tagGroup SexDouble Trouble Ch. 03

Double Trouble Ch. 03


John sat in his silver corvette in the garage of his small rented house. He was still confused and troubled by everything that had happened to him the previous weekend. He still hadn't figured out how to feel and what to do. He was torn between staying home and driving to meet Robin and Angela.

John was from a small town in southwest Louisiana. He had moved to Denver four years earlier. He had decided at that time that he was twenty-one and it was time for him to try out a big city. Denver was big. It took him over forty-five minutes to get from one end to the other on a good day. It had some skyscrapers and a couple high-rises like the one Robin and Angela rented, but most of the city was flat. The city was a great maze of suburb after suburb all the way to the foothills to the west, Fort Collins to the north, and over halfway to Colorado Springs to the south.

In the four years he had lived in Denver, he had never met a pair of girls as wild as these two. His mother had always taught him to be polite and respectful of a lady. These girls thought that was cute but unnecessary. These girls almost made the porn stars on the porn DVDs he occasionally watched look tame. Hell, they had taken him out on the balcony overlooking Denver and given him the best blowjob of his life. Of course, having two women sucking his dick at the same time made it the best blowjob by default, since that was a first for him.

Even though they were what his mother would instantly call sluts, they really seemed to care about him. He couldn't help but like them back. He could even see himself falling for Robin.

Of course, that would be disaster. These girls had made it clear that they were with him as long as it was fun and that was it. Jealousy, or any sort of feeling of attachment for that matter, was to be avoided at all cost. They had made that even clearer a few hours after they blew him on the balcony when they explained about The Sophisticates' Club. He was too enamored with them to take it all in at the time, but he had now had a week to think about it and it was giving him great pause.

They told him that The Sophisticates' Club was a sex club and that they were active members. Later that evening he had looked up "Denver Sex Clubs" on the Internet and discovered that there was a whole sex club lifestyle going on right under his nose. He found a lot of eye-opening information about what sorts of things went on at these clubs but no mention of The Sophisticates' Club. He assumed it was similar, just less public.

If these women were part of that lifestyle, was that a lifestyle he wanted to be involved in? He was a young health man, so the answer was probably 'yes', he thought. It's not the way he was brought up but he had become pretty open to all sorts of things, even before moving to Denver. He definitely did see the appeal of engaging in that sort of lifestyle with Robin.

He had spent the rest of that day with them but just when he was starting to recover and might have had his first threesome, his job called. He hated being on call. He had to bid his ado and he hadn't seen them since.

John pressed the garage door opener attached to his visor and started his car as he mulled over how Robin had called him all during the past week. They had spoken a lot but had avoided discussing The Sophisticates' Club. What they did discuss was their jobs, what music they liked, and what movies they had seen. They found that they really did have a lot in common.

After talking for hours and hours he couldn't help but start to feel closer to Robin. That just made her rules even more confusing. If she just wanted to have fun and have no attachments, why was she talking to him so much? He had to assume that she was able to get very close but still not get attached. That didn't seem possible for him. Maybe she was just more evolved than he was, he thought. He wanted to be that open-minded. That was his goal; it was either that or to walk away.

Without any memory of the drive, he reached the apartment complex. They were supposed to be fixing dinner so he parked his silver corvette in their parking garage. The six dollars per day charge was a small price to pay in the grand scheme of things he thought to himself as he left the ticket on his dashboard and walked around to the front of the building. They buzzed him up.

John was dressed in a jacket, a black tee shirt, and blue jeans. Robin had suggested he dress casual. He took the elevator to the fourth floor and walked up to their door. Taking a deep breath, he knocked.

Angela answered the door, all blond hair and lightly tanned skin. She was dressed in a yellow tank top and a short plaid skirt that reached down to mid-thigh. She wore no shoes, her feet sinking slightly into the white shag carpet of the living room.

"John!" she exclaimed with a smile.

"How are you, Angela?" John asked politely as she leaned forward and gave him a quick kiss.

"Hungry and horny," she said lightly as she turned and walked toward the kitchen, her long straight blond hair swaying behind her. She glanced over her shoulder and insisted, "Come on in!"

Shaking his head and smiling to himself he stepped in and closed the door behind him. He took his jacket off and tossed it onto the couch. As he followed Angela to the kitchen he found himself wondering if they ever used the living room.

John found Robin cooking in the kitchen. She was wearing a smock over her tee-shirt and shorts that read 'Kiss the Chef'. She was barefoot. A tossed salad set in a bowl next to her and she was cooking pork chops in a couple skillets. It smelled wonderful, especially since he was really hungry.

At his entry, Robin turned and stepped up to John. She was shorter than he was. She looked up at him, put her arms around his shoulders, and said sincerely, "Oh John, I have really missed you".

John looked down into her freckled face and her sparkling green eyes, framed by her slightly-tousled orange-red hair. All he saw was sincerity and affection. He kissed her. Not a light peck of a friend. Not a hot and nasty kiss of a lover. But a gentle passionate kiss which communicated a different sort of message. He was having feelings for Robin and it was getting difficult to hide them.

Robin returned his kiss with the same gentle passion. She yielded herself to him, opening her mouth and letting his tongue penetrate inside, in a miniature version of sex that kissing sometimes emulated. She stroked his tongue as he stroked all around inside of her mouth. It was very intimate.

They broke the kiss and looked at each other. John remembered her rules about not getting attached and tried to get a hold of himself. To cover his feelings he said lightly, "How have you been?"

Robin blinked. Then she smiled and said sexily, "I'm a lot better now."

As Robin stepped away from John, he noticed that Angela was poking at the pork chops. "Get away from that," Robin said playfully as she resumed her position in front of the stove. "Go set the table."

Steve and Angela set the table and put the salad on it as Robin finished cooking the pork chops. They all sat to eat. John removed his shoes at one point to conform to the majority, who were barefoot.

Robin put on some mood music before bringing the pork chops and a bottle of wine to the table. She took off her smock, to reveal that her tee shirt read 'Don't hate me because I'm beautiful. Hate me because I have huge boobs.' Steve smiled when he read that. They all sat down and ate their fill. They discussed politics and current events. There was always something happening in Denver to talk about.

Steve was happy that the conversation was so neutral for a change. They all knew that the sex was coming and were all content to be comfortable in each other's company. At one point Robin asked, "Is it okay that Angela is here with us?"

"Of course," Steve said, drinking the last sip of his wine. He had almost assumed that a threesome was going to happen tonight.

"Well, he's not really your boyfriend," Angela said, refilling her glass of wine for the second time. "He's our boyfriend."

John caught a look cross Robin's face. He couldn't quite identify it. She hesitated. Then she said lightly, "True."

John didn't know how he felt about that. Having learned his lesson from the previous weekend, he said nothing. Say the wrong thing now, he thought, and he could fuck up the whole evening.

A few minutes later, after he had finished eating he said, "Well that was delicious. Who knew you could cook?"

Robin gave him a smile. "Thank you, John," she said.

"Yea, she cooks all the time during the week," Angela volunteered. "On the weekend, like this, we're hardly ever home at the same time. One or both of us always have a hot new date. We haven't had someone over for two weekends in a row like this in a long time."

John again said nothing. He was deeply concerned by this but kept his thoughts to himself. He noticed that Robin didn't say anything either. She didn't even look up as she finished her pork chop.

Angela seemed oblivious to the awkward silence as she finished her meal. Only the music and the clink of silverware were heard. Then Angela said, "That was good. Are we ready to go relax and watch a movie?"

John liked the idea of relaxing and letting his meal digest. He had high hopes for the evening. He looked at Robin to see what her plans were.

Robin nodded.

They all re-filled their wine glasses one last time, emptying the bottle and made their way to the living room. Angela and John sat on the couch as Robin turned off the music, turned on the TV, and put in the DVD she had rented. John sat in the middle of the couch and Angela sat to his left.

The menu for the movie appeared on the screen. It was "Knocked Up". John hadn't seen it before.

Robin set it playing as she sat to the right of John. They all sat and watched the movie. They laughed and drank their wine.

Halfway through the movie their wine glasses were drained and Steve was reclined on the couch watching the movie. Robin nestled against him under his right arm as she chuckled at the scene on the screen. Angela was a tall as he was, so rested her head on his left shoulder, his left arm behind her back.

There was a lull in the movie and Steve became keenly aware of how good they smelled. He relished the close contact he had with the two women. It was a big ego boost having both of these women in his arms at the same time.

As if sensing his thoughts, Angela lifted her head from his shoulder, turned, and looked at him. She looked into his eyes for a moment and then leaned into him and kissed him. As she kissed him she ran her hand up his leg. She ran her fingernails across his crotch, sending vibrations through the denim to his cock, which immediately lurched and began to harden with a mind of its own. Not that John would have had it any other way.

Robin laughed at something that happened on the screen. John didn't know what it was because he had his eyes closed as he kissed Angela and he was concentrating on the feeling of her nails scraping the denim over his hardening dick. He felt Robin shift in his right arm and then the sounds of the movie stopped and were replaced with the sounds of soft music. She must have noticed that nobody else was laughing, he surmised.

John didn't want to dislodge either of his arms from around the girls. He broke the kiss with Angela and glanced at Robin. He watched her toss the remote to the other side of the sofa. When she turned back and saw him looking at her she smiled and leaned forward to kiss him.

As Robin kissed John he felt Angela unzipped his jeans. He felt her fingers snake inside and wrap around his hard cock. She then pried it out through the openings in his boxers. John could feel the cool air in the room against his cock as it protruded up through the opening in his jean. "Nice," Angela said.

Robin interlaced her fingers in John's short hair, gripping it just enough to show him her passion and how much she wanted the kiss. His hand on her back went to the back of her neck and pulled her against him in kind. Robin's right hand caressed John's chest through his tee shirt.

John felt Angela's cool slender fingers again wrap around his hot prick, gently teasing and stroking him to full hardness. He softly moaned into Robin's mouth as he kissed her. The woman he was kissing was not the same woman fondling his hard dick. This was a big turn-on to John. It felt so wicked.

Robin broke the kiss and tugged at John's tee shirt. He lifted his arms so she could pull it off of him. He watched her toss it on the floor.

Then he turned his head to watch Angela lean forward and drop her head into his lap. He felt her lips wrap around the neck of his cock, just below the head, and her tongue swirl across the head as it was trapped inside of her warm mouth. Her hot breath warmed his balls below as she exhaled through her nose.

Turning his attention back to Robin, he cupped both of her big tits in his hands and said, "Huge". She smiled at him, recognizing the reference to her tee shirt. Then she lifted her tee shirt up and pulled it off. She tossed it onto the floor to join John's shirt, her big tits bouncing and swaying.

As Angela slowly began bobbing her head on his cock, John put his hands under Robin's arms and pulled her to him. He kissed her mouth, her neck, and down her lightly freckled chest. He pulled her to her knees on the couch beside him and, gently cupping her big breasts in his hands; he licked and sucked at her hard nipples.

"Oh, John," she sighed. He rolled his eyes up to look at her as he licked gently at her tits. He saw affection and lust mixed together in her green eyes.

With his hands on her back, John pressed Robin against him, pressing his face into her tits. He went from nipple to nipple, licking and caressing the skin between. He breathed in the scent of her and relished the salty taste of her skin.

"Yes," Robin sighed. "Suck my nipples. I'm getting so wet."

Angela lifted her head from John's cock long enough to unbutton his pants and pull them down along with his boxers. He helped by lifting his ass off the couch for a second. His hard cock proved an obstacle but Angela had enough experience to just yank his jeans down and let his nine-inch cock bend down and bounce back up.

Still licking at her tits, John gently tugged Robin's shorts down over her shapely hips and ass. He got them down to the couch and couldn't go any farther. She giggled. Robin stood up and let them fall to the floor.

John lay down on his back in the space vacated by Robin. He kicked his left leg up on the couch. He knew Angela was currently single-mindedly focused on sucking his cock. True to prediction and without needing any communication to Angela, he felt her hand wrap around the base of his prick and her mouth fall down the shaft.

Angela's mouth on his cock felt like heaven but Robin looked like heaven standing naked beside the couch. She also looked confused. John smiled at that. He looking into her eyes, gestured her to come to him, and said sexily, "Robin, sit on my face."

Robin smiled at the dirty talk. "Gladly," she sighed as she mounted the couch and straddled his head, still looking down into his eyes.

John cupped Robin's ass and looked up at her. Her skin was so pale, her thighs like white marble columns on either side of his head. He found that sexy. Her shaved pussy was bright pink as it flowered open inches above his face. The small triangle of orange-red hair above her slit tickled his nose as he lowered her onto his face. Looking up her body, across her flat pale stomach and between her large pale breasts, he watched her expression change as he snaked his tongue out and found her clit. She moaned as he gently stroked the hard little nub with his tongue.

"Oh, God," Robin sighed. "That's it. Lick my clit!"

Angela cupped John's balls in her hand, gently massaging then as she stroked her lips up and down his shaft. On each stroke, when she reached the top she swirled her tongue madly around the head before sinking her face back down. John's cock was rock-hard.

John had masturbated in the shower a few hours prior in preparation. He was now glad that he had done that because Angela was working on his cock fiercely. He would have come already if he hadn't taken care of his business at home earlier.

Robin pressed her weight down on John's face, letting John take her weight in his hands. "That feels so good," she moaned in pleasure as he licked her snatch. She rolled her own nipples between her fingers as she relaxed and let him work on her.

John breathed in the musky scent of Robin's cunt as he licked steadily at her clit. Her hips twitched, shifting the weight he held with his hands, but he held her steady. He wrapped his lips around the top of her pussy and sucked her clit into his mouth. Her fuck-fluid mixed with his saliva and coated his chin, but he paid that no mind.

"Oh, shit, that's it," Robin gasped at the pleasure coursing through her. John could see the passion on her face. She glanced down at him in amazement. Then she closed her eyes, concentrating on her nearing orgasm.

John knew she was close and so he continued sucking and licking at her clit. He knew not to change what he was doing if it was working. He slurped at her clit, sucking it gently, using her moans and sighs to guide him in the right direction.

"Oh fuck, I'm coming," Robin shouted as her orgasm washed over her. She bucked and twisted atop John's face, savoring the feel of his lips on her pussy. She gasped for breath as she moaned in pleasure.

John felt Angela lift her head off his dick to watch what was happening, but her fist continued to stroke his hard cock. A small amount of Robin's girl-cum washed out of her pussy and coated John's chin as her orgasm peaked. John returned to licking her clit gently but then she began to tremble.

Robin lifted herself off of John's face and got off the couch, her legs shaking. She bent down and kissed him. She kissed his lips and licked some of her juices off of his cheek. Then she looked into his eyes and said, "Thank you, baby. That felt so good."

John was a bit surprised at her words. She had never called his 'baby' before. He smiled at her.

Robin patted the side of his face as if to take some of the intimacy away. Then she looked down John's body at Angela and said, "Angie, you've got to try some of this." She said it out of breath but in a casual way, as if she were discussing the latest soft drink. Or 'pop' as they called it in Denver.

John considered those his marching orders as he watched Robin step over to the chair and sit down to catch her breath. He sat up and pulled Angela up with him. He kissed her mouth, letting his tongue snake in and out for a moment. As she kissed him back, John lifted Angela's tank top and slipped his hands inside, covering her small tits. Her hard nipples pressed firmly into the palms of his hands.

John broke the kiss and dropped his lips to Angela's chest. Holding her tank top up with his hands, he licked and sucked at the hard little nubs of her nipples. She pulled the tank top off and tossed it onto the floor as her breathing became heavier.

"Oh, god," Angela sighed. "Suck my tits."

John licked and sucked at each of her nipples. He was tempted to reach down and stroke her pussy under her skirt, but he resisted. He decided it was better to concentrate on her tits for a moment longer.

Angela moaned and pulled John's head tightly against her chest. She breathed heavily. Her nipples were hard in John's mouth. She squirmed against his face.

John guided Angela off the couch and onto her back on the carpeted floor. The white shag carpet was soft underneath her. John kissed down her flat stomach and, rising up, lifted the plaid skirt. Looking underneath he found no panties. John was not surprised. Angela's pussy was shaved smooth and the whole area was ruddy with excitement. Her juices coated her pussy and her inner thighs.

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