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Steve and I'd had a particularly stimulating time in a restaurant. A nice meal, some wine, flirting across the table, gentle body contact going to and from the restaurant. Then we had gone to a pub where we had bumped into two of Steve's friends from the tennis club. A few more drinks and more flirting, and this time I had three men to tease. Steve loved it, watching me use my womanly wiles to elicit a reaction from his two friends. When the landlord called "Time!" Steve asked Richard and Colin if they'd like a nightcap at our house.

As we walked home I walked in front with Steve and his two friends followed us. I had worn Steve's favourite dress, a little black number that ended just above my knees but clung to my curves, emphasising my boobs and my bum. Underneath I was wearing a new push-up bra and thong matching set that Steve had bought me for my birthday, black hold-ups and my favourite (3-inch heeled) black shoes. The shoes improved the look of my legs and put a wiggle in my walk but I consciously put a little extra wiggle into my walk as we headed home. I assumed from the silence behind us that Richard and Colin were enjoying the view.

We arrived home and Steve let us into the house. I made straight for the stereo and I put some CDs into the multi-player. When Steve returned from the kitchen carrying everybody's drinks he found me posing in the living room trying to mimic Rhianna's moves in her video of "Umbrella". Without an umbrella and with the figure of a mature lady as opposed to the gorgeous Rhianna I think I wasn't quite managing it! Richard and Colin were smiling and I was having a good laugh, which was the important thing as far as I was concerned anyway.

Steve handed out the drinks and that brought my dancing to a halt. Steve and I sat on our two-seater sofa as the two guys had already taken the three-seater. The chat from the pub about films and books continued for a while then Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful" started playing. I love the song so I stood up and just started gently swaying to it with my eyes closed. I heard movement from the sofa and felt Steve approaching me. He took hold of my hands then moved close to me and we started slow-dancing together.

I kept my eyes closed and drifted with the music. Another slow number started (I forget what it was) and we stayed together. I felt Steve's hands stroking up and down my back then they rested on my bum. I knew that my back was to his friends and could feel that his hand movements were lifting my dress but I decided to just go with the flow. There was silence behind me as I felt the slightly cool air around the tops of my thighs. I knew that Richard and Colin could see my bum cheeks and my nipples grew with the excitement of it.

Steve's hands released my dress and moved to the top of my back. I felt him playing with catch of my dress and he whispered in my ear

"Are you ok with this Sue?"

I mumbled "Mmmm." against his neck and pulled him closer, moving my crotch against his erection.

The tightness of my dress was gradually lessened as Steve pulled the zip downwards, exposing my back to his friends. When the zip reached its limit at the bottom of my back Steve stepped away from me and then turned me around to face his friends. Steve slid the dress off my shoulders and down my arms, revealing my bra enclosed chest and then my stomach to Richard and Colin. With my dress bunched at my hips I gave a slight wiggle and with a little bit of help from Steve the dress dropped past my hips and pooled at my feet on the floor.

I stepped away from the cloth at my feet and opened my eyes to see Richard and Colin with mile wide smiles on their faces. The sparkle in their eyes spoke volumes.

Steve picked up my dress and moved it to the sofa then came back to me. He placed his hands on my hips and we started moving again in time with the music. I felt Steve move up against me and his hands drifted up my sides and around to my front where they rested underneath my bra. Steve's lips rested against the back of my neck and he moved them to nuzzle under my ear.

"We can stop this anytime you wish." he said.

I pushed my bum back against him and his erection nestled between my bum cheeks, still enclosed by his trousers. His hands moved upwards over my breasts. My nipples were peaking over my bra and he had no hesitation in taking them between his thumbs and forefingers, pulling on them. I looked and Richard and Colin. My eyes moved to each of their faces in turn then drifted downwards to their crotches, where bulges could be seen. I lifted my eyes back to theirs and nodded as Steve's hands moved to my back and released the clasp of my bra. As he loosened my bra and removed it from my shoulders I dropped my eyes to their crotches again.

As my bra dropped away, exposing my breasts and nipples to their gaze, their hands dropped to their crotches. They both unzipped and loosened their trousers. Steve's hands moved down and under my thong and gradually slipped it down my legs. As I stepped out of my thong Richard and Colin stood up, dropped their trousers and underwear and removed their shirts. Then their hands moved to their tools and they started stroking them to full erection.

I continued to sway to the music and started moving my hands over my body as Steve stepped away from behind me. I looked over my shoulder to see him removing his shirt and trousers. There I was, one hand stroking my breasts and nipples, the over moving over my pubic hair and edging between my legs, with three naked men stroking their cocks. Never in my wildest dreams had I thought that this would happen tonight.

I felt hands tentatively touch my breasts and realised that Richard and Colin had moved up close and taken matters a bit further. I opened my eyes to see that they were both still stroking their cocks but were playing with my nipples with their free hands. Richard asked "Do you like having your nipples tweaked Sue? Is it getting you hot?". I didn't reply but I could feel myself getting damp between my legs.

I placed my hands on Richard's and Colin's chests and push them away slightly. Then I reached down and took Richard's cock in my hands, working up and down his rod, which was already leaking pre-cum. As he was a little distance from me, my reaching down to stroke his cock meant I had to bend slightly at the waist, presenting my shapely bum to Steve.

Steve's hands rested on my bum cheeks then one moved between my legs. I stroked the cocks slowly as Steve teased me, his fingers caressing my lips, right at my entrance. I decided I was going to have to share my favours so I moved towards the Colin's cock, edging away from Steve's hands. After stroking Colin's cock and spreading his pre-cum over his knob end I returned my hands to Richard's member. I alternated between Richard and Colin as Steve played with me. Eventually I decided it was Steve's turn so I stood up straight and turned around to face him.

As I took Steve's cock in my hands one of the other men came up behind me, reached around and started playing with my breasts. Steve's cock was also leaking pre-cum and I was enjoying playing with it when I felt a cock edge between my legs from behind and rest against my lips. I released Steve's cock and my hand moved between my own legs. As I played with my clit I touched the tip of the cock but I didn't allow it to enter me. I wasn't sure I was ready for that but I also wasn't sure how long my resistance would last.

The cock withdrew from between my legs and I couldn't help but moan in frustration – or was it relief that temptation had been temporarily removed? Richard and Colin moved either side of me and took hold of my arms. They held my arms out from my body and started kissing my fingers, then slowly worked their ways up my arms. By time they had kissed their way from my shoulders to my neck I was whimpering with pleasure.

Steve moved forward, now stroking his cock. He nudged my legs slightly apart then eased his cock between my legs. He rubbed it against my clit as he moved forwards then rested it against my lips. Steve's hands reached out and enclosed my breasts. His thumbs rubbed across my engorged nipples. I moved my hips downwards to encourage his cock inside me but he moved with me to maintain the tease – the rotten so-and-so.

Richard and Colin were kissing my neck just below my ears, driving my mad with desire. They encouraged my hands down and backwards until they brushed against their cocks. I wrap my fingers around their cocks and started wanking them again. Steve started moving his hips back and fore, rubbing his cock against my clit.

I started begging

"Please! Fuck me Steve. Put it inside me. Now!"

Steve laughed and asked

"Do you really want me to fuck you in front of Richard and Colin?"

"Oh God, yes please!" was my reply.

"OK, there's only one way to work this."

Steve turned me around to face his friends then pressed down on my shoulders, encouraging me onto my knees. As I settled onto my knees I felt Steve move between my legs from behind. I dropped my body forwards and Steve's cock pushed against my lips and slid inside me. Richard and Colin both sat down on the sofa and started stroking their own cocks as Steve started moving in and out. I was so aroused that after only half a dozen thrusts I was screaming as an orgasm ripped through me.

I watched Richard and Colin wanking. I'd never seen a man do that. I tried to watch exactly what they were doing to pick up some tips for next time I gave Steve a handjob. He invariably enjoyed what I did for him but I'm always keen to learn from an expert! I could see that they liked to play with their balls at the same time as they worked up and down their lengths.

Meanwhile Steve was continuing to saw in and out of me. With one hand pressing down on my back ne reached around with his other hand and started playing with my clit. Pleasure rippled through me as Steve picked up the pace. Richard started to twitch on the sofa and I saw him look at Steve.

I assume that Steve gave his assent and Richard knelt in front me. His cock was right in front of my face and I didn't hesitate to wrap my lips around the tip. As I slowly enclosed his length Richard grunted and I felt a slight throbbing then a first spurt of come hit the back of my throat, quickly followed by a second. I swallowed what I could then withdrew my mouth. Richard wrapped his fingers around his cock and stroked vigorously to release a couple more spurts which I took on my tongue.

Steve took hold of my hips and somehow managed to increase his pace again. He was fucking me like he never had before as Colin took Richard's place. This time Colin continued to wank while I just opened my mouth. Colin grunted "Oh yes!" so I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue. Moments later he came, his first ejaculation hit me in the face but the second and third landed on my tongue.

As Colin came Steve shouted "Yes!" and I felt his first blast of jism in my cunt. Steve held my hips and continued to pump inside of me. As I felt him continue to spurt my second orgasm hit me, following which I dropped my head onto my arms against the floor.

As I was getting my breath back Steve withdrew from me. I couldn't move for a short while and just stayed in position with my elbows on the floor, my head resting on them and my bum in the air. Richard and Colin got up from where they were and walked around behind me. I felt hands stroking my bum and couldn't help but moan with pleasure.

Suddenly I felt fingers inside of me. I was still extremely sensitive and couldn't help but twitch. I'm not sure whether it was with pleasure or just surprise. Then I felt fingers against my mouth and detected slickness. I realised that one of the men had scooped some of Steve's come out of me and was rubbing it over my lips. I just dropped onto my side and licked the jism off my lips but kept my eyes closed. I'm not sure exactly what happened next but I assume that Richard and Colin got dressed before Steve showed them to the door.

I opened my eyes to see Steve reaching towards me. He took my hands in his and helped me up from the floor. There was still some of his come inside me and as we climbed the stairs to the bedroom I could feel it dribbling down my legs.

When we reached the bedroom Steve took me in his arms and hugged me closely and told me how much he loved me. I felt his cock growing again and looked at him in surprise. "What, so soon?" I said and he just smiled. We made it to the bed. Steve gently caressed and kissed my body, arousing me again. Then he slipped his cock inside of me and we made love before falling asleep in each others arms.

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