tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEncounters with John Wayne Ch. 17

Encounters with John Wayne Ch. 17


John Wayne had not seen Diana Maitland for an hour now—not since he had walked out and closed the door of the master bedroom suite after instructing her that she was to bathe, dress and meet him at the bottom of the stairs at precisely 5:45pm. As soon as he left her, he put his bags in one of the bedrooms, then he went downstairs and out to the beach to bring in the blanket and grabbed the few things they had left on the patio; their towels, the wine glasses, his cigarettes and lighter, etc. Then he picked up all of their discarded clothing from earlier and took them upstairs to the bedroom where his bags were. Then he went to the hall bathroom, showered, brushed his teeth, shaved lightly just to be sure his face was perfectly smooth and splashed on some light cologne. Then he went into the bedroom and dressed in his formal black suit with a white shirt and plain black tie.

Then he went downstairs to set things up for dinner. He had hoped they would be able to dine on the patio, but the breeze earlier was picking up a little and the temperature felt like it was starting to cool to the point that it might be too chilly by dinnertime. So, he decided to have the caterer set up dinner in the formal dining area next to the main room just outside the kitchen. He opened the curtains in the dining area so they would have the view of the beach from there.

Then he set the table, positioning the place settings so that he could sit at the end of the table facing the main room and Diana would be to his left looking straight out at the beach and the ocean...he knew how much she loved the view. It would be lovely during dinner, with the sun starting to set up the beach, casting shadows on the rocks and bright rays across the water. There were a couple candles on the table, so he placed them where they would provide ambiance without obstructing their view.

He was waiting at the front door when the caterer showed up at almost exactly 5:30 pm. He opened the door as they started to bring in covered dishes and set them on the dining table where he had indicated. They must have been used to catering for celebrities, because they showed no sign of surprise at whom they were delivering dinner for. There was a hot platter with 4 small filet mignons, a heated dish of Lobster Newburg, a hot tray of twice baked potatoes, and a bowl of fresh salad greens and other vegetables with a light vinaigrette dressing and a bottle of chardonnay.

Everything seemed to be as he ordered it and he asked the caterer if there was anything else that needed to be done, and they said everything should be ready. They had seared the filets to brown them on the outside, then placed them on the hot platter to finish slowly cooking to medium rare so they were sure they'd be perfect, and everything else was ready to eat. They advised him to put their dishes in a box that they left by the front door and they would just come by and pick them up sometime tomorrow. He thanked them and tipped them and sent them on their way.

It was 5:40 pm; Diana would come out in 5 minutes and he wanted to be waiting for her at the bottom of the stairs. He went and lit the candles on the table, then went to the hi-fi radio in the main room and tuned the radio to a station that played soft contemporary and classical music. Then he went to the bottom of the stairs and waited the last few minutes...it was the longest few minutes of his life.

Just before Diana was about to walk out the bedroom door, she remembered that she hadn't put any perfume on, so she darted into the bathroom and picked up a bottle that had a musky scent that blended perfectly with the jasmine scent on her skin and in her hair. She used the stopper to dab lightly behind each of her ears, on her inner wrists and in the valley between her breasts. Then she hurried to the bedroom door, opened it and stepped out into the hallway, and hesitated slightly because of her nerves; then she slowly started to walk to the top of the stairs.

When she reached the top of the stairs, he was standing at the bottom, just as he'd said. She started to slowly smile; he had that same "startled" look on his face, only this time, she saw and heard him lightly moan, "Oh, my God!" as his wide eyes traveled up and down her. Then he put his right hand on the banister at the bottom of the stairs as if to steady himself.

She couldn't help but notice how handsome he looked, his formal black suit emphasizing his broad shoulders and trim physique; she could feel her pussy already getting wetter. She slowly started down the stairs, both of them staring into each other's burning eyes, and he was taking slow, deep breaths. When she was on the second to the last step at eye level with him, she stopped and glanced at his hand on the banister. He brought his hand up and held it out to her, and when she placed her left hand in his, he brought it to his lips and kissed her fingers softly as he closed his eyes.

The second he saw her face as she approached the top of the stairs, his dick started to stir. As she came fully into view, he could feel himself getting hard already and his knees felt weak, and he couldn't stop himself from softly moaning, "Oh, my God!" He had always thought she was gorgeous, but now...he felt he almost understood the meaning of "drop-dead" gorgeous; he was about to drop to his knees, so he gripped the banister with his right hand to steady himself. As he watched her slowly descending the stairs, he knew he was in big trouble; how the hell was he going to get through this meal with her? He wanted her more now than he ever had—his dick was harder and throbbing even more painfully; if he didn't get himself under control, he was literally going to "drop-dead" for her.

She'd changed the style of her hair to a very flattering side part and pulled it back on her left side, and it looked so shiny and soft that he wanted to touch it. The make-up she had applied to her face just made her look even more beautiful and sexier than he could ever have imagined. And the dress...good God, had he chosen well! The halter front of the dress perfectly supported her full breasts, showing plenty of cleavage while also creating a valley between her breasts. Her waist looked tiny, and the full, flowing skirt swished with the sway of her hips as she walked. The sheer, black stockings and the black high-heeled shoes just emphasized the shapeliness of her legs. My God, she could've been a big star if she'd wanted it.

He started taking slow, deep breaths to try to calm down and lessen the painful throbbing of his cock; it helped a little—until he caught a whiff of her and his dick throbbed again...she was assaulting his senses! When she reached eye level with him, she stopped, and one of her eyebrows arched as she glanced at his hand on the banister in front of her. So he held it out to her and, when she placed her hand in his, he brought it to his lips and kissed her fingers softly and closed his eyes while he tried to reacquire his ability to speak. He lowered her hand as he held onto it and started to say, "You look..." he was going to say gorgeous, but she was so far beyond that, it just wasn't an adequate word, so he just ended up staring at her with a mixture of helpless awe, passionate desire and raw lust in his eyes.

She smiled provocatively at him, and purred softly, "You don't need to say anything...I can see it in your eyes...and thank you!"

He took a deep breath and exhaled raggedly, then turned his body to the left to clear the bottom of the stairs so she could get down the last two steps, and started to lead her toward the dining area as he said, "You're right on time and dinner is ready." He glanced at her, his eyes roaming up and down her body as his next statement began with a growl, "And as much as I would love to ravage you right now, I wouldn't want this delicious meal to go to waste!" Then he sat her at the table in the chair facing the glass doors, and then took the lids off of the dishes and platters to show her the food.

"Oh, my God! Is that Lobster Newburg?!!!" she exclaimed excitedly when she saw the creamy sauce with chunks of white flesh with orange streaks, and sprinkled with paprika.

She looked at him, smiling, with her eyes wide and her mouth open in surprise, and he grinned hugely and nodded yes...he'd obviously chosen well again. He explained to her that he figured since she loved the ocean so much, she probably liked seafood, and since lobster was widely regarded as a delicacy, he had hoped she would like it. He said further that he had considered just having steamed lobster, but he knew that could be messy to eat and he didn't think she'd want to have to go through that trouble, so he ordered the Newburg instead.

She kept smiling at him through his explanation, amazed at his thoughtfulness and perception. Then she told him that it was one of her all-time favorite dishes, that her mother used to make it for her on her birthday, and she hadn't had any since the last time she went home for a visit, almost 3 years ago. Tears almost came into her eyes as she frowned in wonder and said, "How do you know me so well when you just met me yesterday?"

He started to tell her how, but he stopped because he knew it would just make her cry, and he didn't want to ruin her dinner, so he cleared his throat and said, "I'll tell you later...I promise."

Then he took the bottle of wine and started to open it while she stood to serve food onto both their plates; he started to tell her she didn't have to do that, but she stopped him and told him she felt it was the least she could do since he had provided this wonderful meal for them. So he finished opening the wine and poured some in their glasses and, when she sat down again, he proposed another toast. "To the most beautiful woman I have ever seen...may God grant us the ability to create a life together...in more ways than one..." he said solemnly.

She clinked his glass lightly, then looked down at her plate and said solemnly, "To the Lobster Newburg!" When she raised her eyes to look at him, he was grinning and chuckling quietly as he clinked her glass, and she chuckled with him and took a sip of the wine. It was a chardonnay; a very mellow wine with a strong, oaky nose and a buttery palate that tasted wonderful with the Lobster Newburg and the filet mignons. She commented that the wine was excellent with their meal and asked him if he had chosen it himself. He said not specifically, he had asked for a nice chardonnay but had not specified the brand, and he agreed with her that it was perfect for this meal.

They started to discuss the merits of different wines while they ate, and they discovered that they both had a deep appreciation for fine wines, though she did not get to indulge in them very often on her limited budget; he made a mental note of that for future reference. She liked all varieties of wine—her favorite reds were the cabernet sauvignons and merlots, and various blends of them; she thought they were the most interesting because they were so complex. Then she added that pinot noir was also interesting. Her favorite whites were the chardonnays like this one—oaky and buttery and, in contrast, crisp, light pinot grigios.

He was impressed with her knowledge of and opinions on wines and told her that he agreed with her on her favorites. He told her that he enjoyed having fine wines with his meals, but for just general drinking, he preferred liquor—usually tequila—as she already knew. She asked him why tequila, and he told her that he had developed a liking for it when he was in Mexico filming one of his movies, and he laughed slightly as he said that since everyone had warned him not to drink the water down there, he figured tequila was safer! She chuckled with him at that.

She glanced out the glass doors in front of her and was admiring the view of the rays from the setting sun up the beach casting a glow on the water and causing shifting shadows on the rocks to the left side of the private beach. She commented on how beautiful it was, and he looked out and noted that it was about 6:15 and the sun would be down in about 10 or 15 minutes, and he wanted to show her something. They were just about through their meal, so he asked her if she was done as she was wiping her mouth with her napkin and she nodded yes, so he got up and moved her chair to help her stand and said softly, "Come with me."

He led her to the patio door and opened it and a soft, cool breeze blew in causing her to shiver slightly, so he walked back to her chair and picked up her wrap and brought it to her and placed it over her shoulders, then led her through the door and shut it behind them. He took her hand and led her over to the right side of the patio to a path that went up the hillside to where the rocks jutted out on that side. Luckily, it wasn't a very steep path so she was able to walk it carefully in her high heels as she wondered why he was taking her up there...then she figured it out when they reached the top.

The view of the sunset was spectacular from up here! They could see for miles up the beach as it stretched almost straight westward and the sun looked like it was setting just offshore; it hadn't quite touched the water yet, but was just about to. It looked like a large, glowing, coral colored sphere with billows of purplish pink clouds on either side of it, and throwing an orange, glowing carpet on the water. He moved to stand behind her and wrapped his arms around her, then they watched as the sun was just about to touch the water, and they both started to speak at the same time...

"They say...you're supposed to hear...a hiss when the sun touches the water..." She looked up at him as he looked down at her, and they smiled and shook their heads slowly. Then he nudged his head toward the sun and whispered, "Listen..."

She looked back at the sun just as it touched the water, and she heard him hiss through his teeth; she started laughing quietly, then she said, "Gee...I really heard it, did you hear that?" as she looked up at him with her eyes wide and her body shaking from her laughter.

He looked down at her with mock disappointment and said, "Oh damn, you didn't buy that, huh?" as he grinned and started chuckling.

She turned back toward the lowering sun as she stopped laughing, and just relaxed leaning back against his chest as they watched the sun continue to drop like it was sinking slowly down into a hot bath. When it was almost gone, she looked up at him again, her head resting on his left shoulder, and he bent his head down and kissed her tenderly for a few moments. When he raised his head, he said they'd better work their way back down the path before it was completely dark because it would be difficult in the dark. So they glanced at the last of the setting sun again, to remember this moment, and then carefully made their way back down the path to the patio, where shadows were already beginning to darken the area.

He led her back inside to the main room, closing the patio door behind them and asked her if she would like some more wine and she nodded yes as she removed her wrap and laid it on the back of the couch, so he poured some in both their glasses and brought hers to her. He told her he needed to clear away the caterer's dishes to be returned, and that it would only take him a couple minutes and he would be right back. She thought this would be a good time to excuse herself so she could remove her panties for his surprise, so she told him she needed to excuse herself for a moment and she'd be right back as well.

It only took her a few minutes, and when she came back downstairs, he was in the kitchen putting the rest of their dishes in the kitchen sink. So she stood at the glass doors, sipping her wine as she watched it growing dark outside. She had noticed the soft music playing in the background and she recognized a tune that started playing that was familiar to her and she unconsciously began to hum it and sway slightly. She jumped when she felt his hand on hers that she was holding the wineglass in, and he was taking the glass out of her hand to set it on a nearby table as he said softly, "Dance with me," as his eyes smoldered at her.

She turned and melted against his chest as he put his right arm around her waist, bending his lower arm upward so that his large, warm hand was on the middle of her bare back, making her spine tingle. He held her right hand in his left one and started to easily guide her through a slow, swaying dance step as she leaned her head on his right shoulder and just moved with him. She never would've guessed that he was such a smooth dancer!

He continued to hold her against him as they danced through that song until the next song, an even slower one, came on. He slowed their rhythm in time to this new song, holding her even tighter and moving them in a slow, circling pattern around the main room. For such a big man, he moved very gracefully and she was having no problem following him...until during a slower part of the dance, he pressed his hips firmly against her as he moved to dip her slightly, and she felt his hard cock pressed against her just above her crotch!

She stepped on his foot because her knees went weak, and she looked up at him quickly. His eyes were burning at her as he rumbled sexily, "My dick has been like this since you came down those stairs! As I said, I wanted to ravage you then but that dinner was just too good to go to waste, so are you ready to be ravaged now?"

She started breathing heavily, and her eyelids drooped as she whispered softly, "Yes!" Then his hand on her back moved downward as he started to find and lower the zipper on the back of her dress, but she stopped him, and said, "No, you have to undress first." When he frowned in confusion, she said provocatively, "Trust me," and took a few steps back from him to watch.

So he relented and unbuttoned and shrugged slowly out of his suit jacket, since he knew she liked the way he did that, and he saw her eyes deepen with desire, then she smiled softly and told him to keep going. She watched his every move as he removed his tie and started to unbutton his shirt, pulling it out of his trousers as he got lower and slowly shrugged it off his shoulders as well, as her eyes started to burn. Then he sat down on the couch just behind him to remove his shoes and socks, then stood up and unbuckled his belt, unfastened and unzipped his trousers. He pushed them off his hips and stepped out of them, and then laid them over the back of the couch with his other clothes.

He stood there for a few seconds in his boxers, with his hard dick making a huge bulge in the front as she stared slowly up and down his body with her lustful eyes. He smiled sexily at her as he hooked his thumbs in the waist of his boxers and maneuvered them down until they fell the rest of the way to his ankles, then he stepped out of them, shoving them aside with his foot. Then he looked at her with his eyebrows raised over his smoldering eyes as if to say, "It's your turn!"

She smiled provocatively at him again, and reach around behind her waist to lower the zipper, then slowly reached up behind her neck to undo the hooks on the halter-top. The dress was so loose when the zipper was fully lowered, that all she had to do was just let go of the top of the dress and the whole thing just fluttered down around her feet and she stepped sideways out of it.

She wasn't prepared for his reaction; his face had that startled look and he groaned, "Oh, my God!" again and sank to his knees on the carpet in front of her, then started breathing heavily and stared up and down her body as his expression changed from startled to like he was about to cum! Then he squeezed his eyes shut for several seconds, taking deep slow breaths.

He hadn't quite known what to expect when she removed her dress, but certainly not this! When she let go of the dress and it fell off her to leave her standing there in nothing but a black lace garter belt, the sheer black stockings and the high-heels, he nearly exploded into orgasm! His knees went weak, and the air left his lungs as he groaned "Oh, my God!" and he couldn't do anything but sink to his knees as he stared at her, willing the tingling in his dick and balls to go away. He had to close his eyes and stop looking at her to make that happen, so he shut them tightly and took several deep, slow breaths to regain some control.

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