tagNovels and NovellasDressed To Kill Ch. 09

Dressed To Kill Ch. 09


Noella awoke feeling a little flat after the high emotion of Sunday. She gave thanks that it was the school holidays and so she didn't have to take Emily to school, but she had promised the girls lunch and some shopping. She was hoping she might hear a bit more about her date with Lachie.

She gave the coffee machine a pounding, consuming three double strength lattes to drink with her chunky sour dough toast smothered in cumquat marmalade. She was almost buzzing by the time she took the final sip of the last latte.

Not exactly diet food!........... but who cares! Might pay for that tomorrow with Jason the trainer!

The caffein gave her a spurt of energy to finish cleaning the house, following the afternoon tea with her neighbours from Fahrenheit St. She then headed for the shower and got ready to pick the girls up to take them to the mall. She decided on some figure hugging jeans, a nicely cut white cotton shirt and couldn't go past the wicked studded black shoes that Julia had not taken home the night before. She applied the barest of make up and checked herself in the long mirror.

Those shoes are truly wicked!

Feeling a little better after the strong coffee, she glided the Mercedes out of the garage, heading for Damien's monster house. Arriving outside the front door, she gave the horn a hard honk.

The girls didn't appear.

Shit I don't really want to go to the door. I don't really want to have to deal with Damien today!

She honked the horn again with no immediate result and so she began texting Sarah.

"I'm waiting out the front."

She was just about to press send when the girls finally appeared through the front door.

They both gave her a kiss on the cheek as they jumped on in the car.

"Hi Mum!" they both chimed.

"Hi beautiful girls!" responded Noella.

Emily sat in the back, Sarah in the front.

"Are you guys OK. I was wondering if you were going to come."

"Sorry Mum. Dad's just been psycho lately." replied Sarah. "He was yelling at us when he realised we were going out with you. So we had to wait until he calmed down a bit, so we could sneak out."

"Yeah Mum. He's been really psycho." confirmed Emily.

"Would you like me to talk to him?"

"No way!" replied Sarah. "that would just make it worse!"

"Ok. But let me know if it gets out of control and you can come and stay with me."

"Ok." they both said in a stoic sort of a manner.

Feeling a little bit calmer, she fired up the big Benz and they headed for the mall at Chadstone. Once in the mall they searched out their favourite clothes shops, Noella being very free with her credit card, resulting in them each carrying numerous store bags.

They hit the sushi shop for lunch, followed by sinful gelati cones, Noella tink she had better not admit to this indulgence to Jason.

Better enjoy it, for this afternoon I pay!

Conversation over sushi was revealing. The girls detailed how their father had become increasingly obnoxious and difficult to live with. Apparently he was constantly on the phone and had become so unpleasant that even his young nymphette had disappeared.

Noella listened intently, but ensured that she was a sympathetic sounding board rather than the bitter ex- wife.

"And he's badgering Marcus to sign some papers." revealed Sarah. "But Marcus keeps saying he won't sign anything unless you're there and then Dad backs off.".

"That doesn't sound too good. Do you think I should give Marcus a ring?" suggested Noella.

"Yeah I think he'd like that." replied Sarah.

"Dad has been so screwy. I feel sorry for Marcus." revealed Emily.

They walked towards the mall exit, licking their cones. having enjoyed a great day shopping. They strolled out of the shopping centre into the bright sunshine and headed up the slight hill towards where the car was parked.

"What the.........!" screamed Noella as she saw her beautiful red car on the back of a tow truck heading up the road towards the exit of the mall. She stood there stunned.

"What's going on Mum?" asked Sarah.

"Who's taking you're car?" screeched Emily.

Noella felt stuck to the spot as someone drove away with her car on the back of a truck!

Fuck............. what do I do?

She scrambled for her phone in her handbag, dropping all her store bags with her precious booty from a days shopping all over the footpath.

She quickly Googled the local police station's number. She madly dialled the number. All she got was an automated queue. She impatiently waited, her beloved car long out of sight. Eventually there was a voice on the end of the line.

"Oakleigh police." recited a very bored voice,

"Someone's stealing my car!"

"Where are you located?"

This was the beginning of an infuriating twenty questions and all that Noella could think of was that her beautiful car was gone! Eventually the voice at the end of the phone told her, that because she didn't have the registration number of the truck, all Noella could do was come to the police station and report that the car was missing.

Shit! What do I do now!

"Alright girls. There's obviously been a miss understanding, so I'll ring Auntie Suzie to see if she can come and pick us up. So just be patient and everything will be OK."

The girls were more confused than angry as they watched their mother frantically work the telephone.

"Hi Suze! It's Noella. I'm in a bit of a jam and was wondering if you could help me out?"

"Of course Ella! Anything for you! How can I help?"

"Someones stolen my car!"

"What? No way!"

"We came out of the mall and saw it disappearing on the back of a truck!"

"That's terrible! We are you? I'll be there as soon as I can."

Noella told Suzie where they were at the shopping centre and quickly hung up. She and the girls found a seat with which to rest their feet after rescuing her shopping from the footpath. They sat patiently but feeling rather down trodden.

Why my car! Bastards!

Noella sat on the bench feeling wounded and angry all at the same time.

Somebody must pay! Bastards!

Soon her thoughts of vengeance were interrupted by the honking of a horn. It was Suze at the wheel of sparkling silver Mercedes E-class convertible.

What the hell!

She stood and waved and Suzie was soon parking the car next to the park bench where Noella and the girls were sitting. Noella sat there stunned.

"Hi ladies!" greeted Suzie.

"Suze! What is this?" asked Noella.

"It's my new car! You like?"

"You know I love it! How......?"

"Michael bought it for me! Jump in and I'll tell you about it after you tell what's going on with your car!"

The girls and Noella loaded their shopping trophies in the boot and jumped in the car. Suzie pulled out of the car park and headed for the exit.

"I need to ring Steve at the law practice to find out what the hell I can do!"

"That's Ok babe. I'll head towards Damien's to drop the girls off?"

"Great!" she replied as she quickly dialled the law office's number and soon she was in intense conversation with her boss David, telling him how her beautiful Benz had disappeared out of the shopping centre on the back of a tow truck.

David told Noella to calm down, as she had let rip with a series of expletives that he had never heard from her mouth before. Even when Damien told her he wanted a divorce. David told her that she needed to go and report it to the police, but he told her that thieves don't usually take $200,000 Mercedes from shopping centre car parks. He thought something screwy was going on and he'd get to the bottom of it.

David made Noella feel a little better. She asked Suze if she could take her to the police station after they had dropped the girls off.

"That's fine! Consider me your chauffeur!"

Fifteen minutes later they pulled up outside Damien's ostentatious abode. Sarah and Emily retrieved their shopping bags from the boot, gave their Mum a kiss and headed inside.

Noella jumped back in the car and buckled up her seat belt.

"Thank you Suze." she said with a sigh. "I don't know what I would have done without you this afternoon. Now tell me about this car!"

"Well." Started Suze. "I have a lot to thank you for. Mike saw how much I loved your car that day when we went for a drive. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, Mike was given a big promotion and an enormous bonus!"

"That is fantastic Suze!"

"Anyway. He is such a darling he bought me this car!"


"It's an E300, not a 500 like yours, but I just love it!"

"I am so happy for you."

At that moment, they pulled up out the front of the police station. They both went inside and endured twenty minutes of infuriating bureaucratic questions and answers before making it back to the safety of Suzie's car.

They made for Noella's where she fired up the coffee machine to make two very strong Macchiato Lattes, which the sipped as they sat a the kitchen counter.

"I'm just so angry and upset." confided Noella. "I finally get the car of my dreams and someone steals it."

"I'd be upset too." agreed Suze. "You know I was ecstatic when Mike gave me the car. He took me to my favourite restaurant, you know the one next to the sea baths."

Noella nodded that she knew the place.

"We ordered our food. Soon after the brought out a small ceramic pot that had a lid on it. They said it was a special treat just for me. I was a bit hesitant but I lifted the lid and there was the key to the car on a diamond key chain!" she exclaimed as she held up the sparkling key chain which showed to Noella.

"Wow!" gasped Noella. "It's beautiful!"

"So the Michael made me close my eyes and guided me outside. When I opened my eyes, there was my beautiful car wrapped with an enormous pink bow!"


"It was! Michael even arranged them to delay our meals for fifteen minutes so we could go for a quick spin around the block."

"I bet that was fun!"

"You bet. It was great! We went back and had our meal, which was almost an anti-climax. I just wanted to go and drive my car!"

"You're very lucky to have a man like Michael. Generous and considerate."

"I am lucky and he is beautiful man. When we got home he'd made sure the kids were staying over at friends houses and we made love........but you know I hate to say this..... but the old spark is not quite there anymore."

"I know what you mean. With Damien towards the end, it was allover before you could blink."

"I know we've been married a while now, but I would love to have that wild spark again."

"I might have an idea." said Noella. "Are you feeling brave."

"A little."

"Don't worry it won't hurt and it could be good fun!"

"Alright. What are we doing."

"You'll see." she replied as she took her mobile phone from her bag and quickly searched and dialled a number.

"Hi Julia! It's Noella......I'm well thanks. Look, I've got a friend who needs some help. I was wondering if we could come over and maybe she could borrow something from your collection.............great! We'll be right over."

"Where are we going? What sort of collection are we seeing?"

"You'll see." said Noella, maintaining the mystery. "We're just going next door to see Julia at number one. Finish your coffee and we'll go."

"OK." Suzie gulped down the last of her coffee and they headed next door.

Julia answered the door as soon as they rang the bell.

"Hi! Come in." she greeted.

Once inside Noella gave Julia a kiss on the cheek and introduced her to Suzie.

"Now what seems to be the problem?" asked the elegantly dressed Julia.

"Suze is looking for spark in her sex life."

"More like I need a lightning bolt." laughed Suzie.

"I know. It can get a bit mundane if you're not careful" observed Julia.

Noella went onto tell Julia about Suzie's new car and how she would like to show her gratitude to Mike for being a wonderful man. Before she finished she mentioned the disappearance of her car. Julia was stunned.

"No!" She gasped. "That car is so beautiful! You must be devastated!"

"I am. But I've got good people helping me find it."

"Okay. Hopefully the car will turn up soon. Now let's go upstairs and see what we can find."

The three women climbed the stairs and found their way to the first door down the hallway. Julia opened the door, but Suzie was not prepared for what was inside!

"Oh my God!" she cried.

The other two laughed.

"What were you expecting?" asked Noella.

"Not this!" she exclaimed as she waived her hand at the treasure trove of costumes and outfits. "What is it?"

Julia went through the whole story of how the her collection had begun and how it had continued to grow.

"Wow! It's amazing. You've actually worn all of these." Suzie asked inquisitively.

"Most.' replied Julia.

"You must have an interesting sex life!" blurted Suzie.

"I try.....most things." replied Julia.

The three of them again laughed.

"Now would you like to pick some outfits to take home and try and on. Then you can see if you get a spark."

"I'd love to do that." answered Suzie.

Suzie was like a kid in a lolly shop. She went from rack to rack looking at the large variety sexy costumes.

"This is amazing!" she declared.

"It is." agreed Noella. "It is an absolute treasure trove, and so much fun."

Suzie soon found some outfits she liked and took them from the rack and started to create a small pile on the occasional chair that sat in one of the corners. There was a raunchy fantasy bridal outfit with a white satin embroidered bustier and a very short white tulle skirt. Definitely not suitable for the altar! Also there was a sheer black bunny outfit which left little to the imagination, a blue satin police outfit with a tiny skirt and tulle petticoat, complete with handcuffs and a doctors outfit with mini lab coat sheer lace corset with suspenders. Suzie also selected the French maid outfit and nurses costume that Prue and Noella and so much joy with.

"You're not interested in a leather outfit?" asked Julia.

"No. I think I'd rather stay with the fantasies. They seem like more fun."

"Sounds good to me." agreed Noella.

Suze then hunted through the collection of shoes and found some stunning examples to match. As she collected all the goodies and put them in store bags that Julia kindly provided.

"This has been so much fun Julia. I really appreciate it."

"That's fine. I hope you and your husband have lots of fun."

"I'm sure we will."

With that she and Noella carried the bags downstairs to the front door and after kissing Julia goodbye walked back to Noella's where Suzie collected her handbag before going out the front and loading up the Silver Benz up with the bags of clothes.

"Thank you Noella. You truly do have some interesting friends."

"No problems Suze. Let me know how it goes and remember most of all have fun."

"I will! I will!" she replied as they exchanged kisses. She got behind the wheel and drove off down Fahrenheit St.

It'll be an interesting night when she puts one of those outfits on for Mike!

Noella went inside to ring Jason to let him know she wouldn't be able to make her session today as her car had been stolen. She then spent the rest of the evening moping around the house feeling most sad about the loss of her car.

Tuesday morning she rang the law practice and spoke to Steve to see if he had heard anything about the car and to see if there is anything else she could do. He told her not to worry andthat they were working on it and if she remained patient he was sure that he'd locate and return her car. This made her feel better and so she began think about how she would get around in the mean time.

As she was pondering this question her phone rang. It was Jodie. Suzie had rung and told her about her car. She wanted to know if she needed another car to get around in. Noella told she was thinking about what to do. Jodie asked her if she'd like a spare car from Paul's company. Noella was extremely thankful for the offer and quickly accepted. Jodie told her she would be around in an half hour to go and get the car. Noella said she be ready.

An hour later she was putting the keys in a little Mazda 2, preparing to follow Jodie to a nearby local cafe where they had a great coffee and shared a delicious piece of orange poppy seed cake. They chatted for about an hour, Jodie telling how her kids Amelia and Jarryd were doing and Noella telling Jodie about Sarah's big date with Lachie.

After the cafe she headed for the supermarket to top up on groceries. As she walked inside she remembered the stir she created a month earlier and had a quiet laugh to herself. She leisurely strolled through the store placing her selected groceries in the store carry basket. Eventually she made it to the checkout. Surprisingly it was the same cashier as a month ago, who recognised Noella andsmiled.

"You're looking a little tamer today." she commented as she checked out Noella's boot jeans and navy blazer.

"Yes. You're right ." replied Noella with a laugh. "I don't dress like that all the time."

"Maybe you should! It was awesome! There are still guys here who talk about that day."

Noella laughed again.

"I must have made an impression."

"You certainly did." confirmed the cashier as she handed Noella her change. "Maybe you should try it again one day!"

"I don't think so." said Noella as she collected her groceries and walked out the door.

She walked over to the little red car, which was so different to her missing Mercedes. She retrieved the key from her handbag and pressed the little button to open the boot so she could stow her groceries. There was no response. She tried again. No response. She tried the other button for the door. Nothing.


She stood there for five minutes madly pressing the little button to no effect. The profanities started to flow, when a deep resonant voice cam from behind.

"Having some trouble?" Noella turned to see a tall handsome man who was probably iin his forties, in blue jeans and a purple shirt standing behind. "Would you like me to try?"

"Bloody thing!" cursed Noella. "I'd love you to try."

She handed the key over and he quickly had a look at the key before pressing a little button on the side of the key and then pressing the door release. There was a squawking sound as the door catches popped up.

"There you go." he said as he handed the key back.

"Why thank you. I'm so embarrassed!" she flushed. "It's a borrowed car."

"Don't worry. Happens to all us. I must say you're a bit more casually dressed than the last time I saw you. You certainly turned some heads!"

"Oh you saw that." replied Noella more than a little self conscious.

"I'll never forget it! Anyway have a good rest of the day."

"Thank you so much!"


With that, "Mr Tall Dark and Handsome" turned and walked into the supermarket.

Damn! He didn't ask for my phone number!

She placed the groceries in the car and drove the little car home. She spent the rest of the day fluffing around before going to a catch up training session with Jason. He must have been feeling sorry for her as he went a little easy on her and she actually enjoyed the session.

Next day at work Steve came past her desk mid-morning.

"Got some good news and some bad news." he revealed.

"What's the good news." she asked hastily.

"We've found you're car."

"That's great! What's the bad news!"

"It's going to take a few days to recover it."

"Oh. Why?"

Steve went onto explain that he'd had one of his young, gun solicitors searching for the car. The solicitor had found an action buried deeply in the mentions of a local court, that a Mercedes Benz had been given as satisfaction for a debt to a finance company. Steve said it was going to take a few days to prove to the finance that the company, Manta Pty. Ltd., didn't actually have legal ownership of the car and the registration papers they had supplied, were in actual fact, fake.

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