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Earth's Mightiest Sex Addicts


The following takes place before the events of Avengers: Disassembled.


The large bay doors of Avengers Mansion opened up, responding to the command sent from Iron Man's armor. Iron Man was just returning from a battle with the Mandarin, and was looking forward to a long shower and a glass of fine brandy. Flying through the air, he reveled in the freedom he felt. His technologically advanced suit of armor, years beyond anyone else's ability, gave Tony Stark such pride that he couldn't help but smile ear to ear the whole time he was inside it.

The jets attached to his boots allowed him to zip through the air with ease, and over the years Tony Stark had learned to fly exceptionally well, flipping and turning on command. The bright red and yellow of his armor was quite flashy, as Stark loved to show off his proudest achievement. He came to a stop, hovering in mid air above the open doors of the hangar behind the mansion.

Lowering the power of his jet boots, Iron Man came to a gentle landing in the middle of the hangar. With a hiss of pressurized air he pulled his helmet off his head, revealing a mess of short, sweaty black hair and a meticulously groomed black goatee and mustache.

Despite his messy hair he looked every bit as good as they say, with a strong jaw and icy blue eyes. It was no wonder he was one of the world's most sought after and dreamed about bachelors. He ran an armored hand through his hair. "Gotta invent something to deal with this helmet hair," he thought to himself. It was the one thing about his armor that wasn't yet perfect.

"I trust you had a pleasant outing this morning, sir?" came a voice from the door leading to the rest of the mansion. Jarvis, the Avengers' faithful butler, stood in the doorway holding a tray in a pressed butler's suit. The tray contained a glass of brandy with ice, a glass of water and a glass of ginger ale. Each time Iron man returned from a battle Jarvis presented him with these three items. Jarvis kept hoping that one day Stark would choose the water or soda. It hadn't happened yet.

"Thanks, old pal," said Stark as he slipped by Jarvis, smoothly stealing the glass of brandy from the tray. "You never seem to disappoint." Stark brought the glass to his lips, taking a long drink from the fine liquor. "That's good."

"Very good, sir," replied Jarvis as he left for the kitchen.

Iron Man walked down the long hallway to his lab. His lab being at the end of the hallway, he had to walk past the doors to the rest of the Avengers' rooms. He paused when he heard voices coming from the Scarlet Witch's room.

Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch, was a beautiful gypsy woman and the subject of many of Iron Man's midnight fantasies. Her dark reddish brown hair curled around and about her pretty face, and her skin tight red uniform accented her slim body and large breasts quite nicely. Her power was to influence probabilities in a random manner, without her complete control over them. Iron Man wondered what the probability that he might one day get to live out his fantasies with her might be. "Probably slim to none," he thought, remembering that the Scarlet Witch had developed a curious love affair with the android, Vision. He was snapped out of his internal thoughts by the Scarlet Witch's voice from inside her room.

"Stop, please, we can't......it's not natural." Wanda voice was barely audible from behind the door. Iron Man wondered what kind of weird android sex act Vision was trying to entice Wanda to do. However what he heard next shocked him. "I'm married to Vision, this has to stop now. We simply cannot continue. You have to leave."

Iron Man's jaw dropped. He knew gypsies had a reputation of being kinky, but to have an affair. She truly seemed to love Vision as far as Tony could tell. It was why he hadn't tried anything with her. But now that he knew she was up for some adulterous fun, maybe he would have to throw his name in the hat. He pressed his ear to the door as Wanda's voice continued, "No. Don't you dare! I told you noooo......oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh!" Wanda's negative commands suddenly turned into moans of pleasure.

Iron Man wanted to stay and listen, but in his excitement he stepped closer to the door, not realizing he was still wearing his suit of armor. His foot CLUNKED down on the hallway floor. Scarlet Witch immediately stopped moaning, asking "What was that?" to whomever was in the room with her.

Iron Man knew he had to think quickly, not wanting to get caught eavesdropping. He started walking away from the door, towards his lab, CLUNKING his feet loudly with each step. After a few seconds he heard the door behind him open. Continuing to walk loudly, he purposefully staggered his steps, holding his glass of brandy above his head and talking to it, "You won't ever let me down, will you King Louis? Some people say you're a bad ruler but your okay in my book!" He sloppily gulped the rest of the brandy from his glass.

The Scarlet Witch, with her robe wrapped around her naked body, watched Iron Man stumble down the hall and breathed a sigh of relief. Iron Man was obviously too drunk to have heard anything, or make sense of what he heard if he did. She shut the door, turning back to the bed and her lover lying on it. With a smile she dropped her robe to the floor and jumped onto the bed.

As he reached his lab, Iron Man was tempted to go back and eavesdrop more once he had taken his armor off, but thought the better of it. He had already almost gotten caught once, and that was enough. "Still," he thought, "must remember to install a camera into Wanda's room, find out just who she's shagging with. Probably Clint." Clint Barton, Hawkeye, was an incredible archer, and though he had no super powers he continued to prove valuable to the team, saving the world on more than one occasion as well as constantly lightening the mood with his raunchy humor. He had always had a thing for the Scarlet Witch.

Once inside his laboratory Iron Man began to remove his armor, one piece at a time. He first pulled off his gloves and arm pieces. Then he released the catches on his chest piece, taking off the front and then the back. He stopped for a minute to consider his chiseled upper body. He learned long ago that he couldn't always depend on his armor to be there, as some enemies over the years had found ways to disable it or attack Stark when he didn't have access to it. For this reason he also kept his body in top physical shape, learning to fight and lifting weights as much as he could. The result was a rock hard chest, rippling abs and bulging arms.

Chuckling to himself at his tremendous sex appeal, he pulled off his metal boots and undid the clasps holding his metal "pants" together. Stepping out of them, he pulled his hard cock out of the soft penis holder within the crotch of his armor.

Spending so much time in his armor, hard ons were inevitable every now and then. The first time it happened had almost killed him. He was battling Titania, a voluptuous woman with super strength. He was behind her and had her in a wrestling hold, inadvertently giving him a view right down her top. He couldn't help it, as she struggled against him his cock started to rise. It pressed against the armor and caused him to release the hold out of pain. She took the advantage and started to beat him pretty bad. She had him on the ropes until Ms. Marvel, the team's strong woman, showed up and began tussling with Titania. And the site of the two voluptuous blondes wrestling and fighting didn't help his cock get any softer. It was then Tony Stark decided to build in a nice soft pocket for his cock when it got hard.

"All this time on the team together and I never knew you were naked under there." Tony Stark jumped at the sound of the voice from the doorway to his lab. A female form stood there, silhouetted in the light pouring in from the hallway.

Tony jumped behind the machine he was standing next to, leaning over to peek his head out from the side. "Who?" he asked, "how did you get in here?" Janet Pym's form stepped in from the light, allowing Tony to see her full body. "Janet! You startled me. How did you get in here?"

He tried hard to look her in the face, but it was pretty hard considering what she was wearing. Janet was the owner of a clothing line, and loved to flaunt her newest designs. The outfit she was wearing at the moment was an extremely risqué bikini, a leopard print top stretched over her massive breasts, barely high enough to cover her nipples. The black "V" shaped bottom slid over her full hips and down between her legs. She had a pair of brown sunglasses on that somehow added to the pure sensuality of her outfit, framed by her shoulder-length brown hair. Her smile was more than just the usual bubbly innocence Tony had come to expect from her. There was something more, something he couldn't put his finger on.

"Seriously, how did you get in here? I'm the only one that knows the code for the door." Tony was a little pissed that she apparently knew the code. He had a lot of top secret government stuff in here, as well as a stock of porn on his computer, including some footage from the camera he had installed in the bathrooms of the mansion. Some were even of Janet bathing and peeing.

"Relax, Tony," she purred, "I was sitting on your shoulder when you typed it in just now. I was watching Wanda and..her lover from underneath the door when you came down the hallway. When you went into your lab I thought you might like to go for a swim in the pool outside, so I went and changed and came in to ask you."

Janet Pym was known to the world as the Wasp. Her super power was the ability to change her size to insect proportions while maintaining her full size strength. She could also fire "wasp stings" from wrist blasters. "Apparently," thought Iron Man, "she's a bit of a peeping tom". He smiled to himself. "This could get interesting."

"I'd love to take a dip," he said to Janet, "but I haven't got a suit in here. I can meet you by the pool."

"Nonsense," she replied, walking towards him. "I've got one here just for you that I was hoping you'd test. I need to test this one was well."

"Janet I..." Tony stammered, crouching back to hide more of himself behind the machine. "What do you mean test?" The machine was against a wall and there wasn't really anywhere else for him to go. Soon she was rounding the corner of the machine to face him, and he could do little else but cup his hands over his cock.

"This suit hasn't been worn in the water and it's a little...minimal. I need to know if it will remain in place while I swim and such. The same with yours." She smiled at his naked form.

Janet handed Tony a tiny red and yellow men's thong. It had a picture of the helmet from Tony's suit of armor on the crotch, with a thin red thong in the back. "Janet, I can't...we're teammates." He looked pleadingly up at Janet.

"Oh, please," Janet scolded him, "you're the world's most desired bachelor. Don't tell me you haven't worn a skimpy swim suit with those trashy models and actresses you date."

"Yeah, but this is, I mean I've usually already, c'mon Janet."

"Hush, now put it on and let's go."

Tony waited a second for her to leave, but she gave no intention of turning or walking away.

"Aren't you gonna let me..." he asked her.

"I haven't got all day, Tony."

"Okay." He took his hands away from his cock, letting it spring out into the air in front of him. Janet gasped at the sight of it. It had gotten hard from listening to the Scarlet Witch's moans of pleasure, and gazing upon the Wasp's wantonly sexual bathing suit clad body had not helped it go down. It stood at seven inches long and thick. Trimmed, black pubic hair framed the base of it. It was slightly tan, the same shade as the rest of his skin. Its head was thick and purple, a drop of precum barely visible on the tip.

As Tony slipped the tiny thong over his hard cock the elastic of it pulled back against the hardness of it, actually feeling quite good. Tony stood up straight, his rock hard cock jutting out, pressing against the swim suit. "Fuck it," he thought, "once she's seen it, flaunt it." It was one of his own personal sayings when it came to dealing with women.

"Oh, Tony," panted the Wasp, "that won't do at all." She couldn't help but run her tongue ever so slightly over her lips. "It doesn't help me to see the suit on you when you have such a....hard, stiff, throbbing cock like that."

Tony chuckled. "Well it kind of has a mind of its own sometimes, you know?"

Janet ran her hands along the sides of her hips. "I'm gonna need you to take care of that before we go swimming. I need to test its functionality, and I can't have your massive hard on tainting the test."

"What do you...?"

Janet motioned to his cock. "You know, take care of it, like my husband does in the shower after we watch 'Dancing with the Stars'."

Once again, Janet showed no sign of leaving or turning around.

"You mean you want me to jack off?" Tony asked her.


"But I don't..."

"C'mon, Tony. You've been staring at my tits since I walked in here. Just take it out and stroke it a few times and we can go swimming."

"You don't understand," Tony explained, "I don't do that. I've.....I've never had to."

Janet's eyes went wide. She fucked her husband as many times as she possibly could, and he still found time to stroke his cock every once in a while. "This might take some doing," she thought. She began to run her hands all over her body, softly stroking her smooth skin. Her fingers danced over her belly button, then up along the sides of her flat stomach. They made their way to the bottom of her bikini top, slipping slightly into the bathing suit and jiggling her tits.

She began to play with the undersides of her tits, massaging them and making circles with her fingers. She touched higher and higher until she was lightly rubbing her nipples under her suit.

She nodded to Tony. "Take it out." She purred. As she said it she lifted her top above her tits, letting Tony see her big, round tits in all their glory, including her rock hard nipples. Her nipples jutted out from her tits, already hard from the excitement. She rolled them in her fingers, pinching them gently. This caused her head to loll back as a moan escaped her lips.

Tony's cock throbbed within the thong swim suit. Watching the Wasp bathe on camera was one thing, but finally seeing her luscious, full tits in person was quite another. She pushed her tits together causing Iron Man to imagine his cock in between them, thrusting in and out of that soft, velvety valley.

Wasp gathered up some spit in her mouth, sloshing around the warm saliva until her mouth was nearly full of it. Then, looking Iron Man dead in the eye, she slowly let the spit drizzle out of her mouth and onto her tits. Tony groaned as he watched her massive tits become wet and slick with her saliva. She began to move her tits, pressing them into each other and then up and down, coating them in her spit. She moved them as if his cock was nestled in between them, splitting the dark, warm tunnel they made. Dropping to her knees, she began to make her way towards him, closing the distance slowly, seductively, and all the while fucking an imaginary cock with her wet tits.

"Janet, I'm not sure if this is appropriate......" mumbled Tony, but as she closed the last few feet and settled on her knees just in front of him, he was at a loss for words.

The Wasp reached to the floor and grabbed one of Iron Man's discarded metal gloves. She closed all of the fingers into a fist except the index finger, which she popped into her mouth and began to suck. The metal was cold on her tongue so she began to caress it with her tongue, slathering it with her saliva. Her other hand went to her pussy, pulling the swim suit aside to reveal her moist lips. While her inner thighs were completely waxed, her pussy lips were covered in soft brown hair. It covered her lips and pubic area, but due to her leaking wetness Iron Man could see drops of her sweet nectar and her juicy lips aching to be fucked.

She lowered the metal glove and touched the wet finger she had been sucking on to her budding clit. The taboo of it plus the feeling of the glove finger was intense and she began nearing a tremendous orgasm. Placing the finger at the entrance to her wet pussy, she slowly pushed it inside of her to the knuckle. Then she began to slide it in and out, fucking herself with Iron Man's armor glove.

Iron Man's cock was beginning to leak drop of precum, soaking the tiny fabric of the swim suit he wore. Despite all the women he had been with over the years, even the ones who knew he was Iron Man, none of them had ever played with his armor like this.

"Ooooohhhhhhhh," the Wasp moaned as the fever inside her grew. She looked Iron Man in the eyes as her orgasm racked through her entire body. She squirmed as she came, humping the glove and squeezing her tits. Pulling the glove out of her pussy, Tony could see her juices coating the finger which had been inside her. She raised it to her lips and licked her own cum off of the metal finger. Tossing it aside once it was completely clean, she smiled seductively at Iron Man.

"Just this once, Tony, just stroke it and make it cum...." She purred. "As wet as my tits are, they would feel so much better if they had your nice, fresh, hot, sticky, tasty cum all over them."

That was all Tony could take. In one quick motion he whipped his rock hard cock out of his swim trunks and pointed it at her tits. He wrapped his fist around it and began to pump it, causing the head to swell and grow an even darker shade of purple. Wasp licked her lips as a drop of precum oozed out of the tip of his large cock. With all of the philandering Tony Stark was known to do with various super models and actresses, a girl couldn't help but get a little curious.

"Fuck it," she thought, "Hank'll understand." She leaned forward and parted her lips, slipping the head of Iron Man's cock into her mouth. He gasped at the sudden warmth enveloping his cock. Her hand replaced his around the base of his cock, slowly squeezing more precum into her mouth. Iron Man leaned back, enjoying the Wasp's masterful working of his cock.

She swirled her tongue around the head, fondling his balls and squeezing his shaft. The lab filled with the sounds of Janet's slurping and sucking, even moaning as she occasionally pinched her hard nipples. Her pussy was getting wetter and wetter, sucking cock was always one of her favorite past-times. She released her hand and dove down his cock with her mouth, letting the tip slip into her throat as her nosed pressed into Iron Man's black pubic hair. She began fucking Iron Man's cock with her head, slamming it down the entire length and then lifting it back up until just the lips of her cock contained the head, and then back down again.

The Wasp sat back on her heels and pointed his cock at her slippery tits. Pumping his cock with both fists, she begged him in her most seductive voice, "C'mon, Tony, I've always wondered what your cum tastes like."

That was all Iron Man could take. Burst after burst of his cum landed on her tits, coating them. He made sure to cover both tits as his cock thrust into the air, blasting his semen. By the time he was finished she had collected a nice pool in the valley between her pressed together tits.

"Oh, Tony." She was truly in awe as to how much he had cum. Neither her husband nor any of her boyfriends had ever covered her so much. She locked eyes with him as he caught his breadth and lifted her left nipple to her mouth. She could just barely reach her nipple with her tongue, but knew that her husband went crazy whenever she did this while he was fucking her. The fact that her nipple was covered in fresh cum would probably make it that much hotter.

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