tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDrugged and Ravished Ch. 01

Drugged and Ravished Ch. 01


Christina was a young college student that found herself in serious trouble.

She awoke from a night of partying in a cold dark room. Her hands and ankles were tied and a ball gag was tight in her mouth preventing her from screaming.

Christina fought with the bindings unsuccessfully. Her arms were restrained above her head and her legs were spread wide and anchored so that she was unable to move. It looked like some primitive torture device that she had seen in some horror movie.

Christine was horrified. She tried to scream and again struggled with her restraints until she was exhausted. She was completely helpless.

She thought back to last night and what had transpired. Christina remembered a man, Mike she thought, at a house party sometime after the game. She remembered several people being there, but couldn't remember anything else. Sid somebody drug her, and where was she?

At that moment, the lights came on and she heard voices at the top of the stairs. Christina looked around and realized that she was tied naked with her legs opened wide.

The room was a cold dreary basement with cob webs in the corners. At the far side of the room, at the very edge of the light, she saw Mike, naked and tied to a pole. He was struggling with his bindings and also had a ball gag in his mouth.

The voices Christina heard drew closer, then came down the stairs. It was a man and woman, both naked wearing only masks to hide their faces. The man was well endowed and the woman looked in good firm shape.

Christina again fought with her bindings and let out a muffled scream. The man looked down at Christina, "I see our science experiments are awake."

Christina felt their hands on her body exploring every inch. They played with her already hard nipples and squeezed her firm tits. The woman stepped between Christina's raised legs and tapped gently on her clit. "What a pretty little pussy", she said.

The man and woman then walked over to where Mike was tied. They both grabbed a side and began to roll him towards Christina. Mike was tied to a pole that was mounted on short outriggers with four wheels. Mike struggled with his bindings, but were made of leather and padlocked. They positioned Mike between Christina's legs, just a few feet away.

The man looked at Mike and asked , "Doesn't she have a cute little pussy? I bet you want to stick your cock in that tight cunt, huh?"

Mike tried to look away, but couldn't. He stared at Christina, helpless with her legs spread wide, and began to get aroused. The woman knelt between Christina's legs and licked gently on her left labia. Christine wrestled again with here bindings but to no avail.

Mike just watched as the woman licked her slowly. As she stood up, she looked at her man, "You should taste that."

The man took his turn at licking helpless Christina. He licked harder and much faster than the woman. He stood up, then licked his finger and inserted it deep into Christina. She sobbed as he fingered her.

He pulled his finger out and rubbed the juices under Mike's nose. Mike's cock was getting harder and the smell of Christina on now his face was driving him crazy.

The woman knelt in front of Mike and took his cock in her mouth. She sucked on just the head and teased the underside of his throbbing cock with her tongue. The man went back to eating Christina's hot little pussy. He licked her pussy hard, then flicked his tongue around her clit. Christina felt herself getting aroused. She was scared, helpless, yet excited all at the same time.

The man and woman both stood up and shared a kiss through their makeshift masks. The woman grabbed Mikes cock and the man pushed Mike forward until his cock was resting on Christina's wet lips. The woman rubbed Mikes cock up and down on Christina until the head of his cock slipped barely in.

Both Mike and Christina moaned through their gags as the man pushed Mike in slightly deeper. Mike tried to move, but was firmly restrained. He wanted Christina, He wanted to thrust his cock in her deep, yet was unable to move.

Christina was wet from her kidnapper's licking and was aroused looking at Mike's cock spreading her wide. She tried to fight the feeling, yet wanted more, deeper, and now.

The man and woman moved over to the table in clear view of both Mike and Christina. The woman bent over the table and the man took her from behind. He rammed his cock in and out of her as both Mike and Christina watched.

Christina squeezed he muscles around Mike's throbbing cock and Mike replied by tightening his muscles.

Mike and Christina looked into each others eyes as they heard the couple pounding next to them. The aroma of pussy seamed to fill the air and the sound of his cock sliding in and out of the woman was just too much to handle.

Christina and Mike kept exchanging the flexing of their muscles, but this just made them both want more.

They heard the man scream that he was going to cum and the woman quickly turned around and took him in her mouth as he exploded.

The man and woman walked over to Christina and began to tease her already hard nipples. As they squeezed her breasts, they pushed Mike toward Christina filling her completely. She gasp as she felt his cock deep inside of her for the first time.

Without warning, the couple slowly pulled Mike away.

Both Mike and Christina let out a muffled "NOOOO" as Mike's cock slipped away. The man and woman repositioned Mike at Christina's awaiting lips, then turned and went upstairs.

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