it slipped her mind that he would be arriving at her back door.

Dominic walked up the steps, noticed the back door ajar and stepped inside. He walked into the mudroom and looked into the kitchen in time to see a tall man sucking on Dottie's tit, his pants and boxers around his boots. Unsure what he should do he just stood there silently watching as Shane took Dottie's nipple into his mouth.

When she let out that moan and sigh and parted her thighs, Dom's dick hardened in his pants. He began to lightly stroke it through his jeans as he watched the pleasure cross her face. When Shane began to rub her clit and insert a finger into her pussy, Dom unzipped his pants and slid his cock out and rubbed on it, careful to not make any noises. He stroked himself slow at first and then with more urgency.

Dottie had her eyes closed and didn't see Dominic standing there. Instead she grabbed Shane's shoulders for support as he lowered his face into her neatly shaven pussy. She cried out as he sucked first on her clit and then stuck his tongue inside her.

"Fuck me faster with your tongue," she commanded him. Dom almost came in his hands but refrained himself when he heard her take charge of the situation. Dottie moved her legs farther apart to give Shane more room. He glided his tongue in and out of her. Faster and faster.

"OH GOD I'm gonna cum on your face," she screamed, her cum shooting onto Shane. As soon as Dottie stopped shaking, he grabbed her hips and pulled her to the edge of the table and rammed his cock hard into her.

Dottie wrapped her legs around him and he pumped faster and faster. When Dominic saw Dottie's hands run down Shane's back leaving little red whelps he came quietly; his cum shooting on the wall.

While he cleaned the wall and himself up to finish watching the show, Shane leaned down and sucked one of Dottie's tits and then the other.

"Kiss me," she commanded. "I wanna taste you on my lips."

He did. "God. I taste so good. Don't I?"

Shane just nodded, sliding his tongue into her mouth. She sucked her juices off his tongue and slurped on it in the same motions he slid in and out of her.

"Fill me with your cum. I want you to fuck me so hard. God you are gonna make me cum all over you."

She did. Her pussy clamping down so tightly on his cock he almost slid out. He wasn't prepared for just how forceful she could cum and it caught Shane off-guard. He came right after her. Dottie felt his ass-cheeks clench just before he did and she knew he shot his load.

With both of them still breathing hard and Shane resting his head on Dottie's shoulder, Dominic entered the room quietly and began clapping.

"Bravo, bravo!" Dom said. "Do I get to do the encore?"

Startled, Shane about fell in the floor trying to grab his pants. Dottie covered her mouth in horror. She just now remember she had a date with Dominic tonight.

"Oh my GOD!" Dottie cried out. "I totally forgot I had a date with you tonight!"

"That's okay," said Dom in his Boston accent. "I've already seen the show."

Dom reached his hand out to shake Shane's. "I'm Dominic by the way," he said. "Nice to meet you."

"Shane," said Shane as he shook Dom's hand and gave a slight nod. Dottie still looked shocked and a bit scared as to what might happen between the two men she had most been wanting to fuck.

Both men turned to look at her and she smiled with a slightly evil grin.

"How about you join us for the encore?" Dottie posed this question to Dom still smiling.

He glanced at Shane, looked Dottie in the eyes and leaned in and kissed her. He tickled her lips with his tongue and teased her tit with his hand. Shane, careful not to trip over his boots and jeans, stepped backward. Dom scooted closer to Dottie and deepened his kiss while Shane leaned down to remove the rest of his clothing.

He grasped her nipple between his finger and thumb and squeezed. She moaned and leaned into him. Just a couple inches taller than Dottie, Dom didn't have to stoop or stand on his tiptoes to reach her mouth. He twisted her nipple as he slid his tongue into her mouth.

"MMMM that feels nice," she whimpered into their kiss.

"Get down," Dom commanded. "Let's take this into the living room."

Dottie scooted her wet ass off the kitchen table and grabbed Dom's hand as he led her there. She looked back and motioned for Shane to follow.

"Get nekkid for me," she ordered Dom. He shook his head.

"No,Ó said Dom. ÒNot just yet. IÕll take my clothes off when IÕm ready to take them off.Ó

Dottie stuck her lip out and gave a slight pout. Dom sucked on it and pulled her closer to him. He grabbed her ass and brought her flush against him. She could feel his hardened member against her. Shane came around behind them and put his hands on her shoulders.

He rubbed her shoulders and back getting lower and lower. He was careful to avoid Dom's hands and positioned his face underneath Dottie's ass. He put his hands between her legs and she immediately spread them apart.

The first tongue lick on her ass startled her and she jumped closer toward Dom. He began rubbing both of her monstrous mounds, the flesh overfilling his hands. Shane parted her cheeks and kissed his way to her pussy, drinking up the juices left behind from their previous session. Once he cleaned her pussy, he stuck his tongue deep inside her.

She grabbed Dom's waist to keep from collapsing on top of Shane. He forced his tongue in and out of her pussy. Dom could tell she liked it and tried to stick his tongue in and out of her mouth in time with Shane's. He kneaded her breasts faster and faster.

Shane could tell Dottie was about to cum. He licked her hard and fast one more time and just before her pussy clinched in climax, he kissed toward her ass and stuck his tongue right as she came. Dominic lowered Dottie to the floor as he felt her legs give out.

Shane leaned down and began to kiss first her right breast and then her left. He sucked on her nipples and bit them. While he did this, Dom took the time to take off his shoes and clothes. He slid between her legs and whispered,

"My turn," before he began to stick his tongue on her clit.

Dottie bucked against his face. "Yeah, bitch. Buck those hips for me," he commanded. "While you buck to take in more of my tongue you are going to suck his dick."

Shane straddled her tits and placed his dick at her mouth. Dottie followed Dom's orders and took Shane's dick into her mouth. When she did Dom stuck his tongue into her. He used his fingers to part her meaty lips and rub her clit. She bucked harder against him while sucking hard on Shane's cock.

"Oh god," she moaned between sucks. "This feels so good."

The next time she bucked, Dom slipped a hand underneath her ass. She took Shane completely in her mouth and held him there. When she felt herself gagging she took him out. She nibbled on the tip of him still bucking slightly at Dom's face. He ran his tongue in a super fast motion over her clit and stuck it in her wet pussy. When he did, she literally bounced against his face. When she brought her butt down, he stuck a finger in her ass.

"OHMYGODOHMYGOD OOOOOO MMMMMYYYYY GGGGGOOOODDDD," she said as her mouth clamped down on Shane's dick and her ass bucked back and forth against Dom's finger and face. She came on him and when she did didn't realize she began sucking Shane faster and faster. He put a hand at the base of his shaft to get her to stop. He wasn't quite ready to cum just yet.

When Dom thought Dottie had had enough he stopped moving and just stuck his tongue deep in her, feeling the walls of her pussy swell. He kept his finger in her ass but didn't move it. When he could feel her stop pulsing he licked up toward her g-spot and sent her into spasms of pleasure.

Shane got up just in time. He feared she just might bite off his manhood had he kept it near her mouth.

Her hands grabbed the carpet as she raised her ass up and met Dom's face.

"OH God Dom! You are gonna kill me with sex!!" she cried.

"Told you I'd get you to say my name," he said, smiling. "Now I wanna see how well you can ride."

He motioned for Shane to lay on his back on the floor.

"Ride him." Dottie got on her knees and put her now dripping wet pussy over Shane's hardened self. She about lowered herself on him when Dom whispered in her ear, "sit on him backwards."

She turned around and slower lowered herself taking him in. When he was fully encased in her pussy, Dom placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Stay still," he instructed. "I want you to see just how slow you can get that pussy off him now."

Dottie did what she was told and slowly used her leg muscles to bring herself up and off Shane. When she was at the head, Dominic's hand went back on her shoulder.

"Go back down him just as slow and keep up that pace. Once you get that down you are going to suck my dick."

He stood in front of her and grabbed her hair, bringing her mouth to his dick. She took it inside and licked him. She couldn't grab his balls like she wanted to since she was using her hands and arms to keep her balanced and keep the slow up and down rhythm on Shane's shaft.

As she went down onto Shane she could feel herself slipping. Dom rammed his cock all the way in her mouth.

"I SAID SLOW!" he barked at her. She looked up at him, her eyes tearing up from trying not to gag. She nodded slightly and began to go back up on Shane's dick slowly. Dom removed his member from her mouth just as slowly.

"Now I'm going to see how talented you are," said Dom. "While you slowly fuck him you are going to suck me hard and fast."

Shane didn't know what to do. He knew he enjoyed the sweet torture her slow movements were doing on him but she didn't want to get Dottie in trouble so he lay still.

Taking a few deep breaths, Dottie nodded that she was ready. She began to suck Dom's dick hard and fast while she attempted to slowly go up and down on Shane. She knew it was a losing battle but didn't care anymore.

Dom tasted so good she knew she just came all over Shane and just wanted to ride him hard and fast. With a quick movement she didn't know her plump body could do, she got into a squatting position and began to fuck Shane while squatting. She grabbed Dom's dick and pulled him closer to her. She could now control his speed without having him ram it down her throat again.

She began to lick him up and down and licked his balls. She sucked on both of them and licked her way back up his shaft. She still moved her pussy up and down on Shane unaware he was there. When he tapped her on her shoulder she about jumped up.

"That'll do for now," said Dom. "Now turn around and get back on your knees on him."

Dottie did and once again took him deep within her.

"Now I want you to lean over onto him and put your ass in the air without taking him out of your pussy."

She leaned into Shane who took the opportunity to suck on her tit. Caught off guard again that night, she moaned and leaned into his mouth. She didn't notice Dom putting a hearty dose of lube onto his dick. When Dottie leaned farther toward Shane to let him taste more of her tit, Dom climbed in behind her.

He rubbed his dick onto her ass and teased her rear end before he slowly entered her. When she had one dick in one hole and the other into her other, both men began to move against her.

"OH MY GOD!" she screamed. "I'm going to explode!"

Dottie couldn't do anything but enjoy the ride as she first felt Shane's dick deep inside her pussy and then felt Dom's go in and out of her ass. She feared she may pass out it felt so good to be fucked this way. Just when she thought she had the rhythm down, Dom increased his speed. He grabbed onto her hips and pounded her harder and harder.

Shane could tell she was about to cum again. He took started fucking faster. He felt her clinch against him and he once again came.

"Oh yeah. I'm gonna fuck your ass till I cum in it," said Dom. He hammered her hole a few more times before he cried out.

"Fuck me. I'm cumming!"

As he collapsed onto her back, she fell atop Shane, exhausted. After his breathing returned to normal, Dom got up and looked around for the bathroom. He walked away to clean himself up.

Dottie raised up slightly and kissed Shane. "Wow." That's about all she could muster at the moment.

"Wow indeed," said Shane. "This has been more than I expected and have enjoyed it but I think I'm going to head out."

Shane got up and quickly put his clothes on. He walked back to Dottie and kissed her deeply.

"Thank you for inviting me over," he said with a smile. "We'll have to do this again sometime."

With that he walked to the back door and let himself out, closing the door behind him. Dom came out of the bathroom and saw that Shane left. Dottie finally sat up from the floor and looked at Dom.

"I'm so sorry I forgot..." Dom placed a finger over her mouth.

"SSSHHH," he said lowering himself to the floor. He grabbed the back of her head and stuck his tongue in her mouth as he kissed her. His fingers playing with her pussy he lies back on the ground.

ÒLet me clean you up,Ó he insisted. ÒClimb on my face.Ó

She put her pussy right over his face and leaned down lightly sucking his soft dick. He licked the cum from her pussy but it did no good. His motions made her wet and horny for more. She cum on his face.

ÒMove down.Ó As she did, he licked around her ass. Her mouth on his penis made him begin to harden. He licked her ass and tasted the juices from all three.

ÒDamn you taste good,Ó he said smacking his lips. Dottie climbed off him.

She gave him a hand up and kissed him deeply.

ÒIÕm gonna go freshen up,Ó she said.

As she walked away, he patted her bare butt. She looked back at him and smiled, walking to her bathroom. While she jumped in the shower and cleaned all the sex juices off her body, Dominic found the bread and cheese and grilled a couple of sandwiches. He snuck into her bedroom and lay on the bed, the sandwiches on a plate in front of him.

Dottie stepped out of the shower and saw Dominic laying on her bed. He motioned with his finger for her to join him. She grabbed her towel and wrapped it around her while walking toward him. He sat up and she joined him on the bed. They each ate one of the sandwiches in silence.

He sat the plate aside. "Lie on your stomach," insisted Dominic.

She did. He began a slow sensual assault on her body. He started at her fingers and rubbed them. When he felt her relax, he rubbed her arms. Dottie relaxed even more. He changed positions and rubbed her feet. Dottie moaned into the pillow. It felt so good the way his hands moved smoothly over her.

He went from her calves to her thighs, her ass to her shoulders. He straddled her ass and slowly kneaded her neck and head. He leaned down and whispered into her ear. "Roll over."

Dottie did. Dominic followed the same path that he did on the back onto the front. Just when Dottie almost fell asleep Dom lay atop her and began to kiss her slowly and tenderly. They each began to caress the other on various body parts. He grabbed her shoulders and rolled them to lay on their sides.

Dottie reached down and stroked Dominic, feeling him get harder with each pass. Dom rubbed her breasts and moved his hand lower parting her lips. She moaned into their kiss. Their slow assault on each other brought their desire to a slow boil.

He took one of her nipples in his mouth and tugged. The other one he pinched before he brought his mouth lower. Dom had Dottie spread her legs and grabbed her ass before lowering his face into her moistness.

ÒYou are going to cum when I stick my mouth deep in you,Ó he directed. ÒWhen you do IÕm going to feel your juices on my face.Ó

He buried his tongue deep inside her. Dottie felt her lips clinch and tighten and knew he told her what she would do. He hit the right spot inside her and her juices poured onto DomÕs face. Some of her cum trickled to her ass. Dom raised her ass off the bed and licked around that hole. Dottie shot more cum as he entered her ass. His tongue thrust deep in and out of her anus. Juices flowed freely from her.

ÒMy god Dom, your gonna kill me!Ó cried Dottie. Dominic stopped putting his tongue in and out of her ass. He put her legs back on the bed and helped put her back onto her side.

He climbed beside her and rests his hardened member at her wet ass.

"Raise your leg," commanded Dom in a soft voice.

When Dottie did, Dom brought his hardened member to the vee of her desire. He slowly slid himself inside her and grabbed her leg to lower it on his. This time they took their time rocking back and forth against each other.

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