tagGroup SexDrinking is Good For You

Drinking is Good For You


Allison had gone across the country to visit her friends and boyfriend. She had been in a long distance relationship with Tom for two years. Allison was staying with Tom at his apartment during her trip, and thought it would be fun if her best friend, Carly, joined them in the city for the first night.

Allison was beautiful. Short, but big enough breasts, and an ass to die for. Carly was taller than her friend, had larger breasts, and a good ass to match. The two had always been close, and it was a joke among their friends that they would make a great couple. It was also secret wish among their male friends that at some point they'd hop into bed together.

To celebrate seeing each other again, the three had planned a night of drinking at Tom's apartment. After the festivities, Carly would sleep on the couch, and Allison would join Tom in his room for some crazy, drunken sex. Tom, however, knew that the chances of arranging a little fun between the three of them would increase exponentially the more the two girls drank. If they were close now, he thought, he wondered how much closer he could make them.

Carly and Tom picked Allison up from the airport, and went back to his apartment. They all decided it would be fun to go out for dinner. The intimate setting in the restaurant put them all in a fantastic mood.

They got back from the apartment, and the drinking began. Liquor, no beer. The point was to get drunk, and quick. Tom could almost see the inhibitions melting away. This made him happy, and he drank more and more. The girls saw this, and drank more and more too. Soon, they were all relatively smashed.

It was getting late, so it was decided that Tom and Allison should "go to bed". Tom knew, at this point, that the way he played things was crucial. Allison went into the bedroom, while Tom stayed out to make sure Carly had everything to make her comfortable.

"Can't believe you two are going to sleep, it's not even 2am," said Carly.

"Sleep?" asked Tom. "What on earth makes you think we're going to sleep?" Tom said this with a wink.


"I'm gonna fuck your best friends brains out. If you don't wanna listen, I suggest putting a pillow over your head."

"Oh I won't be bothered by it." Carly winks back at Tom.

"Yeah? You wanna listen to her get fucked?" A big smile comes across Tom's face.

Carly, who was sitting on the couch, stands up, and stumbles over to Tom. "I'd like to do a lot more than listen."

That was easy, Tom thinks. "Well, well, well...I think for that to happen, you're gonna have to do a little convincing with her. She might not be completely up to it."

"I can convince her." Carly walks past Tom, and into his room, shutting the door behind her. Tom waits outside, patiently.

He can't hear much, just muffled voices from the other side of the door. Pacing back and forth, Tom begins to get worried. He wonders if Allison will be offended by the idea of a threesome, put off by it.

However, the voices stop. Tom walks up to the door, and puts his ear to it. Then, after some quiet...he hears moaning. Tom opens the door to Carly and Allison on the bed. Allison's pants are off, and Carly's head is buried deep between Allison's legs. Her tongue, buried even deeper.

"Told you I could convince her," says Carly, smiling wide.

"Lick her little pussy till she screams." Tom, rock hard, starts to take off his pants.

"Mind taking care of me too?" Tom asks the both of them. Allison sits up, and Carly comes closer. "Just for a little bit, don't wanna shoot off too soon."

Allison and Carly begin to lick either side of Tom's shaft. Tom moans with pleasure. He grabs Allison's head, and shoves his dick in her mouth. He pumps his dick in and out, getting it in deep. He pulls is out, and then puts it into Carly, doing the same thing.

"Now, let's get back to what you were doing when I came in," says Tom. The girls get back in the bed, and Carly resumes eating Allison out. Tom bends down to Allison, "Mind if I have a little fun with Carly?"

Allison looks at Tom, and says, "Fuck her hard."

Tom jumps up on the bed, behind Carly, lifts up her skirt, pulls down her underwear, and plunges his throbbing cock into her wet pussy. Carly screams in ectasy. He starts off slow, pumping in and out.

Soon, Tom speeds up. He wants to make her big breasts bounce. He gets going really fast, pounding away at her. Carly struggles to keep going with Allison, but doesn't give up.

Realizing that she's drunk enough not to protest, Tom decides to take advantage of Carly's inebriation. Taking his cock out of her pussy, he shoves it into her ass. At first she doesn't seem to like it, but after a few thrusts, she doesn't seem to care. Tom smacks Carly's ass.

"I'm gonna blow such a big load in your ass," Tom says to Carly.

All Carly can manage to say is, "keep going...keep going...".

With a big sigh, Tom blasts cum into Carly's ass...and keeps blasting...more and more. Carly laughs, "you had a lot in you."

"Lay on your back," says Tom.

Without question, Carly flips onto her back. Tom motions to Allison, "Sit on her face".

Tom sticks his dick between Carly's breasts, and says "push them together." Carly does this, and Tom starts fucking her tits. As he does this, he bends Allison over, and begins to make out with her.

Tom fucks Carly's tits for a while, and then asks Allison, "ready to taste your first pussy?"

Allison nods her head yes, and with a smile, goes down between Carly's legs. Tom motions to the same spot he was with Carly, and starts to fuck Allison from behind. Instead of going slow this time, Tom begins to pound Allison from the beginning.

"Fuck me, FUCK ME!" Allison screams, and goes back to Carly's pussy.

Tom continues to fuck Allison. He wants to cum in her too, but wants to cum on both their faces even more. So he waits a while longer, loving the site of his girlfriend lick her first pussy.

Allison takes some initiative, and spreads Carly's legs apart even farther, getting her tongue in deeper. Carly begins to breath heavy, and Tom hopes that she's about to cum. Hopes to see her squirt.

Allison keeps going, working Carly's pussy. Carly's face crinkles up, and she begins to cum. She squirts, and Allison is all ready to lick it up. Tom sees this as the perfect time to get what he wants.

"I'm gonna cum...hard...kneel down of the floor, both of you."

They all get off the bed. Carly and Allison starts playing with Tom's cock. "Careful, I'm gonna go off any second," says Tom.

Right before he's about to blow, Tom grabs his dick. He looks at Allison, "Ready for your first facial?"

Both girls look eagerly up at Tom's dick. Within seconds, Tom explodes all over them, covering each face with enough cum to make a pornstar blush.

Both take turns sucking the rest of the cum out of Tom. Proud of his work, Tom looks down, and says, "How're you gonna take care of the rest of the cum?"

The girls smile, and begin to lick it off each other's faces. Once they have it all, they both show Tom what they got in their mouths, and then swallow.

Still incredibly horny, Tom asks, "Now...who wants to bounce on my dick?"

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