Pulsing lights outlined a chaotic dance floor. Colors of the spectrum danced and swayed with the human bodies, sweating, writhing in sync with the throbbing bass. Sounds filters through my body, shaking my clothing...ever so slightly. The lights cast a surreal light shadow over the crowd illuminating them. The crowd parts...there she is...my god. Swaying slowly...the rhythm of a heartbeat...my heartbeat. My goddess is lost to the universe of human flesh around engulfing her. Oblivious naked torsos caress her angrily.

She looks up...

Her deep, powerful eyes rage through my senses. A smile crept across her tiny red mouth and I realized my jaw was hanging open. I closed it and turned several shades of embarrassed. When I was prepared to return to her intense gaze I began to lift my head and this woman lunges into me, pressing her small frame between my thighs. Her long hair danced on her exposed shoulders and her breasts heaved as she pressed her pelvis against mine...grinding...grinding.

My hands fall to her hips and guide her movements. I looked up again and my dark goddess ran her fingers across her lips, down her majestic neck, slowly, dropping to her thin, low cut, blouse pushing inside and pinching her erect nipple between two fingers. Her body heaves and I can see her pleasure in her closed-eyes and smile. I could feel the woman's drenched panties as she ground against my stiffening cock. Her fingers wrap around the thick shaft and she slowly strokes my rapidly hardening cock. My goddess moves her hand, slithering over her breasts and down across her hips. Lingering, teasing her sensitive, tensed stomach with her fingertips.

A sigh emits from her crimson lips...silent in this melee of sound...heard, felt only by her lover. Her pleasure stiffened my cock. The woman tugged my zipper roughly down and frees my rigid cock. My goddess eyes the shaft and her eyes smile as she bites her bottom lip. Her hand rests just over her pussy and presses down hard. Smoothing the soft material of her skirt against her thighs, outlining her most intimate flesh...swaying...swaying...the beat of my heart.

The woman flings her leg over my thigh and lifts her self, hovering just over the head of my erect cock, gyrating, letting the thick head touch the sensitive flesh and then pulling away. Pushing it slowly between the folds of her pussy, sliding wet and hard up ad down through her and penetrating as profanity spills from her lips. My goddess works her skirt up..up...until I can see the tops of her stockings.

The soft, secret flesh of her thighs lies bare as the skirt steadily moves upward, revealing her tight moist labia...mmmmmm. Perfectly shaven, glistening in the laser light. My throbbing cock finds its way into the woman's body. Her searing hot pussy wraps tightly around the head of my cock as I watch my goddess insert her index finger...inside...her tiny pussy. The woman bucks against my cock desperately trying to take the entire length. I cradle her ass in my rough hands, lifting her, and guiding her...drenched...down the length...sinking it to the hilt inside of her. She lays her head back and begins bucking against me ferociously.

She takes my cock over and over, letting it fill her, letting it spread her intimate flesh. My goddess has placed two more fingers inside my obsession and is moving them slowly in and out of the tight opening. Her fingers son glisten with her cum and I crave a taste of her lust. I can feel it like electricity moving through my body. The woman relentlessly fucks me, impaling herself on my thick cock. Her thighs slowly begin to shake. Her hips quiver as I slide my cock s l o w l y out of her tight opening. I wrap my fingers around the shaft and shake the thick head inside of her relishing her orgasm spill into another. The head of my cock pulls at the delicate flesh of her pussy as I remove it, stroking the rigid length under her dress.

My goddess penetrates herself, quickly, firmly, rapidly moving her fingers in...out...in...out. My cock explodes as I stroke it and covers the woman's naked thighs and thin dress with my thick, hot, cum. My goddess watches me as my body shudders from my climax. A soft, deep, moan emits from her lips and travels under the music running diaphanous fingers over my body and lengthens the sensation in my twitching cock.

The woman sloppily pushes a piece of paper in my shirt-pocket and walks away, wiggling her ass as she pulls her skirt down. I turn and my dark goddess is gone. As son as she appeared, she's gone. I place my still rigid cock back into my trousers. I turn to my drink. The music fades into the distance and I look over the club searching for my goddess...on glance...one taste of this unearthly goddess. Her finger runs over my cheek, wet and warm, and presses between my lips.

"Mmmmmmmmm" I can taste her cum coating her majestic finger. She pulls it from my mouth quickly, grinning at her cruelty and saunters away. "Thank you." Her body sways as her hips sway across the dance floor.

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