tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEden Renaissance

Eden Renaissance

byUncle South Loop©

It started as a tension-reducing fantasy. Whenever work or the aggravations of city life started to get to me, I'd let my thoughts take me there. My 'fantasy flights' became more frequent. Far from being an outdoorsman, I needed to convince myself that I could do it.

Standing on the lakeshore watching my outfitter's seaplane fade into the clear blue sky, I felt both excited and afraid being alone in the silent, northern Canadian wilderness. It was even more peaceful and awing than I'd imagined. All seemed perfect including the "unusually warm summer" weather. I climbed into my canoe, laden with two weeks supplies, made a final check of my map and began.

Not being an experienced outdoorsman, my confidence grew in my first two days out. Thoughts of Chicago dissolved, overwhelmed by the splendor of raw nature that unfolded around me. Each day was filled with new discovery. Each night, I slept soundly in the unpolluted air, weary from unaccustomed physical activity. I adjusted to drastic change in sound from the clamor of modern mechanized civilization to the chirping of birds, the occasion bellowing of moose and the gentle rippling of water of streams I passed through. I succumbed completely to the surreal perception of my slipping back in time a century or two when man's priorities were more basic.

The warm weather continued into my third day. By mid-morning, I'd yet to encounter another human on my trip. The temperature had risen and I started perspiring. I shed my shirt and, as I did, it dawned on me I'd no need of any clothing. Getting nude wasn't only a practical thing to do, but seemed totally appropriate for my surroundings. I stripped and continued on, comfortable and enjoying being naked in the wilderness.

With the strong current of the creek I was in, I needed my oar only to steer my canoe along the west bank where the water was deeper. Thickly wooded, I passed under overhanging tree limbs a few feet from the bank. Because of the dense foliage, I didn't see the intersecting creek.

"LOOK OUT!" she yelled just as her canoe rammed broadside into mine. The collision's force dumped both my supplies and me overboard. My canoe bobbed back righting itself, drifting out of reach. The creek was only about three feet deep. I stood and frantically struggled to retrieve my bundles and canoe. I got all of my bundles quickly onto the bank before they unfolded. I turned back for my canoe to find the other canoeist safely grounding both of ours on solid ground. I was stunned still seeing she was a woman and as naked as I was.

"I'm sorry, I didn't see you until it was too late." she apologized.

Looking at the naked woman, the first human contact I'd made in four days, I was so shocked I couldn't speak. She was young and very attractive. Her dark hair pulled back from her face of large brown eyes and full lips. Her bared breasts were full and lush with large red centers capped by perked nipples. She'd a trim waist with perfectly rounded hips. The tip of her woman's cleft was visible where her shapely thighs joined her two well-formed legs.

Three feet apart, we stood silently taking in the sight of the other for a few seconds until I managed, "It's OK. You couldn't help it. My supplies don't appear damaged. In fact, I'm enjoying the experience. It's the first time I've ever been rammed by a beautiful naked woman in the wilderness."

My response made her laugh and I joined her. Both finding the humor of our circumstance, we continued for several minutes. Pausing for a second, she quipped, "It's a first for me too. I wasn't expecting to see anyone out here. Is your name Adam?'

"Are you Eve?" I shot back continuing to laugh.

When we both finally calmed, she extended her hand to say, "Too funny. My real name's Kerry Reed. Nice meeting you."

I took her hand, "I'm Carl Brakeman, a pleasure to meet you Kerry. I'm from Chicago. You?"

"I'm from New York City, a world away...like you. Are you a nudist?"

"Ah...right now I'm not sure. I might be...just never knew it until this trip. Something about being naked out here felt right, like I was one with nature. Are you?"

I'd posed my question in jest and was surprised when she answered, "I've been a nudist for about a year. In fact, one reason I'm on this trip is that I can be naked all the time."

"Really! That certainly explains it."

"Explains what?"

"Why you've not tried covering yourself up."

"You haven't either."

"True. It's probably because I'm enjoying standing here naked with you. I think you've a beautiful body."

"Thanks. You've got a good body too." She said as we scanned each other. Since I'd never before been naked with an attractive woman other than to have sex, I struggled to comprehend the new experience trying to think how I should act. A twinge of self-conscious and my male ego combined to make me look down to check my cock. Not only had it recovered from the shrinking effect of creek's cold water, it had started inflating at my viewing my new acquaintance.

With the very desirable Kerry standing a mere three feet away, I feared I was only seconds away from getting a full erection. I decided to face my anxiety head-on and said, "I need to ask you a nudism question. One that I'm, sure you can answer."

Her eyes returned to mine, "Go ahead. Ask me anything."

"How do nudist men handle...er...their...er...body's reactions when they're around naked women they find desirable?"

Kerry smiled in answering, "That's a good question. One I'm not sure I can give you a good answer to. Obviously, we women don't have the problem. I can only tell you that, at the nudist camps I go to, nudist men DO get aroused. It happens mostly to newcomers, both those seriously trying nudism and the creeps that can't get close to a naked woman outside the camps. We nudists accept it and don't make a fuss about it because it's a natural reaction. In fact, when a woman knows that she's the cause, she takes it as a compliment. That is, of course, unless the guy is annoying or seems threatening which can happen when people are fully dressed. I hope you're not one of those."

"Don't worry, I'm not. I never forced myself on any woman. I'm not that kind of person."

"I believe you. But, just in case, you should know I've a black belt in Karate."

"Don't worry, black belt or no, I'm not going to try anything – even out here in the wilderness."

Feeling a stir I couldn't control, I glanced down to confirm what I felt. My cock had stiffened as we talked. Raising my eyes, I saw Kerry had seen it too. Feeling embarrassed, I blurted, "I'm sorry. I couldn't stop it."

"No need for an apology. I'm flattered. You've a lovely cock. I mean that as a compliment not as an invitation."

"I understand. Your breasts are spectacular – nothing sexual intended."

"Thanks. Are you sure you're not a nudist?"

We laughed together again and then stood silently looking at each other until the lengthening seconds started getting awkward. I finally said, "I'd better check my stuff for water damage."

"I'll help. It's the least I can do. I did the ramming "

Together, we unwrapped my bundles for inspection. Thanks to my following the outfitter's packing instructions, the damage was minimal. A few things had gotten wet. A few others needed only to be wiped dry and allowed to dry out.

We rewrapped everything and loaded it back into my canoe. I grew more relaxed being near Kerry and my erection subsided as we worked. I grew pensive and silent expecting we were soon to part. When finished, I said, "Kerry, where you heading?"

"I'm out for two weeks and planned to go up to Moose Lake before turning back. You?"

"I'm out for the same time. Only, I'd planned of going to Twin Falls before turning back. I think we're both on the same route for today and tomorrow. I've really enjoyed meeting you and, if you don't mind, I'd like to tag along until we need go our separate ways. I'd understand if you don't and could stay here having an early lunch to give you a head start."

"I'd like a little company, Carl. Who knows? I might even make you a nudist."

"You might. But, even if you don't, I'd be thrilled spending a few days with a gorgeous naked woman in the wild. It be sort of...an Eden experience for me."

She laughed and replied, "That's a clever choice of words. But, I'm not going to call you Adam and you're not to call me Eve."

"Agreed. Let's go."

We paddled along together for the next three hours, sharing the natural scenic beauty and talking just as any two normal people would who'd met, fully clothed, for the first time back in our respective home cities. My thrill in being able to eye Kerry's luscious body equaled my enjoyment in getting to know her as a person. I liked her and the discovery made me more comfortable with the two of us being naked. Sharing our personal histories, finding many shared interests and having similar senses of humor helped to relax me. With her always so near, my cock never really got fully flaccid. As a precaution, I had avoided touching it. It was only when we stopped for lunch that I'd a real problem.

We'd pulled up at a clearing and sat cross-legged on the ground, facing each other to have lunch. Kerry's crotch was open to my view. She'd a clean-shaven pussy, leaving only a small triangle of pubic hair above. Unable to keep my eyes darting up and down between her breasts and pussy, I grew fully hard. In making a glance down to my swollen staff, she asked, "Carl, is it me or do you get hard so often normally?"

"I'm sorry. The last three hours, with us getting to know each other better, I felt I was making progress acquiring a nudist's frame of mind. But now, with you so close, I've lost control."

"Don't be sorry. Like I've said, I think it completely natural for a male's innate sexuality. True nudists eventually find how to separate the appreciation of the human body from their sexual desires. I'm enjoying looking at you too. I like your body and you've a beautiful cock – both hard and soft. The difference is that I've both a woman's advantage of hiding my sexual thoughts and, being a nudist, have learned to control my urges."

As she spoke, I noticed the twin ridges of her crease darken and slowly puff up. I thought it humorously ironic that I was getting a lecture on nudist sexuality with a living visual aid. I suppressed a smile not wanting to ruin what was happening between us. I fixed my eyes on only her face to listen as she continued, "There is an upside for nudist couples that are attracted to each other. With their bodies clearly showing mutual attraction, they're saved the awkwardness faced by fully clothed prospective sex partners."

As I glanced down and held to be sure Kerry saw and said, "Seems like the two of us are showing some "mutual attraction".

She raised her arms in defense, "Whoa, Carl! We've only known each other for a few hours. I'm not that kind of girl. I'll admit your lovely hard cock is affecting me. But, it's too soon. It'd be all wrong if I...we gave in to the natural desire we're feeling. I think it would give you the wrong idea about nudism. You'd associate it with sex and it's much more than that."

Her words and the fact she was a black belt stopped me cold. I still wanted her. She clearly was attracted to me and I wasn't about to ruin any chance I might have – no matter how slim. Going along with her was my only option, "OK, Kerry, OK. I see your point and I'll try being a better student. Only, it'd help if I knew I had a chance with you. Do I?"

"Ummmm, you still do. It's obvious I'm attracted to you physically, but if I gave into my lust I feel I might regret it later. Let's give it some more time. I want to be sure and don't want to have you thinking the wrong thing about being a nudist."

"Fair enough, beautiful lady." I agreed although the skin of my cock felt as if it were going to split open. "I think it'd be a good idea if I took a dip in the cold water to calm my self down. Join me?"


The icy water did the trick for us. We splashed around long enough for me to soften and I noticed her swelling vanish. When got back in our canoes and continued, I felt better. Of course, having her saying I had a chance was encouraging.

The afternoon passed quickly along as we passed through several creeks and a few small lakes without seeing any sign of other people. Our conversation grew more personal as we continued and I discovered my will was stronger than I'd thought. I only got hard twice and it passed quickly.

I learned the real reason why Kerry wanted to take things slow. A month before, she'd just ended a long tern relationship with a fellow nudist. In her round about way, I felt she was adding to her explanation for her earlier reluctance.

By the time we found a spot to pull in and spend the night, I was BOTH physically and emotionally drawn to Kerry. In retrieving what we needed for our meal and our sleeping bags, I'd wonderful glimpses of her rear as she bent over and grew hard. A few more when she made a fire, cooked and laid her sleeping bag on the ground. Again, eating cross-legged and facing each other, I was fully erect. When we'd finished and it was time to clean up, she glanced at my bloated cock and said, "You've got the problem back tonight."

"Looks like you do too." I replied in seeing her that her nipples seemed more pert and her outer lips darken.

"You're right, but I'm not giving in yet. A little dip before we call it a day?"

"I don't know if it'll work a second time. After all, we're alone out here and will be spending the night with just a few feet between us."

"Masterbation might do the trick."

"Masterbation? Nudist masterbate?"

"Sure they do. It's a natural option when they're having trouble controlling their bodies."

"It's worth trying if I'm ever going to get any sleep tonight." I rose up adding, "I'll go over behind those bushes and relieve myself."

"No don't!" Kerry blurted, stopping me in mid-step and continuing, "I need it too. We could do it together."

Her request surprised me and it took a few seconds before sinking in. The idea excited me even more. "Would you? I mean...I'd like that VERY much if we could."

"I would too. Just one thing – NO TOUCHING"

Kerry rose, went over and sat on her sleeping bag. I followed and we sat as we did when we ate. She brought her hands up to fondle soft breasts and lifted each to her mouth for light sucks. Her nipples grew and she rubbed, bent and pinched them with her fingertips.

Completely fascinated in watching, she smiled seeing me unconsciously drop one hand to cup my balls and circled my rod with the other. I returned her smile as I stroked lightly, too engrossed in watching her to rush my own release. She lowered her right hand down covering her slit and slowly dragged it up over both the extended flaps of her inner pussy lips and the puffed, darkened ridges of her outer ridges. I stroked harder and rolled my balls in my palm.

Other than a few snap glances up to Kerry's face, I kept my eyes riveted to her pussy. Her eyes mirrored mine and she brought her other hand down to spread herself open to give me a full view of her glistening gash.

I saw the round nub of her clit sticking out and tightened the grasp of my pumping hand. Noticing my increases stroking, she slipped the index finger of one hand into her opening while pressing and rubbing her clit with the other. I matched the building intensity of her massaging hands with my strokes.

Getting closer, my entire body stiffened anticipating the impending climax. In a quick glance up, I found Kerry had her eyes closed and bore an expression of strained pleasure. She now had three fingers pumping feverishly in and out of her pussy while her other hand's fingers furiously swirled around and over her clit.

Both close to the edge, we panted and moaned. I felt my muscle, just past my balls, tense into a knot causing a burning sliver rise up my shaft. I bent my cock to the side as my first spurt erupted and shot an arched spunk spray a good four feet out onto the grass. My bursts continued, each lessoning in distance, as I watched Kerry.

Her body tensed at the moment of her release. She shoved her fingers in hard and lifted her pelvis up yelping, "Yesssssssssssssss! Oh, yessssssss!"

I came harder and longer than I'd ever done masterbating alone. Doing it together with Kerry was an incredible experience. I avoided getting any of cum on the sleeping bag while fully viewing her body writhe and jerk in her release. Our labored breathing eased as our mutual orgasms waned. When I was able to speak I told her, "Thank you, Kerry. That was wonderful. You're incredible."

"She grinned in answer, "I thought it was great too. I've never masterbated with a man before. And, never got such intense orgasms masterbating alone. Thank you."

We kept her "No Touch" rule cleaning up dinner and getting in our sleeping bags for the night. With the exertions of the day, the fresh air and our releases, we fell asleep immediately. Neither of us stirred the entire night.

We woke in the morning refreshed and eager to begin another day together. I'd gotten an idea to control my arousal. I avoided gawking at Kerry's body as best I could, looking only to her face when we talked, and found it worked pretty well. My success in removing the troublesome anxiety increased my enjoyment of the uninhabited surroundings and our conversation. I even made it through lunch without getting an erection.

The pleasant day passed quickly and we stopped for the night on a pristine lake. I noticed Kerry unfurled her sleeping bag and set it next to mine. It caused a momentary stab of wishful thinking, but I dismissed it as purely unintentional and not wanting to be disappointed. My restraint hadn't been unnoticed. We were nearly finished eating when she said, "Carl, you've really done well today. You're a quick learner, adopting to nudism very fast."

We both laughed and I replied, "Thanks, I DO feel that I'm catching on. To be honest, today I found control by keeping my eyes off that beautiful body of yours. But don't think, because I'm not showing it, I want you any less than I have since we met. In fact, now that we know each other well, I want you even more."

"That's good because I'm feeling the same way about you."

We fell silent after verbally revealing our inner feelings about each other. Having to hold the sexual attraction we'd both felt in check since we met, we were slow in finally giving in to our desires. As I struggled to think of the right action to take, I dropped my eyes to again admire her ample breasts with the peaked nipples that my lips had long wanted to surround.

Continuing down, I halted on her bare grove. I felt my cock rise to attention in seeing her pussy's edges puffed out. Quickly glancing back to her face, I saw her eyes riveted to my stiffening shaft and her tongue lick her lips. I rose to my feet and offered my hand to help her stand.

Our eyes locked as she pulled on my hand in standing. I then took her in my arms and our lips met for the first time. Our kiss deepened and we pressed our bodies hard together. Her hard nipples felt like stones against my chest. My stretched cock was mashed between us. Our tongues lashed in each other's mouth. Breaking to breathe, Kerry yelped, "I need you...NOW!"

She pulled me over to our sleeping bags and I bent over to let her drop down first and I followed. She lay back, spreading her legs apart and in kneeling I guided the domed head of my cock into her glistening opening. I shifted my knees for balance then easily shoved my full length into her wet, slippery channel. When feeling her heat and dampness touch my cock's base, I leaned in to kiss her. I pulled my hips back, leaving only my tip inside her. She wrapped her legs around my waist and pressed her heels into backs of my thighs to pull me back in.

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