tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEmily's Enterprise Ch. 04

Emily's Enterprise Ch. 04


Like a carefully-planned military operation, the play for the lot started with stealth. The word on the street was that the hotel was about to go into bankruptcy if it couldn't be sold. The owners were desperate. Nuszsaecker wanted to low-ball the owners and get the hotel on the cheap. Deidre, knowing it would be paid for with Nuszsaecker's money, pushed giving the owners a fair price so they wouldn't balk and the sale could be done quickly and quietly, so publicity would be kept to a minimum. Why draw attention to the fact that they were making an unusual real estate purchase. They were plotting to open a legal brothel in the middle of Los Angeles and if this worked it would earn them hundreds of millions each. Sweet Emily had figured out that that lot alone, because of a quirk in an 1850 state law that allowed prostitution, could be worth billions. Why draw attention to the purchase? As usual, seductive Deidre got her way. The owners were overjoyed to be paid what they considered a high price and any possible legal problems with them in the future, when they learned the true value of the property, disappeared.

The cover story was that Deidre wanted it as an investment and as a place to house her feature dancers when they came in on tour. Everyone at the club, once they heard about the purchase, assumed that it would be a rent-by-the-hour operation for after-hours partying with customers. Deidre did not try to squelch those rumors but didn't encourage them, either, and told her dancers not to talk about it to outsiders. She wanted anyone working in her club who wanted to make a little money hooking to feel free -- it brought in the customers. But she didn't want the law interfering with the club itself.

The prospect of controlling the one place in the state where prostitution might be legal was intoxicating in its possibilities. First they had to remodel the decrepit hotel and bring it up to code, because if they used it as a brothel the way it was it would be shut down by the health department or building inspector and they couldn't fight the battle they wanted to fight. So, Nuszsaecker grumbling with every check he wrote as a silent partner, they refurbished the old place into something that looked at least decent and that wouldn't fall apart or make anybody sick. That would do for now. The big changes would come later, paid for out of huge profits they would make from legal prostitution.

Deidre's master plan was to start from the top floor and work down, to pay as they went for major upgrades and renovations that would create luxury theme bedroom suites with a view on the sixth floor, playrooms for all the popular kinks on the fifth floor, and a variety of rooms, most small and comfy but a few big and roomy for orgies, on the fourth and third floor. The third and fourth floors would be for girls who lived or stayed overnight there, at least until they needed it for business. The second floor already have bigger meeting rooms and "ballrooms", which would be used for large groups and for the purpose the name implied,. The ground floor would have a restaurant but no bar (they did not want an investigation for approval of the liquor license) and, after the whole deal went public, a set of lounges where men could meet the ladies and decide on their companion for the hour. But all this would have to wait until after they tested the law and won.

In the meantime, they had an old hotel that had been patched up to run. Deidre was the front for the purchase but she had a nightclub to run. So they put Emily in charge of putting everything together, since it had been Emily's idea all along. They gave her the title "Special Events Coordinator" as cover and let her work in the nude as a job benefit and let her set her own hours and work at her own pace.

Emily much preferred to go without clothes all day. She had an office on the second floor and did most of her work on the phone. The few remaining hotel staff quickly got used to their boss being naked as a jaybird and the contractors and tradesmen doing the work sure weren't complaining. If she had to go into a public place, she put on a wrap-around dress and controlled the urge to take it off and flash everyone she met.

Emily even moved out of her apartment and into a room on the third floor, not only to be closer to her job but to make it easy for Karlo, her bouncer boyfriend, to come visit from Deidre's club, which was just across the alley in back. He slept over every night now and came over to hang out on his break between when the lunch crowd left and the happy hour crowd arrived. After long hours around naked strippers thrusting their pelvis at the audience, he wanted sex every time he walked in the door. That was fine with her -- they would copulate for an hour, then he would have a nap or they would eat a late lunch, and then fuck again until he went back to the club for the evening shift. Then he would come back at 2:00 am and sometimes he would wake her up and they would fuck again. She wanted it all the time now, just as much as Karlo!

He seemed happy with this lifestyle and she was thrilled -- her boyfriend thought her skinny body, pale skin, and small tits were hot! It did take her pussy a while to get used to having sex twice and three times a day but now, if Karlo went slowly and she was well lubricated, it felt more normal to be stuffed than to have her cunt empty. She was naturally tight, being so small, but with the help of some pelvic exercises, she was learning to stretch wide and still come back tight. She would gape for a while if she relaxed but her pussy could go all the way back to within half an hour if she did her vaginal muscle toning exercises. Still, she started to fret about how she could ever keep him satisfied, with her modest body and limited experience.

Even distracted by her sex and exhibitionism, Emily did a great job turning the hotel around. She found the manager from before the previous owner, a guy named Enrique, who the staff said had done a good job, not like the last one and offered him a big bonus to come back. He took it and he ran the place like it was his own.

She also found the last hooker who got busted in the hotel, a pretty and busty redhead named Trixie, who looked to be still in her twenties. "Sure I'd go back," Trixie said. "Working out of a hotel as a call girl beats the street anytime. You wanna give me money up front and still let me keep my earnings? Sure, I'll take that deal. Honey, once you start down this life you expect to be busted. The cops bust us to keep us moving around and to show people they're doing something. They don't care about hookers. Half of them are customers!" (Emily wondered if that was true.)

Deidre didn't want her own girls turning tricks at the hotel -- yet. Most of them didn't have any vice record and she wanted to keep it that way. Trixie would be the bait. She'd turn a trick, get busted, Kurt would defend her on the basis of the 1850 law , the case would be argued all the way to the Supreme Court and they'd win, giving them the big prize: the only legal brothel in the country outside Nevada!

It wasn't long before the basics were in place. The hotel reopened, Enrique made sure it ran like a real hotel, and Emily did a great job of marketing. She got the word out to swing clubs and sex tours and in no time the hotel was getting more business than it ever had under the previous owners. It made more than enough money to pay the staff without tapping into Nuszsaecker's line of credit -- they were already ahead of the plan, business-wise.

Impressed, Nuszsaecker came over from time to time to inspect the property his money had bought but he spent most of his time there staring at Emily and finding excuses put his hands on her by looking over her shoulder at the bookkeeping. Emily didn't mind men looking at her naked body, even creepy old pornographers, and she didn't move away when he tried to fondle her. If someone wanted to handle her breasts, tug her nipples, pat her ass, and rub her crotch, why not. Why deny herself pleasure just because someone else got a thrill out of it too? Unless he put his hands on her belly. That she didn't like -- too intimate. Only Karlo touched her there. But she did wonder why Nuszsaecker so often put his hands on her waist, as if he was measuring her. What was that all about?

Trixie set up shop in a room on the third floor. One of her old customers was a police informant so she called him right away to let him know she was back in business. A steady stream of men started calling on Trixie and these highly satisfied customers started telling their friends what a good lay she was and how she gave two for the price of one -- if a man could come twice in an hour. In the meantime Emily, trying to get the bust over sooner rather than later, booked a couple of church tours and a district attorney's meeting at the hotel.

Trixie satisfied her men. She had a lot of repeat customers. Emily envied her her sexual experience and, since she lived just down the hall, had observed with admiration how the men walked out with smiles on their faces, every one she saw. When Emily weren't working and Karlo was still at the club, and Trixie was between customers, the women started hanging out together in Trixie's room, to be near the telephone for a horny man who had her phone number. Trixie always dressed seductively, D-cup boobs displayed like fruit in a basket, because a john might arrive downstairs at any time and ask for her. Emily usually sat naked, with a dressing gown nearby in case she had to go back to her room and other people were in the corridor.

One night, while she and Trixie were talking about whether Emily should shave her pubic hair, Emily shared her misgivings about satisfying Karlo's insatiable sex drive. "Has he ever complained?" Trixie asked. Emily shook her head. "Does he come straight to you after work?" Emily had to agree that he did. "What do you do for him?" Emily recounted their last six or seven fucks, how Karlo loved to fondle her and always wanted to fuck her in the missionary position. He said he never got tired of watching the look on her face change as his massive dick penetrated her tight cunt. How he always shot a huge load, even the third time, and there would be a very wet spot in the bed half the time. "Well," Trixie concluded, "I think you're doing great. But you may want a little variety to keep up the excitement."

Emily thought for a moment. "But I don't know how," she moaned. "I'm new to hard-core sex!" That was not exactly true anymore. For several weeks, she and Karlo had been doing occasional porn film segments for Nuszsaecker's company. She would arrive at the studio and they would have some scene already planned for her, usually something to do with an unexpected seduction. The exquisite cinematography of the film clips always seemed to emphasize the moment of penetration and her orgasms, for some reason. They had done five now and their couplings were being spliced into hardcore compilation films.

"No problem," said Trixie. "I'll teach you a few tricks." She looked at her date book. "In about half an hour I have a john coming who I know isn't a cop. I knew his wife in high school. You hide in the closet and watch what I do!" They giggled as they set up the closet space, with a wooden chair and a throw rug, so that even Emily's feet moving on the floor would be quiet. The door was left open a crack and Trixie put the other chair in front of it, so it wouldn't swing open by mistake. In the small room, Emily had a line of sight to a mirror and a side view of the bed in its reflection. Sitting in the dark, Emily couldn't help but giggle and Trixie couldn't help but giggle back as she told Emily to hush. Trixie changed from her short shorts and scooped out tank top into a light yellow peignoir, because she knew the guy coming liked it. Then she went into the bathroom and brought out a glass of water, which she put on the nightstand.

A few minutes later the husband of Trixie's high school friend came by, wearing a powder-blue leisure suit. While Emily watched, hidden, Trixie flirted with him and drew him toward the bed. It didn't take long for them to take their clothes off and start groping. If Emily had had a pencil and paper she would have taken notes. Trixie went through her routine of French kissing, tongue sucking, hard tongue sucking, and sometimes she seemed to be licking the inside of his mouth. She pulled back and lifted her heavy breasts with both hands, as if offering him succulent fruit. He sucked on her nipples for a long while Trixie fondled his cock and balls.

When he lay on his back, Emily could see that his dick was hard and standing straight up. Trixie whispered something Emily couldn't hear. Then she wrapped her D-cup tits around the cock and let him thrust through the cleavage, occasionally licking the tip when it got close to her mouth. He obviously loved it and was writhing underneath her. Then she took a mouthful of water from the glass by the bed and, keeping a tight seal, pushed her mouth over his dick, so it felt cold and wet in contrast to her warm and dry titty fuck. He loved that even more and Emily could see that he was having trouble controlling himself. Trixie swallowed the water and took his penis in her clenched fists, stroking him up and down until his face turned red -- he gasped once and a fountain of white cum squirted from his cock six inches up in the air and fell back on the sheets, Trixie's hands, and his legs. He let his head fall back and he panted for a while, then seemed to recover. In the meantime, Trixie was patiently working his balls, kneading them a little roughly, stirring him up again. Trixie heard a gasping sound coming from the direction of her closet but the john just thought it was Trixie getting excited.

The husband regained his erection within a few minutes and Emily watched as Trixie rolled a condom on him and then squatted over him, slowly easing herself down on his revitalized cock. They fucked that way for several minutes, cowgirl, then changed to doggie position. Trixie's luscious boobs were swaying and shaking with every thrust. He was watching Trixie and her tits move in the mirror as he fucked her, but he couldn't see Emily. Then he pulled out and flipped Trixie over, mounting her in the missionary position. She wrapped her legs around him and held on while he pounded her. Emily could hear her mumbling but couldn't make out what she was saying. Finally, the man came in a big climax, grunting, heaving. He fell to one side, exhausted, and Trixie fanned herself with her hands, as if she was overheated. "You did it again, big boy!" Emily heard her say. "I'll never walk the same way again!"

Emily watched Trixie get a damp towel and clean him up. She pulled the condom off his dick and knotted it to keep the semen from leaking out, then wiped his dick. He was recovered now and while she went into the bathroom to wash herself he got his wallet and put a $100-bill on the nightstand. "Thanks" was all Trixie said, as if he was giving her a gift and not paying for sex. After he had dressed, she brought him to the door and gave him a peck on the cheek on his way out. "So long, lover boy!" She said. "Tell Laura hi! for me but don't tell her where you saw me!" She patted his ass as he walked out.

Trixie opened the closet Emily came out. "That was great sex!" she exclaimed. "I'll do all that with Karlo! Thank you!" She was so excited she kissed Trixie, who was still naked and their breasts touched, nipple-to-nipple. To her surprise, Trixie then kissed her back and put her hands on the smaller woman's hips. She felt a little confused by that. "Karlo's coming," she murmured as they broke the kiss. "You lucky girl!" Trixie whispered. "Go get laid!" Clutching her dressing gown with her keys in its pocket, Trixie padded naked back to her room through the empty corridor. Trixie pulled the chair out of her closet and saw that there was a sticky wetness drying on the seat. She knew what Emily had been doing all this time!

Two hours later, Karlo knocked and opened the unlocked door to find Emily sitting on the bed trimming her pubic hair into the shape of a heart, just for him. It hardly mattered, because it was so blonde and fine, but it was her way of showing him she loved him. He was touched and without taking off his clothes, he kneeled in front of her and started licking her pussy.

He had had a hard lunch shift -- rock hard. A new young stripper was auditioning to be a house dancer for the club and she was hard to resist. She had black hair and fair skin and well-done but obvious implants for C-cup boobs on a very feminine body. She gave him an erection from the first time he saw her, even before she took her clothes off. She had flirted with him and tried everything to take him backstage after her act but he had saved himself for Emily. Now he was beyond horny.

He continued to lick and suck on Emily's pussy, which had gone back to normal after the stimulation of watching Trixie with her lover. Karlo liked the fresh, natural, taste of her and knew that it stayed that way because her twat was well-aired. Emily hardly ever wore panties and usually went nude. But this time she didn't give him as much time to enjoy her. Emily wanted to try out her new skills. When he paused for a second, she stood up and undressing him by unbuttoning his shirt. Karlo was impatient too. They threw his clothes on the floor but his shorts landed on the bed. In no time, he was lying on is back on the bed, his big strong cock sticking up in the air, aching to penetrate her.

Emily crawled on the bed to his cock and pushed her smallish B-cup breasts around it, like Trixie had showed her. There wasn't enough! She couldn't make a tunnel with what little she had so all she could do was push with her thumbs from both sides and hold his prick in place with her fingers. Karlo, who didn't know that Emily was trying to act voluptuous, thought it was very sweet that she was rubbing her pretty little chest on him and loved the firm but yielding feel of her natural breasts. Karlo responded by producing a little emission of precum, and then more. His cock was so long that it was almost in her face as she rubbed her breasts along it. She bent down and licked the precum off every time a drop formed. Karlo loved watching her do that.

Soon Emily got frustrated at her lack of breast material so she went to the next move. She took a glass from the side table, took a big mouthful without swallowing, and held the water. As Karlo watched, wondering what she was doing, she pushed her closed mouth over the tip of his cock. His big cock filled her too-full mouth and made her cheeks balloon out with water, until, a few inches in and much less than halfway down his shaft, the tip of his dick hit her throat and she choked. All the water in her mouth sprayed over his dick and balls! Karlo thought it was so sweet that she tried to cool him off.

Moving on and feeling desperate, Emily grabbed his dick and started stroking it with both hands, like Trixie had done with her john. She stroked with a passion, up and down, sometimes stopping to rub her palm over his knob or run the tip over her pert breasts, since Karlo loved it so much. Then she noticed that his balls were moving without being touched! His bag was shortening and his dick seemed to get thicker. Emily now knew why it sometimes felt like something was crawling up her thigh just before he came. Karlo exploded! A jet of milk-white semen shot up several feet in the air, some drops hitting the ceiling, and came raining down on Emily's head, bare shoulders, and boobs. A second jet caught her in the face like a thrown pie! A third jet covered both her tits with sticky semen which oozed down her cleavage and formed drops suspended from her nipples. A fourth jet caught the right side of her face as she turned away, filling her ear! Emily had never watched him come before because he always did it inside her. No wonder her pussy was always a soupy mess after they had sex! When it was over, Emily looked like she had been sprayed with watery whipped cream. This was not exactly going according to plan.

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