Drugged Mother

byL.A. Wicker©

"Yes it is. Shall I set it for five minutes and we can um...get started." Tommy said as he took off his watched, pushed a few buttons and he reached to show her. "Oh and we never bet anything either," he added and shafted his hips.

"If I can suck you off before the timer goes off, I get you tonight and no more waiting." Paige said with a low voice, hoping that she could do this and make him cum. She needed him really bad.

"And if you don't, I'm adding two more days on to your wait and I mean it!" Tommy said and he laughed at the look on Mom's face. She looked like a little girl that had just been told that Santa wasn't real.

"Wait a second! That isn't right!" Paige said and moved between his legs. "Why would you add to that? We're both dying to make it with each other," she asked with shock.

"You want to knock off two days if you win, so if you lose...I'm adding two days and that sounds fair to me." Tommy said and tried not to laugh at Mom. She was dying to jump him and this was her way, but Tommy could see a little hint of doubt in her pretty eyes and he wasn't sure if she was going to go through with it or not.

She made a frown and sat back on her ass. "You suck!" Paige teased him and wasn't sure if he was just playing or what.

"You want me to skip two days if you win and if you lose, we should add two." Tommy laughed as he started to zip his pants, but Mom grabbed him and held his hands.

She heard Tommy and saw him starting to zip up and Paige grabbed him. "I'm dying to get you in me, but I'm not willing to chance two more days of waiting," she replied with a little frown and sat with Tommy. "I'll finish that when we get back home." Paige whispered as she snuggled against him, trying to shield herself from the cool night air and thinking of when Tommy would take her.

"I was hoping that you would and if you don't mind...I want to sleep with you tonight." Tommy said and Mom's head lifted. "Not to make out, but just to lay and snuggle with you, like when I was a kid and I would fall asleep against your body," he said as he brushed a strand of hair from Mom's eye and gently kissed her.

She wanted to cry and hold him right there. "Ahhh, I think that would be very nice. I would love holding my 'little man' like I used to." Paige smiled and so many memories of Tommy flooded her mind.

"Oh God, why did you call me that? I haven't been 'little' since I was ten!" Tommy laughed as her hand slid over his cock and Mom held it.

She giggled and gently squeezed him. "Trust me, I know all about it! Remember, I used to wake you for school and he gets up about thirty minutes before you do!" Paige smiled as she thought of all the times that his cock would be standing straight up and hard as a rock.

"Oh, I need to confess something." Tommy laughed and gave her a kiss. "Many of the times that I was 'really' hard, I did it to see what you did or said about it," he said as they hugged and she slapped his leg.

"You little, shit! Do you know what this thing did to me? I loved your father to death, but you looked so good and I knew that you could stay hard for hours!"

"Shit, you should have slipped in bed with me and given it a test ride!"

"Yeah and afterwards, look your Dad in the face, no! I would have never cheated on him," she said and gave Tommy a motherly look.

Tommy looked at Mom and she had to have known about Dad and his fooling around. "Mom, you did know that Dad um..." he said, but she cut him off.

"Yes, I know he did, but I told him to. There was no way in hell that I could have taken him a dozen times a week, most likely more. So, I told him to do what he needed, but that I did not want to hear a single word of it and if I did, I would take everything from him and leave. Also, he was to use protection, I did not want any diseases! The same rules will also apply to you, buster! If you go dipping in town, I best not hear of it or catch anything from you," she smiled, held up her first two fingers and pretended she had a pair of scissors."

"I knew when I looked in the trunk of his car and I saw five boxes of condoms! I thought I used a lot back then, but he had me beat and then some!" Tom laughed and wondered how he fucked so much.

"Oh yes, that man had to have a woman two or three times a day and I couldn't take that. I love a good, hard cock, but that was crazy and I told him to go out looking."

Tom hugged her and gently kissed her lips. "If I ever did that, I'd be thinking of you, Mom and would be the only way I could cum," he said and hugged her more.

"Are you trying to butter me up, cuz if you are...it's working." Paige said and she wanted Tommy in her aching body so bad, she could practically taste him.

"I have to keep you happy and smiling," he said and pulled her on his lap. "I'm in the mood for white. Do you have any sexy nighties that might indulge me and my perverted mind?" he asked with a smile and caressed the side of Mom's pretty face.

She thought for a second and Paige had something that Tommy was going to love. Well, she hoped he would. "Yes I do and I hope you like it," she smiled and her pussy started burning and it was burning real bad.

"What does it look like?" Tommy asked as his right hand caressed up her leg and towards Mom's wet pussy.

"You'll just have to wait and see."

"Oh come on, tell me!" he pleaded, but Mom wasn't saying anything. "How about a hint or a clue?"

"Nope, you have to wait and see." Paige smiled and rested her head on his shoulder, thinking of the gorgeous, young man up her lonely pussy and loving her all night long.


Tommy was in Mom's watching an old Bruce Lee movie, when she strolled in and his eyes came close to popping out of his head. "Holy hell, Mom, that is hot!" he said, shaking his head and his eyes roamed over her body. Mom was wearing snow-white negligee, that looked like a wedding gown and Tommy's cock grew hard in a split second.

A sheer veil covered her beautiful face, but Tommy could see Mom smiling at him and it was so good to see again. The sheer gown hung lightly over her body and as Tommy looked down, Mom's nipples seemed to be twice their normal size and he couldn't wait to suck them. He looked lower, over her toned stomach and down between Mom's legs. She had on a pair of matching white panties and Tommy could see that the front of them was soaked with Mom's juices.

She just stood in front of him, enjoying her son's young eyes on her and the wonderful sight of his long cock growing hard, knowing it was all for her. "I'm glad you like it, but you still have two very long days before you can enjoy it or me." Paige said with a little frown and she wanted to burst out laughing at Tommy. He looked like a kid that wasn't getting anything for Christmas and about to cry.

He heard Mom and wanted to cry. "Oh please, Mom! You can't show me something this nice and then make me wait." Tommy replied, but Mom wasn't giving in and he had an idea. "Let's get on your bed and make out, Mom," he said as he stood and pressed his body to hers, hoping that Mom's needs would take control and she would give in to him. "We can snuggle and kiss each other, the way you like," he added and took Mom's hand, placing it on his throbbing cock and he kissed the side of her neck.

"No way...you gotta wait!" Paige moaned when the tip of his hard cock, found its way between her legs and Tommy slowly ran it down her center. "Oh fuck, that's not...fair!" she whimpered when Tommy started moving back and forth, teasing her 'already' excited pussy more and Paige was close to exploding.

"All is fair in love and war," he whispered into Mom's ear as he kissed it and moved to suck the side of her neck, while his right hand caressed Mom's ass and his other, gently fondled her breasts and Tommy felt Mom relaxing.

Paige was losing the battle, but little did Tommy know, he was about to lose the war and she smiled. "No Tommy, you wanted to wait and think things over," she moaned as his skilled hands tormented her body and Paige stroked his throbbing cock, hoping he would just take her. "No baby, we can't and you have to wait," she moaned with an evil smile and knew her baby was ready now.

"Please Mom, I need you so bad!" he moaned squeezing her butt and Tommy leaned to suck Mom's beautiful breasts. "Come on, we're laying down!" Tommy said with a commanding voice as he pulled her to the bed and pushed Mom on her back. He looked over her body and his cock was hurting for her. "Damn Mom, I could cum just looking at you, but I know someplace I'd rather cum and I think that you're going to be very, very happy," he whispered and laid over her, with his cock resting on her pussy.

Paige felt bad for doing this and breaking her promise to him, but she needed her son to love her. "Mmmm, I hope it's where I think," she moaned and slowly spread her legs for her son, enjoying his stiff cock at the place he came from, but Paige did not care. He was a man, she was a woman and they needed each other.

"I'm going to push my big, long cock, up your pussy and make love to you, Mom!" Tommy said as he reached between them, Mom whimpered and her dream was coming true. "That's want you wanted, right? Oh Mom, Mom!" he moaned when his cock-head eased into Mom's pussy and her insides hugged him.

"Oh yeah, I need my baby in me!" Paige whimpered as his thick head started spreading her 'once' tiny hole and it sank into her. "Oh fuck, oh fuck! Yes, oh God, yes!" she squealed as his massive cock-head sank deeper and deeper, leading them down a road of forbidden love and there was no turning back now.

He held Mom's hips as he slowly lowered himself to her body and Tommy loved the pleasured look on her face. "Oh Mom, you are amazing and I'm so glad this is happening," he said with a smile and he gave her a soft kiss on her lips.

"Oh God, my baby is in me again and I love it! Oh my God, I love it!" Paige moaned out as her loving son filled her body with his long, hard shaft and she smiled. "I'm sorry for breaking my promise to you, but I needed you inside me, baby." Paige moaned as Tommy kissed her again and he kept easing deep into her warm, loving body and to the place, he once lived.

He smiled as slipped his arms around Mom's neck and Tommy hugged. "I knew you were up to something and I didn't care. I was going to do anything you wanted. I couldn't stand to see my new 'bride' upset on our wedding night." Tommy said and he watched little tears filling Mom's eyes.

"If I'm your 'bride' and this is our wedding night...that makes you my husband now, doesn't it?" Paige asked with a soft, lustful whisper and she started pushing her hips to him.

Tommy looked down between her legs, grabbed his hard cock and Tommy guided it to Mom. "Yes it does and I plan on making love to you...until my balls fall off." Tommy replied as pulled Mom's soft panties to the side, her wetness quickly covered his shaft and he gently eased forward.

"Make love to me and never, ever stop." Paige whispered as the tears of love rolled down the sides of her face and her husband did as told. His cock-head slowly eased in, spreading her tiny hole wide and her grabbed muscles him. "Oh fuck! Yes, oh my fuckin' God! Fuck me, fuck me, baby! Oh fuck!" she cried out as her new husband and her son, slipped deep into her lonely pussy and he started loving her with long, full strokes.

"Oh Mom, oh God! Oh shit!" Tommy moaned when Mom's tight pussy grabbed him and it felt as if there was a hand inside her, jerking him off. "Oh God, you're fuckin' unreal, Mom! Oh shit!" he cried as his hard cock slipped in and out of the beautiful and very sexy woman under him. He moved in and out of her, watching Mom's large breasts sloshing about and her juices were making a wonderful sound.

Paige looked up to her new husband and she was so happy that Tommy came home to claim her. "Yes, my baby! Oh God, Tommy! Love me, baby! Make me feel good baby!" Paige cried as his long, hard cock took her pussy and she knew that after this night of love, she was his, heart and soul.

"Oh yes! I love you so fuckin' much!" he grunted as he drove deep into her tight and very, very wet pussy. She was his now and Tommy planned on making her the happiest woman alive. "Yeah, I'm going to wear you the fuck...out!" he growled and lifted her feet up to his shoulders.

"Yes baby, wear out your new wife and cum in me!" Paige moaned into his mouth as they kissed and he loved her.

He grabbed her legs and lifted them on his shoulders. "Now I can fuck my girl really good and deep!" Tommy growled again as he shoved his stiffened cock to Mom's core and wished that she was still capable of having kids. "You want my cum in your pussy, Mom? Can I cum up your sexy pussy?" he asked, panting into her mouth as their skin slapped together and her juices made a wonderful sound. "Can I cum in your pussy, Mom? Please, Mom!" Tommy moaned into her mouth and started to cum in his Mom and new wife.

She wrapped her legs around Tommy's hips and Paige knew she wasn't going to last very much longer. "Oh Tommy, yes...cum in me! I love you! Oh god, I love you!" Paige screamed as the orgasm rushed over and dug her fingernails deep into her son's back. "Oh god, Tommy! My baby, my baby!" she screamed again as his warm cum shot deep into her, filling her pussy full and in a small way, Paige wished she could reward Tommy with a child, but those days were gone.

He smiled down to Mom and loved the pleasure on her gorgeous face. "Damn, I should have come home a lot sooner." Tommy smiled as they kissed and his pace slowed.

"That would have been nice, but we are together now and that's all that really matters." Paige said as she caressed his face, enjoying the fact that Tommy was still very hard and still deep inside her body. "Tommy, about Jerry...I'm not sure that I can do something like that and..." she was going to say more, but Tommy quickly cut her off and he kissed her lips.

"Mom, I could never let anyone else touch you after tonight."

She let out a small sigh of relief and kissed him. "Thank god, I was worried sick. I hated the thought of someone other than you, inside me." Paige whispered as she gently kissed Tommy.

"I'll be the only one that will be making love to your sweet ass, so don't worry, Mom," he said with a soft voice, turned out the light and more sounds of two people making love, filled the dark room.

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