tagGroup SexDouble Vision Ch. 05

Double Vision Ch. 05


[Note: This is a continuation of the story commencing with Double Vision 1 in which the main characters are introduced. The installations are meant to be read in order.]

Daniella invited me to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with her family who lived outside LA in Simi Valley. She explained that her older brother who lived in New York wouldn't be there and that there would be an empty room for me. She also explained that her parents had built an addition to their bungalow home containing the bedrooms for their four children at the opposite end of the house from their own master suite. It would be easy for her to slip into bed with me without being caught. This sounded good to me and the whole meeting the parents thing was only mildly stressful. I felt good that she wanted me to meet them.

"Of course Dee will be there too," she smiled. "And you can fuck her with equal discretion but remember that I'm the official girlfriend."

"Aye, aye, captain," I saluted. Those were orders I could gladly follow.

As Daniella, Darolyn and I drove out for our weekend away, we listened to music and debriefed regarding our midterms. Daniella sat up front with me—it was my car—while Darolyn sat in back. Halfway through the trip we made a pit stop. Daniella said she felt like taking cat nap and asked Darolyn to trade seats. Her twin agreed.

We got back in the car and Daniella lay back on a pillow and closed her eyes. Darolyn and I talked for a while then just looked at the passing scenery. When I looked toward Darolyn, she was leaning against the door with her legs stretched toward me. Her skirt was riding up, showing a lot of thigh. She gave me a Mona Lisa kind of smile that I couldn't decipher and looked out the window again. I returned my attention to the road when I felt a foot touch my thigh. I looked down at the sexy foot rubbing against me and followed it up Darolyn's gorgeous legs to the top of her thighs. As I glanced her way, Darolyn parted her legs, showing me her naked pussy. This was definitely distracting.

Now Darolyn had both of her small, pedicured feet caressing my crotch. I was wearing loose shorts and she worked a foot up inside one of the legs until she was massaging my balls with her toes. Of course my cock was straining against my shorts and Darolyn spent a good twenty minutes tormenting me as she rubbed her own clit until she quietly came.

I saw the sign that our exit was approaching and pointed it out to Darolyn. She pulled her skirt down then leaned in to whisper in my ear.

"Sorry to leave you like that but unless Dee gets you first, tonight I'll suck your cock down my throat and swallow all your cum."

Composing herself, Darolyn began to explain the route to her family home and tell me about growing up there. Daniella roused herself and joined in playing tour guide for me with her sister.

When we arrived, the sisters hugged their parents and introduced me to them. They were very welcoming and insisted on feeding us immediately. The younger sister, Aqualina, an eighteen year-old freshman at the local junior college was at basketball practice and wouldn't be home until late. The parents asked the three of us general questions about school but entirely avoided grilling me on the boyfriend hot seat. By the end of the meal we were all relaxed and retreated to the living room to watch a movie.

Daniella sat next to me on the couch farthest from the TV while her parents took the one closer in. Her dad fiddled with the remotes until the complicated home theater system roared to life. With the lights out and the TV loud, we settled in for the opening credits and Darolyn joined Daniella and I on the couch with me in the middle. The way we were arranged, unless they turned their heads around, the parents couldn't see us, and the room was pretty dark anyway, except during the explosions (in the movie, that is).

Daniella snuggled against me and lightly placed her hand on my chest. I put my arm around her and caressed her bare arm. Daniella kissed my neck and settled back down. The movie quickly became suspenseful and both sisters grabbed and squeezed my arms. Once the pace of the film became calmer, they both continued to hold on to me.

At this point, Darolyn began to touch and rub my chest. Daniella noticed this and hissed at her to stop. Darolyn ignored her so Daniella took my face in her hands and kissed me. Darolyn upped the ante by rubbing my hardening cock through my pants, then a surprise development in the movie made their dad yell, "wow!" and they both pulled away from me in alarm.

For the rest of the film, the twins leaned against me but didn't tease me anymore. When it ended, the parents yawned and said good night to us. We heard them pass through the kitchen and then close the door leading though the laundry room down to the master suite. I was a little apprehensive about the competition between the twins and thought I'd excuse myself to take a shower and get ready for bed. Just as I was making this announcement, we heard the front door open and in walked Aqualina. She looked a lot like her sisters but was slightly thinner and taller and had more of a tom boy look, at least in her basketball gear.

After a quick introduction and promise to talk more the next day, Aqualina headed for the shower. I figured I would now have to wait and went to sit back down.

"There's two showers," Daniella told me. Taking me by the arm, she showed me that there were two bathrooms next to each other at the end of the hall and told me to take the one on the right since Aqualina would be using the other, which opened into her room.

I went to my room to get my bathroom gear and a bathrobe and then returned, looking forward to a hot shower. After undressing, I was reaching for the shower door when the door between the bathrooms opened revealing a naked Aqualina. Her body was really athletic and trim, with pert dark nipples just like the twins and a hairless pussy below her flat stomach. We goggled at each other before reacting.

"Sorry!" she called out, pulling the door shut again, then opening it a crack to say, "I ran out of shampoo. Could you just hand me a bottle from the cupboard?"

"Okay, no problem," I replied.

I found the shampoo and handed it through the doorway, I felt Aqualina's slender fingers slide over mine for a moment as she got a grip on the bottle.

"Thanks!" she said, "and sorry again for barging in on you. I've gotten used to having this end of the house to myself."

"No problem, see you in the morning," I returned. Finally, I took a shower, brushed my teeth and headed back to my room. I tried to put the image of Aqualina and the feel of the touch of her hand out of my mind, but another part of me couldn't stop thinking of her.

I lay down in the bed and pulled out a novel. I could hear the sounds of doors and dresser drawers being opened and closed as the sisters went about their bedtime preparation. Then a gentle knock on the door.

"Come in," I said.

Still dressed in the tight T-shirt and sweats she was wearing earlier. Darolyn came in, closed the door and sat next to me on the bed, saying:

"I spoke to Dee. She said she doesn't mind if I help you relieve some tension while she showers and that she'll be in later."

With that, she pulled off her shirt, showing off a lacey black push-up bra. She ran her hands up my legs, parting my bathrobe to get access to my cock.

"I wanted to suck your cock in the car but didn't think it was such a good idea in broad daylight," she told me.

"Besides, if Dee had woken up, she might not have appreciated it," I put in.

"Come on, she told me how she makes her roommate blow you while she cooks dinner," she laughed. "You were right when you told me that people change."

My cock was hard from Darolyn's hands on my cock and the sight of her cleavage before me. After winking at me, she got right to work, kneeling between my legs and swallowing my cock into her mouth. She worked me over rapidly with her hands, lips and tongue, then started sucking me deep and fast. It wasn't long before I was spewing down her throat. Darolyn swallowed it all and smacked her lips.

"Delicious," she said. "I think Dee is right about the pineapple juice. I'll tell mom to buy more tomorrow."

With that, Darolyn pulled her shirt back on and waltzed out.

After about ten minutes there was another gentle knock.

"Come in," I said and Daniella flowed into the room, her silk robe clinging to the curves of her damp body.

"Sorry I took so long," she said, "I shaved my pussy so you could lick it for me."

I gave Daniella a good, long licking, loving the taste of her tender pussy. The lips were pale pink on the inside and gradually morphed to a plum purple at the outer edges. Her cunt shone with a combination of her juices and my saliva as I pleasured her. As she ran her hands through my hair and over my back, I reached for her nipples and tweaked them as I flicked her clit with my tongue, bringing her to a shuddering orgasm. We talked for a while and then went to sleep. While it was still dark I awoke to the sensation of a wet mouth on my hard cock. Once I was fully awake, Daniella climbed on top of me and quietly fucked me until I pumped her pussy full of cum. After giving me a kiss, she slipped on her robe and silently left the room.

The next day was Thanksgiving so there was bustle around the house all day. We all lent a hand to produce the big dinner that included all of the traditional American fare with the invariable Pilipino addition of rice. The family was joined not only by me, but also by some old friends of the family who the girls had known since childhood. I only spoke to Aqualina briefly but it seemed that she was brushing up against me more than coincidence might allow. Perhaps I was imagining it. In any case, I sure wasn't going to put the moves on my girlfriend's younger sister but I couldn't deny that I had a certain level of attraction to her, sparked by our accidental encounter in the bathroom.

The festive dinner finally came to an end, the friends departed, the leftovers were put away and everyone collapsed in front of the TV for another movie. Wiped out by Turkey-induced narcosis, everyone turned in on the early side, except the girls' mom, who I could hear fussing about in the kitchen until I fell asleep.

I awoke to feel a naked female body sliding into bed next to me and hands running across my chest. I heard Daniella's voice in my ear, "hey sleepy head, are you too tired to fuck me?"

This got my attention and in no time I had Daniella on all fours as I fucked her doggy style until we both came with stifled moans.

"I'm going back to my room to be on the safe side," she told me, and soon I was once again in dreamland.

I dreamt that I was at the beach and suddenly realized that my swim suit was missing. I was naked on a beach full of people. I looked around frantically for my suit or something to cover up with but no one had even noticed me. A young woman in an obscenely tiny black bikini who looked sort of like Jennifer and sort of like Aqualina walked up to me, staring at my naked body. She reached out and touched my cock, and in spite of my embarrassment, I could feel my cock becoming erect, with a rising sense of panic, I woke up and realized that not only was my cock in fact hard, it was being licked and sucked by someone in my bed.

"Jeez, Dee, you scared me," I said, assuming that Darolyn had paid me a nocturnal visit. "But don't stop, it feels great."

Darolyn continued to suck my cock as it rose to full mast, throbbing as she licked and swirled her tongue around the head, then sucking down the length of my shaft with her wet lips. Once she had me super hard and dripping wet, Darolyn climbed up and impaled her tight pussy on my cock and began moving up and down on it, squeezing me with her inner muscles. I reached down to hold her hips so that I could better thrust up into her, meeting her moves with my own. She whimpered a little and breathed out heavily. As Darolyn pulsed her tight pussy up and down my cock I slowly ran my hand up her sides to her breasts. As my hands closed over them, something seemed different. Her breasts might have felt slightly smaller. But the room was pitch black and I thought that perhaps my senses were playing tricks on me. At the same time, she intensified her pulsing and came with a stifled cry.

"Dee?" I prompted.

"I'm not Dee," came the response. It was Aqualina.

"We can't do this," I protested in a frantic whisper, my mind racing to the consequences.

"You're already fucking both my sisters," she said matter-of-factly, "I caught Dee One leaving your room last night and she told me the whole story."

My heart was pounding but my damn cock was still rock hard and inside Aqualina's pussy. She clenched her pussy around my cock and said, "don't tell me that doesn't feel good."

I groaned, "it feels great but I love Dee Two and I don't want to hurt her."

"I'm confused," she retorted sarcastically, "you can fuck Dee One, you can fuck Dee Two's room mate, but you can't fuck me? I'm eighteen you know. You're not breaking any law or any rule that I can figure out."

"It's about permission, and trust," I tried to clarify as I reached to turn on the bedside lamp. The sight of the hot, wanton teenager impaled on my cock almost made me spurt.

"Oh, so if Dee Two says it's okay, you'll fuck me without freaking out?"

I sighed. I was nervous, this was their parent's house and they would hardly approve of this. But I was also excited. I did want to fuck Aqualina, but not unless Daniella approved. I may not have been exclusive but I was loyal. And I wasn't about the screw up the good thing I had for short term pleasure, however enticing.

"Okay," I finally, consented. Aqualina began pumping my cock again.

I groaned, "but not until she say's it's okay."

"Fine. I already came anyway," Aqualina said in an irritated voice, hoping off my cock and putting on her robe. Before she left she turned to me with a kinder expression on her face.

"You know," she said, "you're right about permission. I'm sorry I assumed that anything goes. I'm glad you respect my sister. But if she says yes, are you actually interested adding me to your harem?"

"Yes," I told her. She smiled, blew me a kiss, and silently left the room.

In the morning I slept in late, to be awoken by Daniella opening the curtains and putting a glass of pineapple juice in my hands.

"Thanks. Where is everyone? I asked.

"My parents and Aqualina went to the mall to hit the sales early," she replied. Continuing to update me on the plans for the day she said, "Dee and I have appointments with our regular hairdresser this afternoon but it's a nice day so you can hang out by the pool while we're out. And after you're up and showered, Dee and I would like an appointment with you."

"That sounds great," I said with a smile. "I'll make sure to finish all my juice."

"Dio," she began, "Aqualina told me about last night."

I gulped.

"At first I was freaked out," she continued, "I mean, my little sister became an adult while I was away at college but I was still thinking of her as an innocent girl." Daniella absent-mindedly stroked my arm as she went on. "But when I thought about it I realized that I'm already sharing you with Dee and Jennifer. So after making the mental adjustment to see Aqualina as a sexually active adult, I couldn't think of a reason why not."

I was amazed by the way Daniella was able to think outside of our cultural and religious habitual ways of thinking. Maybe the anthropology classes she loved so much gave her a different perspective on her own cultural assumptions. She went on:

"What really moved me is that you respected me so much that you made that horny little vixen stop when I'm sure that every part of your body wanted to go on. Especially this part," she said, grabbing my cock.

"I think I would have come to terms with it even if you hadn't done that. But now I just want to reward you. One of your rewards is Aqualina. Be discreet, but give her a good fucking whenever you want."

At that, Daniella leaned in to kiss me and I held her close to me, giving thanks for my incredible good fortune.

After a shower and some breakfast with the twins (during which I was given more pineapple juice to drink) they sent me to wait for them, naked, in my room. After about five minutes, the door opened and in walked both twins, completely nude, both with their hair in ponytails. Without clothes, jewelry, or make up, I couldn't tell which was which. I looked for toe nail polish, but they had removed that as well. I thought I would be able to tell their voices apart. Despite having identical tones, their manner of speaking differed, but they kept their mouths closed.

"So you want to see if I can tell you apart?" I asked.

They nodded.

"And you're here to have sex with me," I clarified.

They nodded again.

With the rest of the family out of the house and the situation with Aqualina resolved, I was ready to plunge into this new scenario with gusto.

"Let me start by comparing the taste of those two pussies," I said.

The twins laid side-by-side on the bed with their legs spread. Of course both pussies were freshly shaved with identical tiny wedges of hair at the top. I licked and sucked their sweet pussies that looked, felt and tasted exactly the same and brought them to identical whimpering orgasms.

Sitting back on the bed with a twin on each side, they rubbed my feet and massaged my legs until they converged on my cock. Taking turns, each twin sucked my cock, closely observed by the other who repeated the same ministrations to my throbbing member. They were both able to take my cock to the root and I was no closer to guessing which sister was which.

Looking into their faces I thought I recognized some essential, inner difference, like Daniella's tenderness or Darolyn's wild side, but a moment later I'd seem to recognize those qualities in the opposite twin. The game was intriguing but I realized that it really didn't matter. I was having sex with identically gorgeous twin sisters under their parents' roof.

As the twins continued to pass my cock back and forth between their luscious mouths I had a thought.

"If I guess correctly, do I win something?" I asked.

They shook their heads no.

Then I had another thought. "Will one of you win something, depending on my guess?"

They nodded their heads with big smiles.

"Alright then, let's get on to some fucking," I said.

First, the twins took turns riding me cowgirl style as I squeezed their tits and asses. Next, they got down on knees and elbows, side-by-side. This was an incredible sight: two brown, tight round asses with glistening pussies shining beneath them and slender arching backs and narrow waists. As I fucked one, I fingered the other, switching back and forth several times.

I tapped one twin on the back, "turn around and suck my cock," I told her. Pulling my cock out of one twin's pussy, I presented it to the lips of the other who sucked it without hesitation. Since Daniella had done this after I had fucked Jennifer, I thought this could be an indication that it was her. But then again, this was her sister's pussy juice which might bring about a different reaction.

In any case I was groaning with pleasure from whichever sister it was. I then gave the other sister the same test. Pulling my cock from the pussy of the one who had last sucked my cock, I presented it to other, who also plunged right down my cock eagerly. This was impossibly sexy. I thought about fucking their asses but they had both already done that with me so I wouldn't really wouldn't learn anything by it. Except what if felt like to fuck two asses.

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