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Jackie leaned against the fence and looked back at her husband. Watching him and Mark, play in the pool, she had to smile. Mark was one of her husband's co-workers. Jackie had always liked Mark! He had impressed her from the first time they had met.

Like her husband, Mark was tall and broad. And seeing him in a suit, Jackie could see why many of the girls in the office constantly wanted to go out with him. Jackie felt the deep throbbing inside her cunt, as she watched the two playing like little boys. But there was nothing little about either man.

Jackie watched as the two of them got together and began to talk. Then they looked over at her, and Mark let out a loud laugh. Jackie felt her legs begin to tremble. Mark was looking at her, with that glint in his eye again.

She watched as Mark stood behind her husband. Then she saw Jim, her husband, lean back and rest his weight against Mark. Jim had that far away look in his eyes and Jackie knew just what was going on. The throbbing in her cunt grew more intense.

The water in the pool was crystal clear. And Jackie had no trouble seeing down into it from where she stood. Mark had his hands around her husband's waist, and she could see his dark shaft sticking straight out before him.

She walked closer to the pools edge and looked down at the two men. Mark's white hand was wrapped around Jim's hard dick. Jim sighed as Jackie watched Mark slowly stroke his hands along the hard shaft.

Neither man wore swim trunks. Jackie could only imagine what Jim was feeling. She didn't need to see, to know that Mark's hard dick was pressed against her husband's tight ass cheeks.

Smiling, she looked down at the two men. "Careful Mark! You know how Jim gets when you stroke his dick like that! The next thing you know, he will have you bent over and whining like a little puppy!"

Mark laughed! "I can't help it Jackie! I can't seem to get enough of him! Who would have thought that my best friend would turn out to become so much more than just a friend?"

Jackie watched, as Jim reached behind him and started to stroke Mark's own bulging dick. "Hey no fair! You two are having fun, and I'm stuck with making like a servant. Get out the pool and make the drinks your damn selves!"

Laughing, Jim pulled away, and grabbing the edge of the pool hoisted himself out the water. Jackie watched, as he stood naked before her. The water dripped from his body and pooled at his feet. Jackie smiled as she looked at her husband. There was no denying that he was all man!

Mark splashed water as he also got out of the pool. The two men stood side by side, and Jackie smiled at the contrast between them. Both men had bodies that male models would die for. They were both muscular, without the bulge of fat around the stomach.

Both men worked out and their bodies showed the results of their hard work. Her eyes traveled from face to face and Jackie noted the differences of each man. Mark's face was smooth shaven. He had that rugged, outdoorsy look. The kind that you see on the beaches playing volleyball.

Jim was older by 10 years. He had the look of the confident, mature executive. His mustache and beard were neatly trimmed. He exuded that look of male dominance with a hint of animal ferocity.

Looking down their bodies, her eyes came to their dicks. Jim's dick was long and fat. His 8 inches was as thick around as a silver dollar. And when he got hard, as he was now, the head seemed swollen to at least half again its size.

Mark wasn't a slouch in the cock department either! His dick was almost as long and thick as her husband's dick was. His wasn't as fat around as Jim's dick was, but it was equally as long. And when he was hard, as he was now, the head seemed to get a purplish tinge to it. Jackie looked from man to man, and then sighing, slowly walked over to them.

Jackie took a dick in each hand. Slowly she stroked the shafts and watched the look on their faces. Both men were smiling. Mark moaned, as her hands began to move faster. Jim just looked at his wife and smiled. "Keep that up and it won't be alcohol that you will be drinking wife of mine!"

Laughing, she let both cocks go and stepped back. Mark groaned in frustration as she laughed and turned around. Both men watched her walk away. The sexy sway of her hips seemed to catch their attention.

"Damn Jim! How can you stand to watch that walk around the house without wanting to fuck it all the time? If I had a wife that looked like that, I would never let her leave the bedroom."

Jim laughed! "Oh trust me! She keeps me well pleased! And most of our fun never takes place in the bedroom! There are too many other places in the house that afford equal opportunity to enjoy her."

Both men laughed, and followed Jackie over to the bar. Jackie was no small woman. Like her husband, she was tall. And she had an athletic body that showed she also worked out. Her tits were firm and full. And her huge nipples poked out making them look so deliciously edible! Her stomach was flat, and her hips flared out just enough, to make the whole package hard to resist!

Mark walked behind the bar, and taking three glasses fixed them all drinks. He smiled as he watched Jim take his wife in his arms and kiss her. There was no denying, that the two of them were deeply in love with each other.

Mark watched, as Jim began to openly finger Jackie's wet cunt. Damn! The two of them seemed to never get enough of each other. Jim felt his own dick begin to harden, as he watched Jackie begin to moan and work her hips back and forth against her husband's probing finger.

Suddenly, Jim stopped and stepped away from the woman. Jackie groaned and kept pumping her hips against the finger that was no longer inside her. "Damn", she groaned. "I hate when you do that to me! You get me right to the edge, then stop and watch me squirm!"

Mark laughed. "Oh! You didn't mind when he did that to me! If I remember correctly, you laughed when he had me begging for more of that chocolate stick! It seems that Jim knows how to keep both of us begging for more!"

The three of them laughed, and walked over to the lounge chairs to sit. Jackie sat between them and they were all silent as they sipped their drinks. Jackie turned to Mark.

"When Jim came home and told me about what had took place between the two of you I was shocked. I mean I knew that Jim is as comfortable with a man as he is with a woman. But I would have never suspected that you were bi! He tore my ass up as he told me how the two of you played."

Jim laughed! "It seems our Mark is a completely different man when he has had a bit too much to drink. He tends to confide some of his secrets. I just hope that he doesn't do that with everyone. You wouldn't share our secret would you Mark?"

Mark blushed at the openness with which they talked about him. "Jim! I really don't know why I confided in you the way I did. You have always been someone that I could talk to. And when you just came out and asked me if I was bi, you didn't seem like the type that would hold it against me if I were. I just answered honestly."

Jackie looked at her husband. "Tell me again how it happened! I love to hear about it! It makes my pussy so wet!"

Jim laughed! "Honey! A stiff breeze makes your pussy wet! I swear! I've never met a woman so hungry and happy to fuck! That's why I married you! You never get tired and you aren't the jealous, possessive type!"

They all laughed! "Well! The conference was like all conferences go. It was long and boring! I suggested to Mark that we go to the pool afterwards before we went to dinner. We were in the pool by ourselves. I noticed that Mark kept looking over at me every chance he got. But when I would turn to him, he would turn away. Then I saw the bulge in his trunks.

I started wondering what it would feel like to have his lips wrapped around my dick. I looked at the way his Speedos fit his ass and thought about sliding my dick in him. He saw my hardon and practically started drooling.

I got out the pool and walked over to get my towel. I came back to the edge and looked down in the water. It was easy to see his hardon. Mark was looking up at me but I could see that his eyes were also looking at my crotch. I just asked him outright!"

Jackie smiled and picked up her glass. She also opened her legs wider and both men could see her naked cunt. There was no mistaking the wetness that hid within. "What did you say to him? I love to hear this!"

Mark smiled and reached out to stroke Jackie's pussy. Jackie moaned as his fingers stroked her clit. "You're such a sexy bitch! I know that this pussy is just dripping wanting some attention."

Jim looked on, stroking his slowly hardening cock. He loved to watch these two play. "Mark looked down at me and asked me if I was bi? The look on his face was the same look he gives his secretaries when he asks them a question that he wants a "no nonsense" answer too. All I could do was swallow hard and look up at him. He had this big bulge in his trunks. My eyes seemed to be glued to it as I nodded.

My answer seemed to make his bulge grow even more. I swear I saw it throb in his trunks. He smiled down at me. Then he told me to be in his room in 20 minutes. He turned and walked out the pool area. I was shaking. I don't know if it was from fear or anticipation. I had never been with a black man before."

Jackie eased down on the lounger until she was fully reclined. Then she opened her soft dark thighs even wider. Mark's fingers began to slowly work in and out of her juicy cunt. He went nice and slow the way she liked it. Jim, his dick growing even harder as he watched this white man slowly teasing his wife's cunt smiled.

"When Mark came and knocked on my door, I was sitting in the arm chair sipping on a drink. I already knew that I was going to fuck him and taste his dick. And I expected that he wanted to suck on my dick too. I looked at him without saying a word. I kept up the silence until I saw him start to squirm. I think that the young man was afraid."

Mark laughed as he slowly pushed two fingers deep inside Jackie's cunt. Jackie moaned and raised her hips up off the lounger. "I love the way you can be so gentle, Mark! You really know how to make my pussy feel wonderful."

Mark smiled. "I was afraid! I didn't know if I was going to be fired or humiliated or what! Jim just sat there and stared at me. Then he smiled. He asked me if looking at the bulge in his swim trunks had gotten me hot? I was too afraid to lie, so I just nodded my head. He asked me how long have I been bi, and I told him that I found out I was bi in college.

I could see that he was growing hard and I could feel my own cock starting to stir. He asked me if I had ever been with a black man before. I admitted that I had thought about it but had never found one that I trusted enough to try it with. Then he set his drink down and looked hard at me. I will never forget what happened next."

Jackie, feeling the pressure of the pleasure that Mark's fingers were stirring in her groaned. "I'm almost there Mark! Don't stop! Please don't stop!"

Jim, his dick at full attention, gave a soft groan as he watched the two of them. Mark's white hand was a stark contrast to Jackie's dark thighs. And the sight made him even hotter.

"I looked up at Mark. I could tell that he was scared. Then I smiled. I asked him if he trusted me? The poor young man couldn't even answer, he just slowly nodded his head. I put on my stern voice, the one I used when one of my secretaries had fucked up something.

"What happens in this room stays in this room. If I ever find out that you have told anyone, I will make things extremely difficult for you. Do you understand?"

Mark, his fingers working in and out of Jackie's juicy cunt smiled. "I gave Jim a nod. My heart was beating so fast I just knew that he could hear it from where he was sitting. He just smiled at me and I watched as his hand slowly unzipped his pants.

When he pulled his cock out, it was only semi-hard. But I could tell that it was the biggest cock I had seen up to that point. He stroked it slowly, and then told me to kneel in front of him. His voice didn't sound like it was a request. The sight of it hypnotized me! It was so big, black and shiny! I could feel my mouth getting wet."

Jackie started humping her hips up into his fingers. "Fuck me Mark! Push that big white cock up my black cunt!"

Mark pulled his fingers out and sucked them clean. Then looking over at Jim, he smiled as he stood up and moved between Jackie's thighs. Just as he was slowly pushing his cock into her dark cunt, he felt Jim's strong hands on his head. Turning, he looked up at Jim standing beside him. With a groan of pure pleasure, he sank his cock into Jackie's wet cunt, as his mouth closed over Jim's hard cock.

The sight before her eyes almost took Jackie over the edge. She loved to watch the two of them sucking or fucking each other. She knew that her husband was more man than any two other ones, but she also knew that he enjoyed the pleasure of sucking and being fucked by a man's strong dick also. And the sight of it always turned her on. And Jim would fuck a man's mouth or ass with the same pleasure that he fucked her cunt, mouth and ass with.

"That's it Mark! Suck that big black dick! You love to have Jim work that big dick in your mouth don't you? Oh shit, your dick feels so good. I want him to fuck my ass while you fuck his! Oh shit! Oh fuck! Did you make him cum that first time? Did you suck his dick until he came in your mouth?"

Jim moaned. "I cupped my hands behind his head and slowly pulled him down to my dick. He gave a small whimper as his soft lips closed over the head. I swear Jackie, he sucks dick almost as good as you do! I let him suck my dick until I had him moaning each time he sucked it to the back of his throat.

I pulled his head off my dick and made him look up at me. He had a dreamy look on his face. "Do you just suck cock or do you like to be fucked too?" Jim opened his eyes and looked at me. His lips were wet from saliva and pre-cum. He was breathing hard. His voice was almost a whisper when he said, "both".

I told him to stand up. When he did, I unzipped his pants and took his dick out. I was glad that he was circumcised just like I am. I bent my head and took him in my mouth. Jim moaned and whimpered like a schoolgirl as I slowly sucked his cock.

I unbuttoned his pants and pushed them and his shorts to the floor. He shivered, as my hands rubbed his hairy ass. I caressed his hairy balls and slowly rolled them in my hands. He was jerking his dick in my mouth and I knew that he was ready to cum.

I took my mouth off his dick and he whimpered like a virgin left high and dry. But when my finger touched his asshole, he gasped and pushed back. He was tight! I loved the feeling of pushing my thick finger in his ass. He just stood there and took it.

Suddenly, Jackie cried out. "Jim! Oh shit I'm almost there! Tell me what you did next. I love that part. Tell me and make me cum. Fuck me hard and fast Mark! Fuck me deep!"

Jim pulled his hard dick from Mark's mouth, so that Mark could concentrate on fucking Jackie!" Mark was pumping his cock in and out of Jackie's cunt hard enough for all of them to hear her squishing noises.

"Oh fuck Jackie! You're gonna make me cum in your juicy black cunt. He made me beg for it! He told me that if I wanted him to fuck me I had to beg him to. I begged him to let me suck his big black cock! I begged him to fuck my ass like a bitch!

He put me on my hands and knees on the bed and told me to push my face into the pillow. I felt him pulling my ass cheeks open. I felt him rubbing Vaseline on my hole. Then I felt him pushing that big, black cock in me. He was slow, but he didn't stop until he had all 8 inches deep in my ass.

I was whimpering into the pillow. It hurt, but it felt so fuckin' good! Then he started to fuck me. He would pull it out until I could feel just the tip. Then he would shove it in deep and hard. Damn! I haven't been fucked that deep or that hard in a long time."

Jackie moaned. "I'm gonna cum! Oh you bastard! I'm gonna cum all over your cock!"

Jim reached down and grabbing both of Jackie's nipples pinched and twisted hard. "I fucked that ass until I heard him crying into the pillow. Then I reached down and grabbed his throbbing dick. I stroked him while I fucked him. I bent over and whispered in his ear."

Mark was almost there. Damn! These two knew how to make him work! He loved fucking Jackie's cunt almost as much as he enjoyed having Jim fuck his ass. And he loved feeling his own hard cock pushing up into Jim's tight asshole!

"Jim was tearing into my ass. He whispered in my ear and took me over the edge. He told me that he loved the feel of my tight asshole. That he was going to fuck me again and again. That he would bring me home and the three of us would fuck together. The thought of him letting me fuck you was more than I could take."

Jim was giving Jackie the tit torture that she loved. "I told him that he was gonna be my ass-whore just like you are. I reached around and grabbed his dick hard. I stroked it hard making him whimper. Then I shot my load deep in his ass. Mark cried out into the pillow and I felt his cock shooting cum all over the bedspread."

With a cry, Jackie came. And like she often did when the two of them worked on her, she ejaculated hard. Her body jerked and thrashed like she was going into convulsions. And Mark kept fucking her until she calmed down.

The lounger was wide enough for two. Jim pushed Mark onto his back and attacked his still hard dick. Jackie rolled over until she was straddling Mark's face. He attacked her dripping cunt, sucking and slurping, trying to clean every drop.

It was Jim's actions, that finally gave Mark the release he so desperately needed. Pushing his legs back, Jim pressed his dick at the opening of Mark's ass. With a hard shove, he buried it deep. He fucked Mark hard and fast, while Jackie rode Mark's face. Her cunt muffled his cry as his cock shot a load of thick cum onto her back.

Exhausted, the three of them lay catching their breaths. Jackie was the first to move. She stood up and stretched. Looking down at the two men, she had to smile. Between the two of them, they knew how to work her cunt into exhaustion. And she loved it each and every time.

Jackie made fresh drinks, and handed them to Jim and Mark. Then she sat back down on the lounger. There was a thick line of cum oozing down her thigh. "Mark! You always make such a mess when you're fucking me. I swear! I think that you shot even more cum than Jim does sometimes."

Jim laughed even as he rolled over to lie between Jackie's thighs. With a smile on his face, he got up on his hands and knees as he spread her thighs. When Jackie saw Mark stand behind her husband, stroking his growing hardon, she smiled.

Mark knelt down and spread Jim's cheeks. When Jim felt Mark's tongue licking his tight bud, he moaned into his wife's still dripping cunt. He began to give her long slow licks up and down her entire slit. Jackie looked down his back and smiled at the attention that Mark was giving her husband's ass.

"That's it baby! Get that ass ready for your cock! I love to watch you fucking Jim. Oh Jim! Use that tongue baby! Lick this hot black pussy the way Mark is licking your tight asshole. Yea! That's it! Just like that! Now Mark! Fuck his ass! Fuck him like he fucked you!"

Mark smiled as he stood up and took Jim's ass in his hands. Spreading the cheeks with his thumbs, he placed the tip of his hard throbbing cock at Jim's black puckered hole. Jim took a deep breath in anticipation. Then he grunted loud.

Just like he had done to Mark, Mark slammed his hard cock deep into Jim's tight ass. But unlike Jim had done to him; he began to immediately fuck the older black man hard and fast. This caused Jim's mouth to jam against Jackie's cunt. The woman grabbed her husband and held him fast against her cunt. It didn't take long for Mark to shoot hid load.

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