Dream Lover


Although my eyes are closed I know that it is not yet morning. But I’m half awake. I open my eyes a fraction, the soft pre-dawn light making it possible to just discern the outlines of the bedroom furniture.

As always I have been sleeping lying on my left side, my legs pressed together and my knees pulled up a fraction against my chest, my hands on the pillow in front of my face. It’s not time to get up yet. So why did I wake up?

Then I sense him. Lying behind me, his warm body pressing gently against mine. He is lying perfectly still, but I can feel his chest moving against my back as he is breathing softly.

Just as I am about to turn over to face him, his right arm reaches around my waist to keep me lying where I am. ”Don’t move!” he whispers.

I’m shifting against him, still wanting to turn over. ”Kiefer! How did you get here?” I ask. ”Why are you here?” My right hand moves down to cover the one holding me pinned down, stroking it with my fingertips.

I feel his hot breath against my neck as his mouth moves close to my ear. He whispers in his deep, rich voice, ”I want to make love to you ….”

His words send shivers down my spine and my heart skips a beat. He keeps caressing the nape of my neck with his mouth, kissing the sensitive skin very softly. Just breathing at it, making it tingle.

His arm lets go of my waist and again I try to turn around. ”No! Please don’t move yet ….” he begs me as his hand is sliding slowly up my side. I can feel his upper body moving back a fraction, enabling him to start kissing and licking his way over my neck and shoulders. Running his tongue over my skin. Creating a wet, burning trail.

Still kissing my back, he lets his hand stroke up and down my upper arm before moving it down to cup my breast. I tremble and my breathing is already a little ragged. His warm hand caresses my right breast gently, then moves to the left one below it. His fingertips circle and roll the nipples. Teasingly, slowly until they are so hard they are hurting.

Although I cannot turn around I still want to touch him, and I reach behind me to let my right hand run through his hair. He turns his face towards my palm, kissing and licking it before he takes my index finger into his mouth. He sucks at it gently, moving his head back and forth slowly to make my finger slide over his tongue, in and out between his lips.

His left hand is stroking my neck and shoulders, while the right leaves my breasts to slide downwards. Instinctively I suck in my stomach, trying in vain to make it flat and firm. ”Don’t do that,” he whispers from behind. ”You‘re perfect!” I exhale and let my muscles relax again, just enjoying his touch.

As his hand makes its way in slow circles over my stomach, I reach behind me again. I slip my hand under his arm so that I can touch his back. I let my hand slide lightly over the warm skin, trying to reach as much of him as possible, and I can feel the muscles moving under my palm.

Now his hand has reached my hip and rests there for a moment as he lifts his head again, kissing from my shoulder and up the side of my neck, delicately licking my ear. Then his hand continues its slow travel down my thigh, his nails raking the skin very gently as he strokes up and down. The front, the side, the back. Soon the skin feels as if it was burning.

But my pussy is burning, too, and I want him to touch it. I dare not ask him, but I shift my right hand from his back to his stomach. I spread my fingers to cover as much skin as possible when I let them slide through the trail of soft hair down towards his crotch. I reach his pubic hair and let my fingers come to rest there.

He moves back a little to allow my hand to reach its destination. Deciding to pay him back for playing with me, I move my hand upwards in stead, just stroking my palm over his hip. But finally I can’t wait anymore, and I let my hand go back down to touch his cock. I have felt it slowly swelling against my buttocks while he has been caressing me, and now it feels like a burning rod of iron against my palm.

He sighs with pleasure as I begin to move my hand along the shaft. Not yet stroking it, just a feathery touch against the skin. At last I feel his right hand moving in the direction I want it to. It slides from my hip and down over my buttocks, and finally he is touching my pussy from behind.

Our hands are rubbing against each other. My hand keeps running gently up and down his cock, while he lets his fingers tickle my labiae and the inside of my thighs. After teasing me like that for a while he spreads my lips with his fingers, opening my pussy so that he can stroke the entrance directly.

He lets two fingers slip inside me to lubricate them in the juices flowing there, then presses his hand between my legs to reach my still hidden clit. When his moist fingertips find it and begin to rub at it, it feels as if my lower body has caught fire and I moan loudly. This makes him rub faster, directly at my swollen, aching clit and along the slit of my pussy.

My hand begins to stroke him with more force, circling the sensitive head before returning to the base of the cock, where I manage to let my fingertips caress his tight balls without letting go of the shaft. I take hold of the cock and try to guide it towards my pussy, but he only allows it to nest along the cleavage between my buttocks.

I turn my head, trying to look back at him as he is lying there behind me. Resting on his left elbow and still letting his right hand slide teasingly all over my pussy, now and again inserting two fingers and rotating them inside me, rubbing against the sides. I cannot see his face, but I pant, ”Please! Stop playing with me. I want you inside me!” I arch my back to press my dripping pussy against his crotch, letting go of his cock to grab his ass cheek, pressing it against me to force him to enter me.

At last he gives in. His right hand returns to my hip briefly, then takes hold of my upper cheek, spreading my buttocks as wide as possible to ease his entrance into me. I hold my breath as I feel the cock head against my labiae, and then he starts pressing against me.

When he enters me it almost hurts, and I cannot stop myself from whimpering a little. But it’s a good pain, a wonderful, sizzling pain that makes my pussy pulse.

”Oh God, you’re so tight!” he groans as he continues to slide his cock very carefully into me. When he reaches the bottom of my pussy, he waits for a moment to let us both catch our breath before he starts moving slowly in and out of my soaking wet cave. His arm returns to hold me around the waist, pressing me against him.

I crane my neck to lean back against his shoulder. ”No, you’re big .…” I gasp. His movements inside me make goose bumps form all over my body and my pulse is racing. Again I place my right hand on his ass cheek, pushing him against me in an attempt to make him go faster. As my pussy gradually expands, adjusting to his girth, he is able to thrust more forcefully into me with increasing speed. I’m clutching the pillow under my head with both hands now, pressing my face down into it. Moaning and whimpering with pleasure.

He takes hold of my upper knee, lifting my leg to let it straddle his thigh. My pussy opens, allowing him to push even deeper. His right hand that was holding my waist moves down to my clit. He caresses it slowly, his fingers getting more and more wet from the juices running out of me. As I groan and press against his hand he rubs harder, a rhythm developing between his fingertips stroking my clit and his cock ramming into me from behind.

He slips his right arm under my thigh, lifting my leg up and holding it there. My knee is pointed towards the ceiling and my body twisted at the waist, so that I’m lying partially on my back. Now my pussy is stretched as wide as possible, and he hammers into me so forcefully that I would be pushed down from the bed, had his arm around my leg not been holding me in place.

Finally I’m able to lift my head and look at him. His eyes are closed, his head thrown back, as his hips thrust rapidly against me. I reach up to take him by the nape of the neck, drawing him down towards me. Still holding my leg, he bends his head to kiss my breast. Letting his tongue swirl around the hard nipple, then sucking it into his mouth and biting it gently.

I close my eyes, letting my head fall back on the pillow, but still holding on to him. I feel dizzy, my head is spinning. The pounding of his cock in and out of me, his hand caressing the inside of my thigh as he holds my leg lifted high, his hot lips and tongue playing over my breast ….

Then he suddenly stops his thrusting and pulls his cock from my pussy. I cry out and try to hold him pressed against me, but hi is only moving down to kneel between my legs. Gently turning me to lie flat on my back and pushing a pillow under my buttocks, raising my pussy towards him.

He bends down to kiss my inner thighs, his tongue then licking upwards to slide along my swollen, wet labiae. His lips close over my clit and suck it into his mouth, and I have to bite down on my lower lip to avoid screaming. His tongue is lapping all over my pussy for a short while, but then he gets up on his knees again.

He looks down at me, raw lust burning in his eyes, his sweat-covered chest heaving with his rapid breath. ”I’m sorry. I just cannot wait any longer,” he pants.

He spreads his legs a little and takes hold of my hips, lifting my pussy up against him. Again he drives his cock in and starts fucking me. Slowly at first, but when I lift my knees towards my chest, holding my legs high with my hands, he grabs me around the waist and hammers into me so that I’m knocked upwards in the bed with each thrust.

His cock is grinding against the inner walls of my pussy, and it feels as if his pounding were reaching all the way up to touch my diaphragm. The back of my head is pressed down hard against the pillow, my mouth is wide open as I gasp for air, flashes of light are dancing before me when I close my eyes.

He lets himself slide down to cover my body, and I lower my legs to lie with my knees slightly bent, the soles of my feet pressed against the sheets. His right hand slips under my head, holding me gently by the nape of my neck. Now he is moving slowly, circling his hips slightly each time he enters me to make the shaft of his cock press even more firmly against the inside of my pussy.

He bends down to kiss me for the first time. His mouth barely touches mine, his tongue flicking over my lips, sucking them into his mouth briefly. His left hand is caressing my face, then sliding slowly down my neck to my breast. Kneading it softly and rolling the hard nipple between his fingertips.

Then he suddenly slams his open mouth down on mine, forcing his tongue into my mouth. Kissing me so hard it feels as if he was trying to eat me. He lifts his upper body, leaning on his left arm, his clenched fist pressed down against the bed next to my hip.

At the same time he picks up the pace again, ramming into me forcefully. He is tilting his hips with each thrust to make the base of his cock rub against my clit. I raise my buttocks to meet his downwards pumping, running my hands up and down his back, pressing him against me.

His head has been bent as he is groaning with each thrust, but now he lifts his face again to lock eyes with me. Just like mine, his face is flushed and covered with sweat. We are both panting raggedly as we move against each other. I reach up to clasp his shoulders, digging my nails into the flesh, as I feel my orgasm building.

I can see by the look in his eyes that he is close to cuming, too. He collapses to lie on top of me again, pressing his face against my neck, biting me. He is still hammering into me, more slowly now but as deeply as possible. He gasps, ”Cum! Cum with me …!”

He thrusts into me a few more times, and then I feel his body tensing up. A shudder runs through him and his back is arched as he moans out loud, cuming deep inside me.

As I look up at him, watching the signs of almost excruciating pleasure on his face, my own body starts trembling. Hot mercury waves explode in my pussy and roll through me. I cry out, enfolding his body with my arms and legs, pressing him against me. I can feel his chest heaving, his heart pounding against me, his hands stroking gently up and down my sides.

But then he is slowly fading away, the pressure of his body against mine gradually diminishing. Almost in panic I’m grabbing at him, but my hands encounter only the warm, sweet-smelling air lingering around me.

”No! Don’t go yet!” I’m panting. My whole body is still burning with that terrible, delightful fire, my legs cramping and my heart racing. ”Stay with me!”

”I’ll always be with you,” his soft voice whispers. ”In your dreams ….”

* * * * * * * *

I’m jolted awake by the sound of the alarm clock. Quickly I stretch out one hand to stop it. My eyes still closed, my hand moves back to join the other. Pressing against my pussy as the last, spasmodic trembling of the orgasm subsides. I stay like that for a long time, crouched into a fetal position and just breathing deeply as my heartbeat returns to normal.

An anxious ”Miaow?” makes me open my eyes to look at the cat sitting next to me with her head slightly tilted, pawing at me as if asking me if I’m all right.

”Hi, Silla!” I mumble, lifting my hand to scratch behind her ear. ”It’s OK. Mommy was just dreaming. You think we should get up and fix some breakfast?” She moves closer to my face, rubbing the top of her head against my chin, purring softly.

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