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Eating Candi


I had sold shoes at the department store while going to college, and always enjoyed watching the good looking women and young ladies walk by as they went up the stairs to the "bridal loft" to try on gowns and dresses. I wonder how many of them put a little extra swing in their stride up those stairs because they new I was watching.....

This particular Saturday, the most beautiful woman I had seen come through yet, walked by headed for those stairs, and flashed me a smile that literally took my breath away. She was about 5'11, jet black hair, eyes so brown they were nearly black, was very slender, yet stretched out the front of her tank top very nice, and those blue jeans - O - my - God! maybe it was the heals she wore, but this girl had it all.

The store owners wife Cindi ran the bridal loft, and as we were closing up for the night I mentioned to her what a beauty I saw go upstairs, and that it was too bad she was getting married (I assumed she was shopping for wedding dresses). Cindi laughed and said I was in luck, she was good friends with the young lady, her name was Candi, and no, she wasn't getting married, she was single, and had just graduated high school. If I wanted to meet her, she'd be happy to introduce me. Then Cindi told me more about Candi, she had been miss Alexandria two years in a row, homecumming queen, a real social butterfly that everybody liked, and very very "nice".

A few days later Cindi approached me at work and said she had a great deal for me.....there was going to be a bridal show at the arena in a few weeks, and she had all kinds of good looking women to model the dresses, but needed a man to be the groom for some of them. I was definitely game, if it meant a chance to spend some time near Candi, and it did. For 1/2 hour before the show began, Candi, myself, and an older couple all stood on stage as live manikins, posed as a wedding party, with me having to stand with my arm around my beautiful new "bride" the entire time. I had died and gone to heaven I thought, but things got better.....

After the show, I invited Candi to join me at my apartment for a couple of beers and a movie. She innocently said she wasn't old enough to drink, but the movie sounded good.

Candi showed up a few minutes after I got home, which gave me a chance to freshen up and pick the place up a little. When she walked in she took my breath away again. Those blue jeans I loved so much, with a nice set of heals, and a t-shirt she must have borrowed from her younger sister that made it obvious she wasn't wearing a bra. She had a great set of young firm tits that stretched the material tight, but didn't move a bit as she plopped down cross-legged on my couch.

I sat next to her with a couple of cans of beer, opened one and gave it to her, and opened the second for myself. I pulled the ring off the top of my can, and it came off without breaking the little aluminum ring. I showed it to Candi, and nervously said "where I come from, these are good for a free kiss!"

Without hesitating, she took it from my hand, inspected it carefully, looked me in the eye, leaned in a little too close, and whispered, "where I come from, they're good for a free FUCK!"

She then looked down and smiled at the bulge that instantly began growing in my pants. I didn't have to move in far before our lips met, and our tongues started a hot and hard dance into each others mouths. I don't remember where the beers ended up, but she had made it clear she was as horny as I was, when she reached down and pulled the tight t-shirt up over her head....

I warned Candi that I had roommates and they might be home soon, and she said she didn't care, but maybe we should go to the bedroom. Her shirt was left behind, and the heels got lost on the way down the hall..I figured that would be a good hint for my roommate not to come in to the bedroom that we shared.

We wrestled each other onto the bed, tearing at each others belts and zippers between kisses and trying to catch our breaths - this was definitely

one of the most horny, uninhibited chicks I had ever had my hands around.

Her nipples were even harder now than before when they were trying to poke holes in her shirt, and I loved that she had tiny little aureoles that were rough as sand paper. I couldn't get enough of flicking them with my tongue, and as i bit down on one, I hear her grunt, and say "harder!" The harder I nibbled, the louder she screamed, I decided my roomy wouldn't have to see the shoes to know what was going on!

She lifted her hips as I wriggled those tight denims down her slender hips, kissing the newly exposed flesh as they went, and avoiding the red lace thong I had just uncovered. As the jeans hit the floor, she somehow managed to flip me on by back, and pinned me down with those magnificent tits. She faced no real resistance from me as now it was her turn to pull off my button down Levi's. She took the shorts and all in one swift motion - damn she was good at this!

My turn to flip her over, and I kissed my way all around her body, mouth, ears, little hairs on the back of her neck, down her chest, around her breasts, then up from below them to tease the nipples a little more. The wriggling going on under me made me think she had to be enjoying this as much as I was. Now a trail of kisses down her belly, a little tongue flick into her belly button, and a comment about the piercing there got a chuckle from the both of us.

As I left her belly button, worked my way down that perfectly flat 18 year old tummy, she lifted her hips again and yanked off her own thong. The

womanly aroma that filled the air must have added another 1/2 inch to my rock hard cock as I went in for a taste of what was there to enjoy.

This girls pussy was nearly shaved clean, just about a 1/2 wide strip of jet black fur trimmed up so nicely just for me! The perfume she had dabbed down there added more intensity, and she nearly ripped my hair out as my tongue divided her pussy lips and I explored every inch of her most intimate parts while she screamed her way through her first orgasm for the night.

She spread her legs out wide and lifted them over my shoulders as she reached down for my cock and pulled me close enough that she could guide my tool into her pussy. I need to get fucked RIGHT NOW she said, I'll make it worth your while, don't you worry. I didn't worry a bit, this had already been more than worth my while!

I slid up close, on my knees with my cock buried up to the hilt inside that hot tight tunnel. We rocked that bed so hard I thought the headboard was going to punch a hole in the wall as it banged and banged with our rhythm. Another scream, another orgasm, and she went so still I thought she had passed out.

I looked down at this beauty with the sweat glistening on her breasts, and face, and nearly melted at the broad smile she gave me. We laid there, cock in pussy, chest to chest while we both caught our breath again, and she gently pushed me off of her.

As I rolled onto my back, I thought she was getting up to go to the bathroom, but instead her head moved down and she took my pussy juice soaked cock into her mouth. I already knew that I wasn't her first lover, but she turned out to be an absolute professional at sucking cock!

I love how she had a confident smile on her face as she kept direct eye contact so she could watch the lustful expressions of ecstasy on my face

while she squeezed MY nipples as she worked on my cock - what a feeling!

Those beautiful brown eyes, looking so innocent except for that dick in her mouth, showed that she definitely enjoyed the pleasure we were sharing.

Candi took a break from sucking my cock, slid a little closer, and sandwiched my boner in between her breasts. She squeezed her breasts around my dick, and as she massaged me with her boobs, she played with her nipples, again bringing us pleasure together. I could see she was incredibly turned on yet, and then she kissed the tip of my dick, letting me see the string of precum stretching between my penis and her tongue. "I need more cock" she said as she climbed on top of me for another round of fucking.

She leaned back, holding my ankles as her body arched, popping her beautiful tits out in front for me to play with while she bucked up and down - you guessed it, another orgasm!

We lay together for a while talking, laughing, and caressing each others very private parts, while listening to my roommates making jokes in the other room about all the noises they had been hearing cumming from our bedroom. For such a young lady, she sure wasn't shy, and not the least bit embarrassed about being part of my roommates entertainment for the evening.

I wondered if she would be OK with my friends joining in, but wanted to keep her to myself....at least for now.

Did I mention I really loved eating Candi?

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