tagBDSMEarly Morning Interlude

Early Morning Interlude


She pulled into the dark parking lot and let the engine idle. Across the narrow street she could see various men going in and out of the restaurant, and she hoped none recognized her car. She felt embarrassed waiting there in the early morning darkness and yet her panties were getting damp from excitement.

It didn't take her a second to get out of her car and into his once he pulled up next to her. Sliding into the passenger seat, her face flushed and she offered him a sexy smile. Thinking of how much she wanted his dick, a small murmur escaped from deep within her throat. She tried to cover it with a cough of some sort and he simply laughed.

He just sat there and she wondered why he didn't pull away. The sun was starting to come up and she was nervous what the light would reveal to anyone paying attention. Obviously he didn't care. He unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. She swallowed hard and looked around, shyly tucking a piece of hair behind her ears. He didn't hesitate as he grabbed her head and forced her beautiful mouth down on him. And dear almighty, she almost came right then.

Bent over the gear shift, the position was terribly uncomfortable, and yet she couldn't get enough of him. She shifted and moved, hungrily feeding on his dick there in the soon to be broad daylight. She bobbed and slobbered, letting drool spill out down her chin and over his balls. End pieces of her long hair got wet and she kept on. She wanted him deep down her throat.

Quickly he pushed her off of him, telling her to sit up and act lady-like. All this followed by his evil laugh. She pouted and grunted her disapproval as she straightened herself. Primping in the overhead mirror, she wiped a smudge of mascara from her cheek and fluffed her hair. He drove off without a word and she quietly watched him. His cock still stood free and proud. She reached over to touch him and he allowed her to stroke him a few times before he growled and told her to stop. Again, she pouted, and obeyed.

Squirming in her seat, she fidgeted with her hands, twisting her fingers and tapping her foot gently. He was driving her crazy. This fact was nothing new but always came as a surprise. She just wished he'd stop and put something in her. She didn't care which hole. She just ached and needed him.

Her mind wondered as he drove and when he stopped, she was surprised. Not really sure where they were, she couldn't see anyone or anything. However, traffic could be heard somewhere in the close proximity. He opened his door and told her to get out of the car. Instinctively she obeyed and followed him, trailing him like a sex starved slut. Her heels dug into the dirt and small pellets of gravel mixed with larger one kept her off balance.

He stopped suddenly and she bumped into the back of him. He turned and put her on her knees. It hurt as the gravel bit into her soft skin. She tried to shift, tried to pull her skirt down over her knees for protection. None of it worked. He forcefully rammed his cock in her mouth and started face fucking her. She couldn't focus, afraid someone would appear she pushed at him gently and then grabbed his ass for support. He kept fucking her face and she soon forgot anything else.

He slowly eased up and let her take over. Her left hand circled his thickness and she started slowly stroking him. Her warm mouth covered his head and with each hand stroke her mouth took him in deeper. This continued for several minutes before she let her hand fall. Wrapping both arms around his body, her fingers dug into his ass as she pulled him close, taking his cock deep down into her throat.

She gagged, relentless she kept him there and moaned as his hips thrust forward. He made noises, grunted and moaned a few times. He quickly withdrew and shot his load on her face. Unexpected and caught off guard, his cum covered parts of her cheek, nose and lips. A small drop hung from her chin. She looked up at him, wiping her chin with a finger and licking it. His eyes were shut and his hand still held his penis. She leaned in and suck his head, inspiring a shiver from him.

He helped her up and looked at her. As she stood there, he could feel his loins growling with hunger for her again already. Cum covered, hair a mess, bits of gravel embedded in her knees and clothes disheveled - the picture perfect slut for him. He grinned as she was more worried about wiping and licking the cum from her face than she was about her knees scratched and bleeding.

Just as they got back in the car, she realized that they were simply on the backside of the parking lot of his work. Anyone could have come across them. She started to get excited again. Taking her back to her car, he gave her the rules for the day. She noted them all to memory just as he all but tossed her out of his car and told her to get her slutty ass home. The walk of shame that six feet to her car felt like one hundred feet as his co-workers were coming out of the restaurant.

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