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Double Teaming Brothers


My name is Jack and I have a story to tell of me and my younger brother Alex. It all started about ten years ago. There I was, just 20 years old and getting a great blow job from this college girl. My parents were not home from work yet and my younger brother was at basketball practice. This girl, I think her name was Tina, took classes with both of my parents at the university. She was hoping to gain some favor from them by taking care of me. At least I had told her that maybe I could influence my parents if she did me some favors. She was all too willing and so came by to favor me with her wet, warm and willing mouth. I wanted to hump her but she insisted we start with a blow job. Who was I to complain?

She had let me strip her and fondle her boobs and her bush. It did not take long to get her warmed up and next thing I know, I am sitting naked on the edge of my bed with her between my legs and her head bobbing up and down on my cock. I had some experience with girls in my class during high school but this was the first real blow job from an experienced practitioner. She knew what she was doing, if my own pleasure was any indication.

I had asked her while she was blowing me if I could please experience her sweet college pussy. I was sure she could teach me a thing or two in that category. At first she made it clear that she wouldn't do that with me. I asked again after a while and she slowly wagged her head no. She seemed less insistent but still refused.

Next thing I know, I felt my orgasm draw my balls up tight to my cock and I began spurting my cum into her mouth. I was surprised that she drank all of my cum globs without gagging or anything. Being a young buck, I never softened up and she just kept right on going on my cock. So lay back on the bed and was enjoying round two when I saw movement in the hallway outside my room.

The door was not completely closed so whoever was out there was able to see what was going on in my room. My parents always make a lot of noise when they come home so I was pretty sure it wasn't them. It must have been my brother Alex, only two years younger than I, which made him 18 at the time. He must have come home early and being that I was preoccupied, I did not hear him. I propped myself up on my elbows to get a better look at Tina as she serviced my trim and cut 7 incher. I also wanted to try and shoo my brother away.

The door moved slightly and I saw my brother standing there watching intently at the scene before him. I tried a slight movement of my head but he did not pick up my meaning at all. I could see he was mesmerized by his older brother getting a blow job. I could also tell that he was getting turned on. His basketball shorts were beginning to bulge big time. I had to smile a little bit. In a way, it was cool for him to be getting turned on by this. I mean, I would be too if I was in his shoes.

I have heard that most of the time kid brothers can be a real pain but Alex was different. We got along well almost all the time and I helped him with his homework when needed, which was rare. He did his share of the work around the yard, raking, shoveling and garbage detail. We hung around quite a bit together and I shared stuff older brothers sometimes share with the younger brothers. I had told Alex in detail about my first crazy and inept attempts at sex with girls and when I finally got laid I shared that with him. He had recently told me about some of the action he was getting as he finished his high school career. All in all, we had a good brother type relationship.

Alex pushed the door further open and reached his hand into his shorts. I could see him squeezing his dick with his left hand while his right hand began to push his shorts down to free his growing cock. Whoa! My younger brother was no longer a boy, I can tell you that! Of course, I can't recall having seen my little brother naked very many times, just when we went camping and took showers at the same time. And I for sure never saw his cock hard like it was right then. In fact, I have only seen semi-hard cocks in the locker room and never a full size boner up close in person.

Alex's cock was sizable and a dick any man would be proud of. It was noticeably longer than mine. But it was the thickness that shocked me. He must have been almost as thick as a soda can. I could tell for sure that his long basketball fingers did not quite go all the way around his cock. Also, his cock head was not much larger around than his shaft, whereas my cock head mushrooms noticeably at the end of my shaft. You could probably tell from the descriptions that we had both been circumcised at birth and as men, there was no excess skin anywhere on either of us in our engorged excitement.

I must have stared because I saw him smirk just a little as he slowly stroked his cock. He motioned to me, asking if he could come in. I gestured slightly to keep him back for now. I had to come up with some excuse for Tina. I am pretty quick witted so I asked her if she would like some more influence with my parents. She pulled off me and asked me what I meant. I told her I had a younger brother whose cock was bigger than mine and that he could help me influence my parents on her behalf if she was willing to extend some favor to him, too.

She shrugged a little and said she'd be willing to try. At that Alex made his presence known. As Tina turned around to see this little brother of mine, he moved slowly into the room. "Ooooohhh, look at him. I thought you said he was your little brother," Tina joked. I stood up near Alex as he stripped off his remaining clothes and Tina got on her knees in front of Alex and began to give him the same kind of treatment she had given me. She apparently was real turned on by Alex's larger cock because she started moaning and reached down into her bush and began rubbing herself.

For Alex and I both, this seemed more like something out of Penthouse than the real life of two average suburban brothers. He just stood and stared while this college girl gave him head for all she was worth. I was stroking myself as I watched. Then Tina began to alternate between Alex and me, taking turns sucking us both. I finally got the idea that when she was sucking Alex, she was especially turned on. So as she sucked him, I knelt down and began to massage her wet pussy. She moaned all the louder and spread her legs to give me more access. I whispered that I'd really like to feel her sweet pussy wrapped around my cock, was she ready? I even have a rubber, I assured her.

This time she nodded her head eagerly, giving me the go ahead and giving Alex a bit more of a thrill with her eagerly bobbing head. Tina pushed her mouth almost all the way down Alex's cock. She gagged some but held on. I found a rubber in the bedside drawer behind some miscellaneous stuff and rolled it onto my cock. I got in position behind Tina and slid my meat into her wet pussy. In spite of the rubber, I could feel the intense heat and pressure of her hungry cunt on my cock.

I looked up to see Alex's face as he watched me begin to pump Tina from behind. He was stone silent as he watched me glide my cock in and out of Tina's dripping wet pussy. He got down on his knees to make the angle a little easier for Tina to take him from the front and me from the back. We quickly developed a good rhythm as I pulled Tina back onto my cock and then pushed her onto Alex's cock. Alex responded by pulling back and pushing in to match what I was doing. This was really hot, my brother and I getting it on with this hot college chick. Every couple of strokes, I would watch Alex's face and could see nothing but pure enjoyment. I also noticed that he would look at my face pretty regular as he pumped his cock into Tina's mouth.

Tina was moaning like crazy and I knew she was going to cum soon so I picked up my pace. As I did, I saw Alex's face flush and he began to breathe real hard. Alex began to grunt at almost the same time I did and I could feel Tina's muscle squeeze my cock hard as she rocked up and down my cock. I grunted a couple more times and began to fill the rubber with my cum. Alex grunted loud and just as it looked like Tina was going to pull off him, he fixed his hands behind her head and held her there as he grunted and bucked his jizz into her mouth. Tina pushed hard back against me and bucked her orgasm as she gagged on Alex's cock and gasped at the same time.

I caught Alex's face as he closed his eyes and lost himself in the pleasure of a good orgasm. I noticed that he ran the tip of his tongue across his lips as he was coming. Huh, that was interesting!

Once Alex was done shooting his load, he released Tina's head from his grasp and she pulled her mouth off him and slowly pulled forward and off of my cock. She sat back on her haunches, resting her hands on her thighs. We all took a minute to catch our breath. I looked at Alex and he gave me a nod and guy-to-guy wink. I could see that he was still rock hard and my own cock was still semi-rigid.

After a minute, Tina turned toward me and kissed me hard on the lips, pushing her tongue into my mouth. I had French kissed before but this was far better than anything I had ever felt before. I could taste this strange flavor as she swirled her tongue around mine. Then I realized that I was tasting Alex's cum. It was kind of gross and nasty on the one hand and kind of stimulating on the other. I mean, Alex and I were brothers, and pretty close at that. We were doing something that not too many brothers get to experience and at least for me, it was not just sex that we were enjoying. I was drawing closer to my brother. I thought it was cool, even though I was maybe not quite ready to taste Alex's jizz. But I was swapping spit pretty good with Tina and if Alex's spunk was part of the deal, then it was.

After our kiss, Tina looked at Alex and said, "I want that big cock of yours. Maybe your brother has another condom." They both looked at me hopefully. I went to my drawer and searched but did not have another one on hand. That was the last time I made that mistake. Alex looked disappointed. Tina was thinking, though, and said to me, "Let's have him use the same one you used. He'll just have to get used to your cum on him if he wants me." With that she stood, stepped over to the bed and lay down.

Alex looked hopefully at me and said, "Well? What are you waiting for? Come on, Jack, she wants me. Let's have it!" Alex started to reach toward me to pull the rubber off. I pushed his hand away and slowly worked the rubber off my re-stiffening cock. Alex took it from me and worked it back down his cock. It was real, real tight on his fat shaft, almost like a second skin it was so tight. Frankly, it turned me to see my cum squishing all around his cock inside the condom. Alex moved past me onto the bed. Tina guided his tool into her, pulling her knees up and apart as Alex plowed deep into her on the very first stroke.

"Oh, baby," Tina murmured with closed eyes, "come on Alex, fuck me good and hard." Alex started ramming Tina hard as she lay there and moaned her pleasure. Sometimes girls need a good hard slamming fuck and I guess this was one of those times. Plus young fucker studs like Alex have not always developed a feel for finesse. I was mesmerized as I watched my little brother plow his hard, fat cock into this eager college pussy. Alex reached up to put his hands against the wall above the head board and balanced himself on the tips of his toes. He was really ramming her hard stroke after stroke.

I got really turned on by watching Alex's cock disappear into Tina's slippery pussy and my own cock was hard once again. I was so turned on I began to speak to them both. "That's it Alex, give it to her. Nice job, brother. Slam her hard. She likes it. She liked my cock in her and she's loving yours. Yeah, give it to her good. She's so turned on I bet she'd probably suck me off while she's doing you. You want me, too, Tina?"

When Tina nodded vigorously, I got on the bed to feed her my cock while Alex was aggressively pumping her full of his hot rod. "Oh yeah, give it to me, Alex, mmmm, that's good, come on, harder, harder," Tina whimpered. She reached up and pulled a pillow under her neck. Then she grabbed my cock and pulled me to her. I slipped in under Alex's outstrectched arms and straddled her chest. As she pulled my cock into her mouth, I could feel her boobs against the insides of my thighs and I could feel Alex's breath on my back as he leaned into his work. I leaned forward and began to pump my cock into Tina's mouth. Her moans turned us all on even further.

I must have disrupted Alex's balance or something because next thing I know, his hands are going up under my armpits and hooking onto my shoulders like he was going to do a pull up. I could feel him pull himself a little more upright with his head and shoulders across the upper part of my back. He continued pounding Tina's pussy as I fed her face. I could feel Alex's rhythm and made my own match his. We were feeding this college girl our brother cocks in unison and man, was I ever turned on.

Tina began to buck furiously and Alex whispered to me, "Jack, I'm gonna cum in her. Oh, man, I'm gonna cum in her, my first college pussy," then louder for Tina to hear, "Oh yeah, girl, oh, holy shit, here it comes..." and with that Alex began snorting and clawing at my shoulders. He moved his face back and forth across my back as he pumped his orgasm into Tina. He managed to brush his teeth on my skin and it almost felt as if he was nibbling on me. I felt Tina tense up hard and she put a strong lip lock on my cock, flicking her tongue under my cock head. That's all I needed and I began to spurt my cum into her mouth. I leaned forward to put a hand on the wall and steady myself as we each bucked and thrashed to our own individual release.

Then I felt one of Alex's hands leave my shoulder and next thing I know, he reached between my legs and began to massage my balls, which caused another spurt to shoot from my dick. Before I could say anything he whispered, "I am so glad you are my brother, Jack. I don't know of many older brothers who would do this. You're too cool. This was one of the best experiences of my life." He gave one final, gentle squeeze of my ball sack and as he drew his hand came back out, I could feel it graze the hair trail in my crotch.

Tina pulled off my cock and Alex and I both dismounted from Tina's body. My cock was real tender by now but still reacted with each incidental brush from either Tina or Alex. Alex was getting soft and without much fanfare he leaned over and kissed Tina deep and hard on the lips. I could hear some tongue action and wondered how Alex felt about tasting my cock and cum in her mouth. I would find out later all about that.

I glanced at the clock and mentioned that my parents would be home soon. Tina took her clothes across the hall to the bathroom while Alex and I gathered up our clothes. Once Tina left my room, I closed the door and looked at Alex. "Well, what do you think? You horny little stud, you," I laughed and punched him in the arm. "You're all right, big brother!"

Alex laughed and retuned my playful punch, "That was way more than cool, Jack. I meant what I said about you being a good brother. Thanks a lot for letting me join in. I can't believe it. All in one day, I get a blow job and my first college pussy. That was awesome."

From what Alex said, I took it that he had experienced a blow job before today. That intrigued more than a little but just as I was about to ask, I heard noise across the hall and also heard my parents coming into the house. Alex went quickly to his room with the condom barely hanging onto his cock for dear life while I went to meet my parents and let them know a student was waiting to see them both.


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