tagErotic HorrorEden's Nightmare Ch. 02

Eden's Nightmare Ch. 02


Father Gunther smiled and turned the vibrator off, setting it on the table.

"Let us get you ready then," he said. "And get you out of those clothes."

He came over to Eden, taking the back of her chair and pulled her rearward. When she looked to either side she noticed something. Gunther or his agents had been busy.

There were two thick poles now anchored to the floor. One to either side about three feet apart. Their ends were attached to broad six inch plates, now bolted firmly into the concrete of her basement's floor. Eden looked up and saw they were also firmly attached to the ceiling joists. Large one inch bolts drilled through the thick wood. She leaned her head further back and noticed there was a like sized pole across the two horizontally, about three feet above her head.

Gunther squatted behind her and Eden felt him work at her left hand. There was movement, then it was free from what held it to the chair. She'd been expecting this first opening, and gave a hard twist, putting the entire strength she had into breaking free.

There's a thing about the fabled vampire strength. It can only do so much.

A vampire is about three times as strong as a comparable human. Eden, a woman of five foot four, and let's be honest, not a muscle bound gym babe but curvy with a pound or two on her frame, definitely had her limits. Especially when she was still tied tight on the other three limbs.

Add to it Gunther's strength.

Were's were strong as well. Easily matching a vampire's advantage over humans, and truthfully were usually stronger. Vampires were creatures of lust and sex, weres were beasts of violence and chaos. A vampire's advantage was alway that they retained their intelligence when they fought. Were's when pushed, became such mindless beasts.

In the end, Eden was just a small woman, and Gunther, a large, strong and physical man. He easily pulled her arm upward and bound it to the bar with a large clip. Her sleeves had been unbuttoned and her wrists now had some sort of shackle on them. He did the same with her other arm. She tried to fight him then too, for all the good it did.

Eden was getting worried.

He leaned down, and his voice rustled the hair around her ear.

"I'm going to raise you now," he said.

Damned, why does just his voice turn her on so much, Eden wondered?

Gunther went to her left side. There was a handle on the crossbar, where it meet the uprights. He grabbed it and gave it a turn. Eden felt her arms rise a couple of inches. He smiled and began turning the handle in earnest.

Her hands rose and she was forced upward.

Very worried! Things were getting so out of Eden's control, and honestly, she didn't see any way to stop it.

Her masochistic fantasies were become so, so real.

Gunther kept cranking until he had her three quarters standing. Though because her arms and shoulders were level with the back of the chair and her legs were still a foot or two forward, tied to the chair legs, Eden was forced to arch backwards uncomfortably.

She gave a small moan. He stopped then, and came around behind the chair.

Eden felt his fingers around her waist. It was almost erotic the way they slide down her sides. He held her firmly for a moment or two.

"I'm going to pull the chair back," he said.

He gave a sharp jerk and Eden found herself suddenly counter balanced. Where she had been leaning back, she now was leaning forward. She was forced onto her toes and the chair, her legs were still tied to, was off the ground and on to it's front two legs, the back leaning against her butt. She hung from the bar by her wrists.

Either he or one of his assistants had removed her boots while she was unconscious. They lay over in one corner. She still had on her socks, a good thick pair, so she wasn't bothered by the chill on the concrete but it didn't give her much in the way of traction. Eden wiggled her toes, trying for purchase, but too no avail.

She felt the priest, his hands on her lower back, then lower, roaming across her butt. Her leather pants were tight and no doubt, he enjoyed the feel.

Eden groaned again, the strain on her wrists was heavy.

"My don't you look so good," he whispered. "Tied up, waiting for the whip."

Gunther moved to side and again, grabbing the crank turned it several times, raising her off the floor until she was standing straight.

He again went over behind her back. She felt his hands on her left leg, getting it loose from the chair. This was her second opportunity. She gave a kick and for a moment broke free of his grasp. She squirmed and tried to turn, hampered by her other leg still tied to the chair.

Tried to strike! Tried to kick!

He hit her hard in her lower back. It was a classic kidneys punch, and one that shot pain up her back. Eden groaned and pivoted, her hands tied above her head. The chair fell over and she got a little purchase with her knee. She lashed out with her leg again and felt it connect, hitting him but not with much force.

He punched her hard, in the lower back again.

Fuck that hurt!

She moaned, swinging from her arms.

He hit her twice more!

It took a couple of minutes for the stars to fade from Eden's eyes.

When she got a hold of herself, she could feel his hand, twisted in her long red hair. He gave it a hard twist, pulling her scalp and twisting her head to one side.

"I own you bitch," he growled.

He let go of her hair and knelt. As she gasped for breath, he tied her left leg off to the vertical pole. It took him no time to do the same to the other leg, tossing the chair across the floor with a vicious throw. Eden was now tied tight and standing spread, waiting for his worst.

"We will begin in earnest then," Father Gunther said, breathing forcefully.

Glaring at her, he lifted the wicked knife from the table.

"Your clothing, first..."

He walked around the table and stood before her.

"I'll tell you a secret," he said. "One professional to another."

Laying the knife against the first button of her blouse that was buttoned, he flicked the knife and cut it off.

"Men," he said, "Are best stripped by force."

He cut the second button off.

"It's more humiliating for them that way."

He cut the third button off.

"Woman," he said. "For them, it's better to make them remove their own clothing, while we watch..."

He cut the fourth and final button off her blouse. It flapped open, exposing her blue bra.

"It's a shame we can't do that with you."

He slipped a finger into the strap of her bra between her breasts, pulling her forward. She thought he was going to cut it too, but instead he laid the tip of the knife against her chest an inch or so below her cleavage. Gunther pressed the knife against her skin until it cut, oh so shallow. Blood, bright red weld up around the shiny steel.

"There's a lot of pride in you." He slowly slide the knife down her body, cutting her. "Pride that needs to be gotten rid of."

Eden moaned, from the pain and from the smell of the blood.

Gunther chuckled at her obvious excitement. Then he slapped her.

"You vampires are such sluts," he said, shaking his head.

"Fuck you," Eden hissed.

The priest backhanded her hard.

"Mind your language, bitch!" he ordered. "The night is still young and I'm just getting started."

Eden shook her head, face stinging from the blow. She could taste blood.

He walked slowly around her until he was behind her. For long moments he did nothing, then Eden felt one of his hands on her. Gunther slowly caressed her body through the silk of her blouse, running his hand up and down her stretched form. She shivered at his touch. A moan so wanted to come out but she held her tongue. His hand wormed its way into her long red hair.

"We need to get this out of the way."

Eden felt fear then that the priest meant to cut her hair off. She remembered tales of Inquisitioners shaving the heads of the women accused of witchcraft and she realized that humiliation was well within the limits of her Scourging.

Strange though, Gunther for several minutes just ran first one hand, then both, through her hair. He must have set the knife down.Then he did something even stranger. Eden felt his hands divide her hair and begin to braid it!

He'd braided long hair before, she thought, for it took just a short time before he had a long tight braid done up. She felt a stiff jerk and then a pull from that braid. Firm pull towards the ceiling. She tried to turn and look, but the pressure prevented her. She made a guess that the priest had woven a rope or some such into her hair, and that he had it tied off to the ceiling.

"Much better," Gunther whispered into her ear.

His hand grabbed the bottom of her blouse at the back, and Eden felt him pull the fabric tight. With one long slice, he cut the blouse apart all the way to the collar, where he stopped. She felt the cool air on her exposed flesh and shivered when she felt one of his fingers slide itself slowly along her spine.

Eden sighed, pleasure at the touch making her tingle.

That teasing finger became a full hand, that lightly caressed her at the waist. Then that hand slid its way around her side to rest on her bare stomach. Gunther slowly rubbed her in small soft circles, each one going lower, bit by bit. His little finger brushed the top of her pants and he stopped his hand there. He moved his hand slowly from side to side, that little finger slipping into the top of her pants to tug against the elastic of her under garments.

Eden let out a breath she hadn't realized she had been holding.

She gave a little jerk, suddenly feeling the cold steel of the knife on her back. With the tip, Gunter scratched her skin, not hard enough to cut but enough to get her attention.

The snap of her pants was undone.

So focused on the knife, Eden hadn't noticed Gunter's hand on her pants, opening them. She felt an added tug and then he slid the zipper open too. His palm rested on her sex, the heat of it clearly felt through the open pants and her thin panties.

Eden moaned.

Gunther chuckled.

He pulled his hand from her pants.

"Not yet," he whispered.

Eden jerked against her bonds when he pushed the tip of the knife into her at the middle of her shoulder blades, to the left of her spine. It was a sharp sting of a cut. Gunther drug the knife downward, cutting her back with the steel. He went from shoulder blades to lower back. Then he did it again on the right side of her spine. Two long cuts he made on her back.

The coppery smell of fresh split blood made Eden shake.

Gunther took hold of her blouse at the right sleeve. It took him quick seconds until he'd cut it open to the collar. He did the same to the left sleeve baring both arms. She felt then a pull at her bra but he didn't cut it open. He just gave her a small shake.

"Let's get those pants off you now," he said.

He walked around until he was standing in front of her. The priest smiled at her, fingering the knife.

"Wait, wait," Eden stammered. "Hey, I really love these pants. Can't we make a deal or something?"

He smiled.

"Oh, come on..." she said, almost pleading. "You know how long it takes to break a set of these in, don't you."

Gunter just shook his head as he knelt at her feet.

Taking hold of her left leg, he slipped the knife under the cuff of her pants, edge out. He pushed upwards until it got tight, then just a bit more. Eden felt the tip of the knife dig into her flesh. Looking up at her, Gunther smiled and gave the knife a hard jerk.

Eden grunted.

The knife had sliced the leather open but also, had cut her, drawing blood.

He slide the knife into her pants leg again, until it was tight. Again the hard jerk. Again the pants were cut. Again she was cut.

Gunther kept at it until he had the left leg of her pants opened to the knee. Then he turned to the other leg.

Eden bit her tongue and stayed silent while Gunther had destroyed her clothing, but she was mentally cursing to herself like a drunken sailor with thirty years in the Service. She really liked those pants!

Bound wrists and ankles, she could do nothing but watch.

The sharp pokes by the knife tip to her legs were painful but not so bad Eden couldn't push them to the back of her consciousness. After all, she'd had almost a hundred years of undead life, many of them in dangerous professions, and she'd had all manner of injuries. Most of which she'd had to just ignore to get the job done.

Still they hurt.

What was more distracting to Eden's situation was the little drops of blood the cuts caused. Blood which scented the air in a maddening way for her. Vampires were so sensitive to the smell of blood. It was their life.

The cuts on her back had stopped bleeding. Vampiric regeneration was a great thing at times but the tiny cuts to her legs keep the smell alive in her senses. It made her nervous and excited, and set the demon inside Eden to mentally pacing back and forth like a starving predator next to a fence. A fence behind which lay a fresh and steaming kill.

Add to the frustration, it was just enough to almost trigger the Change. Her muscles kept clenching and the top of her mouth hurt. Eden's vampiric bloodline was one that sported a single pair of upper fangs which dropped when she fed, and there was just enough stimulation to make them want to drop but not enough for them to come forth. Her jaw ached in waves that kept her on the ragged edge of desire and pain.

The smell of the blood made her mouth water with eager expectation, and the pain she felt mixed with the joy of soon spilled blood combined to make Eden's whole body tingle. She twitched every time he made another cut.

Gunther chuckled at her, seeing the effect he had on her. He got her pants opened to just above both knees and he stopped for a moment. He slide his free hand inside her butchered pants, and cupped the back of her left calf, sliding his hand up and down.

The touch sent electricity up her body and made her jerk against her bonds. Eden shook her head, feeling the restraint of the rope through her braided hair pull her head back hard.

Even that minor pain seemed to excited her!

She'd joked to Aireanne about her fantasies during that night, confessed desires in a moment of drunken revelry, yet never in her deepest fantasies had she ever imaged the sheer naked desire that would take her when she was tied helpless at another's mercy.

Eden groaned when she felt Gunther's hand slide slowly upward, to caress the sensitive area behind her knee, her hips jerked forward, unconsciously wanting him to go further with his touch. She was on the edge of an orgasm again and wanted it with her entire being.

She gave a soft throaty moan.

Gunther chuckled and removed his hand. He stood and walked away.

And Eden moaned again, this time in deep disappointment...

It took her several moments to calm down to the point she could look at the priest. Gunther was standing next to the small laundry table. He held a plastic cup in one hand, sipping from it. He reached behind himself, and Eden saw a small pitcher. He lifted it and poured water into his cup.

Eden recognized the pitcher and for some reason that made her feel even more violated. The pitcher was from her kitchen. Strange given she was tied and was being stripped in her own basement, in preparation to her Scourging. For some reason though, the thought Gunther had been in her kitchen made her mad. Her anger help to clear her mind for the sensations the destruction of her pants had caused.

"Would you like a drink?" he asked.

"Fuck you," Eden softly hissed.

The priest just smiled. He took a drink from the cup, then set it down, picking up the knife again.

"We'll cure you of that sass, yet." he promised.

Gunther walked slowly towards her, knife in hand. He smiled as if considering what to do to her next.

Eden watched as far as she could as he walked around her until he disappeared behind her, then she looked forward. The rope in her hair kept her from turning too far. And she wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of knowing how much she dreaded what he had in store for her. Eden gritted her teeth and stared forward, silently defiant.

Defiant until she felt his touch.

The priest must have set the knife down, for Eden felt both his hands slide themselves under her tattered blouse, touching the naked skin of her sides. She shivered, feeling the roughness of his fingers. He stood so close to her she could feel the heat of his body.

Suddenly the watch on Gunther's wrist buzzed.

"Most interesting," he whispered in her ear. "Time for the other half of your punishment."

His hands left her. He walked over to the table, setting down the knife.

"Time for some pleasure..."


"Here," Gunther said. "Drink."

Eden was of a mind to refuse but she was thirsty. The priest held a small cup of water and after a moment Eden relented and put her lips to the cup.

"Go slow," he said.

Eden drank the water down. She hadn't realized how thirsty she was, what with the attack and now this.

"More?" he asked.

She nodded.

"Why do you do this," she asked after drinking her second cup.

Gunther seemed surprised at the question.

"It needs to be done."

"Me?" she asked.

"No, no," the priest chuckled. "You are an innocent victim of politics."

He walked over to set the empty cup on the table.

"The job," he explained. "This job. It needs to be done."

He looked at her trying to put his thoughts into words.

"See Fraulein, what is the promise of Heaven," Gunther picked up the knife. "Without the retribution of Hell."

He set the knife back down.

"People must know that when they do wrong, punishment will be enacted. That bad things have consequences. Without that we have chaos, and in chaos Satan wins."

"But I didn't do wrong!" Eden said.

The priest smiled and shrugged.

"I never said the system was perfect..."

Eden shook her head.

"I'm so fucked," she muttered to herself.

Gunther smiled. He walked around the table to stand before her.

"Who knows what the night may yet bring, Fraulein..."

The priest was standing oh so close to Eden, and then almost idlely, he let his free hand drop to her stomach. Gunther's finger went round and round across her naked flesh and Eden's body vibrated at the touch. Those fingers dipped lower and lower until they ended up at the waist band of her exposed panties. His hand stopped then, just a mere short inch from her sex.

"You were due some pleasure this time, were you not?"

The little finger of his hand slid under the elastic of her panties. It was a mere inch from the top of her sex and Eden sighed at the touch. He wiggled that invading digit slowly back.

And forth.

Going lower, and lower.

Eden pushed her hips up, hoping against hope the priest would just do it and touch her there so she could cum. Moments stretched out as he teased her.

His watch buzzed.

Ten minutes gone so fast.

"We'll have to continue this later," he said, removing his hand.


This time, the priest didn't tease but went at her disrobement mechanically and with speed.

He cut her pants off, still pricking her legs as he cut until he had each leg opened to the waist. He paused then, and let her stew, going over to take another drink of water. Eden was two cuts from being almost naked from the waist down and his almost indifference to what he was doing to her was maddening.

Gunther set the cup down, then slice, slice, her favorite leather pants were tossed in a corner with her boots, like the trash they were..

The priest gave a chuckle, shaking his head

"In my time..." he said, looking at her. "A young woman had some modesty."

Eden wore a pair of those sexy boy shorts so many woman wore now. In truth it was her first pair, recently bought. Dark blue and almost sheer.

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